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Rewind With Scott Ian, 3/22/01




Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian

Everybody’s favorite Jew, Scott Ian, is back!

Scott and Anthrax have been great supporters of Metal Sludge and Scott even did a Tour Diary for us last Summer when they were on the Motley tour for about 5 hours.

We last did 20 ?s with Scott back on March 7, 2000, so it was that time againt to see what the crazy bastard was up to.

1. What are you and Anthrax up to now? Let everybody know what the fuck is going on.

We’re scoring scenes for the new John Carpenter film "Ghosts Of Mars." We’ve also been slowly working on new material for the next record. I’ve been hosting the Rock Show.

2. Why haven’t you worn a Metal Sludge shirt on The Rock Show yet and what do we have to do to make that happen?

Send me my T size. Medium. I’ll wear it.

NOTE: Be sure to watch the Rock Show tomorrow, March 23rd, and see what’s Scott’s wearing!

3. In our last interview you said Motley Crue was "a great rock band". Do you still agree?

Yes. Business is business. Opinions are opinions.


4. Tell us about how the tour lawsuit is coming along against Motley?

I don’t know if there is one. The details of the whole thing got so convoluted I told our manager to just let me know when there’s something to know. Everybody started fingerpointing and I can’t be bothered with that kind of crap. It’s a waste of my time. We went on tour. We got kicked off. We lost money and sadly the only people that will benefit from this are the lawyers.

5. Since you’ve been on a few record labels in your time and you probably know people on all these labels, rate the following record labels on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a bunch of hacks with no club and 10 being the shit.

Roadrunner = Good for metal.

Atlantic = Started the "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" philosophy in the 80’s

Capitol = Maiden used to be on Capitol.

Sanctuary = Excellent.

Warner Bros. = Makes me think of old Van Halen.

Interscope = Lots of shitty rap and future president Fred Durst.

Dreamworks = What a nice name.

Elektra = Once the best major. The "artists" label when Bob Krasnow ran it. Sylvia Rhone took over and destroyed it. Hasn’t broken a band. Absolutely clueless. Dropped Moby. Tried to tell Metallica she wouldn’t honor the deal that was in place before she got there. Corporate squashed her on that one. No Metallica, no Elektra. We had great success there under Krasnow with "Sound Of White Noise."

Portrait = Maiden!

Metal Blade = Slagel rules.

Spitfire = Black Label!!!!!

I know a few people at some of the labels you mentioned. Some of them have there hearts in the right place but can’t do anything. Most label jerk-offs will never do anything. That’s the secret of the business. Never do anything. Then you can just quietly float up among the ranks and one day find yourself Executive Vice President. Of jerking off.


6. Who’s the most overrated band today and why?

Oh, so many. The mind boggles. Lots of easy targets. For me I guess it would be Papa Roach. Weak rip-off Maiden riffs meets The Offspring. And God bless’em, they’ve sold a billion records. I wish the answer was Anthrax.

7. How do you think you’ll fair on Sludge Island? So far you are still in there. Anything you want to say to the Counsel?

Don’t fall for the tits.


8. What do you remember about the following years:

1976 = The Bicentennial. First Kiss concert.

1980 = I got my drivers license.

1984 = First Anthrax record released in January. First tour.

1988 = Toured with Kiss, Ozzy. Monsters Of Rock with Maiden.

1992 = John Bush joins the band. We did "Married With Children." Living in NYC with John and going nuts.

1996 = I think I was on tour all year for Stomp 442.

2000 = After all the riots from Y2k ended and the world dug itself out from under piles of burning wreckage I toured with Anthrax, then S.O.D., then Anthrax again. Got a computer and found Metal Sludge.

9. What’s your take on the whole Napster thing?

I really don’t give a shit. My friend Bill makes me CD’s of live Tenacious D stuff. I love it!!!!!

10. Rate these chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a bucket of pig piss and 10 being a hottie.

Jenna Jameson = 3

Jasmine St. Claire = 1

Kendra Jade = 3

Shania Twain = 7

Alyssa Milano = 6

Carmen Electra = 3

That singer chick from Kittie = 4

Liv Tyler = 7

Jennifer Lopez = 3

Heather Locklear = 5

Scott with Kittie

Here’s some you missed;

Faith Hill = 8

Penelope Cruz = 9

Kirsten Dunst = 8

Britney = 8

Christina = -5

Halle Berry = 8

Amanda Peet =7

Madonna = 9

TV Buffy = 6

Movie Buffy= 7

Natasha Henstridge = 8

Denise Richards blown up in "Drop Dead Gorgeous."= 10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in the box in "Seven." = 10

Helena Bonham Carter in ape make-up = 10!!


11. You are driving late at night in a safe but deserted neighborhood when a dog suddenly darts in front of your car. Though you slam on the brakes, you hit the animal. Would you stop and see how injured the dog was? And if you did so and found that the dog was dead but had a name tag, would you contact the owner?

Yes I would. What happened to the "Would you rather be sodomized by Camryn Mannheim or………" type situations?

12. We watched the S.OD. movie "Kill Yourself: The Movie." One question, does Billy Milano ever stop yelling?

Oh, that’s not yelling. You don’t want to hear yelling.

13. What do you remember about writing or recording the following songs:

A.I.R. = Charlie came up with that riff at the end of the recording for "Spreading." Best song on the record.

Make Me Laugh = Joey could never sing the melody right. It’s actually wrong on the record.

Caught In A Mosh = Our guitar tech, Art Ring crawling out of his bunk after a show in Denver where he fell into the crowd trying to get a fan off the stage and moaning, "Uhhh, I got caught in a mosh."

Random Acts Of Senseless Violence = Heavy. Too bad no one has heard it. It’s on Stomp 442. The record between "Sound" and "Volume 8." The one Elektra buried.

Be All End All = Anthemic. Huge crowds in Europe singing the melody. Probably the biggest we’ve ever been.

Only = Maybe our best song. Even James Hetfield said so. He called it a "perfect song."

Born Again Idiot = A stab at that fat cow of a target Christianity. A whole religion based on an oxymoron, "virgin birth." Thanks to the Marquis De Sade for that quote.

Catharsis = A great song. An Anthrax "pop" song if that could exist. Very "emo."

Death From Above = It always sounded like Neil was screaming "Death from a buggggggggg!!!!"

Grunt & Click = A strange one. Not sure where we were going with that one.

Giving The Horns = I love this song. Straight up rock.

14. How much was your biggest music related check for and what did you do with it?

Seven figures for "Kill Yourself : The Movie." Get into the movie biz boys and girls. That’s where the big money is! I filled a room in my house with colored balls like at Ikea so I could jump around in it. I also got a fur lined sink. And my cats eat at Matsuhisa every night. I’m trying to by every "rock" radio station so I can ban anymore spins of "Can You Take Me Higher."

15. Please pick your Poison:

A Motley Tour or A Poison Tour = Motley

Megadeth or Metallica = Metallica

Jizzy Pearl or Minnie Pearl = Minnie

Blink 182 or Trixter 1989 = Blues Brothers 2000

Baldness or Bitterness = Bald

Being Bisexual or A full blown fruit = Gay! Gay! Gay!

Snake Sabo or Sebastian Bach = Snake

Lazy eyes or stuttering = Tourettes

Lonn Friend or Paul Gargano = Lonn or Paul? What about Andy Secher? Ahhhh gooosh Mrs. Cohen.

16. What is your take on people who believe in God, The Bible & their own religion?

And their own religion? What does that mean? People should do whatever the hell they want to. It’s all fiction to me.

17. What do you think about these up and coming Metal bands. Do you like them, do they suck, what’s your take?

Disturbed = I don’t know

Slipknot = Crushing

Mudvayne = I don’t know

Linkin Park = I don’t know

Warrant = As in Warrant 01’?

18. Any plans on following Dan Spitz’s path and renouncing the Devil’s music or maybe fixing cuckoo-clocks?

Maybe he’ll give me a job at his Christian watch repair shop/Jews for Jesus music project thing.

19. Yes or no, has Scott Ian done any of the following. If you need to explain the situation, then you can.

Been caught masturbating = Not yet.

Purchased a Britney Spears CD = No, I only like "the idea" of Britney.

Tried heroin = No.

Woke up in your own piss = Yes.

Went to a party at the Playboy Mansion = No. But I’d sure like to go hang with old guys and Fred and leer at stupid chicks. That sounds great.

Purchased something from a store knowing you were going to return it a few days later = No.

Ate ham = Yes. Oy!

Gone down on a chick during her rag = No.

Had a gay guy hit on you = Yes.

Gone to a psychiatrist = Yes.

20. You were featured on a VH1 special "Where Are They Now"? They put you on with Trixter, Stryper, Saigon Kick, Tuff, Jackyl, Yngwie Malmsteen and even Bobbie Brown. Did you guys realize you were being lumped in with such awesome talent?

At least we were on first. That show was gay.

21. Why don’t you guys get an Ozzfest slot? Does Sharon & Ozzy have a problem with you guys or what?

I wish I knew. When we toured with Ozzy in ’88 it was awesome. I know there was some political crap going on behind the scenes between our manager and Sharon. They were trying to get us off the tour and we couldn’t figure out why. The shows were great. After two months we finally were told we were off the tour. They still had a month to go. We went out on a headline tour(Headbangers Ball tour), our first arena headlining thing. Ozzy threw Winger on without any notice. The night after we were off the tour they played Reno and thousands of fans were waiting for us to come on. They were surprised to say the least to see all those white teeth of Kips. According to some of our friends on Ozzys crew, Winger got booed and worse. The tour lasted like 3 more gigs and then they cancelled the rest of the shows and went home. We never knew why they wanted us off. If it was a management thing we didn’t know. If it was something we did then I apologize. We would love to do Ozzfest.

22. Now that you host VH-1’s Rock Show, are you basically the Riki Rachtman of the new millennium?

Less tattoos.

23. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. You know how this works.

Lemmy = The king.

Fans in Iowa = Nuts.

Eminem = Nursery rhymes.

Midgets = What’s on the top of comedy mountain? (and retards)

Nikki Sixx = Rock.

Bon Jovi = A nice guy.

Peter Criss = Bummer. Anyone that would pay to see them with that other guy in Peters make-up is an idiot.

Santa Monica Boulevard = Where I get my beard colored.

Jonathan Davis = Successful ex-mortician

Creed = Wallpaper.

Paul Crook = Nicest guy ever.

Once again, Scott is never at a loss for words! 

For more info on Anthrax, you can go to www.anthrax.com!

For info on Stormtroppers Of Death, you can go towww.stromtroopersofdeath.com!

And don’t be a dick and forget to watch Scott on VH-1‘s Rock Show every Friday night!

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