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20 Questions with Corky Gunn, 7/26/05




In honor of our upcoming MSX II – Midwest Tour, we give you 20 Questions with none other than Corky Gunn!!

Now, if you’re asking yourself questions like, "Who the fuck is Corky Gunn?" and "what does he have to do with the MSX II – Midwest Tour," then you’re on the right track, because he has NOTHING to do with our MSX II – Midwest Tour. But we took this opportunity to mention it anyway. We’re sneaky like that.

Anyhow, we’ll let you know that Corky Gunn used to be in the New York City band Sweet Pain back in the mid 80s, which at one time also featured Kelly Nickels, whom we all know went on to L.A. Guns. And speaking of L.A.Guns, Corky also went on to become their tour manager during their glory years in the late 80s. He’s been a DJ, a promoter, and even helped to put on our very first Metal Sludge party back in August of 2000. We figured he might have some good stories to tell, and by golly he did! So here they are.

Corky Gunn1. What are you currently up to? This is your one and only chance to plug your shit.

As far as music related projects, I am awaiting the re-release of the Sweet Pain CD. We will hopefully see it released this summer some time. Check out www.fastlanerecords.com for more info. I am also writing 2 books. Both music related.

One is L.A Guns centered. I also have a script that I am finishing.

This is in addition to working everyday to pay the bills!

2. How many people reading this have any idea who you are? Take your best guess.

How many? Maybe twelve! But those twelve know the deal! They didn?t call me the legendary Corky Gunn for nothing!

3. Sweet Pain released their one and only album way back in 1986. What made you decide to re-release it all of a sudden? Was there suddenly a huge demand for Sweet Pain CDs?

Well, I had remixed and remastered it back in 1997. I was in no rush to put it out or anything, I treated it like a hobby, a project. But I was always looking for someone to put it out for me, because I just didn?t want to deal with that end of it. I talked to some different people over the years, but they just didn?t seem right. I wanted someone to do it that understood what the band was all about. We were a total original species, different from most everything else out there at that moment. Like Kiss meets the Sex Pistols. Raw, sparkly, raunchy, drugged and angry.

So when I spoke to Shawn at Fastlane Records, I knew he was the one, He wanted to do it and he understood it. He was a fan from way back and loved the band. I wanted the release to represent what the band was really about. We weren?t really glam, or metal or anything close. We were Sweet Pain. No one sounded like us EVER. And that is what I wanted to get across. When they made us they definitely broke the mold.

4. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being someone who sounds like they?ve just gargled Draino, and 10 having the ultimate set of pipes.

Corky GunnVince Neil = 5 (4 for style, 1 for enthusiasm) Vince was a true stylist. But probably one of the biggest DICKS I ever met in the rock business. He was just an asshole at all times. Nikki was strange and weird, but obviously very cool. Tommy was like a hyper kid and he liked to party hard like us. Mick was well?.Mick. And Vince was the asshole. One of the first times we met him he was rooming with Tommy and we were hanging with T-Bone, partying as usual. Me, Bruno and Kelly. Vince bursts in the door, looking for his wallet, and started accusing us of stealing it. Tommy was like, ?No way dude, these guys are friends and they are cool.? But he wouldn?t let up. Then he gets a call from his girlfriend and he was fighting with her on the phone. Screaming and yelling. Threw the phone across the room and was going NUTS. Still screaming about his wallet. We were like , ?don?t be accusing us of stealing shit, we didn?t do anything?. He finally found it in his suitcase, and stormed out the door. Never apologized. Never said a word, just stormed out slamming the door behind him. What a DICK!
Phil Lewis = 6 (He sounds great when you let Phil be Phil. If ya try to make him too perfect it?s no good. I loved the way he sounded on that first L.A Guns tour. Raw and raunchy. By Cocked and Loaded they wanted him to sound like someone else and it didn?t work. Phil is Phil.
Jon Bon Jovi = 7 (You have to really admire where he came from and what he made himself into. Has really gotten better and better as a singer, and knows how to control his voice. First time I met him I didn?t even know who he was. Me and Bruno Ravel were backstage at Motley, on the Shout tour when they were opening for Ozzy. Bruno says, ?Hey, it?s that Bon Jovi dude!? I was like, ?who?? BonJovi had just signed to Doc McGhee for management and was hanging around on the Motley tour to learn a few things. He was very quiet and just watched EVERYTHING. He was learning not so much what to do, but what NOT to do.
So I didn?t know who he was. Bruno went up to him and I took a picture. I was like, ?Forget this geek, lets party with Motley!? Bruno knew who he was before he had ANYTHING going on. We went up to Bon Jovis room to have a drink, and then Nikki and Tommy started beating on the door. Screaming that they wanted to see if Bon Jovi had any chicks in there! No, just me and Bruno! So he opened the door, they saw it was me and Bruno (the party maniacs) and we went with Nikki and Tommy to do more krell. Bon Jovi stayed behind and continued taking notes!)
Paul Stanley = 7 (What can I say. He was one of the true greats. His upper register is gone now though and he kinda sounds like he has the Brian Johnson problem. But hands down Paul Stanley was, and is one of my all time favorite rock vocalists. He believes what he is singing, and delivers it with true rockstar gusto! ?Room Service, I take the pleasure with the pain I can?t say Noooooooo!?)
Marc Slaughter = 3 (Like a friggin air raid siren. Not my fave type of singer. He was a nice guy on the Vinnie tour though. Him and Dana Strum were constantly apologizing for Vinnie being a DICK!)
Jani Lane = 5 (He always had an attitude problem. I hung mostly with Joey Allen because he liked to smoke weed, but Jani was a bit of an ego maniac. His voice wasn?t bad. But his ego made you not like him.)
Taime Downe = 4 (Not a great voice, but neither was Corky Gunns! Great style and vision on Taime?s part)
Tom Keifer = 7 (Great voice, But like Brian Johnson of AC/DC, I believe its been reduced to a raspy nothing)
Ted Poley = 8 (Not really my favorite style of singing, but Ted?s got a great voice. Saw him on a recent Danger Danger gig and he kicked ass. He?s still got it)
Sebastian Bach = 10 (He?s a bit of an ass, but man can he belt it out.)

5. What hard rock / heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Sweet PainAgain, hard to say. There are LOADS of them. Kiss is the first one that comes to mind. It really is embarrassing. I am hearing good things though about Paul?s solo album though. He was always the true heart of the band. Maybe not the soul, but the heart. You go Paul!

Motley also. It?s not exciting anymore. Nikki is turning into a Gene. Gene was never cool, Clever, smart, calculating, yes. Cool no. Nikki WAS cool. What?s happening to him. Wake up Nikki!

I know the money is PHAT, but please, your coolness factor has slipped.

Bark at the Moon dude!

6. You seem to have been around Motley Crue a lot during their Shout at the Devil and Theatre of Pain era. What made you so special that you got to hang around, and if you ran into any one of those guys today, would they even know who you were?

I was always a rock maniac. Back in the early 1980?s I worked at an import record distributor, and got a copy of the first Motley record when it was an independent.

I also had seen them in the UK magazines Sounds and Kerrang. I was also doing the DJ thing back then, in new wave clubs, and had a lot of record industry friends A friend of mine happened to work at Elektra, and when Motley signed with them, he kept me updated on what was going on. They came into town when they signed the deal, and I met them then, briefly. Then when they went on tour with Ozzy we got passes and tickets to the shows through my friend at the label.

Since we liked to ?party? we got along fine with the Crue. At the time, Bruno and Steve were in Hotshot a hot local cover band, and Kelly Nickels was the roadie for Hotshot. We all ended up hanging out with Motley. But me and Bruno went everywhere to see them on that tour.

Like 10 shows in the northeast. Then, after the Ozzy tour ended, Motley came back and headlined the Beacon Theater in Manhattan which holds 2900 people. Ratt opened the two night stand. The night before the 2 nights at the Beacon, Ratt headlined Lamour Brooklyn. Which was the most packed I?ve ever seen that place. And Motley has taken over the back VIP area and it was like watching the Decline of ALL civilization part ALL! That was when Nikki decided to bite my arm. Broke the skin, drew blood. Insane. But those 2 nights at the Beacon were a CLASSIC moment of whatever you want to call it. Glam metal, hair metal,etc. Motley Crue with special guest Ratt. Motley Crue inspired so many bands, had such an influence. They were just so insane. Motley Crue really kicked started the hunger to make it. Kelly, Bruno and Steve, all the Long Island guys. Overnight a million rock guys started wearing cutup fishnet shirts and fingerless gloves. But I doubt Motley would remember me. It was so long ago, and we were all so WASTED. If I sat down with Tommy or Nikki for a bit and reminded them of certain things, I think their memory would come around. When I worked for L.A Guns, there was a point where they might have opened for Motley on the Girls tour, but it never happened. I was out there in that L.A. scene, but we were on the road most of the time and I didn?t get to see anyone really except the Guns. Motley eventually had to start doing the rehab thing, and they weren?t ?partying?. Plus they were millionaires. They had definitely ?moved on?. But when I met them back in 1983-1984, they were a hungry bunch of animals, raping and pillaging the country. I was glad to go along for the ride. We all were. It was a great time. I would never, and could never do it again. You get older, wiser. You have to grow as a person. It?s a miracle I survived it all.

Corky Gunn7. Of the following, which do you prefer and why:

White Lion or Anthrax = Anthrax. Bruno Ravel was in White Lion for a minute and I got to see what asses they were. I never really liked Anthrax musically, but L.A Guns partied with them a few times on that first tour and Charlie and Scott were always nice guys.
Raw or Hot Rocks = Raw. We partied harder at Raw. There were NO rules!
Steve West or Bruno Ravel = I have to say Bruno. I met him when I was 17, and we became party buds. Westy was never a drinker or drugger. Me and Bruno would take Ludes and go see Twisted Sister every weekend at one of the numerous rock clubs around back then. I met Westy through Bruno. So Bruno is the original connection!
Egg creams or Yoo-Hoos = Egg Creams naturally! If you know where to get a good one, there?s nothing like it. Gem Spa on St. Marks still makes a good one.
Macy?s or Bloomingdale?s = Macy?s. They always have better looking women offering cologne samples!
?Knock Your Socks Off? or ?Two Time Lover? = Knock Your Socks Off. I just liked singing this one better. And it reminds me of Adrian Vance in the studio recording it, playing the chunky guitar sounds with a quarter instead of a pick.
Bill & Ted or Jay & Silent Bob = Have never seen either one.
Ronnie Taz or Jaime Keane = I would have to say Ronnie Taz cuz he was the original. He had a cool style and we both loved old Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin and stuff. Jamie has since switched to bass guitar (good move) and is knocking em dead out in L.A.!
Hand jobs or rim jobs = Neither. I?ve become celibate!
PJ Farley or Steve Brown = Never liked Trixter.

8. You used to be the tour manager for LA Guns on their first tour in 1988. How did you land that job, and what are your 3 best and 3 worst memories of that entire tour?

After Sweet Pain broke up I was working for a record company, and I would fly out to L.A on business like once every couple of months and stay at the Riot House on Sunset. I stayed in touch with Kelly Nickels, who was in Sweet Pain. When I would go out there, Kelly and Mick Cripps would come and mooch off of me (which was cool). They were in L.A Guns, and they had a huge local following but they were broke (of course). So I would invite them to the Riot House and they would eat and drink like animals. Kelly and I had been friends for years, and Mick and I also became buds. I?m still very close with Mick and Kelly to this day. So when it was time for them to go on tour, Mick and Kelly asked me to be their road manager. They knew I would take good care of them on the road. I flew out to L.A. to start working for them Dec. 27,1987. They had two nights booked opening for Guns and Roses at Perkins Palace. I got off the plane and took a cab to the show. There was all sorts of ego drama going down between Tracii and Axl. That was my first night working for them. There were so many great moments working for L.A Guns. They toured every state, played every club there was, twice over. Opened for Ted Nugent, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Def Leppard, and lots more.

My three best moments?
1. Opening for AC/DC. First night of the tour for them and us. 2 nights sold out in Portland Maine.
2. Singing soundcheck onstage in the arenas when Phil didn?t want to. I think we did SOS by Aerosmith.
3.Getting pied in the face by AC/DC?s crew on the last night of the tour as I was standing onstage introducing the band.

My three worst moments?
1. When I left. I hated to go, hated leaving the band. But I had to get out of there before I seriously cracked up.
2.The Vinnie Vincent tour. The WHOLE thing was like 4 days of complete TORTURE.
3.Getting a curse put upon all of us by some witch in Pennsylvania.

Corky Gunn
Corky Gunn hard at work for LA Guns back in the day

9. What?s up with your stage name ?Corky Gunn?? Where did that name come from, and have you ever been laughed at when you told someone your name was ?Corky??

No one laughs. They know better. The name Corky is a play on my last name. In grade school one year the teacher mispronounced my name and that?s where Corky came from. Gunn I stole from Tommy Gunn who was in Billy Squiers? band Piper. I was Corky Gunn even before I had a band, when I was hanging out in the Great Gildersleeves with Bruno Ravel and Scott Levitt!

10. You also used to be a rock DJ at all the big rock clubs in the New York City area. How did all that come about, and what?s the most fucked-up story you remember from your DJ days?

Corky GunnI was a DJ for many many years. I started out in the late 1970?s as a disco DJ. Even though I was a hard core rocker, I liked the club life. I worked my way up over the years, eventually playing in huge clubs on Long Island that held 3 ? 4,000 people.

After I got back from my nervous breakdown working for L.A Guns in 1988, I came back to NY and started some rock clubs . Hot Rocks in Long Island, Raw in Queens, and eventually landed Limelight in Manhattan. I worked at Limelights Rock and Roll Church every Sunday night for 6 years straight. Rode the end of the hair band/metal era into the grunge years at Limelight.

The most fucked up story? Again, there are so many. Let?s see. At the end of the night once I was so polluted I fell asleep in the DJ booth, and didn?t wake up until the next night when I had to play.

No one knew I was in there! One time Ace Frehley came to do an autograph session at Raw, and he was very stoned, or drunk or whatever he was taking, and he smelled like he bathed in garlic. Man I?ve never smelt garlic that strong in my life! He came into the DJ booth and signed autographs for people and I had to smell his garlic ass for an hour. But that?s ok, I love Ace!

Pearl Jam played Limelight right when Alive was all over the radio. The placed was the most packed I had ever seen it. Limelight used to have these cages that hung from the ceiling. They had the go-go girls in the cages dancing. The cages had to be lowered to the floor for the girls to get in and out. Eddie Vedder wouldn?t go onstage until the girls were out of the cages. He didn?t want them dancing when the band was playing . He felt, I guess it was demeaning to women.
He was throwing a hissy fit backstage. It took awhile to lower the cages and clear a spot on the jam packed floor so the girls could get out. No band ever asked for that to be done. But then again, Pearl Jams backstage rider for that show was one six pack of beer. That was it. Anti rock stars? Absolutely. Pearl Jam killed glam/hair metal. Not Nirvana. Nirvana were doing drugs and being punk rock. Going wild. Pearl Jam were worried about girls in cages. Pulleaasee!

Once at a club in the early 80?s, a guy got a severe beatdown by the bouncers for something he shouldn?t have done, and then they threw him out. He went and got his car and drove it straight through the front door of the club, almost running some of those bouncers over. Needless to say, he was dragged out of the car and beaten almost to death. That was scary to watch.

When you work as a DJ in clubs 5 nights a week, it?s like being on tour, except you are in the same rooms week after week. But most everything else is the same. The chicks, the booze, the drugs, the drama. I was at my peak as far as women go when I worked in the clubs. On the road with the Guns I was in mean ass road manager mode and was never after the women. I made sure the band got what they wanted, but I really despised the groupies. 9 out of 10 were always complete psychos.

Corky Gunn11. For what amount was your largest music-related paycheck, and what did you end up spending it on?

Largest paycheck was an advance. I guess that counts. Bought stage clothes, rehearsal time, drugs, and gas.

12. Yes or no, has Corky Gunn ever done the following:

Worn a Batman suit = Noooo?.a Steven Tyler suit maybe!
Dyed your hair purple = Nope?blond only.
Poured sugar into Richie Sambora?s gas tank = Nahh?I was never a mean malicious person. And Sambora is a goombah, so we watch out for each other!
Stuck pins in a Vinnie Vincent voodoo doll = YES. All 4 tortuous days of that ego filled tour!
Bought a Sweet Pain album on eBay = Nah?.I have a stash.
Jacked off on the subway = On the subway? No?but there have been other wacky places!
Pissed on a homeless person = No?I?m not mean like that. That sounds like Paul Gargano.
Shit your pants on stage = No?not that I can remember.
Touched another man?s penis = Never
Been arrested = No comment

13. What ?rock star? deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Hard to say. Past or present?

I try not to bash people anymore, so any bashing will be from my past! Vinnie Vincent was a big dickhead. So was Stephen Pearcy back then. I haven?t seen him live or anything in years.

But back in the day he thought he was on a Robert Plant level or something.

I?ve always found that the bigger the star, the smaller the ego. The smaller the star, the bigger the ego. Once you become huge, I guess what do you have left to prove?

Most of the music related people that need a smack aren?t rock people per say, but probably hip hop related. Or in that Paris Hilton, Ashley Simpson crowd. Please don?t get me started on this!

14. It?s a little known fact that you were the promoter of the very first Metal Sludge Extravaganza, held at the Limelight way back on August 30, 2000. What made you decide to put that on, and what?s your fondest memory of that night so long ago?

I was a fan of the Sludge from the beginning. Since I was working at Limelight, I thought we should do a Sludge party. It was difficult to get known musicians to come out and support it though. The Sludge still had that stigma back then of totally ripping people to pieces.

Corky GunnAlot of people didn?t want to know. We had a great time though, had some friends attend, like Bruno and Steve from D2 and Richie Ranno from Starz.

15. You?re not planning on subjecting the world to a Sweet Pain reunion or anything wacky like that, are you?

NO WAY. Sweet Pain was a time and place that can never be reproduced (thank god!) We came, kicked ass, knocked some sox off and left the joint high and dry! I would never do a reunion. It would never be the same. I could never do the drugs like I did back in the day! And you couldn?t have a Sweet Pain reunion without the drugs!

16. Give us your fondest memory about touring or being in the following cities:

Miami = Tracii Guns got a guitar stolen in Miami in 1988. We tracked the guy down and beat his ass. Got the guitar back too.
Philadelphia = Sweet Pain opening for Cinderella in 1986.
San Francisco = L.A Guns played the Stone and if I remember correctly there was a riot. Great restaurants in SF!
Atlanta = My second home. Saw the Sex Pistols first American show there in 1978, and Kiss on the Dressed to Kill tour in 1974. I love HOTLANTA! L.A Guns played the famous Fox Theater there opening for Ted Nugent.

Houston = Lots of crazy chix in Houston on the Guns tour. Texas women are hot to trot indeed!
Chicago = Chicago Chop House! Great steaks! Gene Ambo! He was always at the Guns shows taking pictures. Nice guy! I remember L.A Guns did 2 nights at a club called the Thirsty Whale. It was crazy packed and over the top. Chicago was always a great place to play and they were always nice to L.A Guns.
Seattle = Not too many Seattle memories. Home of the ?Grunge?. Nuff said.
Minneapolis = L.A Guns playing the club that Prince filmed Purple Rain in. We were disappointed that the dressing rooms in the movie didn?t exist there. Those scenes were filmed elsewhere. The actual dressing rooms were shitty, like most clubs.The girls in Minneapolis were EXTRA nutty! We ended up burning alot of pictures from that tour stop!
Salt Lake City = One of the wildest cities the Guns played in. Those mormon girls were WILD!
Detroit = When L.A Guns played Harpos opening for Vinnie Vincent. It was the third and last show we did with him. The tour was supposed to be like 2 months. Mick Cripps and Kelly Nickels beat up half the road crew. L.A Guns had been messed with since the tour started. I have a list of the three biggest DICKHEADS in rock, and Vinnie Vincent is top of the list. Ego like no other. And this from a guy that wears spandex with tighty whities on underneath, so you could see the lines. L.A Guns had power outages in the middle of the set, equipment missing, no stage room, strike the drum riser, all kinds of stuff pulled. Everyone was pissed. We were all miserable and wanted out of the tour. After the show we were in the bus outside Harpos, as Vinnies crew loaded out. Kelly was in the front of the bus with me, watching out the front window and every time Vinnies guy walked out, he was mouthing shit back and forth with Kelly. Fuck you, type of suggestions. When the guy walked out and told Kelly to ?blow him? making the blow me motion, Kelly pushed me out the door onto my back and jumped onto the back of Vinnies truck. Kellys leg was still messed up from his motorcycle accident, but he didn?t care. He was gonna kick some ass! Mick followed him out the door, and I had to go make sure my guys didn?t get hurt. Or hurt anyone else too bad!

So they were having a huge brawl in the back of Vinnies equipment truck, beating on Vinnie roadies, because Vinnie wouldn?t come out of his bus, so the crew took the beatdown! Fans are looking in and watching, everyone is screaming, I?m swinging my maglite around. Needless to say, we were thrown off that tour!

17. Fuck, kill, and marry! Of the following people, which one would you fuck, which one would you kill, and with which one would you enter into holy matrimony:

Corky GunnI would have to fuck Robin Quivers cuz she?s a chick!

C.C. Banana I would have to kill, cuz I couldn?t marry or fuck him, a banana?!

C.C. DeVille I would have to marry. I would get to hang around on tour with Poison and be unfaithful!

18. The Last of Corky Gunn:

Last book you read = The Last Party by Anthony Haden Guest
Last CD you purchased = Rolling Stones ? Made in the Shade re-issue.
Last film you saw in the theatre = Star Wars newest, and last installment.
Last concert you bought a ticket to see = Rolling Stones Licks tour.

Last fast food drive thru you hit = Checkers Burgers
Last time you were asked for your autograph = When I was road managing L.A Guns in 1988. Anytime someone came up at an L.A Guns instore record signing with a Sweet Pain album, Kelly told the kids who I was and they made me sign!
Last time you spoke to Adrian Vance = Jesus, maybe 10 years ago. Vance give me a call. I miss ya! He was the Ace Frehley of the band!
Last time you talked to Kelly Nickels = A few days ago.
Last time you saw the inside of a tour bus = Last time L.A Guns was in town.
Last time you barfed = Last winter, after I got a nasty flu bug. I don?t really barf from booze anymore, mainly because I can?t handle it anymore!

19. Do you realize that, even after reading all of this, most people still have no idea who you are?

Yeah, but that?s cool. I lived the life I wanted to live. Rocked, partied , escaped death numerous times, and lived to tell these here tales!

I know who I was, who I am, and who I will be. Evolution baby. Keep evolving, changing, and making yourself better! Good karma is the only way!

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association! We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Corky GunnNikki Sixx = In 1984 he bit my arm and I had to get a rabies shot! That hurt like hell! But, he was the man back in the day. Had THE coolest hair ever. Scared me a lot though. Nobody did more drugs than Nikki Sixx. He really understood what it meant to be a down and dirty, drug taking rock animal, and nobody did it better than Nikki.
Jack Ponti = Don?t know anything about him
Gene Simmons = I used to idolize this guy, Now he makes me ill. In my high school yearbook, where you have to put a quote or something I put: To be the next Gene Simmons. What the hell was I thinking? See, this is what happens when you get screwed over by the business. You end up like Gene.
Tracii Guns = Great guitarist, good friend. Back in the day he liked to show off his cock! But I don?t know if he still likes to do that! On tour, every morning, here would come Tracii out of his bunk naked! A true musician. When Tracii passes away one day, you will probably be holding a ticket to see him play somewhere.
Steve West = Westy? What can I say, one of the original Long Island rock gods! Fucked the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1983! No lie!
Eddie Trunk = Helped Sweet Pain back in the day when he worked at WDHA in New Jersey.. We share a love of the band Piper!
Blackie Lawless = Used to be a great frontman. Haven?t seen him live in years, but when I saw the triple bill of Metallica, Wasp, and Armored Saint at Lamour Brooklyn back in the day, Wasp blew Metallica off the stage!
Rikki Rockett = Don?t really know him. Never met him officially. I hung with Brett a few times at the Tropicana. I give Rikki credit for helping to take Poison to the top back in the day.
Chip Z?Nuff = Met him once back when Fly High Michelle was big. Seemed harmless enuff!
Ted Nugent = The man! When L.A Guns toured with him back in 1988, he walked into the Guns dressing room on the first night and said: ?L.A Guns! How are ya boys..I like that name, GUNS! Lets rock and roll? On the last night of the tour he took us to a steak house in the woods somewhere, and we were in our bus following Ted in his car (he flew to gigs and rented cars in each city then) and some kind of animal ran out in front of Teds? car and he whipped out a pistol and shot the thing! When we got to the restaurant I said. ?Great shot Ted, that was amazing!?
He replied: ? I should of stopped and picked it up, we could have it grilled!?

Now those weren’t too bad at all, were they?

Corky is a big-time Sludgeaholic, so don’t forget to look for him lurking around once in awhile on our Metal Sludge Gossip Boards and hanging in Sludge Chat.

For more information about the forthcoming CD reissue of Sweet Pain’s one and only album, check out www.fastlanerecords.com. What else better is there to do?

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