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20 Questions With Blitz, 8/8/00



Overkill Singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth

This week’s 20 Questions are with Blitz from Overkill.  It seems that the heavier the band we interview, the more pissed off and hostile they come off.  This is no exception.  Libby from Metal Masters hooked us up with Bobby, so if you don’t enjoy these 20 Questions, blame her!  Anyways, enjoy!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug all your shit.
Overkill now…Writing, getting ready for studio album # 11, for Sept. release;  putting together a European festival tour, including Wacken, Ger., playing with some killer acts (7/28-8/15/00).  Home video in the works, should be
ready in early July.  Overkill website:  http://www.wreckingcrew.com

2.  For $25,000 cash and without admitting you were paid to do so, which would you do:
A.  The next time a fan comes up to you and asks for an autograph, you say, "Fuck off you piece of shit.  I don’t have time for you!" and then you slap them.
B.  Walk into a funeral of somebody you don’t know and as a family member is making their heartfelt speech, you shout out, "I’m glad the fucker is dead!! Ha Ha Ha!" and then run away.
C.  Eat a human pancreas with a little bit of ketchup and mustard.
C – Call me Hannibal…the cannibal

3.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
how about most of them, I’m just about sick n’ fuckin’ tired of reunions…u?  they’ve become about as exciting as a two hour sermon; sometimes I feel like saying "u weren’t that good the first time around".

4.  Don’t you think Metallica is totally played out now?
i think this ? is….played out.

5.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who totally sucks and 10 being a metal god!
James Hetfield = 8
Tom Araya = 8
Dave Mustaine = 6
Vince Neil = 5
Phil Anselmo = 5
Lemmy = 11
Ozzy Osbourne = 10.5
John Bush = 6
Jani Lane = 4
Lajon Witherspoon = don’t know him

6.  How much was your biggest music related check for?
none of your fuckin’ business

7.  Was the world really waiting for an Overkill cover album?
i know with the way that this ? was worded that you most certainly were not…i also think "waiting" and cover records don’t quite cut it….no

8.  What’s one of the most fucked up things you guys have seen while touring?
Been touring since Elvis, so there’s been a lot of "fucked-up" things; got to experience communism in ’88; was playing "Feel the Fire" in Lithuania last Feb. while the venue burned; toured with Motorhead; it’s all f’ed up and it just keeps going, n’ going, n’ going, n’going….

9.  In the ‘Hello from the Gutter’ video your bassist had a lime green bass like Bobby Dall from Poison. Did he borrow it from Bobby and did you guys ever do any European dates with Poison, Warrant, Slaughter or any other hair bands?
You’re not only a dumb bastard…your blind…always and only plays black.  So if you’re going to play "know it all, smartass" try to at least be on the money with the ?’s.  No hair shows….Europe or otherwise

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.
Britney Spears = 16…years old… no pedophilia on this end
Pamela Anderson = 8…like the reduction
Jewel = 8…cool teeth
The Kittie Chicks = 4/4/4
Lita Ford = 8
Drew Berrymore = 8 (dirty)
Jenny McCarthy = 8 (dirtier)
Courtney Love = 7 (dirtiest)
Cindy Crawford = 9

11.  What’s your record for banging groupies in one week?
453…could have made 500….had to take off Sat., exhausted

12.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
I’ve thought that on occasion I, myself could use a good slap, but then again I don’t consider myself a "rock star", besides I’d probably like it.

13.  Who’s the biggest drunk in Overkill?
me…cleaned up in 95…mentally still ill

14.  Tell us what you remember about the following years:
1982 = partied
1986 = europe, with Anthrax
1989 = Motorhead/Slayer  through the US; Slayer through Europe
1993 = first Harley
1996 = second Harley
1999 = cancer

15.  Rate these following bands on how they were in the 80s, and how they are now.  That means these bands get 2 scores, and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10.
Slayer = 10/8
Armored Saint = 7/7
Anthrax = 9/5
Megadeth = 10/6
Metallica = 9/6
King Diamond = 5/5
Iron Maiden = 10/4
Manowar = 7/7
Judas Priest = 10/8
Motorhead = 10/11

16.  Who has the most homosexual tendencies in Overkill?
I don’t want to name names, but I can get you in touch if you really feel the need.

17.  Which do you prefer?
Motorhead or The Ramones = tossup
Pantera or Slipknot = pantera
Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson = halford
Implants or Natural = natural
Pot or Blow = clean
Blow Jobs or Rim Jobs = if you must refer to ? #16
Hanson or Warrant = hanson….really
King Diamond or Stryper = KD
Metal Church or Manowar = King’s of Metal!!!

18.  Have you ever been arrested, and if so, for what?
Sure….case still pending, not at liberty to talk about it.

19.  It’s the day of the Superbowl and you’re hoping the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol is about to ring your doorbell with a 10 million dollar check.  Remember, you can only pick one.  Would you rather:
A.  The prize patrol arrives, but as they pay you the $10,000,000, a nuclear terrorist bomb explodes at the game, killing 100,000 total strangers; 
B.  The bomb doesn’t go off and the prize patrol continues on to your neighbor’s house, giving him the $10,000,000?

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Lemmy = rock n’ roll
Lars Ulrich = talk, talk, talk
Nikki Sixx = seven
David Lee Roth = jump
Slayer = satan
Scott Ian = KISS
Howard Stern = insecure
Poison = chicks
Riki Rachtman = lost
Dave Mustaine = snarl

Riveting, huh?  Well at least he didn’t write in all caps and he can spell!  So he’s got the going for him.

If you’d like to waste some time, you can visit their website at www.wreckingcrew.com

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