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20 Questions with Troy Patrick Farrell, 8/23/05




Today we’re doing 20 Questions with none other than Troy Patrick Farrell!


Well if you’re asking yourself that, then you must not be that big of a Sludgeaholic, because all of our hardcore Sludgeaholics know and love Troy Patrick Farrell (a.k.a. "DrummerTroy")! He’s been in lots of bands, most recently being Tramp’s White Lion! He also wrote the White Lion Tour Diary that began last February, and finally wrapped up with its fifth and final installment TODAY! Yes, all these months later, DrummerTroy came through and finished a tour diary for us. And what better way to honor his accomplishment than by doing 20 Questions with him! So here he is.

1. What are you currently up to? This is literally your one and only chance to plug your shit.

I?m certainly not writing a diary anymore! I?m getting ready to do a Hookers N- Blow run. We go out in Sept and Oct on the east coast.. That?s my Cover band w/ Dizzy Reed of Guns N Roses, Alex of QR and others?. I just joined this young kid?s band here in LA and also working w/ CC Deville on some old Samantha 7 tunes for fun? Sometime this fall, the Tramp?s White Lion LIVE CD/DVD comes out, and who know?s, maybe one more run in Europe next year. I also just recorded a track for the Millenium Tribute to David Lee Roth w/ Dio?s Rowan Robertson?..All of my whoring can be found @ www.drummertroy.com !!

Troy Patrick Farrell
DrummerTroy… playing drums! Go figure.

2. We know everyone knows who you are. But do you think anyone actually *cares* who you are? Just wondering.

I don?t really know…probably not..but if you look @ the reads on the ?sillywaytoodrawnout? diary I did for you guys, it looks like someone cared at least a little. (or I just kept hitting REFRESH).

3. You were the drummer on the Tramp?s White Lion tour, and even wrote a tour diary for us! But the tour ended way back at the end of March 2005, and here it is, mid-August, and you?ve FINALLY just sent in your last installment of the tour diary. Dude. Why the fuck did it take you so long to finish it?

Ya know..I sort of address that in the opening paragraph of Episode 5?I guess I was trying to stretch it out?hoping there was overtime pay or something. The worst part is it didn?t get finished, then you get back into your day to day stuff (it?s difficult checking emails and watching Court Shows all day), plus I really was holding out on getting all involved in the tour to chime in, but I only got a few replies..

4. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being someone who plays like they?ve just had their hands amputated, and 10 being a true god of thunder.

Peter Criss = He was in KISS, so that?s cool, but he plays w/ Handcuffs on, I like free swingers?.5
Rick Allen = I always thought he was great with drum machines?6 for the old stuff
Tommy Lee = Tommy is the original slammer, he?s got great fills, ?10
Ricky Parent = Ricky is rock solid?7
Greg D?Angelo = Greg has actually a very different style, but it?s not anything I listened to twice?6
Phil Varone = I?m more familiar w/ his drug habits, than his drum habits..I?m assuming he can play..5
Eric Donner = Eric does the job, doesn?t hit hard enough for me, his ?flash? looks a little forced?4
Matt Starr = Matt hits really hard, has great fills, knows every song, one of my favs..8
Steven Adler = Steven rocks..when the intro to ?Brownstone? is being played, you know it?s him playing it?no one can play the way he does?.7
Vikki Foxx = Vik who? Anyone who asks me who I steal from, it?s this guy, I?ve been watching him since 86, he not only plays great, he?s got great chops..I still go out to see him when I know he?s playing. If any young drummers are out there, go see this kid play?he?s the best?10+

I had to add a couple..!

Greg Potter = This is who Vik stole from, he still plays in the Chicago area, and he kicks ass?but was Vik?s generation, and Vik is mine?9

Seven Antonopoulos = You might have seen him on VH1?s Remaking of Vanilla Ice, he?s now in Opiate for the Masses, He?s got moves Vik Foxx would take notes to?go see this guy?9

5. Name the 3 highest points and the 3 lowest points of your ?career? to date:

The Highs:
1: Going to Germany this past June to play the Bang Your Head Fest in front of 30,000 people w/ Tramp?s White Lion. Also on that bill were Dio, Sebastian Bach and Twisted Sister.
2: Getting my Sabian Cymbal deal in 01?
3: and I guess being able to come out to LA and play w/ guys like Tod Howarth, Mick Sweda, Tracii Guns, Dizzy, Tramp?etc..I?ve been very lucky?

The Lows:
1: Dealing w/ Scumbag Promoters, Clubs, and Agents, it really ruins shit sometimes.
2: Having my name mispelled or ignored totally by Happenin Harry in his ads.
3: Realizing this isn?t a ?career? at all

DrummerTroy gets his nails done on the White Lion bus! Now that’s fame!

6. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

KISS? put that shit in your Kiss Koffin already?

7. Of the following, which do you prefer and why:

Guns N? Roses or Motley Crue = I?d say the Crue, more my style, but I love Appetite..
New York or Los Angeles = LA cause it?s home, but NY has such a great energy, and the bars don?t really ever seem to close
C.C. Banana or C.C. DeVille = What up?, every question, I?ve had to think about twice..I guess Deville, he let me have his autograph for free?
The Remax hot air balloon or the Goodyear blimp = The Blimp, I see it around a lot out here..
Twinkies or Ding Dongs = Tasty Cakes
Griffith or Valparaiso = Well, Griffith of course..Valpo is just a place I would drive past on my way to Kouts for rehearsal back in the Brat! days
Alcoholics or drug addicts = Alcoholics, I can relate to them better..
Monkeys or cocktails = Cocktails of course, it?s how I relate to Alcoholics.
Hand jobs or rim jobs = Rim Jobs..oh, I though you said Rim Shots..
Alice Cooper or KISS = Cheap Trick

8. What was it like being the only American in the latest incarnation of Tramp?s White Lion? Did anyone have any trouble understanding what you were saying, or did they just use that as an excuse not to listen to you?

Tramp lived in the states for over 20 years, so he almost American, and everyone spoke English quite well?..we didn?t really have any issues with that?

Tramp's White Lion
Tramp’s White Lion

9. Your brother, Shawn Michael Farrell, is the bass player in a band called Monkey Cocktail ? a band that just so happens to have recently done 10 Questions with us. Do you have any other siblings with 3 names that also play in a band?

Nope..but I do have another brother Scott Daniel Farrell, but he?s an Executive Chef where 3 names are frowned upon.

10. Recently, Happenin? Harry?s place made a big hullabaloo about a reunion of C.C. DeVille?s Samantha 7. But it wasn?t a reunion: it was just C.C. with you on drums and some other guy on bass. Did anyone show up to the show expecting to see Francis Ruiz at the kit, only to beat your ass when they found out it was you instead?

Nah…people that are familiar w/ Harry?s shows know that it isn?t always the way it?s advertised? He does get great people out to his promotions some times?I?ve played w/ Glen Tipton and Stephen Pearcy because sometimes these guys actually show up?

Troy participating in some excuse for a Samantha 7 reunion

11. Finish the following sentences that begin with ?The biggest misconception about _______ is?? For example, ?the biggest misconception about MTV is that they play videos.? You get the idea.

Smoking crack is = you won?t burn your lip on the pipe
Marriage is = you won?t get divorced
Marijuana is = Chip Znuff has never heard of it
The Mafia is = it doesn?t exist
Mike Tramp is = an asshole
Single parenting is = it can?t be done
Being in a cover band is = it won?t jeapordize your original band
Going to college is = your tutor will look like Tommy Lee?s
Life on a tour bus is = you are now a ROCK STAR
Metal Sludge is = Stevie Rachelle runs it.. (I think it?s really Sebastian Bach)

12. You were in a band called Brat! back in the day. Did you pick that name so people might think it was Ratt? And what?s with the exclamation point? Was that part of the name?

Where do you get this old shit from? No, people knew we weren?t Ratt, they of course have 2 ?t?s? in their name. We actually did have the ?!? in the name?why?..I have no fucking clue?incidentally, we were the only band from Indiana to actually admit from being from Indiana. Bands like Sgt. Roxx would claim to be Chicago?s best this and that..so it was easy stand out?we became the only band from Indiana. Our slogan was ?there?s more than corn in Indiana?. Clever huh.


13. Yes or no, has Troy Patrick Farrell ever:

Forked someone?s lawn = What the fuck does that mean?..I?ve raked one before
Smoked a joint with Chip Z?Nuff = Only 2nd hand?.but I doubt I could?ve passed a piss test after that tour
Gotten paid more than $50 from Happenin? Harry = Yep..that?s why he doesn?t call me to go to Chicago anymore, I won?t play for free.
Hit on Alex Grossi?s old lady while he was out of town = Nah, that might have been Jani Lane
Let someone slip YOU the buttfinger = Sure, why not
Seen Jim Bob Dwarf sober = Um, actually No..I haven?t!
Tried to suck your own cock = No, I know better?
Touched another man?s penis = Nah..
Turned down a gig = I ruined the title of ?the Keri Kelli of drums? and have actually turned down a gig?
Been arrested = Yep?

14. Say, whatever happened with that rinky-dink band Fastmaster you were in with Matt Starr? Word has it that you got kicked out, and it wasn?t very amicable. What gives?

Yep..Fastmaster is a one man show now..I got an email and then a phone call?he didn?t want to play with guys that were in cover bands?Even though he started Hookers N Blow (a cover band) and is now in a new cover band doing Brit Pop stuff?I think he may just fire himself soon.

Fastmaster. R.I.P.

15. What ?rock star? deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

I think Donnie Vie..he?s too talented to sit there and waste and bitch about his wife and this and that..get off your ass you talented son of a bitch and let?s go to the UK?.

and what happened to my SPD20?!!! xoxox ?t-

DrummerTroy and C.C. Banana!

16. Name one good thing about:

Girls = they have boobies
Drugs = Can?t afford them
Cheese = it comes in perfect little squares wrapped in plastic
Chia Pets = you can get them super cheap on Ebay
Ninja suits = you can get away with wearing one on Halloween
Vaseline = You can buy it cheap if you have a double coupon @ Ralphs
Indiana = my ma lives there
Beer = you can get it in a case of 30
Viagra = you can have a boner for 4 hours before you need to consult a doctor
Bats = they can hang upside down and not pass out

17. Fuck, kill, and marry! Of the following people, which one would you fuck, which one would you kill, and with which one would you enter into holy matrimony:

Lindsay Lohan, Jack Adams, Tara Reid

I would Fuck Lindsay, Kill Tara and marry Jack Adams..I can get swag for cheaper if I?m his bitch

18. For $10,000 in cold, hard cash, which of the following would you do (and you have to pick one):

a) Slice open your ball-bag, grab your throbbing, exposed testicles (still hanging by their vas deferens tubes) and stick one in each ear; then walk around town like you?re listening to an iPod;
b) Walk into a cathedral, draw a pentagram on the floor with sidewalk chalk, sit in the middle of it, and jack off with goat?s blood;
- or -
c) Dress in full drag, go to a gay bar in West Hollywood, sit at the bar by yourself, and then make out with the first guy that comes along and hits on you.

Which will it be, DrummerTroy?

Can I do all 3 for 30K?…I need to pay some bills?

I guess I would do B), the goat blood jack off session thing..it might be an alternative to Vaseline.

An artist’s rendition of TroyPatrickFarrell

19. The Last of Troy Patrick Farrell:

Last film you saw in the theatre = 40 Year old Virgin..Classic and super funny..
Last new CD you really dug = Magna-Fi?s Burn Out the Stars
Last concert you watched from the audience = Dio @ the Bang Your Head Fest in Germany
Last medical procedure you underwent = Cut my foot by a blade of grass..needed stitches, but let it heal by itself..(seriously..a blade of grass)
Last band that wanted you to be their hired gun drummer = Brett Hellings Band
Last time someone asked you if you were going to ever finish your tour diary = I get emails every so often wanting to know whats up..i guess it was sometime last week.
Last thing that really pissed you off = My Old PC?.
Last time you went to church = Ask me next week after the Goat Blood Jack Off Session
Last time you got butt-wasted = Probably a couple of weeks ago?
Last time you barfed = More than 6 months ago

ChipPatrickFarrell and Troy Z’Nuff!

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association! We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Johnny Monaco = Great Magician and a great guy
Phil Lewis = I love Phil?s voice, he?s been nice to me
Gene Simmons = His new VH1 show stinks
Nikki Sixx = He?s still a rock star
Donnie Vie = Stop whining, come out of your cave and fucking play already!
David Carl = Great guitarist, and singer..and still puts up w/ Jack
Dizzy Reed = Yes, He really is in Guns..a total blast to play with and do shows with. Oh, and Bubblebaths
Happenin? Harry = Hard worker, knows EVERYONE, and actually sings great.
Alex Grossi = I love Alex?sometimes he tells me the same story 3 or 4 times! Lets us stay at his house on the East Coast?and I do his website.
Chip Z?Nuff = Chip really is the shit?If you would?ve told me 10 years ago, I would be on a bus w/ Chip Znuff, I wouldn?t have believed it?He really is a cool bro?

There you go! That’s what people get when they finish their tour diaries. A 20 Questions! Let this be a lesson to other "stars" who start tour diaries and never finish them.

Come to think of it, we’ve done 20 Questions with quite a few band whore drummers these past few weeks. Maybe this is a trend!

For more information on the one and only Troy Patrick Farrell, visit his Web site at www.drummertroy.com.

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