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20 Questions with Vince & Marty Kelley, 8/2/05




You?re probably saying who the fuck are these 2 jag offs and if you did, you?re probably from Chicago, cause jag off is a Chi-Town term. Ask Donnie Vie, he says jag off a lot. If you?re not from Chicago, then you?ll need to take a few notes on who was hot, and who was not, back on the Sunset Strip. Tommi Gunn was indeed hot, and they made an impact from Chi-Town to tinsel town throughout the entire 80s decade.

In short, this is another installment of interviews we are conducting to promote that very cool collection of rarities on the Hollywood Rocks Box Set. Sure you got your Warrant, LA Guns and Faster Pussycat tracks, but hidden deep within are some real gems from bands like The Zeros, Big Bang Babies, and yes Tommi Gunn. That?s why we?ve dug up these guys and are doing these interviews. And there are a few more cool ones coming as well. We?re slick like that!

So with all that said we?ll let these identical twin rock Gods (or so they think) tell you about who, what, where, why and when. Enjoy this weeks 20 questions with Vince ("V") & Marty ("M") Kelley from Tommi Gunn and War Cry.

Tommi Gunn1. Plug your shit, what are you up to in life, and with music?

V: I?m doing what most guys in rock n roll love to do, but instead of paying for the lap dances, I?m counting them? As far as music is concerned, you may have heard me belting away either on a movie sound track, or an extreme sport dvd? I?m only getting started motherfucker!…

M: Not so much music these days. Landed a great gig in the sports entertainment field and may be one of the very few happily married Men on the planet. Became a Father in 2002 and loving every second of it!

2. Your band Tommi Gunn made quite an impact on the Sunset Strip, yet got passed up on getting the big deal. What do you think were the reasons that TG did not get that deal?

V: Saturation my friend?. At that time in the game, you could?ve pissed in any direction and find a band that was similar in style?. (Although not nearly as good looking;)

M: God?s will! We all have our cross to bear in life and mine is keeping Vinnie?s ass out of trouble! C?mon on! You don?t have to be a mathalete to know that Vinnie + money and fame = complete fucking disaster!!!!!!!! I look at the bright side. The higher power felt I had a better purpose in life than to follow Vinnie around to change his fuckin? drool bucket!

3. You did some sessions for MCA Records that were produced by Toby Wright (Motley Crue) which have surfaced in recent years. Tell us about how TG got involved with the ?Kings of Sunset Strip ? Vol. I?, and the recently released ?Hollywood Rocks Box Set??

Vince from Tommi GunnV: I have one person to thank?. Ladies and gentleman would you please welcome, Mr. Stevie Rachelle from HELL!!!!!… (Thanks again, brother)

M: Not really sure. I only paid attention to the part when someone said ?Are we getting paid??

To find out more about Tommi Gunn you can visit Http://www.myspace.com/tommigunn and to get more info. on the ?Kings of Sunset Strip Vol. 1? CD featuring songs from Tommi Gunn visit Http://www.RlsRecords.com

As previously mentioned you can also hear them on the ?Hollywood Rocks Box Set? which can be purchased in the Sludgendise Store!

4. Rate a player 1-10. A ?1? being a hack and a half, and a ?10? being a musical virtuoso!

Vince Rate a Singer:
David Lee Roth = Van Halen?s first two records Roth =10? After that, just picture a graph of the stock market crash…
Rob Halford = We may not agree on the same type of ass that we like, but as far as old school metal, Halford is king! =10
Vince Neil = See answer to David Lee Roth? Although Vince had some great fucking parties up in Hell (Bell) Canyon?
Donnie Vie = Ah that Chicago style?. A little too Beatlesque for me, but great nonetheless= 7? (What?s up Chip?)
Ozzy Osbourne = Sabbath Ozzy =10? Shock treatment Ozzy = 2
Joe LeSte = I thought Anthony Focx was the singer of Beautiful Creatures?!
Sebastian Bach = Gotta love Bas.. =10
Robin Zander = My favorite, the best! =10
Stephen Pearcy = Always cool as hell to me, = 6
Axl Rose = Rings a bell? Oh yeah = 6

MartyMarty Rate a Guitarist:
Tony Iommi = THEEEEEEE Metal God!!!! = 10
Eddie Van Halen = Listening to Eddie after the first couple records is like watching reruns of Full House on Nickeloden. = 6
Rick Neilsen = I Don?t believe he worried much about his lead playing but great showman as well as a great riff writer. = 7
Michael Batio Angelo = Fast. = 8.5
KK Downing = Everyone knows Glenn Tipton is the slinger in that band. = 6
Slash = His tone always sounded too much like a kazoo for my taste. = 5
Warren DeMartini = I liked him way better the first time around. George Lynch! But hey, if you can mock Lynch, you gotta be pretty good. = 8
Dj Ashba = I thought Anthony Focx played lead in Beautiful Creatures?
Yngwie Malmsteen = Ok! We get it! You can play fast! = 7.5
Kirk Hammet = Nervous bends and vibrato. Never cared for his playing. = 3 (please direct all your hate mail to Metal Sludge)

5. What rock star deserves a good smack in the mouth or kick in the teeth and why? (Please specify smack, kick or both. Thank you.)

V: Richie Florio of Sister Whiskey, for finishing off MY fucking whiskey!… (I love ya Bitchie)

M: To wish that on anyone would mean I?d have to care. I could give a flying fuck!

6. Okay going backward now?before Tommi Gunn there was the much heavier War Cry which was Chicago based in the early 80s. What happened to War Cry and when did TG come to light?

V: Well we heard that if we wore make-up, wrote songs about chicks, and moved to L.A. we?d get free booze, clothes, electronic equipment, groceries, and rent? It was true?. Singing I Love L.A?..

M: Got tired of labels telling us we were too heavy so we went over to the dark side (or should I say light side)?

War Cry
Old-ass pic of War Cry from 1982!
To find out more about War Cry go here Http://www.myspace.com/warcry

7. Going forward now?your old drummer for Tommi Gunn Mr. Anthony Focx (Beautiful Creatures / guitars) is kind of a crowd favorite over here at Metal Sludge. Did either of you ever walk in on him banging a broad with the smoke machine on, and if not, do you have any good Anthony stories you?d like to share?

V: Smoke machine?… Do you also believe that the cow jumped over the moon? The only smoke that I ever saw come out of Anthony?s room, was incense?(coughing)

M: Here?s a bit of trivia most people don?t know about Anthony. He is a Master Chef. His Top Ramen with clam sauce is out of this world! Not to mention what he could do with a can of Chef Boyardee or a Mama Celeste pizza! Bon Appetite!

Tommi Gunn
Tommi Gunn back in the day! From L to R: Marty/Guitar, Steve/Guitar, Vince/Vocals, Anthony/Drums, Pat/Drums

8. Who is the more manly band?

Firehouse or Trixter = I could never tell the difference between the two, so you make the call?
Warrant or Winger = I?d have to say Warrant, because didn?t Kip also work as the bearded lady in the circus?
Bang Tango or Beautiful Creatures = Tie goes to the runner..
Tuff or Pretty Boy Floyd = That?s really not a fair fight there?. Besides singing for the the band Tuff, Stevie worked as head of security at the Tuff Muff Mansion? You really didn?t Jorge and Michael wore sunglasses because they ran into a wall now, did you? = Tuff
Slaughter or Vixen = Vixen

Firehouse or Trixter = Wow! What a catfight that one would be. Do I smell Pay Per View Blockbuster????????
Warrant or Winger = After watchin? Jani Lane take that body shot on Celebrity Fit Club, I?ll have to give Winger a little more consideration.
Bang Tango or Beautiful Creatures = Ever notice you never see them at a party together?
Tuff or Pretty Boy Floyd = Shit Stevie! You wouldn?t even have to wake up the rest of your band for that one.
Slaughter or Vixen = Vixen

9. If you could play toilet seat with any celebrity who would it be and why?

V: What the fuck is play toilet seat?…… If you?re asking what celebrity I?d like to rough up a little, I?ll say Salma Hayek, but only if she brings her friend Penelope Cruz with her? As far as why?.. Figure it out fuck face!

M: Really cool Vinnie! Cut and paste my answer why don?t ya!

10. Going down Memory Lane with Hollywood Clubs…tell us a memory about the following…

Tommi GunnVince:
Rainbow Bar & Grill = The Fort? Who the fuck needs a Motel 6, when you have the kitchen bathroom?!
Cathouse = What was great about the Cathouse, was no matter how fucked up we got, the straight shot home down Waring to Formosa was a breeze? Not to mention getting the 68 Olds airborn at least 3-4 times?.
Troubadour = I love the Troub!… Just as long as you hook big Mike up with some smoke, the upstairs had the same rules as Vegas?. NO RULES AT ALL, BABY!
Cocoanut Teaser = Too fucking hot!!!!
Whisky a-go-go = Tommi Gunn?s first fuck!…. Will always be that special place..
Viper Room = You mean The Central?… Hot as hell Canadian bartenders that?ll love you long time? The only problem was, by the time they got to the house (4am) ready to f%@k, I was tired as F%@K!… (I manged though;)
The Roxy = Remember the upstairs dressing room couch?… Are you fucking kidding me?
X-Poseur 54 = Sunday night zombie retards walking around?Reminded me of Night of the Living Dead?I loved it!
Gazzarris = I loved the dance contests?.. The winners AND losers were always welcome at our place?.
Scream = Like a little girl!… You forgot about The Country Club? What a riot act that place was? Also, that was the only time you could drag us out of Hollywood, and into the valley? Except of course to visit the Tuff Muff Mansion?.

Rainbow Bar & Grill = First visit was ?83. The night before the Us Festival I wasn?t old enough to get in yet but Steady saw my Illinois license and let me slide. We Chicago folk stick together!
Cathouse = Ahh! Tuesday nights at the good old Cathouse. It was fun hookin? up with a Girl on each level. I always brought my fake moustache along. Hell! It worked for Peter Brady!
Troubadour = Great room! I always remember having a tough time getting ready to play there due to the fact you had to compete for mirror time with those fucks from Tuff!
Cocoanut Teaser = Fuck that place! Only played it a few times and it felt like playing in someone?s basement.
Whisky a-go-go = No witty comments for this one. Back in ?91 the world?s most beautiful cocktail waitress asked if I?d care for a drink and I said no. I married her instead.
Viper Room = Haven?t stepped foot in that place since it was The Central.
The Roxy = Always loved playin? the Roxy! I?ve played that place a hundred times yet still haven?t found the club above it ?On the Rox? Go to your left then take a right or take the stairs to the left on your right hand side???????? I?m starting to think if I ever find my way up there, Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster are going to stiff me with their bar tab.
X-Poseur 54 = We were just about to go into our opening tune at 54 when I noticed Michael Schenker was sitting just off stage to my left, drink in hand, legs crossed, looking like fuckin? royalty. I?m certainly not the guitar player Michael is but one thing for sure I had on him was my stage presence. So I?m laying it on thick, throwing guitar picks in the air behind my back and catching them in my mouth and all that rock star shit and one thing I always did onstage was spit(I used to see Punky Meadows from Angel do it and thought it was cool as fuck). So anyway, when the band and I got back to the dressing room after our set, Vinnie said he passed by Michael and said hello to him and his reply was ?You should watch where you spit? Pretty fuckin? funny huh?
Gazzarris = Loved that good old wooden stage there. It just rumbled under your feet. Something about that club always seemed like it was one bump of an elbow away from a full scale riot!
Scream = Why am I drawing a blank on that club? Where the fuck was that place again? I?ll tell ya what. If it was in the valley, you would?ve had to chloroform me, slip me a rufie, and club me over the head to get me there.

11. Over the years you surely shared the stage with quite a few National acts from Chicago to Los Angeles. Who were the coolest and who were the biggest dicks to deal with?

V: I?ll answer the dicks!… NAZARETH!!!!

M: Wow! That Nazareth story is way to long to go into on here but what complete humps they were. We played a show with the Joe Perry Project soon after he left Aerosmith and I was looking forward to meeting him. When we arrived at the venue, my sound man told me he asked Joe how he was doing and he said ?Fine?! Why? Needless to say, I didn?t waste my time saying hello myself. As far as cool goes, Dee Snider and Twisted Sister were the greatest bunch of guys in the world! Sister headlined, Queensryche was the support act and we (War Cry) opened the show. Twisted Sister cut their sound check short so we could sound check which we weren?t even allotted time for to begin with. Dee jumped offstage and came over and introduced himself. He said he heard we were the local hero?s from the huge ass line that was formed outside. Later during their set, Dee Snider dedicated the song ?Destroyer? to War Cry which I thought was very cool!

12. What’s your favorite way to masturbate:

A. In the tub with a bar of soap up your ass and a mud mask on
B. On the couch watching Vh1 Celebrity Fit (starring Jani Lane) wearing lingerie
C. In bed with a transsexual porno on and a cucumber in your mouth
D. Warm up some hand lotion in the microwave and just jack it silly

V: Right on the nice young lady I have duck taped in the trunk of my car?.. (You asked for it, you sick fuck;)

M: Shit! I stopped doing that when my eyesight started going bad and I started to grow hair on my palms.

13. Kill, fuck, marry. (Kobe Tai, Kobe Bryant, Britney Spears)

V: That depends, does Britney have any money left?

M: I?d play this game but Kevin Federline beat me to the punch. Since he Married Britney, the jury is still out on which one he?d fuck.

14. What rock band should give it up and call it a day?

V: The list is way too long, brother!

M: Ditto Brother!!!!!!

15. Not that anyone cares, but what is the first 2 hours of your day consist of?

V: Coffee, showering, wait a second!… Mind your own fucking buisness

M: Preparing myself to show up to work looking like the piece of ass that I am!

16. Memory Lane through the years:

1972 Chicago
1976 Chicago
1980 Chicago
1983 Chicago
1988 L.A.
1991 L.A.
1994 L.A.
1997 L.A.
2000 L.A.
2003 L.A. (Ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer)

1972 Fantasizing about fucking
1976 *See 1972*
1980 Fucking
1983 Fucking
1988 Fucking
1991 Fucking
1994 Fucking
1997 Fucking
2000 Fucking
2003 Fucking

Vince and various Sludgettes of the Year at MSE11. Even twins like twins! That Amanda chick’s not bad either.

17. The Last of Vince & Marty Kelley?

Last rock star you shook hands with = Stevie Rachelle?.. HAHAHA!
Last fast food you ate = Corn Chex? Who gives a fuck?!
Last TV show you watched = Celebrity Fucked Club!
Last time you vomited from drinking = Are you kidding me?… I?m irish motherfucker, NEVER
Last time you handed out a flyer = Does a free pass to one of L.A.?s premire strip clubs count?
Last 80s CD you purchased = Purchased?…. You?re kidding right?!
Last time you watched Metal Skool = Never seen em!
Last person you talked to on the phone = My lovely Swedish friend, www.thenoordinarygirl.com…. Drools??.
Last band you heard that sucked = I couldn?t even begin to tell you? I?m terrible with names? Aint that right Julie?… I?m sorry, I meant Natalie? (oops)
Last time you visited Metal Sludge = The other day to see my girl Crys? (That crazy bitch;)

Last rock star you shook hands with = Anthony Focx
Last fast food you ate = Ballpark food at the MLB All Star game (Let?s go White Sox!!!!)
Last TV show you watched = Entourage. It?s not TV, It?s HBO
Last time you vomited from drinking = I?m puking on the keyboard right now.
Last time you handed out a flyer = 1991
Last 80s CD you purchased = Where CD?s available in the 80?s?
Last time you watched Metal Skool= Never seen ?em
Last person you talked to on the phone = Can?t tell ya. She just kept breathing really heavy
Last band you heard that sucked = You don?t have enough server space for me to answer that one.
Last time you visited Metal Sludge = Mmmmmm, what?s the URL again?

Ozzy and Marty
Marty riding the L-Train with Ozzy in Chicago, 1980

18. Name something good about rap music and the rap industry?

V: Mutha fucka, suckin on a sucka, ya know what I?m sayin, I aint just playin!

M: I can?t. It?s not a part of my daily diet. Never will be!

19. What was the largest crowd you ever played in front of and the smallest?

V: Largest being around 6,000 opening for Yngwie Malmsteen at The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago? Smallest being around 30 or so people at some dive in Joliet IL? Where we got arrested for playing too loud? WTF?!

M: Whoa!! Vinnie?s answer is exactly the same mine. Must be one of those crazy ESP twin things.

Vince today…

… and Marty today as well.

20. Word Association:

Rueben Blue = He needed the money
Pauly Shore = Fucked up hair!
Toby Wright = The man
Howard Stern = The king
Anthony Focx = My little bro, now leave him the fuck alone already!
Rikki Rachtmen = Right place at the right time
Mike Galam = The boss
Sammy Serious = Quiet? (The Zeros was Danny D?s band, right?)
Al Bane For Leather = Wasn?t he a wrestler?
Paul Speckmann = Family? (Known him since I was 5 years old)

Rueben Blue = He needed the money. (Fuck Vince!!! C?Mon!!!!!!)
Pauly Shore = Mansion whore
Toby Wright = Cool as fuck
Howard Stern = Funny
Anthony Focx = Culinary Master
Rikki Rachtmen = Still scratchin? my head????
Mike Galam = Rich! Karma for putting up with our shit!
Sammy Serious = A little too fuckin? serious. Sammy, smile once in a while! You have purple hair for fuck?s sake!!
Al Bane For Leather = No fuckin? idea who that is.
Paul Speckmann = Our Triplet

We hate to repeat ourselves, but fuck it… we’ll repeat ourselves!

To find out more about Tommi Gunn you can visit Http://www.myspace.com/tommigunn and to get more info. on the ?Kings of Sunset Strip Vol. 1? CD featuring songs from Tommi Gunn visit Http://www.RlsRecords.com

As previously mentioned you can also hear them on the ?Hollywood Rocks Box Set? which can be purchased in the Sludgendise Store!

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