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Rewind With Kevin DuBrow, 7/19/01



Quiet Riot Singer Kevin DuBrow

We last talked to Kevin almost exactly a year ago! We did 20 Questions with him on July 18, 2000. And unless you’ve been dead or you’re 100% Amish, you know Quiet Riot is currently out with Poison and they are doing a Tour Diary for us. They also thanked us in their newest CD so they have plenty of Sludge love. So to show our appreciation, we asked Kevin a bunch of our stupid questions and hoped he would talk some smack. And he did! Enjoy!

1. What are you up to now? This is your only chance to plug your shit.

Quiet Riot is currently supporting Poison on The "Glam Slam Metal Jam 2001" tour. We are playing to the largest crowds since the 80’s and are also touring in support of our new album, "Guilty Pleasures"

2. If you could sing any one song beautifully and perfectly, which one would it be?

It would most likely be "Behind Blue eyes" by The Who. It’s very difficult to sing it on key and it has a strange melody when you try to sing it. It’s always given me problems! Keep in mind that the words "beautifully" and "perfectly" don’t exactly describe my singing style!

3. Would it be possible to change the lyrics "Metal Health will drive you mad" to "Metal Sludge will drive you mad?"

Why yes, it would.

4. Did Poison put any tour restrictions on you guys?

Poison have given us no restrictions, and in a couple instances they have given us some extra privileges that no other headliner has ever given Quiet Riot. I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s ass when I say that they have treated us like royalty.

5. Yes or no, has Kevin DuBrow ever:

Put his foot in his mouth = Of course. Just read almost any interview I did in the 80’s.

Cried during a movie = Only if the girl I was with wouldn’t blow me.

Been molested while in jail = No, surprisingly my dance card was quite empty.

Jerked off in an adult cinema = No, but I do like to sit in the back row with a squirt gun filled with hand lotion!

Seen Mike Fasano hide a soda can with his nuts = I have not yet had the privilege. But I’m sure it will be the highlight of the tour!

Smoked pot with Chip Z’Nuff = Believe it or not, I have never smoked pot in my life. But, if I was going to I can’t think of a nicer more cool person to do it with. Chip is a gentleman and has been more than gracious to me on this tour.

Eaten out a chick on the rag = Many, many times. I just lick the top part!!

Shit his pants = As a matter of fact, almost. Here’s the story. Quiet Riot was playing the House of Blues in L.A. a few years back and a couple of days prior I had been partying quite heavily. I drove to L.A. from Vegas drinking tons of water trying to rehydrate myself. I had lunch at HOB that day and had more water. Later that night I had dinner with Jasmine St. Clair and she wanted some wine so I had a glass also. Well, that was all my body needed. You know sometimes after a drinking bender you get bad gas and the runs?…………Well, we start the show and every other step I take on stage is like hitting a fart pedal! Now this kinda felt good until third song into the show I realize that I’m all out of air (if you get my meaning) and things could get messy! Well I was very, very uncomfortable, I stood fairly still till we got to "The Wild And The Young" in which my oh so talented bandmates do a fairly long improvisational section where I usually leave the stage. At this time I walk over to the guy that used to work for us and tell him to make sure not to let the stage door close as I’m going to the dressing room for a moment. The dressing room at the L.A. House of Blues is on the third floor so I run as fast as I can (under the circumstances, not that fast) I do my business, rush back down and low and behold, the stage door is locked! I slam it a few times to no avail. No one can hear my screams. My cue to sing is almost upon us so I rush down one more floor to the audience, run through the crowd, jump up on stage and bada bing, I sing. Needless to say the guy doesn’t work for us any more!

Had a nice word to say about Dana Strum = Yeah. Fuck him.

Had a finger in his ass = In Dana’s? Are you kidding?

(NOTE: We fucked up that question and meant to ask Kevin if he had a finger in HIS own ass, but it’s probably funnier the way it ended up being written!)

6. In the unlikely event that one of your new songs takes off and becomes a smash hit, what are you going to do differently this time than you did in


With Bodyguard records this is very unlikely but if it did happen I would do almost everything different. I don’t regret the stupid things I did in the 80’s as I feel they brought me to the place I am today and made me the person I am now. But would I repeat any of that stuff? No, no, no!

7. It’s the new millennium, and every new band that comes along seems to have at least one token bald guy in it. It’s safe to say that it’s cool to

be bald. Have you ever felt like just saying fuck it, shave your head, and be done with it?

No, but I might shave my ass!

8. In 1986, Poison opened up some shows for Quiet Riot. Now you’re Poison’s opening act, with 3rd billing at that. How does that make you feel?

I feel very, very grateful to Poison for giving us a chance to again play to arena size crowds and give us an opportunity to promote our new album by playing it live. I’m having more fun than I have in years and the Poison guys have made it possible. ( I know this sounds kiss-ass, but it’s true)

9. You seem to stay in pretty good shape. For Christ’s sakes, can’t you get Frankie on a treadmill or something?

See Frankie’s latest "Tour Diary" Entry….

10. Which of the following do you prefer and why:

Rock Never Stops Tour or the Glam Slam Metal Jam = Glam Slam. It’s more organized and more fun.

Slick Black Cadillacs or Little Red Corvettes = I used to have a little red corvette but Slick black Cadillac paid for it.

Mötorhead or Mötley Crüe = Motley Crue. All the 80’s bands should stick together. I buy American!

QR III or Down To The Bone = Down to the bone. A lot of people didn’t really get DTTB but I dug it. I thought it was really musical and adventurous. QR 111 was such an abomination because of the piece of shit producer Spencer Proffer. I still have demos of the 10 songs the prick wouldn’t except for QR111. They are much better tunes than what ended up on the record and they are guitar songs, not keyboard songs. The problem was that he wanted to co- write the songs so he could squeeze more money out of us in the form of songwriting royalties and publishing dollars. And trust me, this guy couldn’t write songs to save his life!

KNAC or HardRadio = Any radio format that will play QUIET RIOT, especially songs from "Guilty Pleasures."

Touring in Europe or Touring in Japan = Apples and oranges, really. The Japanese fans have always treated us very well. They are funny at the shows though. Even if they really love a song, after it’s played, they applaud feverishly for five seconds, then stop — not a whisper! Europeans, depending on the country, can sometimes have that "show me" attitude. They can be hard to read, but overall our experiences there have been memorable ones.

Chicken Vindaloo or Chicken Pot Pie = Vindaloo. I love Indian food. It doesn’t always love me, though!

Animal Rights Activists or Big Game Hunters = Animal Rights Activists. That game hunter mentality escapes me.

Lonn Friend or Paul Gargano = Paul Gargano. At least he doesn’t slam 80’s bands all the time and say how cheesy they are.

Riki Rachtman or Jim-Bob Dwarf = Riki used to let me in the Cat club for free which I liked and Jim Bob was cool when we met in Chicago, but it’s still like saying Goober or Gomer.

11. Are you surprised Warrant has lasted this long on the tour so far?

Not really. I think they realize how fortunate we all are to be on this tour and are behaving appropriately. Still, we hardly ever see them.

12. When not on the road, do you still live with your mom?

I do not. I moved out when I was 23. I love my mom but she has her life and I have mine. I do visit as often as I can.

13. What’s the wackiest road story you can give us from the Glam Slam Metal Jam?

This isn’t really a wacky tour. Wackiness came from booze and drugs and there’s none of that out here. I’ve been anxiously waiting some good debauchery and when it does happen I’ll have video camera in hand!

14. Does Quiet Riot have a Street Team and what would you do if, theoretically, their president incited all members to cheat on a web-poll

by giving them technical instructions?

"Street Team"? We can’t even get decent roadies!

15. Finish this sentence, "The biggest misconception about ___________ is?" For example, "The biggest misconception about MTV is that they play

videos." You get the idea.

Cocaine is = That I still do it. I don’t.

Ozzy Osbourne is = That I don’t like him. I do.

Going to church is = That it will save you without true belief. It won’t.

Dana Strum is = That he has some redeeming qualities. He doesn’t.

Rikki Rockett is = Related to Johnny Rockett. He’s not (he’s vegetarian!)

Life on a tour bus is = That it’s one big party. It’s not. It’s a big expensive bore that breaks down all the time.

David Lee Roth is = That he is washed up. He’s not. He still blows away every front man out there.

Gerri Miller is = Out of the business.

Enuff Z’Nuff is = They don’t have what it takes to make it. They do. They are really good band and really great people and the deserve much better in their career than what they have gotten.

Metal-Sludge is = That they don’t like 80’s bands. I think they do. They remind all of us to have a sense of humor by busting our balls.

16. Since it’s worked out well for you in the past, will Quiet Riot ever record another Slade tune?

Are you out of your fucking mind?

17. Quiet Riot once performed on the television program "Solid Gold". Did you perform live or lip-sync and did you end up nailing Marilyn McCoo or any of the Solid Gold Dancers?

We lip-synced. And Marilyn McCoo would only do me if Billy Davis Jr. watched and I sang "Wedding Bell Blues"

18. Was there any rock star/celebrity that you really wanted to meet, and when you did, you found them to be a dick?

I wouldn’t be doing this today if not for Rod Stewart and I always wanted to meet him. I got the chance in ’85 an I thought he was very pompous. Now this is coming from the king of pompous, me. I would love to meet him again and have the chance to really talk to him.

19. Which of the following substances have you done and when was the last

time you did them:

Nicotine = Never. Never smoked in my life. I hate cigarettes. Nothing like seeing a beautiful woman light one up. Yuck!

Pot = Never. I hate smoke of any kind and I see the effect pot has on people I know very well. They sleep constantly and can’t remember a thing.

Hashish = I ate Hash brownies in the 80’s one time. (once was enough)

Cocaine = I did enough blow to support a small South American country. I stopped almost 2 years ago, I don’t recall the date.

Crystal Meth = Never. I like my teeth too much and tweekers drive me crazy.

Acid = Never. I’ve always been sick and twisted enough without any help.

Crack = Never. But for those who do, try the crack lite. Less filling. Fewer calories.

Heroin = Never. I hate needles.

GHB = Never. That’s the date rape drug, right? I just use my horns and pitch fork. That works well enough.

Viagra = Never. Don’t need it. A mild breeze goes by and I’m as hard as Chinese arithmetic.

20. Who was the drunk who picked the album cover for "Guilty Pleasures?"

We played Hawaii last year and had the opportunity to meet world renown marine artist Wyland. We spent the day at his house and he kindly offered to do the "Guilty Pleasures "album cover. We were all thrilled by this offer and excepted. Wyland has a very busy schedule and after extending our deadline twice, he delivered us beautiful album art almost a week late. We could have waited but the release date would have been delayed by over 3 weeks. We really wanted the CD in the stores to coincide with the Poison tour so we had to come up with something quick. A friend of the band suggested that we use the Garden of Eden theme because it goes so well with the album title. We had only 1 day to find a piece of art for the cover and we were given 2 choices. We made our selection and there it is.

21. Who was more obnoxious in their prime, you or CC DeVille?

I think we were equally obnoxious and equally entertaining and still are!

22. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. I’ll mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Anthrax = No thoughts. Scott Ian seems like a nice guy on TV.

Cinderella = I’m a fan. Eric and I dated the same girl.

Julliet = A Tampa, FL band I produced in the 80’s. The album turned out really good (Frankie played drums on it) but they got signed to Enigma, did a different album produced by the guitarist of Survivor and mine got shelved. It sold about 3 copies and the label folded. Tampa was a really fun place to party!

Donnie Vie = I have a soft spot for talented people with big personalities and Donnie is definitely one. He cracks me up and says some things that remind me of me a long time ago. (No, not those things!)

Staind = Use a spot remover!

Ratt without Stephen Pearcy = Like Cheetos without cheese.

Warrant = They have a much more positive attitude than they did on the ’98 Rock never stops tour. Having said that, I hardly ever see them. Musically we come from totally different places so I have no point of reference. The new guys Billy and Mike are cool.

Axl’s new Guns ‘N Roses = A perfect example of career self destruction. I should know!

Ted Nugent = I respect Ted’s right to be Ted. but I disagree with almost all of his views. Ted, please don’t put an arrow up my ass!

Noddy Holder = Great voice, good writer, currently retired. Thanks for the song!

Spencer Proffer =
I have tried my best in life to seek love and light wherever I can. I have tried to rebuild all the bridges I may have demolished early in my career. But as with all things in life there is a dark and evil side. That side is Spencer Proffer. He’s a lousy producer, totally non-musical, a horrible human being, and the biggest thief I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. To this day his involvement still plagues the band. If he ever has the bad luck to come face to face with me……..all I can say is……. you’ll read about it in the press. I can only wish that no other people are duped into dealing with this miserable sack of shit. He makes Dana Strum seem like Mother Teresa!

I would hate to end my rewind on such a negative note. In spite of entanglements from the past (which we all have to some extent in this business) Happiness is the best revenge. I am happy to be living my dream which is to earn a good living playing in Quiet Riot.

The best part of Kevin’s interviews are wondering how he’s going to slam Dana Strum. And he didn’t let us down this time either! Plus his shitting story was pretty classic.

For more info on Quiet Riot, you can go to their website at www.quietriotonline.com

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