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20 Questions With Edsel Dope, 10/10/00



Dope’s Edsel Dope

This is the first 20 Questions that WE had to transcribe and what a bitch that was!  That’s because it was conducted by Metal Edge’s Paul Gargano who had Edsel do the 20 Questions on tape and then Paul sent us the tape.  We had to have Bastard Boy Floyd listen to this tape 100 times to get everything down.  That’s why we stick to email interviews, we don’t have to do any work!  Also, this was done in late July and Paul only got the tape to us a few weeks ago, so when Edsel plugs his shit, it’s a little out dated.  Oh well, you can’t have everything.  
Paul also joins in and gives a few comments along the way.  We think this is a pretty entertaining interview, so enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only hance to plug your shit, websites, tours, etc.
We are currently going out on tour with Kid Rock, which is very strange to us.  Extremely strange.  It’ll be a whole new group of people for us to go play to in a arena setting.  That tour starts on the 2nd of August  and rolls until the 2nd of September.  Our song "You Spin Me Round Like A Record" just went to radio, which is another thing that’s very strange for us, seeing that we’ve been an underground touring band for the last year that has had basically had no radio and no big tours.  We’ve been an indoor club band.  And our website is www.dopeweb.com

2. Why are you so angry?
C’mon, if you don’t know this already then you haven’t been paying attention.  Am I right or am I right?

3. Which hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Oooh, that’s a rough one.  I don’t want to dog anybody.  I would say that Slaughter should really go home.  You know, I mean I wasn’t backing Slaughter when they first came out, the whole "Up All Night, Sleep All Day" thing I couldn’t deal with.  

4. Have you ever spent any time in jail, and if so, for what?
Not prison, but jail, yeah, I’ve been cuffed and stuffed.  I really don’t want to talk about why.  Lets just say it had something to do with a firearm.

5. Rate the following albums on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a piece of shit and 10 being a classic, and feel free to add any thoughts you have.
NWA ?Straight Outta Compton? = 10
Metallica ?Load? = Which one was that?  That was the one with "King Nothing" on it right?  
Paul:  Yeah
Alright I name King Nothing as a 10.  The rest of the record…I don’t know.  But I’ll say the song King Nothing…not even a 10, a 9.  The rest of the record…eh, was alright.  
Motley Crue ?Shout At The Devil? = 15
Limp Bizkit ?Significant Other? = You know, it’s weird, it’s a great record man, I gotta give it like an 8.  What do you say Paul, give me your back on this one.  I mean the record is really good, it’s sonically awesome…
Paul:  I’d probably give it a 6 or a 7.
See I’d give it higher than that.  
Paul:  I give Nookie a 15.
Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.  Actually I think "Break Stuff" is a much better song.  I think "Break Stuff" is the best song on the record.  I heard that song and thought that’s the shit.  And I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m not the biggest Limp Bizkit fan in the world, but I think that they are great.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but I don’t really listen to ‘em but I can’t deny that they are awesome.
Paul:  They’re good.
Wes Borland is a fucking amazing, amazing guitar player.  I don’t know if I’ve given you too much information, but make sure they get all of this.  
Rob Zombie ?Hellbilly Deluxe? = See, I gotta give that one a really high rating too cause it’s a different type of vibe, I gotta give it like a 9…I’d say like an 8.  It ain’t Astro Creep 2000.
Paul:  No it’s not.
Then again, Astro Creep 2000 didn’t have Dragula.  
Marilyn Manson ?Mechanical Animals? = See, I like this record.  A lot of people didn’t like this record.  I thought the record was really good.  I actually, in a weird way, I think I like elements of it better than anything they’ve done.  I gotta give ‘em at least a 9 just for the balls to go that direction.  I gotta say I really wasn’t diggin on the whole tit thing.  But the music was great!  I would give that record a 10 if it didn’t have "Don’t Like The Drugs" on it.  That song killed it for me.  
Methods Of Mayhem = I don’t have the record therefore I’m off the hook.  I will say Tommy Lee is a God and I will also say the 2nd single off it was a 7.  Which is pretty good.  Especially because Motley Crue is bitching and whining about his solo career failing and I don’t think it failed.  I think he’s doing pretty good.
Kiss ?Psycho Circus? = I will go on the record as saying I am a HUGE, HUGE, Kiss fan.  I was insane for Kiss my whole life.  I just saw them a couple weeks ago in Buffalo, but Kiss Psycho Circus SUCKS ASS, and I’ll give it a fuckin’ zero.  And I’m gonna do that because they….I’m sorry, where is this other question, "What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?"  KISS!  Because they are killing their legacy that they had.  People are going to see them and the crowds not rabid and insane anymore because it’s PREDICTABLE.  
Ministry ?Dark Side Of The Spoon? = Is Al alive?  Can anybody find him?  Is he no longer with us?  I think you have to give it like a 3 or a 4 because it was so anticipated.  I thought Filth Pig was amazing and everybody else thought that sucked.  I don’t know why but I thought Filth Pig was great.  
Poison "Look What The Cat Dragged In" = Ouch.  You know what, when I was that age, it was like a 9.  Now it’s like a 2.  But you know it’s the year 2000, so if I’m rating it from back then, that record rocked.  It was a 9 and had some great stuff on it.  Now….c’mon, it’s terrible.  

6. Do you think drugs should be legalized?
Take a fuckin’ guess!  What do you think?
Paul:  Maybe.
I think yes.  "What are you so angry about" and "do you think drugs should be legalized", could you tie these 2 together for me?

7. You must choose one, which will it be?
A. You get caught by US Customs with 2 pounds of pot and end up in jail for 5 years sharing a cell with a guy who was jailed for brutally raping 42 men who look exactly like you;
B. 30 illegal immigrants crossing the US border in a van are blown to smithereens by a 30-millimeter howitzer shell fired by border police.

8. Where you ever molested as a child?

9. Would you go down on a chick during her period?
You know, it would depend on the chick, it would depend…
Paul:  It would depend on the drugs. LOL
Yeah, it would depend on the chick, it would depend on the drugs, and then it would also depend on the time of my life.  I think that 2 years ago when really good looking girls where a little less frequent, maybe.  Now… probably not.  

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a total mess and 10 being a hottie.
Bridget The Midget = Well c’mon, she’s a 10 because she’s in our video and my drummer nailed her.
Those chicks from Kittie = There’s a lot of ‘em.  And they’re too young and I’d get arrested, so lets just say that.
Pamela Anderson = Before or after the boob reduction?  
Paul:  Both
Both.  You can’t deny that chick is fucking insanely gorgeous.  Ok, well just give her like a 9 all the way around.  
Paul:  That’ll work.
I can’t give her a 10 because I’m into brunettes.  But I’ll give her a 9
Rayna Foss = You know I can’t even touch it because Morgan, that’s his baby, and you know what, she’s a 10 in his eyes and his eyes are the only ones that matter.  
Aunt Jemima = Well…
Paul:  Wasn’t she in your video too?  LOL  
She was!  So we are going to give Aunt Jemima a 10 also.  
Jennifer Love Hewitt = She’s hot man, I’ll give her like an 8.  Nah, maybe a 7.  If Jennifer played the sexy babe more often, she’s fuckin’ jammin.  
Paul:  She’s got tits now.
Dude she always did.  
Paul:  Well back then I thought she was…
But she’s givin’ it to Carson Daly.  He’s the man.  8 or a 9
Britney Spears = Dude I’ll give her a 10, I don’t care what anybody says.  She ain’t a 10 but just the fact that she’s Britney Spears and I wanna make her do a line and nail her in the bathroom of a party would make her a 10.  But no, she’s like an 8.  7 maybe because she ain’t really that hot, it’s just the sex appeal.  Britney is really like a 6 or a 7.  She’s really normal but on the reality that she’s Britney Spears and she’s a little pop queen, that really has to give her an extra 3 door look so…are we out of tape yet?  Is this going to be the longest thing, you should just send ‘em a tape.  
Paul:  I am going to send them the tape.  LOL
Courtney Love = You know, she’s a beast.  But I love her and I wanna nail her.  Actually I don’t anymore because I know too many people that she’s nailed.  Courtney’s hot man, I don’t know, like a 7 for Courtney?  What do you think, you don’t think she’s that hot?
Paul:  I gave her a zero when I did it.  
Paul:  But you’re the one doing it, not me!  I didn’t call you when I did mine! LOL
Yeah, exactly.  I liked her in Larry Flynt and she had the whole thing going on.  Courtney if you’re out there, it’s alright.  
Claudia Schiffer = I never like her, lets give her like a 2.
Gwen Stefani = I don’t know, a 5 or a 6.  

11. Who’s the most overrated band today?
(Long Pause)  I’ll tell you who I don’t like, I don’t know how overrated he is, it’s just that he sucks is that Sisqo guy.  
Paul:  LOL, where the fuck did that come from?
Well I’m not one of those guys, like I really don’t look down on the Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and Britney Spears the way a lot of people do.  People are just  like, "Oh they suck."  If they are living out their dream and they are going after what they want, and they are happy with what they are doing, you know, I’m backing it.  Whatever they want to do, it’s not in my backyard.  But Sisqo, I ain’t backing it man.  He’s like Prince without any coolness.  

12. Would you ever burn the American flag on stage?
No.  I tore one up once but I got over that really quick because it’s just way too been done before.  

13. What do you remember about the following years:
1980 = Uh.  I was so young.  
Paul:  I think I remember Scoopy Doo from that year.  
Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.  Scoopy Doo, I’ll steal that one from you Paul.  

1984 = Wasn’t that when Shout At The Devil came out?  
Paul:  Wasn’t Shout and ’84 the same year?  I know Van Halen was that year.  
Yeah it was.  I remember in 84 that I saw Motley Crue on MTV and they were the coolest band in the world and I wanted to buy Shout At The Devil.  And I went to the record store and my stupid uncle talked me into buying the stupid record, from the stupid band called Van Halen, called 1984.  And he said, "It’s so much cooler, you’ll like it.  If you like Motley Crue, you’ll love Van Halen."  I took it home, it was SHIT!  It was a little baby with angel wings.  So then I went back the next day and bought Motley Crue Shout At The Devil and I remember that I was so happy that day.  Not to say that Van Halen wasn’t great, but that fuckin’ album…
Paul:  That album wasn’t their high point.
It just sucked.  
1988 =  I think I probably lost my virginity somewhere along there.  I had acne, I remember zits.  
1991 = That’s 10 years ago, I remember playing drums in a rock band in South Florida and if I’m not mistaken I remember the next year was when Hurricane Andrew blew all my fucking shit away.  I remember jerkin’ off on I-95 on my way home from band practice quite a lot because band practice was an hour and a half drive and I had to do something to stay awake.  
1994 = 94 was 7 years ago.
Paul:  6, we’re only in 2000 now.  
I remember living in Las Vegas with my good buddy Ginger Fish before he became Ginger Fish.  That was a really good time.  Then he ditched me to go on tour while I stayed in Vegas with some psycho chick.  I was actually dating RuPaul’s niece at the time as well.  
1997 = 3 years ago.  I remember selling drugs and almost going to jail a lot, and starting this band called Dope.  

14. What?s the most violent thing you?ve ever done?
(Long Pause)
That’s a tough one.  
(Longer Pause)
I don’t know.  I can’t particularly say the most violent thing I’ve ever done.  So I’m going to say no comment. 

15. Which do you prefer?
Kiss or Metallica = Well it use to be Kiss.  I’d say Kiss.
Pot or Blow = pot
Slipknot or Korn = You know what, I’m gonna have to go with my new boys in Slipknot on this one.  Gonna have to do that.  
Tupac or Madonna = Gotta say my boy Tupac.
New York or Miami = Without a doubt New York because Miami sucks!
Tattoos or Piercings = Tattoos because I don’t have anything pierced, not even my ears.  
Rick James or Tommy Lee = It is a tossup!  It is a total tossup, you know why?  Because look at the name on my phone…
Paul:  Rick James
You know why Rick James rules, because Rick James was diagnosed with Rock N Roll neck.  And I heard that he’s got a new album comin’ out, it’s going to be called Supersize.  
Carson Daly or Jesse Camp = I hate Jesse so it’s gotta be Carson.   

16. 2 Part Question: What’s your drug of choice and what’s the easy drug to sell?
Well, you asked the right guy.  Marijuana is my drug of choice and the easy drug to sell is cocaine.  Very easy to sell.  

17. Have you ever banged 2 chicks at the same time?
Of course!  I’m a rock star!

18. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Me, because I do.   
No, that Art from Everqueer.  

Paul:  Talk about good pop.  Who writes better pop songs than Everclear?
Dude, that guys is such a…you know what, they don’t write that good of pop songs anymore though, I don’t think so.  That new song sucks!  But you know why I don’t like that guy?  I’m just sick of hearing Art whine.  We played a show with them, and (does a whiny voice that sort of sounds like Homer Simpson) the crowd was throwing stuff at the stage and they got upset. (end of whiny voice)  I say throw everything at the stage, it’s more fun.  And Dynamite Hack.  Smack them in the face too for doing suck a travesty NWA cover.

19. Don?t you think this whole ?everything sucks, bah humbug? type of vibe is played out?
Hey, are these questions specifically for me?  
Paul:  LOL Yes they are!
I was like wait a minute.  I thought everybody was answering the same ones!  
Paul:  They are customized for you!  LOL
Oh, well God I feel special.  
Don?t you think this whole ?everything sucks, bah humbug? type of vibe is played out?
Yeah, a little bit, I’ll give you that.  I definitely think that when we started doing this I don’t feel it was as played out as it is getting to become.  I think there are too many heavy bands out there right now, and I think that it’s very important for me to continue to keep my integrity and remain a heavy band, but also figure out a way to separate ourselves even more so from all the other heavy bands, and some of that might be the "everything sucks" thing being a little too played out.  So yeah, I’ll go with that.  

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We list a name and you give us your thoughts.
Fred Durst = rich
Kid Rock = rich
Vince Neil = fat
Pantera = drunk 
Gene Simmons = old
Howard Stern = lucky
Marilyn Manson = (pause) that’s a tough one, how’s that?  You can put, uhh, uhh, uhh.  I don’t think one word describes that guy, how’s that?  
Warrant = I’m shaking my head back and forth.  One word, SUCKS.
Lars Ulrich = double bass
Bill Clinton = cigar

And I think I’m done. 
Thank you by the way for being interested in my moronic thoughts. 

Being that this 20 Questions is on tape, we will probably add the audio of it to our site sooner or later.  For more info on Dope, you can go to www.dopeweb.comThey are currently doing some dates with Alice Cooper as well.  Thanks to Paul for hooking us up, and look for a Rewind from him in the coming month or so!

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