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20 Questions with Audie Desbrow, 9/26/00



Ex-Great White Drummer Audie Desbrow

When news breaks, we don’t waste time!  It was just days ago that Audie announced that he was no longer in Great White, and by the time we got done reading his statement that he put up on his website, we already had 20 Questions ready to go!  So we emailed Audie to see if he was interested, he was, and here they are!  We got this in yesterday and didn’t want to wait to put it up, so we are putting it up now.  Lets get it on!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your shit. 
I’m going to do a cd with my old friend and bandmate Tracy G.  I’m in the process of doing a drum maintenance video. Producing a friends cd , Doing drum tracks for a friend in Vegas, Just finished doing a punk band here at the home studio, my first effort.  I really surprized myself!
I guess being in G.W. with no love  brought my confidence level down a bit. I can’t believe the opportunities that have come my way since the departure.

2.  How long was Great White ripping you off and when did you realize it?
Well now that my steam is tame down a little, Let’s say, I thought I’d never say this but when we had Alan Niven as manager sure he took slices of pie everywhere possible and was extremely controlling to the point of vomiting , but we always got paid even when we were off the road. For the last 5 years pay was very inconsitant , I think due to alot of bad judgement calls and getting rid of the wrong people and hiring the wrong ones. After Alan the first year was nice being  able to breathe a little creatively speaking. But after that it seems someone got the idea ,” Hey I can be doing what Alan did. I think that’s what kinda happened.

Audie, Sean McNabb, Jack Russell, Mark Kendall, and Michael Lardie

3.  Isn?t it true that Sean McNabb got fired because he went to management and asked to see the books?
Oh he and I both asked the accountants on several occasions to see certain documents . Their reply was always ”Oh we can’t tell you that and In so many words ”um we don’t have that paper work nearby, or Here’s the good one I can’t give you, or tell you anything without going through Jack first. Funny how I’ve been a corporate member for years and don’t accountants usually work for the band? We were treated like shit on sticks. Like they were doing us a favor or we worked for them. In a way the last year we did.  

4.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Definately a band with one original band member left in it.


  5.  Do you know what Jack is in rehab for (drinking, drugs, pills, etc)?
I could care less, Oop’s there goes some more of the bands money!!

Audie and the guys eating at a McDonald’s in Europe.

6.  What do you think about Metallica suing Napster?
Well i could see if they were relying on each and every sale because they are starving ,let’s face it, they won’t have to worry for quite some time where their next steak is going to come from or worry about not having any gas money. Besides unless you got the high end gear to download and burn a record company quality cd how good can it sound. Also did Napster give you the artwork to go along with the music? I know when I try and listen to recordings off the computer they’re not all that . Besides even if I downloaded music off the web, I’d like to have the factory disk anyway. It’s like recording a movie off cable. No artwork etc. 

7.  Why was Tony Montana really fired from Great White?
I really don’t know. I talked with him just three days ago.  First time since we saw and jammed with him on stage in Spokane Wa. He’s a great guy. You see originally his first love is guitar, so after 5 long years on the bass , he wasn’t having fun with it. Also he was going through a very tough family crisis at the same time that was unknown to us then. It took alot of emotional balls to keep it together as well as he did. Bottom line when your hearts not into it why stay there. Or ”If you can’t get behind it, never mind it!” Having lunch next week with him to talk about stuff. I’ll give him your regaurds.  

8.  Is Michael Lardie pretty much Jack Russell’s mini me?
Another who fucking cares!!! But alot of people for some strange reason always mistake Michael for Jack.  I’d say in the last two years they have become some kind of best buddies.

9.  How much money do you estimate that Great White didn?t pay you that you deserved?
My attorney should probably be able to answer that. I’m not out for blood, I just want what I earned. I really hope there is no embezzlement involved. I’m sure jail sucks. I don’t wish that on anyone !!

10.  Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a drum god. Tommy Lee = 10
Vinnie Paul = 10
Peter Criss = 8
Rikki Rockett = 10
Fred Coury = 10
Blas Elias = who?
Lars Ulrich = 10
Eric Singer = 10
Bobby Blotzer = 10
Frankie Banali = 10

11.  What are your 5 best and 5 worst memories of Great White?



getting a deal getting left at a truck stop in Germany with no money, no passport, no shoes, and no hotel address.
getting my endorsements having  a condom brake open in mid pump.
recording drinking too many white russians with a girlfriend and smoking a killer bud with the bus driver only to be throwing up next to her in the bus while moving
touring my first drum solo: how embarrassing!
and all the awesome trim!! (i know, pig!!) but hey it’s true!  not getting paid for almost a year

12.  Of all the bands Great White toured with, who were the biggest dicks and why?
You know I really can’t say there was any I remember every band was pretty damn cool to us. You see you can’t count the traditional politics that go with touring as a band being dicks. You just deal with it until it’s your turn to apply that set of ”your the opener, you get nothing and like it!”

13.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
I believe I did that already, Only a few know who and why. Take a guess!


14.  Does Jack really steal smokes?
Who doesn’t , o.p.’s always taste better, you know that!

15.  Give us a touring memory about the following cities:
Los Angeles = not impressed-star wars love ya L.A.!!
Seattle = ” wow there is other kinds of music out there.” qoutes from fans. too gloomy for me. great people!
New York = ”yo! what am I an asshole or what? ” Love their pies and the aggressive attitudes , simply no bullshit.
Cincinnati = Ah yes I love Ohio, my wifes from Dayton Also my buddy Keith a hell of a good drum tech and friend!
Chicago = Blues and bars, chicago rocks!! Love playing at the World!
Milwaukee = Cheese heads man , I’ve met some real cool people ther. 
St. Louis = ahhh!!! all I can say is South st. Louis P.T.’S!!!
Nashville = Love it there, alot of musician friends have relocated there. not for me.
Detroit = Lots of crazy womaen from there. B.M. for the record! people rock ther as well!
Philadelphia = Lots of steele and factories, but always enjoyed rocking the fans there.

16.  How long before Great White gets dropped from Portrait?
I heard rumor to that effect.  It was over But no longer my concern! But G.W. always seems to hold the record for most record deals.  It would be ashame for G.W. to completely disapear. I think it would be wise to reinvent the sound make more than personel changes. I mean common , I think it’s time to face reality alot of stuff I thought would be gone by now ain’t budging. I’m not saying become ”great biscuit ”or ”slipwhite”, but mix it up a bit ad some flava.

17.  Why were most of Great White?s hits cover songs?  Can?t Jack write any original shit?
That’s a real good one; the doors wide open for that but, I’m over it . The covers had alot to do with Alan, he pretty much had Jack thinking he couldn’t write lyrics. He hated american theme lyrics. Alan wanted to write lyrics only he could understand. I guess the English thing. There are alot of Lyrics Jack hates to sing because they are on the lame side. Jack wrote ”Save your love" and Alan hated it tried to shoot it down, and even went as far as trying to change them and the record co. told him to back off.

Teddy Cook, Mark Kendall, Jack, Mini Me, and Audie

18.  Who was the biggest slut in Great White?
To be fare, I would have to say at one time or another we all were, according to our relationship status at the time…(safe!)

19.  How much was your biggest music related check for and what did you do with it?
Was there checks being handed out? I must of been taking a piss. This is one of those not cool to ask questions, but I’ll give you a hint . Back in the day we bought houses cars toys and a shit load of party material. The material I could of done without, along with the accountants. It’s real easy to go through your money when you don’t see it coming out your own pocket. I used to think cool, I earned the right to have people paying my bills for me it felt like hey it’s all part of the big time, something you’d casually bring up to Sears when buying all the appliances you could ever want and they don’t think you can pay for it. You say here let me get my accountants on the phone you can tell them how much to make the check out for or, fuck it! we’ll send cash!

20.  Do you blame Great White for the separation from your wife?
No that would be unfare to solely blame them. Alot has to do with me standing idle for so long, not making a stand and of course, I have great potential for being a complete ass. But definately not a prick Hey I don’t deny it. Marriage is not as easy as a trip to Cleveland. You got to work at it. Fortunately my wife has toured and knows how the road is. I really don’t think a woman can handle being Married to a musician who constantly tours. But on the other hand, if you constantly tour you can probably afford to fly her out enough to make things work easier. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t mean no woman could because there are alot of woman out there married to rock stars that handle it pretty damn well. just make sure they get a check (he he) oh common girls it’s a joke.  Wait a minute this is Metal Sludge huh? …. Fuck yall!!

21.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Jack Russell = speaks for itself  thank God I have my life back without the B.S. 
Michael Lardie = He got cool family
Mark Kendall = bro! dispite our wives tiffs I still love ya !! Remember we’re the old dudes. 43 y.o. blues. much success in you new project!! Doesn’t it feel great to breathe again?
Dana Strum = Talked to him once
Nikki Sixx = never met him, hot old lady though, right on Nikki!!
Poison = never knew how cool these guys were till we toured together, Had a blast!!
Tony Montana = tone bah bone!! Where’s my ”Bad News” tape?
Sebastian Bach = met him once at alpine village did a gig together! guy knows how to have fun!
Lars Ulrich = First time I met him was trying to figure him out.  I admire a drummer who runs the show for a change, Seen him at a few G.W. shows before the guy rocks, right on Lars let’s have a beer. I’m buying .. the first one. 
Alan Niven = Zeig Heil ! Control ! control !and do ah little dictaters shuffle if you will. Hope the G.W. bar is rockin!! Should do real good now, almost like a place to go and reminisce about the good old days i guess.

Well Audie certainly wasn’t shy, was he?  Sounds like a cool enough guy who just wants his shit.  Plus he answered everything and came off honest.  Good deal.

For more info on Audie, you can go to his website at www.fishytales.com  

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