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Rewind With Jeff Pilson, 8/30/01




Dokken Bass Player Jeff Pilson & a fan

As you can see, Jeff Pilson is a Sludgeaholic. He not only wears our shirt in public, but he also attended our Metal Sludge Extravaganza 3.

We last talked to Jeff on February 8, 2000 for his 20 questions. So it was time to hit him up for a Rewind. Jeff is in the movie Rock Star which comes out on September 7th. In the movie he plays in a band called Steel Dragon, and they even put up a website for Steel Dragon, and the first link on their page is Metal Sludge! So thank to whoever put our name in the mix. By the way, the Steel Dragon site is at http://steeldragon.launch.com/index.html#.

1. What do you have going on right now? What’s up?

Been doing a lot of promo for the Rockstar movie, which is oh so much fun [they treat actors WAY too good!]. Then I have the Underground Moon CD coming out soon–November in Japan, early next year in Europe, and we’re working on a deal for the states. I’m getting a real strong reaction from the music, and I’m so passionate about it- it’s a very exciting time for me. I released a War and Peace CD a few months ago, that was cool. And also doing a lot of production projects with Tommy Henriksen, my collaborator on UM. Very busy with a lot of music, just the way I like it.

2. Poison is out touring for the third summer in a row & once again is drawing some very big crowds. What’s your take on the reason why Poison & KISS are the only hairbands to draw such a large crowd while the others are playing clubs or small theaters?

Both of those bands were a big part of the mainstream when they were happening. I mean KISS, like them or not, are a legendary institution in rock, there’s no denying that. And Poison had huge mainstream pop hits. They were also very smart the way they regrouped. When CC left the band originally, they were still riding pretty high. So I think the perception of Poison’s recent tours has been a reunion of a big band, not a band which had burnt out from slagging away in the clubs.

3. Did you have a good time at our Metal Sludge Extravaganza in June?

Yes, did you- oh mystery people?

4. What really went down between Don and Reb? The rumors were that the two did not get along to well. What?s the gig and why did Reb really leave the band?

I don’t like to speak for Reb, but I think I’m pretty safe in saying that the two of them had a hard time working together–not as much on the road as in the studio. No big drama really.

5. Finish the following sentences:

Fred Durst is
a smart businessman

Bret Michaels should write a book on the rock and roll life

Reb Beach looks like the guy from Monster Magnet

Jani Lane can sing and entertain a hell of a lot better than he’s ever given credit for

Paul Gargano is really named Paul Johnson, but he wanted a catchy new name

MTV is
actually 20 fucking years old!

Howard Stern can’t go wrong in my book

Nikki Sixx will eventually turn into world famous superhero, SUPERSIXX- man of metal!

George Lynch might reawaken his muse and come up with a mind boggling motherfucker of a record

Quiet Riot is totally lucky to have Frankie in the band- he’s an amazing chef!

A reverse capture! Jeff is wearing our shirt along with a chick named Laure.

6. Who has the best and worst bass tone you?ve ever heard?

Best tone is Eddie Jackson from Queensryche, worst was Mark Mendoza on the last Twisted Sister tour we did in 86.

7. Is it true that Don asked George Lynch to rejoin the band but as a hired gun instead of a full member? Is that true? What are your thoughts on that?

Not that I’m aware of. But who knows what may happen without me knowing it. I can’t really see it happening, to be honest with you. There’s a lot of bad blood between Don and George, and George would definetly not want to be a sideman. Pretty funny, though.

8. Robbin Crosby formerly of RATT has admitted to having full blown AIDS. We all know that a lot of rock stars have shared some of the same groupies throughout the years. What is your take on this very serious matter and how has this affected you?

I think it was an eventuality that someone in rock would die from it. It’s so sad that it looks like Robin could be a victim. He’s such a warm and good person, it doesn’t seem fair. But I’m glad he’s gone public. Maybe he can help someone else avoid the unfortunate mistakes he made. I think it brings it a little closer to home for all of us.

9. Are you attracted to girls who fuck a lot of guys?

No. That in itself was never the attraction.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Pamela Anderson =

Jennifer Aniston = 10

Josie Pearl = Don’t know her

Bobbie Brown = 3

Kendra Jade = Don’t know her

Brandi Brandt = 8

Britney Spears = 6- too young to be truly sexy

Christina Applegate = 8

Courtney Love = 1

Jenna Jameson = 7

11. Do you have any lines in the movie Rock Star?

A couple

12. Speaking of Rock Star, how long before Rock Star ends up in Blockbuster?

A: 1 week

B: 2 weeks

C: A month

D: What are you talking about, it?s going straight to video!

Haven’t a clue

13. Give us a touring memory of the following cities:

Chicago =
Opened the Alice Cooper tour 97 there. Don missed his flight in [he was actually at the airport with us, but was on the phone], and got in moments before showtime.

Las Vegas = 3 day drug binge at Bally’s hotel in 86. The hotel wanted to kick us out, had security guys and cops at the door, we refused to budge. We smartly chose to stay in our rooms, do lots of cocaine and be completely paranoid! How fun!!!

Atlanta = One of the truck drivers on the Dio tour of 85 died in front of the Omni from asphyxiation- very shocking.

New York = Meeting Cher backstage at the Meadowlands immediately following her appearance on Letterman reuniting with Sonny Bono. This was in 88. She was extremely cool, and very funny.

Cleveland = dairy products

Dallas = almost got arrested cuz some guy in a lounge band thought I ripped off his bass pedals. The DPD showed up at the gig, but they were way cool. We let them go through all our equipment, they got some autographs, then they told us they thought the lounge guy was a nut anyway. Still a big hassle.

St. Louis = Met the legendary Sweet Sweet Connie there, but not as a participant. Not that I wouldn’t have back then, it’s just she’s not really very sweet to look at.

Boston = 5 days around New Years 88 with Aerosmith- kind of a blur.

Denver = Last date of Monsters of Rock. We had just had the big meeting with record company, mgmt., accountants, etc. about Don leaving the band- awful vibe going on. I got a big bag of drugs and locked away in my hotel room for an extra 3 days after everyone left. No, I didn’t have a problem!

Tampa = Pouring rain during the Monsters of Rock show 88

14. Who’s the most overrated band today?

Blink 182

15. Is their any truth to the rumor that Don was pissed at you for your role in RockStar? Rumor has it that they were interested in him for the movie also but you never sent the message along to him.

That’s a new one- I haven’t heard that! What I have heard, is that Don told Reb Beach’s wife, Debbie, that the film was interested in Reb, but I told them not to contact him. I find that very amusing as well. First of all, does anyone possibly believe that I really have that much clout with Warner Bros.? I’m flattered if you do, but I’d say I’m pretty far down the food chain. And secondly, when I first got the role, I looked at it as a great opportunity for Dokken– the tie-in could have been perfect. As far as I know, no one was ever interested in having Don in the movie, but rumors really can be so much fun!

16. Explain to the Sludgeaholics how a band like Dokken gets paid while touring the club scene. Include the expenses part of it too.

The road manager generally deals with the promoter or club owner before the show, then we go on. Pretty simple.We pay all the expenses and salaries and keep the rest, whatever’s left.

17. Yes or no, has Jeff Pilson ever…

Tasted urine =

Jacked off in traffic = Not to conclusion

Shit your pants on stage = Only when I had a bad stomach parasite during a Euro tour in 86!

Considered penis enlargement = Absolutely not- but how much are they, and do they really work?

Fucked another man?s chick = People I knew? Twenty some years ago I fucked the girl of a guitar player I was in a band with. He used to badly abuse her, and she was in bad shape. I did feel guilty, but he was a pretty big asshole. I probably did girls with boyfriends back in the day, but I didn’t really know the guy. Does that make it okay?

Drove drunk = Not after the Vince Neil incident of 85.

Touched another man?s penis = No

Wondered what was on Don Dokken?s head = If you mean some of the hats, yes.

Shoplifted = yes

Used a racial slur = Not that I remember

18. How many times have you thought during a Dokken show, "I can sing better than him?"

Only in those extremely inconsistent moments. But as a rule I always marvel at how Don can maintain his falsetto on the road.

19. Do you let your current girlfriend anywhere around Mick Brown?

He’s forced to wear a chastity jock strap!

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Jizzy Pearl =
Love the first Love Hate record

Dana Strum = good organizer

Mick Brown = very funny

Reb Beach = even funnier, and extremely talented

Nikki Sixx = master of image

Zakk Wylde = unique character, amazing player

Kid Rock = great showman

Rikki Rockett = thanx for the haircut RR

Blas Elias = good guy, I think he has a future in acting

Mark Walhberg = class A actor- good person

Thanks to Jeff for being down!


For more info you can go to www.JeffPilson.com, the Official Steel Dragon website at http://steeldragon.launch.com/index.html# and of course www.Dokken.net

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