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20 Questions With Kevin DuBrow, 7/18/00




Singer Kevin DuBrow with the Original Quiet Riot

Here’s the 20 Questions that a lot of you have been waiting for!  We finally got Kevin DuBrow, and as always, he’s not shy!  Originally we asked Kevin last year, but he turned us down because he thought our email we sent him was rude.  Then he emailed us a few months back and said he would do it, so here it is.  It also turns out that Kevin is a Sludgeaholic and checks out our page frequently, and he even has our Metal Sludge Fancy Ass Shirt!  He’s taken a lot of abuse from us, but he was still down with doing 20 Questions, so we give him props for that.

So enjoy our 20 some questions with Kevin DuBrow!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your shit.

Quiet Riot is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary as a rock band and I’m enjoying touring with the band I’ve spent over half my life with. We are working on material for a new album and have plans to release a 25th anniversary retrospective DVD in the near future.

2.  Ok, enough chit chat, lets get to the question everybody wants to know. How is it in 1983 you were balding and now it’s the year 2000 and you have more hair than ever?  When did you start wearing a wig and do you have any plans of taking it off and letting your bald head shine?

Sorry to disappoint you, but I do not now or have I ever worn a wig. In my early 20’s my hair started thinning and in 1985 my girlfriend at the time suggested I try a hair weave (also called extensions).  They attach real hair to your own. It is not removable! I’ve always had thin hair and really wanted hair like Frankie’s so I guess I went a bit overboard! I currently wear it shorter and thinner then ever but only because it’s less trouble to take care of. Keep in mind that I am a voracious reader and read all the jokes, insults and comment made about my hair. Some are pretty funny, but most are not that creative. Either way, I pay no mind to them as they don’t mean much to me. 

3.  Other than Quiet Riot, what hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

This is a real pet peeve of mine. No one should give it up, especially not Quiet Riot! These are artists, like them or not who have spent years trying to make it in Rock and Roll. It’s their right to continue as long as they desire. If a fan doesn’t enjoy what a given artist is doing, there is a very simple solution. If they come on the radio, change the station. If you don’t like their CD’s, don’t buy them. If they are performing a live show, don’t buy a  ticket. This is America folks, and people can pursue any living they so desire!

4.  What do you think about Metallica suing Napster?

I think that Metallica has the right idea, although I would have had a spokesman do the talking about the matter instead of myself. I feel it does take money out of the artists pocket, but having said that, the record  companies never seem fit to pay Quiet Riot what money we’re owed, so fuck ‘em! 

5.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a killer singer. 

David Lee Roth =
I think Dave is the best frontman to ever come out of the U.S. He’s not the best technical singer, but I love his voice, attitude, lyrics, stage presence, interviews and his book. I’m a fan and a friend!

Stephen Pearcy = Sounds good on record when they triple track his voice. Never seen him live.

Jani Lane = Decent pop songwriter, needs a watch!

Bret Michaels =Another pop singer, his performance is influenced by DLR

Jack Russell = I really like this breed, high jumpers and good with children.

Vince Neil = Makes better home porn movies than I used to!

Jizzy Pearl =good voice, very intelligent person

Tom Keifer = I could never tell if this was his natural voice or a falsetto. Sounds good, though.

Dave Mustaine = Not really familiar with his singing

Mark Slaughter = I’ll get you Dorothy!

Paul Shortino = Fine singer, nice guy, good album but they shouldn’t have called it Quiet Riot

Phil Lewis- Again,not familiar, can’t say.

6.  Can you afford a car now?

I’d rather lease. Makes better financial sense.

7.  What Quiet Riot song could do into a vault called "Songs That Fucking Suck?"

"Scream And Shout", "I’m In A Rush" 

8.  You are in your 40s and you have never been married?  What’s up with that?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot the last few years. It almost happened twice. For a while I thought I was carrying a sign that said  "Psycho Magnet". I realized that many of the women I was involved with had similar lifestyle traits as me. (Drinking and getting high). After repeating  this behavior for years I figured out that It never turns out well.  Also, as much as I pride myself as being the life of the party, I’m not the eaiest person  to deal with, especially under the influence of anything. About a year ago I met a girl I fell madly in love with and almost fucked that up too. (old habits die hard) She had none of the negative qualities of the other  woman I had been with before so I cleaned up my act and we’re trying to work it out . Only problem is I live on the West coast and she lives in Ohio. Long distance relationships are rough and require a lot of patience, but it can be done.

9.  What happened to your morning radio show you had in Vegas?

In 1996 after the "Down To The Bone" tour  I had enough. I was burnt out, and after a succession of countless bass players in Quiet Riot it was time for a change. I had been screwing around with a Saturday night radio show on KOMP in Las Vegas when the management asked me to co-host the morning show with a guy named Craig Williams. I knew nothing about radio and Craig taught me a lot.  Our ratings were good, but after about a year a few things happened. First, I have never liked being told what to do, especially by people who I feel are less intelligent than myself. I’ve never had a boss so this was a real conflict for me. Secondly the money was truthfully, shit. They started low and never went up. Also,,.these morning guys wake up at 4 fucking AM! That was really tough! Around the same time Rudy Sarzo was about to rejoin Quiet Riot and he was the missing ingredient for me. I got my enthusiasm back in regards to the band, but I got burnt out on the radio show and basically stopped showing up. Craig Williams hosts the show on his own now and does a great job. 

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Pamela Anderson =
sort of reminds me of E.T.

Gerri Miller = Gerri is great and she is missed. She kept the sprit of the 80’s alive .

Wendy Dio = Don’t really know her

Sharon Osbourne = See above

Bobbie Brown = What an asshole. I’ve never met her but from what I’ve read on Metal Sludge I feel she has no class.  She shouldn’t go after Jani Lane like that in public. For god sakes, they have a child together. Jani doesn’t deserve that and neither does their kid. She should do a commercial for "Time Life present Rock Sluts who marry Rockstars, get pregnant, take the money, run and then slam their ex". No class at all.OK, we are talking about the blond Bobby Brown, not the black R&B singer, right?

Shania Twain =Stunning. Let me just sniff it!

Lita Ford = A real character. I always liked Lita

Carmen Electra = Sorry, no opinion

Sarah Jessica Parker = Not my type

Jennifer Lopez = Nice whoopee cushion

11.  Do you think a reason why you haven’t seen a royalty checks since1987 is because nobody has bought any Quiet Riot records since 1986?

Contrary to what you or your readers may think, the QUIET RIOT catalog consistently sells between 1200 and 1800 units each week, every week. Now, you may say to yourself, "big deal," and maybe you are right, but our figures are consistently higher than that of many other acts of our genre. I’m not pulling these numbers out of my hat (don’t even think it)! check it out for yourself!

12.  Other than you in the 80s, what rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

At one time or another all rockstars could do with a smack. After reading other people’s 20 questions on Metal Sludge the first people deserving a smack would be those who named me. These people don’t know me at all and they make these statements based on a reputation of mine from 17 years ago. Not only is it unfair, it’s stupid. But if I had to name just one……….(insert drum roll here) it would have to be………. Dana Strum. His one and only talent is his ability to piss off everyone he comes in contact with. During the Rock Never Stops 1999 tour he was in constant danger of either walking with a limp of getting his ass kicked daily.

13.  Tell us a memory, a thought, a club, a groupie, etc, about the following cities:

Tampa =
I spent almost a year in Tampa producing a band called "Juliet". I have fond memories of a club called "The Last Act". The guy that ran the place was named Leo and he lived life like Rock star. It was 24 hour debauchery. It’s a wonder we got anything done in the studio!

Dallas = Nothing special happened there.

New York = Ah The Limelight! I had the best time at this club. People were doing drugs right out in the open, it was nuts. Playing the Gardens with Iron Maiden was also incredible!

Miami = Never been there. Always played Ft. Lauderdale

Tokyo = Too much rice constipates me. This was the last gig Rudy did before quitting(1984), and the last I did before getting fired(1986)

London = Terrible food, I mean the worst. But, it is the place where all the music started for me.My favorite bands came from here and it’s no wonder they wanted to come to America!(They needed a decent meal!)

Detroit = Always one of the best gigs on any tour. In the 80’s our booking agency was located there so they always had a party for us.

Phoenix = Met a pretty stripper named Tanya there. I thought she was the one. But alas she used to sleep for 24 hours straight, and it turns out she was a speed freak.

Seattle = Softball game, KISW vs. Quiet Riot and Loverboy. Loverboy didn’t participate cause the singer didn’t want to mess up his headband.

Cleveland = Where my mom was born, a great 2 show day, first a really good WMMS live broadcast then a nighttime gig with loverboy and the headband.

Nashville = Salt cured ham…….gag!!!!!!! I can’t believe anybody eats this stuff. It’s like a heart attack on a plate! Also we met a very wacked out Wolfman Jack at a show we did.

Chicago = I remember walking in circles with my friend Perry at 2 in the morning looking for an open liqueur store. Burrr!!

14.  How much was your biggest music related check for?

Not big enough!!!

Kevin & Randy Rhodes

15.  Since you know a little bit about hair care, tell us if you think the following people wear wigs, extensions or neither:

Sorry, in all honesty I have no idea. ( I’m not wimping out, I just don’t know) and who really cares?

Paul Stanley =

Gene Simmons =

Mick Mars =

David Lee Roth =

Tracii Guns =

Bret Michaels =

Richie Blackmore =

Don Dokken =

Steve "Sex" Summers =

Joe Lynn Turner =

16.  Can you guys afford a tour bus?

We can, we have, we may again. It’s all a matter of schedules, economics and profit margins. Ask Frankie!

17.  Who’s the most overrated band today?

Pearl Jam

18.  Which do you prefer:

Wigs or Extensions =

Rob Halford or Taime Downe = Halford

Ratt or Warrant = Is their a difference?

Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera = Britney Spears. When she loses her virginity she’ll be Britney Speared!

Enuff Z Nuff or Love/Hate = Love/Hate

Nikki Sixx or Dana Strum = Nikki Sixx

Motel 6 or Super 8 = The only hotel Quiet Riot will stay in that has a number in the name is The Four Seasons

Paul Stanley’s wig or Mick Mars’ wig = Frankie says Mick Mars doesn’t wear a wig

Penn or Teller = Penn

Al Gore or George W. Bush = That’s like saying "Goober or Gomer"

19.  Are you bitter that Quiet Riot took Poison out on tour in 1986, but now the only way you could get into a Poison show is if you bought a ticket?

I spend most of my life on stage. I don’t much care to go see shows unless is something really inspiring like Paul Rogers or Jeff Beck.  Nothing against Poison, they were great crowd pleasers when they opened for QUIET RIOT on one of our 80’s tours.

20.  Who has the most homosexual tendencies in Quiet Riot?

We are all equally as Gay.

21.  Tell us what you remember about the following years:

1975 =
I got a phone call from Randy Rhoads that began this whole thing

1979 = I was crushed when Randy joined Ozzy. Little did I know that my musical journey was really just beginning.

1983 = The most amazing year of my life. Metal health went #1, Steve Marriott of Humble Pie jammed with Quiet Riot. All my dreams came true!

1987 = Got booted out of the band that I co-founded. Not a very pleasant time. Just started to realize how much we were getting ripped off by the scumbag that signed us.

1991 = I started over. I got Carlos back and started playing live gain.

1995 = After 5 years of clubs non-stop it was time for a break.

1999 = Rock never stops and I met my girlfriend. A really fun year.

  22. Isn’t having an album out called "Alive & Well"  yet being on Cleopatra Records a total contradiction?

I couldn’t have said it better myself! I had very little dealings with them myself, but when I did they were like The Special Olympics meets Jerry’s kids. They just didn’t get it! This was a shame, because I think "Alive And Well" has some of our best tunes on it. I really like the production, and the producer Bon Marlette was very easy to work with. (unlike the experiences we had in the 80’s)

23.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Dana Strum =
Feces with legs

Warrant = Late and can drink anyone under the table

David Lee Roth = The standard with which other front men are measured

Kid Rock = Here today……..

Fred Durst = Who?

Tommy Lee = If I had his dick I would get a lot less ribbing from my band members

Howard Stern = Brilliant

Sebastian Bach = Relentless energy, good voice, but has case of KDDOTM. (Kevin DuBrow diarrhea of the mouth)

Nikki Sixx = I’ve always liked Nikki. Has good street sense and has experienced unbelievable luck. For some reason he keeps slamming me in he press which is unfortunate. I wish him only the best.

Tracii Guns = Great guy. A true Randy Rhoads fan. He’s also a musical chameleon

Susan Pilot Hawkins = The truest example of what is wrong with the American legal system today. Anybody can sue anyone for anything. This pathetic excuse for a human being thought she hit pay dirt when she fell on her drunk ass at one of our shows and then concocted this story about me throwing someone off stage and then  getting landed on. In the court documents she says she never ever saw me do it. Her friends told her! What a crock of shit! I tell ya, jail was no fun but my only consolation is that she will receive squat for all her trouble and lies.

So there you have it straight from Kevin!  Anybody who calls Dana Strum "Feces with legs" is alright in our book!

For more info on Quiet Riot, you can check out www.quietriotonline.com.  They are in the process of redesigning the page and they have some new things up, so check that out if you want.

And if you go see Quiet Riot, be on the lookout for Kevin wearing our shirt!

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