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20 Questions With Jasmin St. Claire, 7/4/00



Jasmin St. Claire

This week’s 20 Questions are with former porn star and current wrestling valet/wrestler Jasmin St. Claire.  And to go along with this interview, we have EXCLUSIVE photos of Jasmin showing off our beautiful and stylish No Frills Metal Sludge shirt, which can be bought right here!!  

Jasmin sent us 8 quality photos of her wearing our shirt!  We’ll put them up in our Sludgendise section very soon.

Now enough shameless plugging.  Here’s almost 30 Questions with Jasmin St. Claire.

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your shit!
I am no longer doing movies. I went to wrestling school & I am have been involved in pro-wrestling full time for about 8 months. I also still have an active website www.jasminstclaire.com. I still do feature dance appearences.  The Blue Meanie and I also have an appearance in Middletown, NY on July 9th at 1pm at Rock Fantasy.  For directions call 914 343 7300.

2.  What’s your age, how many colleges have you actually been to, and how many different careers have you had?
I am 27. I attended Schiller Int’l University in London, England for 1yr & completed my studies at Columbia University in NYC. I went to college to satisfy my parents. I did volunteer work teaching french in an afterschool program and when I finished college, I worked as a financial consultant. My former career was a porno star.

3. A.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Quiet Riot
B.  What porn star should put her pants back on and call it a day?
There are too many of them Where should I start?
C.  What wrestler should hang up the tights and call it a day? 
Scott Hall

4.  You’ve been hanging out with The Blue Meanie a lot lately.  How did you two hook up and have you fucked him yet?
We met last July at a wrestling show in Milwaukwe & never had a chance to hook until this past March. He lost a lot of weight & looked great. We had lunch together at the March Metal Meltdown.  He seemed really cool & we hit it off. Ever since then, we have been dating. He is one of he nicest, most down to earth  & thoughtful person I have ever met & by far a very passionate person. Sex with him is incredible. He also is the best kisser & great when it comes to anal sex.

Jasmin and The Blue Meanie

5.  Rate these Porn Stars, Rock Star Wives, Actresses, etc…. on a scale of 1-10.  1 being a cumbucket and 10 being a hottie.
Kendra Jade = 0
Spontaneous Excstacy = 0
Zoe = 3 (even though she talked bad about me on a cable show & actually thought she was cool)
Houston = 0
Heather Locklear = 8
Pamela Lee Anderson = 7
Bobbie Brown = 7
Donna D’Errico = 8
Jenny McCarthy = 4
Jenna Jameson = 6
Rena Mero = 10
Janine = 8
Nikki Tyler = 3
Traci Lords = 1

Jasmin In Our No Frills Metal Sludge Shirt!

6.  During your movie, "Blow It Out Your Ass" there was a strange white fungus coming out of you during the closeups…could you please explain what the hell that was?
Sure, it’s called cheap lube on a porno set because the director is a cheap bitch who couldn’t afford better lube that doesn’t foam up. Certain brands do that. I prefer the brand WET or I just use olive oil for anal.

7.  For $500,000:  Would you take out your left breast implant, but keep the right one, and then go through the rest of your life with lopsided titties?

8.  Does the Blue Meanie have blue pubic hair?
No, he does not have blue pubic hair. it would be kind of cool though.

9.  In our Rewind interview with Kendra Jade, Kendra said this about you:  "my dogs ass looks better, imagine my dog with 40,000 dollars in surgery and airbrushing……."  What is your response to that?
Wow, jealousy is such a great form of flattery. At least I don’t whore myself out, especially at the Bunny Ranch.

10.  Rate these guys on a scale of 1-10.  1 being a scrub and 10 being somebody you’d want to bone.
Blue Meanie = 10
The Rock = 6
Sebastian Bach = 0
Bret Michaels = 1
Ron Jeremy = 0
Matt Zane = 8
David Lee Roth = 4
Jani Lane = 1
Gene Simmons = 9
Fred Durst = 2
Kid Rock = 0
Leonardo DeCaprio = 2
Chris Jericho = 8
Taime Downe = 4
Peter Steele = 10
David Lee Roth = With hair-10

11.  2 Part Question:  What Porn Star and what Rock Star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
99.9% of porno stars deserve a slap in the face because most of them are so stupid  & do so many drugs. They should get back on their backs and continue to get molested, or beat up by their relatives. I have no respect for porno performers who use the money for drugs & do films for the wrong reasons. It’s a great way to cash in on appearences & save money for one’s future . As far as a Rock Star getting a smack in the mouth, Sebastian Bach. Someone shut him the fuck up please. He is whiny little punk ass bitch. I heard he sold 100 tickets in Philly & complained about his manager not being allowed in the back of the club. He also threatened not to play.

12.  Name some Rock Stars you’ve banged and rate their size and performance.
I have gone on dates with a few, but nothing serious. The ones I did do,: Paul Bostaph (Slayer) he was okay. Ralph Rieckermann (Scorpions) too huge.

13.  Recently you said you would do a shared gangbang with Houston.  Do you think that having to share a movie with Houston is a sign that you have lost your fanbase?
I never said that. She said that on a radio show. No, it is not true. I haven’t lost a fanbase I have actually increased it now with all of he wrestling. I would never do another gangbang; the whole gimmick has lost it’s marketability.

14.  You recently said you wanted to "go onto better things", but is doing another gangbang really "going onto better things?"  Isn’t that going backwards, and since you seemed to hate the first one you did so much, why are you doing another one?
I am not doing another gangbang. Houston is the one saying all that & I wish she’d check her facts before she opens up her mouth to speak. Aparently, she must have lost her fanbase since she has to drag my name into her nonsense & do a gangbang after being around doing movies for at least 5 years.

15.  Which do you prefer:
Korn or Limp Bizkit = Limp Bizkit
Ted Nugent or Rikki Rockett = Ted Nugent
Bret Michaels or Vince Neil = Bruce Dickinson
Warrant or Winger = Winger
Kendra Jade or Zoe = I am not into women.
Luke Ford or Gene Ross = Gene Ross
Stone Cold Steve Austin or Goldberg = Stone Cold Steve Austin
Howard Stern or Mancow = Howard Stern
Genital warts or herpes = Neither
Condoms or birth control pills = Condoms
Gang bangs or Bukkake = Bukkake
Double anal penetration or double vagina penetration = Ouch!
Ozzy Osbourne or Marilyn Manson = Ozzy Osbourne

16.  Is it true while you were signing autographs at a convention, Kendra Jade was loudly calling you a cumbucket and harassing you, while you tried your best to ignore it even though your fans were laughing?
I know nothing about that. Is she that desperate for publicity?

17.  Do you realize that the chance of you getting over with a wrestling crowd is probably equal to Joe C joining the NBA as a forward?
No. I have gotten a really good response so far. I learned how to work

18.  What do you think about Metallica suing Napster?
I am a huge Metallica fan & I am a little bothered that they would want to sue their fans since to my inderstanding it is their fans that placed the songs up there on that site. I guess that they do not mind suing their fans.

19.  Word on the street is that a lot of strip clubs won’t rebook you for dancing because you have a primadonna attitude.  Is this true, and do you really think you are that much better than most other girls who dance?
Never. It’s actually the opposite. I may not care to consort w/other girls because I am there to make money, not friends with the other porno chicks. I  am always nice  to  the housegirls. I always get re-booked. Sometimes, a club won’t rebook through the agent I use.

20.  Rate the following wrestling chicks on a scale of 1 to 10 based. 1 being a chick that’s lame and 10 being a girl who’s at the top of her game.
Ivory = 7
Tori =
Madusa = 10,000(I love her work & am dying to work w/her)
The Kat = 8
Terri = 1
Francine =
Tammy Sytch = 6
Jackie = 8
Major Gunns = 0
Trish Stratus = 2
Stephanie McMahon = 8

21.  Who would you like to bang but haven’t yet? Rockers, actors, wrestlers, etc…
None. I am happily involved with someone now.

22.  Do you think the WWF has done a good job in using The Blue Meanie?
Yes, I do, but i also think that they can do more with him, especially now that he has a changed physically.

23.  What was your biggest porn related payday or check?
What are you, he IRS?

24.  If you have your choice, which wrestling promotion would you prefer to work for and why?
I WCW or WWF. It is a close call. Both are very good promotions,but if I had to pick one, it would be really diffcult since both have great story lines, but WWF DOES have higher ratings, so I would have to lean more towards WWF, besides, I grew up watching WWF. But, I really like the storylines better at WCW & feel as though I would fit in better & it would give me an opportunity to work w/Madusa.

Jasmin helping Meanie

25.  How brave are you? 
Pick one of the following:
A.  Slit a vein in your leg and swim for two minutes in shark-infested waters;
B.  Allow everyone in California’s Death Row to get a pardon and reenter society working in the porn industry.
A-slit my vein & swim in shark infested waters.

26.  Tell us how and why you got arrested for trying to cash in fake prescriptions?
That’s the 1st time I heard this one . I was never arrested for anything like that. I do not have a criminal record.

27.  You’ve been on WCW Live recently.  What’s that all about and are you going to work for WCW any time soon? 
I hope to go to work for them. I am still training with Sue Sexton & I know that I would have a lot to bring to their show since I already know how to take both front & back bumps & am learning how to work matches. I stopped by the show to talk business with them & am hoping to work there.

28.  In an article recently published, the writer claimed that while he was working in the industry, you were calling him to falsely print that Kendra Jade had diseases and not to work with her.  He never printed that, but he did print that he found you to be a compulsive liar.  What’s the whole story here?
I don;t know about this article. It couldn’t have been to recent since I don’t even do movies anymore.

29.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Porn = Okay
Iron Maiden = Awesome
Bret Michaels = Mullet
Sebastian Bach = Untalented
Nikki Sixx = Make-up
Slaughter = Ferris wheel
Howard Stern = #1
N’sync = Boring
Tommy Lee = Tattoos
Lars Ulrich = Talented
Aerosmith = New England
Jenna Jameson = Blond
Kendra Jade = Loser

For more info on Jasmin and her appearances, you can go to www.jasminstclaire.com

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