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27 Questions with Jerry Dixon, 9/12/00



Warrant Bass Player Jerry Dixon

Well here it is, our long awaited interview with Jerry Dixon.  Jerry finally broke down and agreed to answer our questions, but we had too much to ask him so instead of 20 Questions we made this 27 Questions.  We asked him all the shit the Sludgeaholics wanted to know, so here it is.  Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your shit, so get it out of the way!
We are currently recording our next album for WASHED UP RECORDS and hope to have it out after Santa Clause comes to town. The tour will be sponsored by Tide.  Go to WARRANTWEB.NET for updates.

2.  What have you had to drink today?
I had some mothers milk straight from the source then I washed it down with a shot of Jack mixed with Milk Thistle.

3.  Why did you stop talking to Joey after his 20 Questions that he did with us and what is your opinion of him?
Actually I kind of lost touch with Joey before that and didn’t hear about it until months later. The last time I saw him I wasn’t doing so hot, I was in personal hell like he was when he quit Warrant so maybe it made him feel better to see he wasn’t the only one and wanted the world to know. He has since apologized to me. He will always be one of my best friends. We have endured a lot together and the Internet will never take that away.

Jerry, Erik, and Joey

4.  Other than Warrant, what hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

NOTE TO SLUDGEAHOLICS:  Jerry didn’t answer this question.  He either forgot to or blew it off. 

5. Rate the following bass players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 beings somebody who really sucks and 10 being a bass god.
Billy Sheehan = 10
Robbie Crane = 10
Bobby Dall = 10
Nikki Sixx = 10
Gene Simmons = 10
Eric Brittingham = 10
Dana Strum = 10
Jason Newsted = 10
Jeff Pilson = 10
Chip Z’Nuff = 10

Nice try. If I was going to talk shit I would do it in person not from behind this stupid key board, although It does kind of make you feel like the all mighty Wizard of Oz..

Warrant’s Original Lineup – 1984
Erik, Jerry, Adam (singer), Max (drummer), and Josh (guitar)

6.  What was the reason for kicking out your buddy Josh and getting Joey in the band? And do you still talk to Josh?
Is there a time line for these questions ? anything over 10 years is a ten yard penalty. At the time when Josh was in Warrant we where all very young (16) and basically learning to play our instruments. He was the lead guitar player with a lot of pressure to play hard solos. Joey was older and just had more time and practice under his belt. It was a very hard decision to make because Josh is so cool but as in any other thing in life you have to make those decisions as best you can.  Josh and I remain friends and he is now singing and playing guitar in his own band.

7. Joey Allen said the following about Jani: "If any one would like to know why I have NO respect (what some people see as bitter) for Jani ask the 100 people/companies that were financially affected by his selfish ways when he ‘single handily caused a multi million dollar bankruptcy (what is commonly known as pulling a ‘Lane’). Would you agree with those comments?
There was a year that we where all pissed off at Lane for doing things that effected all of our lives. However there is no I in band. We made it as one and fell as one. With out Lane writing hit songs we would never have got a dime anyway, so is the cup half full or half empty ? I blame all the yes people that kissed his ass and told him lies to make him think he was invincible. When you have back stabbing managers ,lawyers and accountants telling him he is a god and can do anything he wants as long as they get there commissions any one of us would have done the same thing.  As far as the money is concerned we never gave back one penny to any one.  All our debt was discharged. So those members that spent all of there money on pools and expensive houses tend to be more bitter.

8. What do you think about Metallica suing Napster?
I think they did the right thing. Many of us make our living from our royalties and as a musician we get screwed by enough people already. I think that it is good for new artist to get exposure or for established artist to give one song away for free to get people to buy the entire album. Either way the artist should give permission. (WOW !!! A REAL QUESTION)

9.  How many chicks have you fucked on the Warrant/Ratt tour so far?
There is only one true love for me and that is Palmalove.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a bucket of shit and 10 being a hottie.
Bobbie Brown = I was not to close to Bobbie but she was always nice to me
Susan Dixon = The mother of our precious boy and a good friend
Kathy Allen = Cool back in the days of old
Rowanne Lane = Sweetheart and part of the family
Donna D’Errico = Never met her
Pamela Anderson = Never met her
Kirsten Turner = Sweetheart and part of the family (congrats to you and Erik)
Bekka Bramlett = Fun to party with, great singer
Kendra Jade = Never met her
Britney Spears = Sing live once and I will rate you
Anglyene = 1

11. What’s up with Jani always apologizing for writing the ballads that gave you guys the most success? Don’t you think that he shouldn’t be apologizing for something that made you guys famous?
I’m not sure why he does that but it gives Erik and I a chance to drain the vain.

12. Mike Slammer played on the Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking, Rich. Who’s idea was it to bring him in and what was the reason? Couldn’t Joey & Erik play your own stuff?
Beau Hill turned Joey on to Mike. Mike was Joey’s teacher at one point and was asked to play a solo just because he was so good. People seem to think he did the entire record for some reason. Joey and Erik played 99 % of all you here.

Warrant 1988

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
I don’t think there are any rock stars, do you Jani Bon Neil ?

14. Why does Jani still continue to bum smokes off the fans when he could easily request a pack of smokes on the rider?
We don’t get smokes on our rider anymore. It’s more of a crowd participation thing if you haven’t noticed. Or maybe the fans are trying to kill him. Yes that’s it, it’s a conspiracy. Philip Morris has brain washed us all.

15. Answer this question, "The biggest misconception about ___________ is…?
NOTE TO SLUDGEAHOLICS:  Jerry didn’t answer this question the right away.  He just finished the sentence instead of giving a misconception about them.  Well what do you expect, he is in Warrant!
Bret Michaels is: Some roses come without thorns.
Jani Lane is: Does he know the secret about Uncle Toms Cabin ?
Ratt is: Pearcy quit and Bob doesn’t give enough strokes on the course:)
Cocaine is: It sucks
David Lee Roth is:  Still the best front man ever
Pills are: Good if not bitter
Strippers are:  Just trying to make there way through college
Erik Turner is: he has a 4 handicap
Nikki Sixx is: His real name is Sicky Nixx
Joey Allen is: he is no longer bitter and has moved on.
Slaughter is: they stay up all night

16. Now that you look back on it, who’s fault was it that Warrant left/got kicked off the Poison tour? Was it Jani’s ego, or were Poison being dicks? What’s the deal?
It was probably our fault that we left. We felt weird because in LA we hung out with those guys like brothers and on tour they where all business. So we expected too much. I think it was a learning experience for us to grow up and hope there are no hard feelings. I think Poison and Warrant would be an outrageous tour in 2000.

17. What are your 5 best and 5 worst memories of Warrant?

best worst
getting signed getting dropped
playing in front 80,000 people playing in front of 8 people
free food deli tray
still making music after 16 years trying to hear the music
answering 20 questions there is actually 27 questions

18. Jani runs around the country singing the praises of Lit and playing "My Own Worst Enemy" and saying how great friends he is with them. When was the last time you or Jani even talked to any member of Lit?
I knew them back in the day as Razzle.  They used to drink our beer while we where on stage. They sent a camera man out to our show in Detroit to film us doing there song for a long form video. I’m not sure when he spoke to them last, you would have to ask Lane.

19. How is it possible that Erik Turner has somewhat of a skinny body but about 4 double chins?
a. You must be looking at his balls !!
b. You must be looking in the mirror.
c. He is Chinese.

20.  What Warrant song could go into a vault labeled "Songs That Fucking Suck."
I never got Heaven but I wouldn’t say it Fucking Sucked

21. 2 Part Question.
A. On Warrant’s "Latest & Greatest", Jani sings some stuff out of key (like on "Sometimes She Cries"). Why was that shit left in and not redone?
Oh grasshopper you must understand that this record was done in fun and time was a factor.
B. What was the purpose of the lame "studio talk" during "I Saw Red"?
To make lame people remember the song and ask questions of this caliber.

22. Joey Allen also has said: "If you knew the real reason behind Steven’s departure you wouldn’t feel so great about the band you continue to support." Ok Jerry, what was the real reason for Steven’s departure? Was it because he wouldn’t cheat on his wife and looked down on you guys for doing so?
It has nothing to do with cheating and he was never married. There you go making shit up again. We let Steve go because we felt he was not into the band anymore . Our manager had just died, Joey had just quit and we needed everyone to step it up a notch. There is so much more to being in a band then just showing up and playing.  Steve is and was a total bro but again in life you make discussions. We also agreed that If Steve cared enough to call we would let him back in the band.  The phone never rang. Sorry.
F.Y.I:  We did extend an invitation for Joey and Steve to do some shows so you never know.

23. What’s up with Jani leaving right in the middle of Warrant tours without telling anybody? He did that in Europe years ago and he did that again a few months back? Don’t you think that is totally unprofessional?
Yes, I think it’s unprofessional but I also understand Jani and how he works. He is very talented and very different than anyone I know. He gives it up on stage every night harder than any singer I have ever seen. He doesn’t just stand there shoe gazing like a moron to protect his voice for tomorrow. To him this is it, this is his show and you get it all. If we don’t make it all the way we will come back but at least when we do you get 100%.

24. What was a bigger flop:
A: Jani’s Sunset Strip Club;
B. Erik’s Malibu Juice & Coffee;
C. Your Dreamstate studio
The biggest flop is not taking chances on something and sitting on your ass.  The fact is Warrant takes up all our time and it was hard to do anything else.

25. Who’s liver is going to go first, yours or Jani’s?
I hope neither of us but did you here about that guy Jerid who lost all that weight eating subway ? You may want to check that out if your so concerned about everyone’s health.

26. Please answer the next question with either yes or no…
Which of the following STD’s have you come in contact with?
Herpes = N/A
Syphilis = N/A
Gonorrhea = Godzilla ?
Crabs = Only King Crabs
Chlamydia = N/A
Genital Warts = Once when I was 7 I kissed a frog.
HIV = Please
Yeast Infections = It was so bad I started to rise like a loaf of bread.

27. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We give you a name and you tell us your thoughts.
Joey Allen = Bro
Steven Sweet = Sweet
Rikki Rockett = Prom
Stephen Pearcy = ?
Sebastian Bach = Broadway ?
Nikki Sixx = Smart dude
Dana Strum = Cool
Kevin DuBrow = Cool
Phil Lewis = Show us your titty’s
Bret Michaels = How yaaaa doinggggg
Bobbie Brown = ?
Adam Shore = What is up dude?
Budweiser Frog = Nice tongue
Tommy Lee = Great drummer
Jizzy Pearl = Great writer, read the Bush chapter and you will find Jimmy.
Riki Rachtman = ?
Bill Gazzarri = The god father of rock

So there you go.  Other than missing Question 4, Jerry at least answered everything and put some effort into it.  We didn’t even think he’d send them back, so we can’t bitch.  We’re basically happy with what we got considering some of the 20 Questions we’ve gotten back from some rockers.   We did learn that Jerry and Joey Allen have made up, which might explain why we haven’t heard from Joey in a while.   Well we’ve gotten plenty of info out of Joey, so that’s cool.  But will Erik or Jani step up to the plate next?

If you’d like to find out who’s in Warrant this week, you can go to www.warrantweb.net.

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