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20 Questions with Randall from Sixty-10, 5/31/05


20 QUESTIONS with…

SIXTY-10 frontman RANDALL!

We know what you’re thinking. "Who the hell is Sixty-10 and why is Metal Sludge talking to that Randall guy from Clerks?" Well, it’s not Randall from Clerks, it’s the singer for Sixty-10! And if you don’t know who they are, well … don’t feel bad, because you’re not alone.

Truth be told, we know exactly who Randall from Sixty-10 is, because he’s been e-mailing us practically every other day for the past few years begging to do 20 Questions. We eventually came to learn that Sixty-10’s first album was produced by Chip Z’Nuff, and at one point they were managed by the legendary Bill Aucoin. Now that perked our interest! We told Randall that we’d do 20 Questions with him if he could get Bill Aucoin to do a 20 Questions as well.

Naturally, that didn’t happen, or we would have gotten this over with long ago. For some reason, Bill Aucoin wouldn’t do our goofy interview and has since landed himself on the Pussy List. Consequently, there was no reason for us to do 20 Questions with Randall, but we threw him a bone anyway, and on Halloween 2003, we did a lousy 10 Questions interview with him instead. That seemed to stem the incessant tide of e-mails from Randall, but sooner than later, Randall was back at it.

After another year of this harassment, we finally gave in and sent out 20 Questions for Randall from Sixty-10. What can we say? We like persistence. Plus, we figured it would shut him up. He sent them back within a few days, and now he’s e-mailing us wanting to know when they’ll get posted. Fine! Here they are.

1. Who in the fuck are you and what are you currently up to? This is your one and only chance to plug your shit.

Sixty-10We are Sixty-10 from South Florida. Our band consists of myself, Randall, Singer/Songwriter and Guitars, Bunnie Morgan, Bass/Songwriter, Adam DePaul on Guitar and Tom Corbett on Drums. Following the release of our new EP, Say No To Thugs, we?ve been touring the Southeast and gaining recognition as the only unsigned band that currently has a Flava Track Of The Week on Music Choice (The Alternative Channel). We can also be heard on XM Radio, but we?re not quite sure why. We?re still waiting for them to get back to us on that. We are under a lot of scrutiny by a lot of VIPs and we shouldn?t be unsigned for much longer. Will Smith said he really liked our music and Jaret from Bowling For Soup was very impressed that our 1st CD was produced by Chip Z?Nuff before he lost the CD. We sent him the EP. We?re still waiting for him to get back to us as well. We?re striving to be the Caravan Band on the next Warped Tour. I can describe our current situation in three words: writing, working and waiting…for the sky to fall. We?re watching our pursuit of the American Dream come closer to being a reality every day. We?ll work for food.

2. You do realize, of course, that the only reason we?re doing 20 Questions with you is that we don?t have any other interviews to post today, so you?re our last resort. How does that make you feel?

It seems like it?s gotten us this far. You seem to have picked up on our theme of being the underdog. You guys fell for it; what?s your point?

3. Did you really think that e-mailing us every other day for months on end and begging to do 20 Questions was actually going to impress us? What do you have to say for yourself?

I?m Type A, OCD, I have a degree in Psychology, I?m manic and I have a tendency to get what I want. Did I mention that I Love You Guys?

Sixty-10’s slick & professional 8×10 glossy promo pic

4. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being someone who sounds like they gargle industrial sewage, and 10 having a voice far better than yours.

Vince Neil = On album a solid 6.2, Live a 3 plus however many inches he has lost.
Paul Stanley = 6.5 makeup adds a point
Robin Zander = 10
Chris Jericho = 5 as a singer, 10 if he is gonna kick my ass for being honest
Donnie Vie = Sober- 9, a major influence of mine, but more so as a songwriter
Matt Kramer = 8.5
Stephen Pearcy = 3 Solo?6 with Ratt
Graham Bonnet = Who??? At least he likes Badfinger?there has to be bonus points for that?
Sebastian Bach = As much as his attitude sucks, I still have to give him an 8 for vocals
Bret Michaels = 6 with bonus points for stage presence

5. Sixty-10 had been working with legendary manager Bill Aucoin, but that didn?t seem to work out so well. Having someone on your side with connections like Bill Aucoin has should?ve opened a ton of doors for your little band. What happened?

Sixty-10We kept him around long enough to learn about his connections and his attitude. We?ll keep his connections. We dropped his work ethic. And we got tired of guessing whose ass was going to get pinched during the meetings. It?s unpredictable, it really hurts, and it was usually me.

6. You once tried to hook us up with Bill Aucoin for 20 Questions, but he wimped out and now he?s on the Pussy List. What happened and why did you fuck it all up for us?

It?s not my fault if the man who managed KISS, Billy Squier and Billy Idol doesn?t want to talk about KISS, Billy Squier, Billy Idol, himself, Sixty-10, managing bands, the state of the music industry or anything else that you guys would want to hear from Bill Aucoin. He thought the questions were immature. I think that he belongs on that list. He worked equally as hard for us. Don?t worry, I dropped him right around the same time. It?s not that I fucked it up, it?s really that he was avenging me by avoiding your questions. Seriously, I?m not kidding. No, really.

7. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Here we go??.

Faster Pussycat
Enuff Z?Nuff (the version of the band that is Chip and some other guys). The karaoke has to stop.
Pretty Boy Floyd
Mike Tramp?s White Lion
Journey (without Steve Perry)
Styx (without Dennis DeYoung)

I would probably say the majority of the shit that?s on the radio.

Sixty-10 working a swarming crowd into a frenzy

8. Yes or no, have you ever:

Poured salt on a snail = No, but my girlfriend said that she can go get one from the landscaping if I want to change my answer.
Worn a pair of chick?s panties = No, I prefer it when chicks don?t wear panties. Why would I want to
Let someone take a dump on you = No, but thanks for the mental picture
Been accused of stealing one of Donnie Vie?s guitars = Yes, but it was lent to me, I swear. Let?s just say that I feel his pain.
Jacked off while watching a Billy Squier or KISS video = No, but I know someone who has. He still won?t answer your 20 questions.
Performed an emergency tracheotomy on a choking victim = No, I?m alright with the Heimlich
Shoved a wooden spoon from a Dixie cup up your ass = No, is that trendy or something?
Downloaded one of those beheading videos = No, I have better things to download
Performed a homosexual act for money = No
Smoked crack = No and this has been a Public Service Announcement from Randall of Sixty-10.

Sixty-109. Do you think anyone actually gives a fuck that one of your songs gets played on MusicChoice?

It went over great at Career Day. That is all the satisfaction that I need.

10. Chip Z?Nuff produced the first Sixty-10 album. What exactly did Chip do for you, and how involved was he with the project?

Does eating sushi while I?m cutting my vocal tracks count as being involved in the project? We had to start and finish an album in 5 days. He made it sound like Enuff Z?Nuff (not the karaoke version) not like Sixty-10. He did a lot for me. He bought me an Ice cream cone.

11. You insisted in your e-mails that you wanted to talk some smack about Chip Z?Nuff. Fine! Here?s your chance, so say whatever it is you have to say.

Thank You Chip for leaving obscene messages on my machine in the middle of the night.
Thank You for teaching me to keep my guard up at all times.
Thanks for treating my band members like members of Al Qaeda

12. If we threatened to not post this interview until you did one of the following tasks, which one would you choose (and you have to pick one):

a) Place both your hands into the open mouth of an alligator and hold them there for 10 seconds;
b) Sign away all your publishing to Jason Bieler;
- or ?
c) Have openly gay, submissive sex with Bill Aucoin for an entire afternoon, and you have to do anything and everything he wants you to do, and wear lipstick the entire time.

Which one will it be?

A. I learned that at survival camp.

13. We heard you took vocal coaching from ex-Saigon Kick singer Matt Kramer?s mom. What exactly did you learn from her, and did you ever run into the Lizard himself over there?

Sixty-10I run into Matt all of the time. He?s a great guy and what happened with Saigon Kick really sucks. I was a fan of theirs and he is a fan of Sixty-10. As far as far as taking lessons from his mom, she teaches the intricacies. Posturing, relaxation, positive energy,
yoga, Zen and the art of clean living. She is top-notch.

14. Of the following, which do you prefer and why?

Tampa or Key West = Tampa, where the Village People aren?t
40 Ft. Ringo or Mars Electric = 40 Ft. Ringo by default.
American Idol or Nashville Star = American Idol, because Paula is way more fun on drugs.
Guns N? Roses or Motley Crue = Motley Crue. Vince couldn?t sing, because he was always fucked up. What was Axl?s excuse?
Gladiator movies or chick flicks = chick flicks?. Especially if it has John Cusack.
Your first album or your new EP = Ha Ha Ha Ha?? The EP
Jacking off with hand lotion or jacking off with spit = Spit?? it?s more convenient
Bunnie Blue?s flatulence or Sonic 14?s flatulence = It?s been so long since Sonic 14 was been a member of Sixty-10 I cannot recall the wreak of his flatulence offhand. Therefore, sorry Bunnie by default.
Backstreet Boys or N?Sync = The Backstreet Boys, because they actually tried to play instruments.
Cuba or Haiti = Haiti if there is a hurricane coming, because that means it will not hit South Florida. Cuba for everything else. Lots of good imports?

15. Out of all the bands you?ve ever opened up for or shared the stage with, which ones were the coolest to you, and which ones were the biggest bunch of jackasses you?ve ever met?

ENuff Z?Nuff was cool to us, the Gin Blossoms and Fastball probably still don?t know we exist.

Sixty-1016. Here?s your chance to ask yourself your own question! Make up any question you want and then answer it. Have at it!

You haven?t asked anything pertaining to my bitches and hos. The bitch?s name is Kayla, she?s the reason I?m pretty sure I could survive the alligator thing. The ho?s name is Jamie. I hope she doesn?t read this.

17. Fuck, kill and marry! Of the following people, which one would you fuck, which one would you kill, and with which one would you enter into holy matrimony:

Bill Aucoin, Kirstie Alley, Chip Z?Nuff

I would fuck Kirstie Alley because I?m sure she has enough experience to know how to give a man what he wants. And I can always pretend she?s still young and thin.

I don?t want to kill Chip, but has to be the answer to this one. I?m pretty sure that with no assistance whatsoever he will lead his career to a slow and painful death.

And I would marry Bill Aquoin?after becoming a Justice of the Peace. I would marry him to his boyfriend, Roman. They?re good together.

18. Do you realize that, even after reading all this, nobody still has any idea who you are?

Like all of the people that now know us from MusicChoice? Yeah, I?m familiar with that feeling.

19. The Last of Randall:

Last book you read = Meet the Beatles?Again!
Last new CD you purchased = Bowling for Soup ?A Hangover You Don?t Deserve?
Last fast food drive-thru you hit = McDonalds
Last concert you bought tickets for = Warped Tour
Last Web site or magazine you bugged to death until they granted you an interview = I?m Blushing
Last person who told you that you look like Graham Bonnet = I think Graham Bonnet looks like Kevin Cronin. Talk amongst yourselves
Last person who gave a fuck about your band = Well, you guys just tossed the other guy out of the running on this one too.
Last time you got drunk = 2 Sundays ago, with Bunnie
Last time you shit yourself = can?t remember, was probably too drunk
Last time you barfed = about a month ago

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association! We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Sixty-10Nikki Sixx = Knock em? dead kid
Johnny Monaco = talented
Gene Simmons = money
Bill Aucoin = false promises
Alice Cooper = innovator
Libby from Metal Masters = Did I have sex with her?
Phil Varone = got screwed
Scott Ian = intelligent
Ted Nugent = Hunting
Chip Z?Nuff = storyteller

We’ll admit we got a kick out of giving Randall a hard time, but he was able to hang with it and didn’t do too bad. We sort of thought he’d talk more shit about Bill and Chip, but whatever. Hopefully it will be at least a year or two before Randall starts e-mailing us every other day asking to do a Rewind.

For more on Randall and Sixty-10, visit their snazzy high-tech Web site at www.sixty-10.com.

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