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20 Questions With Jamie Rowe, 5/16/00



Jamie Rowe

Guardian’s Jamie Rowe

This week’s 20 Questions are with Guardian singer and self proclaimed Jesus Freak Jamie Rowe.  For those of you who don’t know, Guardian was a Christian rock band like Stryper, except they didn’t look like glam rock bumblebees.  Jamie emailed us a while back and actually complimented our brilliant and witty site, so we hit his ass up for 20 Questions.  Jamie recently auditioned for Ratt, so we asked him about that as well as his views on a variety of topics, and no matter how hard we tried, we really couldn’t throw him.  He has a good sense of humor, so check it out.

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your CDs, tours, websites, prayer gatherings, etc.
I have been in demo world lately. Writing for my debut solo disk.  Sorry folks, I am not making a hard rock disk..already saw that movie.  It's pop rock ala Smash Mouth/Third Eye Blind meets Duran Duran.  It is what Manowar fans would call "False Metal".  If you are just dying for more info, get over to WWW.JAMIEROWE.HOMEPAGE.COM  Be sure to sign up for the mailing list!

2. What is your take on the theory of evolution?
I think it is loco. The monkey to a man/Big Bang theory should be insulting to all of us. We are not here by accident.

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Guardian...we did.
Kiss-(Gene Simmons said in the original press conference a few years back that "The magic is back!"...I dare say "The magic is long gone". I hope this is the last tour).
Maybe Great White- Just cause I personally hate that blues rock thing.  They seem so uninspired. But then again...what do I know?

4. Do you really think that when you die you'll go to heaven and hang out with God?
Yes, I do. Not because I am a great person.  But because I have accepted Jesus Christ's biblical offer of eternal life. Nobody, including myself, is worthy of Heaven.  I still sin.  But Christ has made a way for us by his Grace and Mercy.  His offer is there for all of us.  I chose to surrender my life to Him. If anyone cares, I'd recommend a book called "EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT" by Josh McDowell. It answers alot of questions skeptics have about the reality of God's existence. If you are looking at me or any other Christian's life as your evidence..you will be let down...we are people who make mistakes daily.  Look to the example of Christ who was tempted in every way and still remained sinless.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the following sinners. 1 being somebody who will most likely go to heaven and 10 being someone who will burn in hell. Please be honest!
I will be honest! Since I obviously am not God..I'll have to go 50/50 on all these..except ONE who is obviously DOOMED!!
Marilyn Manson = 5
Howard Stern = 5
Tommy Lee = 5
Pamela Anderson = 5
Lars Ulrich = 5
Michael Sweet = 5
Gene Simmons = 5
Ellen Degeneres = 5
Dana Strum = 5
Ozzy Osbourne = 5
The Staff At Metal Sludge = 10...You are actually going to "South Hell"..it's a little bit further down...it's a little bit hotter.


6. Did Guardian ever have any groupies and did you guys ever take advantage of that stuff?
We were too ugly!! lol
Guardian really never had to deal with the groupie scene.  We were always so open about our faith that I think most girls knew better than to put that on us.  Plus, we played alot of Church venues.  Actually, we had a few in clubs come to us saying they admired us for not being into that scene.  They would say stuff like "I went to church when I was a kid".  Alot of those girls seem to have low self esteem and being with a rock guy is their way of trying to validate themselves.  Deep down they are hurting and looking for an escape. It's a bummer cause they are better than that.

7. Do you think people who have homosexual relationships are sinners? And what's worse, 2 guys being together or 2 chicks being together?
Sin is an act of rebellion against a Holy God. It's symptoms can be anything from homosexual relationships (which the Bible calls an abomination before God) or something subtle like Greed, Lust, or Pride.
I think sexual sin is no different than any other sin. It's one thing to be tempted..it's another to act on it.  I don't think a homosexual relationship is pleasing to God.  Two guys would be the more repulsive of the two for me but not any worse.  I'd also like to point out that hate crimes against homosexuals are totally wrong.  Those people who say 'God hates fags' must not know the God I serve. God hates sin.

8. You auditioned for Ratt a few months back and then once you got home you announced you backed out of the running. Do you really think they would have picked you anyways?
I auditioned for Ratt at the request of my longtime friend Keri Kelli. I was one of eight hand picked people to audition and they moved auditions to accommodate my schedule.  Out of the eight vocalists..I was absolutely, without a doubt, the best one.  The band will tell you that.  The audition sounded insane.  Warren got it on video.  I think it was highly possible they would have picked me.  I really like Robbie, Blotz, Warren, and Keri...but I just don't think I am who Ratt needs as their vocalist.  I watched a video tape of Pearcy fronting Ratt while I was at Keri's place and I saw what a Polar opposite I was from him.  I think it would have thrown their audience for a loop for me to front them. I do hope they get a singer that is as good at singing as the band is at playing. Ratt with a kickin' vocalist would be pretty dangerous!
FINAL VERDICT:  Yes, I could have done the gig on a 'vocalist level'..but I just wasn't the right guy for the gig.  It wouldn't have been fair to them or me.
NEWSFLASH:  Keri called me from the road tonight.  He was in Cleveland with Warrant...He confirmed that it looks like Robert Mason is 'da man.

9. What does God look like? Any chance that he might actually be black?
God is pure Holiness and love.  He probably looks so amazing that our pea brains couldn't even describe it.  The Bible says God made us in His own image..so who knows. As far as black goes...I believe God created all races equally**Bonus answer: People in Jerusalem (Jesus' stomping grounds) don't exactly look like your white, suit and tie, perfect hair, and perfect teeth modern American Evangelical. He was probably, by our American standards, an unattractive human being when he was on Earth.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a chick so ugly it's a sin and 10 being a totally angel.

All ratings are based solely on my attraction to their outward appearance....
Pamela Anderson = 10..Anyone who says she is not stunning is a liar.
Britney Spears = 5..my 5 year old son digs her.
Tammy Faye Baker = A Negative 10  Yikes!!
Jessica Hahn = 2....she did look a whole lot better in the aftermath of that whole incident.  The wonders of make-up and bolt-ons.
Cindy Crawford = 8..probably a ten. Not my brand though.
Rose McGowan = 8..strangely beautiful.
Nicole Kidman = 5/6..depends on her look of the moment.
Robin Quivers = 9..just cause you put her on this list!
Ginger Spice = 4..next
Courtney Love = a 2 in 'rock mode' a 6 in 'Hollywood mode'.

11. Do you believe the story of Noah's Ark? Do you actually think Noah really rounded up all those animals and put them on a boat? Wouldn't that be a major pain in the ass?
I believe the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible 100%. I believe God miraculously inspired the writers to deliver an error free revelation of Himself. Yes, That includes the story of Noah.  Bonus fact: There are over 2,500 known manuscripts of the New Testament written in the original Greek language from it's original time period in existence today.  Pretty good considering there are like 8-10 of Plato's manuscripts around..why doesn't anyone question the authenticity of Plato's writings?

DJ Jazzy Jamie

12. Would you sing "Shout At The Devil" for $25,000 cash?
Yes, just so people could hear what the song sounds like when it is performed live with a vocalist who can sing in key AND include every word of the song!

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
A) Maybe Don Dokken-for referring to himself as a 'rockstar' recently on VH1's The List.  Maybe not a smack in the mouth, but maybe he should have to complete some type of counselling to help him look at the realities of today.
B) Jamie Rowe-for agreeing to answer these questions! A MAJOR smack in the mouth..busted lip and all! Stitches even.

14. Rumors have circulated for years that KISS stands for Knights In Satan's Service, WASP stands for We Are Satan's People, and WARRANT stands for We Ain't Rock & Roll And Need Talent. How has KISS, WASP and WARRANT influenced your career?
As a child, Kiss was Spiderman/Superman/Batman who happened to play music. I was always into their stage show. WASP didn't do much of anything for me...although Johnny Rod came to see us in Pittsburgh last year. As far as Warrant, I was 19 when DRFSR came out.  It was my favorite disk that summer.  I thought Jani was a really good hook writer and he can sing.  People bag on Jani for Cherry Pie and forget that he also wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin.  I think Warrant has unfairly been targeted as the whipping boy for all that was wrong with "hair bands". I still think Jani has the ability to write some good hooks.  But Belly To Belly was lame!
What was the question?

15. Which do you prefer and why?

Marilyn Manson or Slayer = Neither one interest me much, Manson in Bowie mode is not as silly to me.
Axl Rose or Nikki Sixx = Nikki...I met him years back and he was pretty cool to me.
Strippers or Porn Stars = I can honestly say I do not personally know anyone who does Either of those occupations.
Ozzy Osbourne or Alice Cooper = Alice! Rumours have circulated for years that he has faith in Christ.  Who knows?
Michael Sweet or Robert Sweet = Oz Fox and Tim Gaines
Sebastian Bach or Howard Stern = Sebastian..Love him or hate him..he's  a stellar vocalist.
David Koresch or L. Ron Hubbard = Deception.  Neither mean anything to me.  Someone told me Koresch listened to Guardian...that is scary.
Christmas or Easter = Christmas...I have kids.  I don't believe Dec.25th was the actual birth date of Christ.  But, it's a good day to celebrate his arrival.  I love the whole santa thing with my children.
Lesbians or Gay Guys = Ha ha! Given a YOU MUST CHOOSE ULTIMATUM I'd choose Lesbians.  Just cause I prefer women.  But I don't actually prefer either one.

16. Do you have any future plans on running a campground like Michael Sweet does?
I don't know if I could run one. Do you think they'd let me just run trash patrol? I am more suited to be a video clerk.

17. Are you offended by the wrestling term "Austin 3:16"?
No, But I prefer the original.  I am not into wrestling at all. But it has shown me that there is hope for the average steroid using/high school football player/D average type after high school.  You too can have a career!
For the record, I also hate NASCAR.

18. Please fix the following 3 sentences by correctly rewriting it.

"Jesus asked all tha animalls to bored the boat. Afta tha animils got fed and drunk sum water they sleeped all knight long. Then he telled them to fuck and make sum more babi animimals. Tha Ended."
Do you mean grammatically or topically?..oh well, here goes.
"Noah asked all the animals to board the boat.  After the animals were fed and had drank some water, They slept throughout the entire night.  Noah, then exhorted them to "get live" and replenish the quantity of each of their respective breeds. The end."

19. Since you are down with God, please tell us which of the following dead persons are in Heaven or Hell?
How should I know who is in Heaven or Hell???!!! I am not God!!!!! (But I'll play along for the sake of Sludgeaholics who HATE unanswered questions by giving you potential reasons for both destinations..)

Sam Kinison = Heaven for his Faith in earlier years.  Hell for the Wild Thing video.
Eazy E = Heaven Only as a condition that he stop recording music and goes right now.  Hell if he declined the offer and God took him anyway and judged him for his music alone.
Chris Farley = Heaven for Tommy Boy/Hell for Air Heads
Randy Rhoads = Heaven for talent/Hell for making every learning metal guitarist insist on playing the riff of Crazy Train incessantly.
Cliff Burton = Heaven for being an original thrasher /Hell if he would have approved of the Load/Re-Load disks.
Elvis Presley = Definitely burning in hell...Just because of those movies they show on Turner Network Television.
G.G. Allen = This name sounds familiar...I am not sure who it is. This person is likely in a neutral 'soul waiting room' reportedly located in Downey, Ca. waiting for God and Satan to figure out who this is.  If they do not reach a timely agreement, the aforementioned person will be put in a room with a large screen t.v. that only shows TBN Network and The Jerry Springer show.
Jimi Hendrix = Heaven for talent/Hell because his image is placed on so many ugly tie-dyed t-shirts.
Tim Kelly = Heaven for playing with Mark and Blas/Hell for playing with Dana Strum. Though I don't know Dana..your site depicts a nasty man.  I like Mark and Blas though.
Eric Carr = I heard that Eric called Ty Tabor from King's X( a devout Christian) a week before his death.  Asked a ton of questions about Christianity.  And then accepted Christ as his saviour.  I'd say Heaven for that/Hell for the Hot In The Shade/Crazy Nights disks.

NOTE TO SLUDGEAHOLICS:  We have to briefly explain this next part.  When we were sending out the 20 Questions to Jamie, we came up with some question that was like, "Don't you think" blah blah blah.  We forgot what the questions was, but it was something like that.  Anyways, whoever was typing up Jamie's 20 Questions only sent out the "don'" part and forgot the rest of the question, and then sent it out to Jamie.  Well Jamie responded to it and here it is.  It's kind of funny so we'll keep it in to show you guys that even Metal Sludge is capable of making a mistake every now and then.

20. Don'
I am not sure of the meaning of this question.  It sounds like a man's name with an apostrophe added. You can come up with a better question that that can't you?!  :-)  Try again.....

21. Time for Metal Sludge's Word Association. We give you a name and you give us your thoughts.

Nikki Sixx = Entertainer/Legitimate rock star. Motley got me interested in hard rock when I was 14.
Gene Simmons = Life expectancy is 20-30 years..He should check out the lyrics to Dust In the Wind..from 70's progsters Kansas
Marilyn Manson = Fading fast...found a new way to get attention yet?
Ozzy Osbourne = I have never been into Ozzy.
Howard Stern = Funny but foul.
Traci Guns = Good player..I feel like he's sorta stuck in a time warp though.
Anthrax = Still a valid band artistically.  They still have it.  Dan Spitz is now supposedly a devout Messianic Jew (A Jewish person who accepts Christ as the prophesied Saviour) and is releasing a disk reflecting that change in his life.
Scientology = Deception.
Dana Strum = High octane fuel for the Metal Sludge engine.
Stephen Pearcy = Made a bad decision.
Slayer = BBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZ  (With a fast tempo of course)
Bret Michaels = Good frontman. Can't say I liked that Death Row movie though.
Jesse Ventura = I think he's wrong on some things, but I like that a non politician type is in office.  I bet he gets bills passed with threats of head butting and pile driving.

Jamie on the street somewhere.

Now we think that was pretty good!  See, at Metal Sludge, you never know who's going to send back a cool interview and who's going to be lame.  Jamie can hang better than a lot of people and put some effort into all the questions, so for that we salute him!  He even managed to talk a little bit of smack too!

Now if you'd like more info on Jamie (and who doesn't?), you can go to WWW.JAMIEROWE.HOMEPAGE.COM.  He's got info on his CDs, shows, and various shit like that. 

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