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Rewind With Ralph Saenz, 6/21/01



Atomic Punks / Danger Kitty Singer & Metal Sludge Party Host

Ralph Saenz

We first talked to Ralph Sanez on April 24, 1999. Ralph is a busy guys these days with being in the best Van Halen tribute band Atomic Punks, doing Metal Shop (also known as Danger Kitty in those Discover commercials) and even doing a 70s Disco Tribute band! He was even the singer for L.A. Guns at one time. Not like hundreds of others haven’t had that gig, but that’s besides the point. But most of all, he’s co-hosting our Metal Sludge Extravaganzaon June 27th at Paladino’s in Tarzana, CA! Metal Shop will also be headling the show.

So we thought it was time to catch up with Ralph to find out what else he has going on, and naturally to plug our fucking Metal Sludge Extravaganza.

1. What are you up to now?

Working on more dates in the mid-west and east coast for the Punks

2. Isn?t hosting our Metal Sludge Extravaganza the biggest moment in your career?

It’s more than that. I feel that being asked to host the Metal Sludge party says: Ralph Saenz is Metal. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do is to be a Metal/Rockin roll singer, and host.

3. Who?s the most overrated band today?

The Atomic Punks. Thier just a tribute band for christ sakes. That can’t even write thier own material..

4. Of all the bands you’ve played with and all of the gigs you’ve done, pick the best 3 and worst 3 memories?Worst:

1.I was in a band with Mitch Perry, Sean Mcnabb, and Paul Monroe called 7% solution. This was the worst: up for three days somokin crack and then playing a show at the Troubador opening up for the bullet boyz. That was the fucking worst thing I have ever done.. the funny part is the rest of the guys had no idea. they were all fucked up too.

2. Last leg of the L.A Guns tour through Texas… We had this Rock Never Stops tour going and when we got to Texas we found out the gigs that would pay for the tour bus for the rest of the week had been cancelled. Now we wont get paid for the last week the record still hadnt come out yet and I just fell off the wagon losing my long time sobtiety , my wife hated me because I was gone for so long, I had’nt seen my daughter in 4 months. The bus driver hated us. We remained optomistic because we had a Mason Jar show in Pheonix on the way home.
3. Metalshop…in Minneapolis well not really.. I had an Atomic Punks show there the nite before and stayed in a hotel over night for the next show with Metalshop. they were due to catch a flight from LAX that morning for the show.. A knock at my hotel door. it’s the club owner his wife and his baby.. He tells me the band never made the flight. and he wants to know what the Fuck I am going to do. Well the show was cancelled and I flew home alone..That really SUCKED and I didnt get paid. I had to pay $100.00 to change flight ..


1. Got the Danger Kitty (aka Metalshop) commercial for Discover card..

2. Atomic Punks got to perform at the X-fest for 25,000 people in Wisconsin.

3. Got to jam with Michael Anthony at a show in Pasadena.

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a vocal god!

Stephen Pearcy =

Jizzy Pearl = 8

Kid Rock = he doesn’t really sing he is a rapper

Bret Michaels = 10 cause he hasn’t cut his hair

Jani Lane = 10

Mark Slaughter = 10

Phil Lewis = 10

Vince Neil = 10 when he is sober

Jon Bon Jovi = 10

Tom Keifer = 20

6. When Bart Walsh introduced you to David Lee Roth a few years back at the Rainbow, did he live up to your expectations? Tell us about that meeting with the someone you make a living off impersonating?

Lets just say I was not let down.. It was just like walking onto the set of his video’s. That’s Dave all the time 24 – 7. He was really really cool to me and my wife. He bought us drinks all night long and told us jokes non stop. After a couple of hours my face began to hurt. I finally got to meet my hero. He told me that he really liked what we were doing and told me that we have the fire. That made it all cool.


7. You?ve been doing the Atomic Punks since the mid 90s. Does it ever get old?

Only when we play a show and the sound totally sucks..

8. You have to pick one of the following. Which will it be?

A: You get in a bad car accident which puts you in the hospital for a year;


B: Four other people you?ve never met get in a car accident and die in a burning wreck.

A. I need a vacation

9. You auditioned for the Ratt gig last year before Jizzy got it. Tell us how that came about and are you thankful you didn’t end up getting it?

It came down to the old mighty dollar. I’m happy I stayed with the Atomic Punks.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Josie Pearl =

Jenna Jameson = 7

Shania Twain = 10

Pamela Anderson =10

Gene Lee Nolin = 8

Heather Locklear = 10

Carmen Electra = 10

Kendra Jade = 5

Robin Quivers =10 Because I want to go on the show

Valerie Bertinelli = 10

11. Does Bart Walsh think he?s too good to return your phone calls now?

No we just had lunch the other day. come to think of it I had to call him though

12. Do you plan on cutting your hair off and doing a tribute to DLR when he did his Vegas stint?

are you out of you mind?

13. Yes, or no, has Ralph Saenz ever:

Done a shot of Jack Daniels with David Lee Roth =

Gone to rehab = No I just go to AA meetings

Tasted urine = NO

Sang an original song = Ha Ha

Considered re-joining L.A. Guns = Yes

Attempted suicide = no

Touched another man?s penis = no

Jacked off in traffic = no

Had extensions = not yet

Lied to your wife in the last week = yes

14. What ever happened to you putting out that CD of unreleased Van Halen songs?

Couldn’t get clearance

15. Tell us something about playing the following city: (Please specify which band you played with when touring that city)

Las Vegas =
Every band I have been in has played vegas Vegas is really fun. It’s hard not to spend your gig money in that town

Seattle =Punks/L.A.Guns.. Packed houses every time they love Metal.

Minneapolis = Punks/L.A. Guns great people.

Chicago = Punks/L.A.Guns. Metalshop/Danger Kitty. This is my home town. Chicago totally fuckin’ rocks and the pizza is the best!

San Diego =Punks/Guns/Shop/Knight Fever( my disco band) San Diego has been very very good to me.

Phoenix = All my bands.. Love that town

Hawaii = Atomic Punks/LAG Rules I love to surf

New York = LAG- up all night sleep all day

Dallas = LAG Yee Haw

Atlanta = not yet

16. What is one thing you hate about playing music for a living?

Dealing with promoters.

17. Which do you prefer:

Unchained or Romeo Delight =
Depends what night

Facts Of Life Or Family Ties = neither

L.A. Guns or Faster Pussycat = LAG with me singing

Paladinos or The Palamino = Palaminos is where I first met my wife.. I love that club I wish it was still there..

Gary Cherone or Sammy Hagar =Sammy

Las Vegas or San Diego = Both

Jizzy Pearl or Josie Pearl =Depends on what night

The Village People or the Bee Gees = Bee Gees

Spinal Tap or Warrant = Warrant

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Survivor = Millionaire

18. Was wearing an afro wig in a disco tribute band ever a career goal of yours?

Thank god I never wore a fro I wear a Derk Digler wig.

19. Are you ever planning on doing any original material or are you content on being in cover bands for the rest of your life?

Well I still write for T.V. and Films but it’s not the same. If I could make the same living I am now I would consider it. I miss it. But you know I want to really play Metal/Rock. I dont want to cut my hair and pierce my body andplay music that I dont really have a passion for. I love the music that I play in my cover bands.. I love that music, You know we did a show in front of all these young kids, they freaked on the Van HAlen music.. They loved it., and why shouldn’t they it Fuckin’ rules.


20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Bobby Blotzer =

Fred Durst = Baggy pants

Sebastian Bach =conditioner

Gene Simmons = Paul Stanley

Nikki Sixx = VH1

Carmine Appice = Great sense of Humor

C.C. DeVille = Joggin’

John Corabi = The Scream

KROQ = Confused

Jani Lane = Viperoom

Edward Van Halen = please call Dave

Thanks for the exposure.. Ralph

Ralph has a variety of sites to check out. First he has theAtomic Punkswebsite, and then there is theDanger Kittywebsite.

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