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Rewind With Donnie Vie, 3/8/01



Enuff Z’Nuff singer Donnie Vie

Welcome to Part 2 of our Enuff Z’Nuff Rewinds that Jim Bob Dwarf did last month. This time it’s with Donnie. 

In case you don’t remember, Jim Bob ventured to a club called Sidetracked in Lemont, IL, where Enuff Z’Nuff were playing on February 10th. Jeff Overstreet from Sidetracked, www.jeffoverstreet.com, hooked him up like a rock star.  Here is what Jim Bob had to say about Donnie’s interview:
Donnie’s interview was in the back of the bandroom, there was a little window overlooking the side of the stage and you can hear alot of noise as the techs ran through all the gear just prior to taking the stage. After the interview with Donnie, we took the pictures in the bathroom that I sent last night.
Monaco was FREAKED that I was there and wouldn’t get in the picture with us or even acknowledge me, but after the show he settled down and we talked at length and he was pretty cool. He signed my CDs and stuff.  Sorry about the quality of the pic of Donnie in the Sludge shirt. That’s where the film started to get fucked up. There was a pic of me and Michelle Z’Nuff that didn’t turn out but oh well.
Next time Jim Bob, buy better film! Well at least we got a picture of Donnie wearing our Metal Sludge Fancy Ass Shirt!
Anyway, we first talked to Donnie on November 30, 1999.
Once again, Donnie is honest and says what’s on his mind, and even pops a zit along the way! 

1.  What is Enuff Z’Nuff currently up to?
Aww, probably Chip told ya. We’re both producing a couple of artists. Ricky and I are doing one project, Chip’s doing another. We got a new record, it went to radio last week, and we’re just doing the same-old, same-old. We got a new manager, Bill Aucoin from KISS, and uh, just seeing what happens. Just taking it to the next step.

2. If you could sing any one song beautifully and perfectly, which one would you pick and why?
Beautifully and perfectly? Oh I don’t know. If I could sing any song beautifully and perfectly uh……… oh that one that Pavaratti sings. O Sole Mio. I don’t know! I don’t give a rat’s ass. 

3.  What are you 5 Best and Worst memories of Enuff Z’Nuff?
Oh man. These are weird questions, they take a lot of thinking.
5 best memories? That’s impossible to pin down; there’s just been so many great memories.
5 worst memories… Vikki Foxx, Derek Frigo.
(Donnie and Jim Bob laugh) Um… no actually not those guys, I love them guys, just haven’t seen ‘em in a long time.
Well, a couple of things.  Our first manager, one of our worst memories.  Our second manager was our second worst memory…then Vikki Foxx and Derek Frigo…and, uhh, just about everything else I can remember.

4.  Do you think Vikki Foxx is one of those guys who thinks he’s too good to be in a band?
No he’s an opportunist, and he doesn’t…he’s business-minded as opposed to giving a shit about the musical integrity. I mean, obviously, he went for the bucks rather than to be starving artists with us. But some of the best artists in the history of the world have never even seen their money, so. We’ve made some great music together.

5.  Rate the following Beatles CDs on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being an album that was lame, and 10 being a personal favorite, and don’t give them all 10s!
Hard Days Night = 10
Magical Mystery Tour = oh, fuck! 10!
White Album = give ‘em all 10’s dude, I can’t help it.
Let It Be =
Sgt. Pepper =
Please Please Me =
With The Beatles =
Abbey Road =
Help =
Rubber Soul =

6.  Who’s the most overrated band today?
Most overrated band today? Umm (long pause) uh, there’s so many of em. So many…uh, Limp Bizkit. No, CREED! Creed! Definitely Creed.

7.  What do you think about Metallica suing Napster?
Whatever. As if they don’t have enough money.

8.  Recently, somebody threatened to kill Monaco.  Are you disappointed that the guy failed and got arrested?
Of course not! Did he get arrested? 
Jim Bob:  I think he did.
John got him busted? Well, I’ve got to hear about that. No, no, I’m disappointed that I didn’t know about it, that’s all. 
Calls Monaco: Monaco! Monaco! Did you have that guy arrested!? You had the guy arrested!?
(Someone says Monaco’s totally disturbed about the Metal Sludge interview taking place!)
(Donnie asks for 2 minutes.) Hey, can you give me two minutes?
(Donnie returns.) I haven’t done an interview for a few years. 
Jim-Bob: Really? 
Yeah, I usually don’t do them as a rule. Too confusing for me. I don’t have any good answers for anything, you know? I’m very negative.

9.  If you guys get a break and one of your songs takes off and becomes a hit, what are you going to do different this time around to make sure you don’t run into the same problems you did 10 years ago?

10.  What do you remember about either writing or recording the following songs?
How Are You = How Are You?  I remember writing that after splitting up with my long-time, 13 year girlfriend that I wrote a lot of ‘em about. It’s weird how I got hooked up with that chick, everything in my mind told me she was a no-good piece of shit and my heart wouldn’t let it go, you know? That was just a sad memory.
Radio = I remember that as a very fun time in my life. The band was just starting to get together, we were rehearsing a lot, playing out in the bars, and really a team, a gang, friends, you know. It was a good time.
New Thing = I remember knowing we had a good one there, but we never even played it because it was a little tough to sing live. So we never did New Thing when we first had it. We always knew it was our good one but for some reason we never played it live because it was work to sing. So we ended up….well, later on we knew that was going to be our first single.
Blue Island = Ummm…..wrote that really early. I wrote that before the 1st album, I think. My girlfriend before the last one I mentioned. Just a song about feelin’ bad, feeling bad about the things I’d done to her, and kind of getting a little sentiment about my home town, thought the name was pretty. People expect it to be a little bit different of a town than what the name. The name is much better than the place, you know.
Innocence = That was, uh…. we were mixing the Strength album, so when you’re mixing there’s a whole lot of time spent sitting around a lot on your thumbs you know, so, there’s always a piano….I do a lot of writing for the next album while we’re mixing the previous one. Sitting at the piano and we’re coming up with it, and I was joking around singing about this little girl, going "and your underpants are gone." And it turned into Innocence.
Let It Go = Wrote it as a 7-Up commercial, and it turned into a song. Never sent it to 7-Up. 
Donnie sings: "Seven in, seven out, 7-Up."
Stoned = I don’t remember writing it. (Donnie Laughs)
Wheels = Umm…oh what the fuck. Didn’t really have anything in mind. "Wheels".  The word just kind of rolled off the tongue nicely. A lot of the songs were about singing about my life, and hopefully about some other people’s lives that could, you know….There’s Ricky.  That could kind of relate you know. Never sing too much about the good times, you know. 
(In walks Ricky Parent. He says, "How’s it going." Shakes Jim-Bob’s dirty hand.)
(Donnie wants the bathroom.) Hang on one second, OK? 
Donnie ventures to the bathroom door and yells: Who’s in there?"
(Ricky peeks at the questions and asks: "What’s the next question?"
Someone asks Donnie if someone named Rich is in the bathroom: No, it’s Bon Jovi.
(Donnie comes back.) Next question.
Invisible = Wrote that at Steve Hagar’s house in New York. We were doing a High Times thing. A High Times party, birthday party or something. 
Yells towards the bathroom: Is that door opening right now?? Is Bon Jovi comin’ out??! FUCKIN’ Idiot! He’s the longest. He takes the longest. I gotta get in there so bad.
Save Me = Save Me. Oh, wrote that a long time ago. That’s around the Nirvana time. Was kind of just thinking, you know, might as well write something like that, you know. But we didn’t release it till way after, and then Kurt died, so we thought it would seem like we were cashing in so we saved it a couple of albums later and then we put in on. Sounded a little too Nirvana-y to me. It was just an attempt at writing a Nirvana song.
The Beast = My life story.
Every song you’ve asked so far I’ve wrote myself. Correction: except "New Thing."

There Goes My Heart = Wrote that one too, though Chip’ll disagree but… There Goes My Heart.  Thinkin of the, it had that part, you know, it had that (Donnie sings the guitar riff). Wrote that at Steve Hagar’s too. It just, the days and the weeks and the month and stuff, I was just trying to think of something clever there. What can I say? Calls towards the bathroom: No, I’ll go after you.

11.  Are you happy with how Spitfire Records has handled you guys?
No. Well, I can’t say nothing. I’m not happy with the past efforts. I just don’t think that they care very much, you know. I, I…dude…you know what? It just seems to me that they don’t care. I mean, personally, everybody there, anybody I’ve met, personally, I like everybody individually and stuff like that. I just think, as a label, business-wise, I just don’t see anything to reflect on. I just think that they’re better records than what they’re selling. I think that they…I think for the caliber of records that they are, they should do better.
Jim-Bob: I looked for "10" last night. Couldn’t find it anywhere.
Perfect example. 
Jim-Bob: Best Buy, everywhere, couldn’t find it. Older albums are there, but..
Perfect example.

12.  If you could retract one lie you have told in your life, what would it be?
Ummm, one lie that I’ve told in my life that I could retract. 
Ricky: That you love me!
Oh! The one about when I didn’t turn a guy in, for uh, he got busted when I was younger, the guy stole, uh, he robbed an apartment, and the stuff was in my basement. I was helping him fence it. And when we got busted, I didn’t rat him out, and I should of, because I don’t even know him anymore.
Yells toward bathroom door: C’mon Ricky! Hey Bro! 
Donnie says to Jim-Bob: Hold on one second, I’ll give you a better, I’ll give you a few more minutes.

13.  It almost seems like you guys have been banned from the Stern show since you guys never get any mention anymore.  How did you go from Howard’s favorite band to completely disappearing from the show?  There has to be something to it.
There was a date.  "Win-a-date with Enuff Z’Nuff." We went on the date and the poor girls were uglier than fuck. Gary Dell’Abate, Boy Gary, had a girlfriend at the time. I didn’t really know she was his girlfriend. She was passing notes to me all night and this-and-that; she was pretty fine, she worked for Penthouse and I ended up banging her that night, and I think that’s what it was. I think that’s where it went south really.
Jim-Bob: Damn.
BUT… It’s also….I think Chip over did it with "Howard Stern’s favorite band" and all this-and-that. Chip always, when he’s got a good thing he overworks it till it’s nothing.

14. You’ve written a few songs on suicide.  How close have you been to committing suicide?
I’ll put it this way. It costs me $60 a month for my Zoloff prescription. I’m doing an interview right now, ain’t I? 
Jim Bob: With Metal Sludge at that.

15.  When was the last time you did the following drugs:
Pot = this morning
Cocaine = wow, about, 3 months ago
Mushrooms = 10 years
Crack = 5 years ago 
Acid = 10 years
Heroin = a year
Viagra = never

16.  What singer sings out of key the most?
Not really any of them sing. I don’t listen too much to radio. All I know is I heard the new Aerosmith song and it kicks my ass.

17.  Of all the bands you guys played with, who treated you with the least amount of respect?
Def Leppard treated us with the most amount of respect. They were very cool were very cool with us.
Asks Ricky: Who fucked us the most?
Ricky Parent: Sebastian
Sebastian Bach. But we never had any respect for him anyway. Just as a fighter, I respect him physically ’cause he’d probably kick my ass. But other than that, nothing, no respect.

18.  Do you know if it’s true that Derek Frigo isn’t allowed in Chicago because of past drug debts?
Umm….I wouldn’t be surprised! But I don’t know if that’s true or not. I believe he comes to Chicago all the time to see his Dad. But I haven’t seen in him probably over 5 years. I haven’t even talked to him in 5 years. I heard he worked at Kinko’s Copies.

19.  This might be a laugh, but how much was your biggest music related paycheck for?
$137,000, and I had to give it all up to an attorney for the band. Right when I got my publishing check, the band needed a bankruptcy lawyer at the time. I would’ve had to get rid of anyway filing backruptcy. How do you file bankruptcy with $137,000 in your bank account, eh?

20.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a hack and 10 being somebody you hail.
Stephen Pearcy = 1
Don Dokken = 5
Phil Lewis = I don’t even know who that is. 
Jim-Bob says: L.A. Guns.
Tom Keifer = He was ok. 5 or 6, 7. Depends on what song he’s singing.
Sebastian Bach = Sebastian Bach’s a good singer. I give him a, a, you know I can’t give them guys a 1 to 10. It’s either a 1, a 2 or a 3. You either suck, you’re OK or you’re great, and in that case, I give him a 2.
Freddie Mercury = 10
Paul Stanley = 7
Jon Bon Jovi = 7
Robin Zander = 10
Steven Tyler = 10
David Lee Roth = 10, no 8 ? , almost a 9.  For enthusiasm and vibe.
Kevin DuBrow = oh (makes a sound) 0, half a one.

21.  When was the last time you had an erection?
About 2 years. About 2 years ago.

22.  How many bridges have you burned this week?
None. No, ONE!!! Just one – ’cause you’re a JAGOFF for asking that question! There we go, there’s one bridge burned. (Donnie Laughs)
(Ricky laughs in the background)
I’m not the big bridge-burner my friend, despite what people might think. But, uhh none this week. I apologize, I didn’t mean that.
Jim-Bob: It’s nothing personal, it’s just Sludge.
I take everything personal though, you know.

Jim-Bob: I hate asking a questions like that. I can’t look at you and ask you erection. Come on!
Well, it has been awhile.

Jim-Bob: At least you didn’t say, ‘I got one right now!’
That last chick just really cleaned my clock, you know. Took a lot of faith out of me in that whole love thing. Just took my feelings away. I really prayed a lot that I would stop feeling things and then, sometimes you get what you wish for, and I haven’t had many feelings since.

(Donnie notices a zit on Jim-Bob’s temple.) Dude, you got a killer zit right there that I…I want to get that. Can I get it? Can I get it when we’re done?
Jim-Bob: Oh, dude, no!!
Come on, man, I love doing that.

Jim-Bob: I woke up like that.
I love poppin’ ‘em. Can I get it?
Jim-Bob: I tried before I left!
Dude, I can get that. Come on, let me pop it.

Jim-Bob: It wasn’t ready yet.
Dude, it’s
Jim-Bob: It’s not ready!!
Ricky! Tell him I can fix that for him!
Jim Bob: I don’t want him to fix it.
(Ricky nods) Hell yeah dude! He’ll get it, too.
Come on, let me fix that for ya.

Jim-Bob: Oh, dude! I don’t have any tissue.
(Donnie Vie pop’s Jim-Bob’s nasty zit!!!)
Jim-Bob: Fuck!
Oh, and it wasn’t ready? Watch this. Tell me what’s that? That’s not ready?
(Shows Jim Bob’s pus to Ricky) Here. Eat that!
Ricky: yuck.
Look at that stuff! See how much pus there was there? And it’s gone now. Let me clean this off.
Jim-Bob: Thank you.
There, now there’s  just a little bit of blood. it’ll be gone  tomorrow.

Jim-Bob: You’re an amateur dermatologist!!
(Everybody laughs)

23.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Disturbed = I think I got a lot of respect for them. They do a good job. Songs catchy. It’s not my bag but it’s catchy.
Ron Fajerstein = Uhhh.. Still a little part of me loves him in a little way ’cause he started to help us out, but a lot of bad blood under the bridge. Word association is, uh, illegal things, you know.
Kid Rock = respect
Dana Strum = who’s that?
Ricky calls: Slaughter.
Is that like the Chip Z’Nuff of Slaughter? Eh. Whatever.

Cinderella = I always thought they were good. I always liked Cinderella for some reason. I thought they were catchy songs. His pipes were kind of shrieky, but…
Bobby Blotzer = whoever that is. I don’t even know who that is.
Jim-Bob: Drummer for Ratt.
Oh, well who cares. He was a nice guy. I liked him.  I liked the band, I just didn’t like their singer. And the singer I don’t know personally.  It’s just I’ve never been a fan of his voice, that’s all.

Gary Dell’Abate = I always thought he was a nice guy, he just works hard you know, I really didn’t mean to do that. Maybe you shouldn’t even talk about that too much because if he hears about it…Maybe he doesn’t know about that, who knows?
Britney Spears = mmm-hmm!! cutie!!
Warrant = Oh, shit!! Shit in the fuckin’….some turds just keep floatin’ and won’t go down the bowl.
Kurt Cobain = I fuckin’ hailed him. He was a great guy.
Creed = Come on. I don’t get it! I don’t get that joke, you know. I just don’t get it. I don’t want to burn a bridge but what bridge could I be burning. Except to God, and they sold out on God. So I guess I have no respect for them. I just don’t get it. I don’t like the music, I don’t like nothin’ about them. It’s my personal taste. I don’t say they’re bad. It’s not my bag.
Jim Bob: A lot of people feel that way, don’t worry.
Clive Davis = Genius! Genius, you know? We just didn’t see eye-to-balls.

So lets recap:
This was Donnie’s first interview in a while.
Donnie has no respect for Creed or Sebastian Bach.
Warrant are turds that just won’t go down the bowl.
He hasn’t had an erection in 2 years! Not many guys would admit that.
He fucked Gary Dell’Abate’s girlfriend
Donnie enjoys popping zits!

Now that’s entertainment!

Thanks to Jeff Overstreet for taking the 2 live photos from Sidetracked and hooking everything up.

And of course thanks to Jim Bob and Donnie!

For more info check out Enuff Z’Nuff’s website at www.enuffznuff.com!

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