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20 Questions with Greg D’Angelo, 7/12/05


Greg D'Angelo

For today’s 20 Questions, we have none other than former White Lion drummer Greg D’Angelo, who played with Mike Tramp and company through their glory years in the late 80s and early 90s. But did you know that Greg was also the drummer in Anthrax way back in the day? Well, he was, so this interview has the added bonus of being another milestone in Metal Sludge history, as it’s been one of our long term goals to do 20 Questions with every past, present, and future member of Anthrax.

More recently, Greg has joined forces with Alex Kane to become the new drummer in AntiProduct, but we’ll let Greg tell you about all that and more in this week’s 20 Questions! Please try to contain your excitement.

1. What are you currently up to? This is your one and only chance to plug your shit.

Greg D'AngeloOh the pressure! ? I started playing with Antiproduct in April and if all goes to schedule we should be dominating the planet by next Thursday ? Saturday afternoon at the latest.

2. What time did you wake up today, and can you describe the first 3 hours of your day for us?

6.30AM ? right to the computer for 20 min. ? showered ? returned phone calls – went to get some coffee ? played with my dogs ? answered these questions.

3. Rumor has it that you?ve recently joined AntiProduct as a full-on member. Is your career really in that much of a slump that you had to take on a hired-gun replacement gig in a band like Alex Kane?s goofy outfit?

Full-on member? What does that mean?! I took a break from being a touring drummer for a while in the mid ninties to pursue other things that I wanted to accomplish in my life. I owned a Mix room in LA and over the years Alex and I worked on a few records together and became friends. Alex, Clare, Milena and Marina have become fast family to me and we have a great time with each other – Weehay!. That?s why I?m playing with them ? because its fun. If this is a slump, I?m golden.

4. Way back in 1981, you replaced original drummer Paul Weiss in one of the first incarnations of Anthrax, only to be replaced yourself by Charlie Benante in September 1983. What prompted that decision? Any truth to the rumor that you were given the boot when Scott Ian found out from a fortune teller that, one day down the road, you?d be the drummer in White Lion?

First ? I think the guys name was Dave Weiss. I left Anthrax to join another NYC band called Cities. I split with Scott on friendly terms and I?ll see him out from time to time. I?ve never heard anything about Scott?s going to a fortune teller.

Greg D’Angelo (center) during his tenure in Anthrax, waaaaaay back in 1982

White Lion5. Similarly, back in 1991, you and James Lomenzo left White Lion after the release of the forth and final White Lion album ?Mane Attraction,? only to be replaced by drummer Jimmy DeGrasso and some bass-playing guy named Tommy Caradonna. What prompted you guys to take a hike? Was it an agreeable decision, or were you asked to leave the band that you guys helped to put on the map?

James and I were not asked to leave White Lion. We felt that things had just run their course and it was time to move on.

6. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being someone who can barely twirl drumsticks, and 10 being a skin-banging demigod:

Peter Criss = 6 – Childhood hero of mine
Tico Torres = 9 – Great feel ? a gentleman
Bobby Blotzer = 7 – I only know Bobby?s playing through the records ? he?s solid
Steven Sweet = 7 – I only know Steven?s playing through the records ? he?s solid
Rikki Rockett = 6 ? Great Showman and Smart
Phil Varone = 8 – I Knew Phil back in the day. Real good player.
Charlie Benante = 9 – Charlie is a great drummer
Jimmy Degrasso = 9 – Jimmy is a great drummer
Troy Patrick Farrell = I don?t really know Troy?s Playing
Simon Gonk = 7 ? Good drummer ? shame about his foot.

7. What ?rock star? deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

A few come to mind including me ? for a lot of reasons

8. Of the following, which do you prefer and why:

White LionSabian or Zildjian = Same formula I think ? I like them both
Pride or Big Game = I don?t think I?ve listened to either of them since they were released
Paul Stanley or Alice Cooper = I love KISS but over the past couple of years I have really listened to those early Cooper albums and they are exceptional.
Vibrators or double-edged dildos = depends on the kootch I guess
Beverly D?Angelo or Goldie Hawn = Both Beautiful.
Will Ferrell or Troy Patrick Farrell = RON BURGANDY!!!!!!!
Circus or Hit Parader = Metal Sludge (Gag)
Grizzly Adams or Zakk Wylde = I?ve actually been in a strip club with each of them flanking me while we mused on the different girls attributes. So in an effort to be fair, I say both.
Danger Danger or Trixter = Danger-Danger — WESTIEEEEE!!!
Penile implants or Viagra = Hasn?t been an Issue so I don?t know

9. Back in the early White Lion days, your nickname used to be Greg ?Kickin? Ass? D?Angelo. What in the fuck kind of nickname is that? Couldn?t anyone come up with a more original nickname for you than that?

I Don?t fuckin? know! ? I agree! What kinda fuckin? nickname is that. Some ?Journalist? whose first language obviously was not English slipped that in there in some bio that he/she probably had to write because of a lost bet. It was never my nickname and lets give it a long overdue last rights ? right here ? right now.

White Lion
White Lion in their heyday… whenever that was.

10. We seem to recall a flashback issue of Metal Edge magazine in which, long after your White Lion days were over, you showed up to a party with a clean-cut business haircut and a 3-piece suit. When and where did that take place, and what was that all about?

Halloween – maybe the Rainbow in LA?

11. White Lion started out with kind of a harder sound, but kind of ?softened up? with each succeeding album. Why?

Good Question

White Lion12. Yes or no, has Greg D?Angelo ever:

Stolen a car = *
Been thrown out of a hotel = Yep
Gone down on a chick on the rag = Is that what that was?!
Had Sunday brunch at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan = No
Jacked off with lamp oil = Really? You can do that?
Shit your pants on stage = No
Been stalked by a fan = Yes
Poked pins into a Troy Patrick Farrell voodoo doll = Ahh – No
Touched another man?s penis = No
Been arrested = *

13. Due to Mike Tramp?s ?pretty boy? image, White Lion took a lot of slagging in the press from critics back in the day. Do you think that earned disrespect from other musicians and hurt White Lion?s sales?

Double edged Sword ? While it got us tons of attention it did compromise our ethos (good $5 word) and ultimately might have played a part in the bands demise.

14. For what amount was your largest music-related check, and what did you end blowing it on?

White LionNot as big as you might imagine and I bought crazy stuff like rent, food, etc

15. Finish the following sentences: ?The biggest misconception about _______ is =?? For example, ?The biggest misconception about MTV is that they play videos.? You get the idea.

Sex is = that it?s better with the ?S? in it ? come on?
Great Britain is = worthy of note for its fine cuisine – ha
The Garden State Parkway is = that its all ugly — oh —wait?
Life on a tour bus is = consistently exciting
Alex Kane is = a former San Diego News Anchor
Jaegermeister is = good for you
Mike Tramp?s White Lion is = how would I know?
Getting an enema is = something that only the wealthy enjoy
An all-beef Hot Dog is = all beef
Marijuana is = more dangerous than booze or tobacco

Greg D'Angleo
Greg D’Angelo today, in the studio with AntiProduct

16. What?s the sickest thing you?ve ever seen done to a groupie? You must have stories for days! Please tell us a good one.

One of the drivers had a construction hard hat with an ashtray and drink holder glued to it ? rumor has it that it was worn by some willing female participants whilst on all fours ? but it?s just a rumor?

17. Name the three highest and the three lowest points of your career to date.

Signing to Atlantic ? First Gold Record ? Playing the Garden

Greg D'AngeloVarious Legal Bullshit – Pride&Glory

18. For $5000 in unmarked American dollars, which of the following would you willingly shove into your rectal cavity and leave there for a full 30 minutes (and you have to pick one):

a) a can of shaving cream
b) a Barbie Doll
c) a 10? pewter replica of the Statue of Liberty
- or -
d) Mike Tramp?s ?Bootleg Series? 6-CD box set

Which one will it be?

Which one would you stick in your ass?

19. The Last of Greg D?Angelo:

Last CD you purchased = Dr. John Plays Mac Rebenak
Last movie you saw in the theatre = Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Last concert you bought a ticket to go see = Coachella
Last sporting event you attended = Kings Game
Last fast food drive-thru you hit = In and Out
Last thing that really impressed you = Alex Kane?s work ethic
Last thing that really pissed you off = Question 15
Last time you talked to Vito Bratta = About 10 years ago
Greg D'AngeloLast time you jacked off = What time is it now?
Last time you threw up = When I had the flu

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association! We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Neil Turbin = Another life
James Lomenzo = Have a nice trip
Jack Starr = Good guy
Nikki Sixx = Knows how to work it ? Smart.
Dave ?The Beast? Spitz = Great guy ? Great Bass Player
Zakk Wylde = Rockstar
Bruno Ravel = A Homo and my friend ? Great Bass Player
Mike Tramp = God bless him
Scott Ian = Good man ? hard worker
Ted Nugent = Childhood hero ? Superstar

So there you go! Everything you ever cared to know about the former drummer of White Lion, all encapsulated into one interview. You know who to thank! That’s right, your pals at Metal Sludge. We rule and you know it.

For more information about the latest chapter in Greg D’Angelo’s musical career, feel free to browse on over to the official AntiProduct site at www.antiproduct.com.

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