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20 Questions With Mark Kendall, 4/25/00



Mark Kendall

Ex-Great White Guitarist Mark Kendall

This week we present to you Ex-Great White guitarist Mark Kendall.  Mark recently left Great White and has his own thing going on, so we asked him a little bit about that, plus our typical 5th grade bullshit.

Mark at

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug you CDs, websites, or other shit.  
Mark Kendall:  I did a nationwide search for the best players I could find. The response wa
s incrediable. I had so many well known drummers and bass players respond it was a little overwhelming, but I was able to make a final decision. Todd Griffin on vocals, Gary G on bass, Dicky Simms on keyboards and Pride Hutchison on drums. I also made my first guitar instructional video. It is available on my website, www.MarkKendall.com.

2.  Why did you really bail on GW and do you really think the world is waiting for a Mark Kendall solo CD?
I left the band because I wasn’t happy anymore. I seemed to be in the dark on almost every issue and the fire was gone. Whether or not the world is waiting for a Mark Kendall solo album we will never know because I am not doing one. I have just assembled a new band. A band that will be playing music that is closer to what I hear in my head. The players are awesome! and the music is Amazing!


3.  Tell us the high & low points for you and Great White?
The high point for me was going on our first big tour in the states with Judas Priest. Even though our record sales weren’t that good it still was a high point. My low point was getting sick on the Scorpions tour and having to miss 3 weeks of playing guitar. It was my idea to have Al Pitreli fill in. He did a great job, but I was still bummed because I wanted to play.

Great White 1989
Great White – 1989

4.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
I’m not really sure ’cause I don’t really follow the "Rock Star" scene that much, but I do remember being at a party years & years ago at Kevin Dubrows house. How or why I can’t remember, but he was really an off the wall dude with alot of rude comments. I know that he has said alot of bad things in the press just about every band. So I guess if I had to pick one, he would be it.

5.  We here Metal Sludge are very educated in the 80s style of music. And of course know just about every detail about everybody. It’s fairly obvious that you’ve had your fair share of hair follicle problems. Why do some guys fess up and others seem to be going to their grave in denial?  What’s you current hair status?
I cut my hair short that’s about it. My hair was thicker when I was younger of course. As far as why people don’t fess up, probably because they are embarrassed… I guess?

Look, Mark without glasses!!!
An 8 x 10 Mark sent us of him not wearing glasses.  It’s a bad scan, but you can see him in the background.

6.  You always wear sunglasses, even at night and shit.  What’s up with that?
I don’t always wear sunglasses. On stage a long time ago I wore shades at a gig and my manager said hey that’s a cool image. So it just caught on and I went with it. Pretty soon people at the shows were wearing my sombrero and shades. Sunglasses are cool anyway.

7.  Is Michael Lardie pretty much Jack Russell’s mini me? 
I don’t know about mini me? He is Jacks throat Dr. on the road. Jack’s Dr. showed Michael how to check Jack’s vocal chords with a mirror, and he’s on call 24 hr’s a day.

8.  How many of the chicks in the "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" video did you guys bang?  Anybody nail Bobbie Brown?
I’m not really sure. When we shot that video I was with a friend of mine who had M.S. and I was taking care of him. I think Lardie dated one of them though.

9.  Of all the bands Great White toured with, who were the biggest dicks and why?
We have been very lucky. We have always treated every band with respect, and vice versa. I’m dead serious we have never really toured with any asshole bands. But we have toured with extremely green bands.

10.  Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being someone who totally sucks and 10 being a virtuoso. 

C.C. DeVille = 11, C.C. plays his heart out, and has improved alot over the years.
Mick Mars = 6, Mick got better with his playing from record to record.
Eddie Van Halen = 10, He is a great rock n roll guitar player, very inventive.
Eric Turner = ?
George Lynch = 9, I remeber Lynch doing the hammer-ons with his right hand before Eddie did. Eddie just put melody to it.
Yngwie Malmsteen = 9, Great player, but the guy is mental.
Tracii Guns = 71/2, Great guy and dedicated player. He loves his guitar.
Warren DeMartini = 81/2, A real talent. I always liked Warren, good player, good guy.
Ace Frehley = 8, Kiss were very cool and wrote some cool rock anthems. Ace had his thing.
Joe Perry = 10, This guy is a great inventive guitar player. I love his guitar sound.

11. What hard rock band should give it up and call it a day?
That’s a hard question. I just have to say when it’s not fun anymore and your heart and soul aren’t into your groove, then you should probably call it a day. But, how can you judge a band if they are having a blast and people are coming to their shows and buying there music.

12.  In your entire career, what is the most "rock and roll" thing you ever did?
I don’t even get that one? How about playing the Monsters of Rock tour. I guess that was kinda rock and roll-ish

Great White in Japan
This was a shot taken live in Japan during the song "Wasted Rock Ranger"

13.  Who is a bigger drunk than Jack Russell?
I am! Or at least no one I ever met and I mean ever met drank more alcohol than I did. I would go like on 39 day drunks. I have been sober for 9 years. Jack believe it or not didn’t and doesn’t drink like that. So I don’t know where you got that one. Drunk?

14.  How was it being on Portrait Records and working with John Kalodner?  Are you happy with how the last record did?
We always wanted to work with John but something always went weird when the opportunities came. I’m not happy with the record sales though. I think that when you have a song that does as well as "Rolling Stoned did with radio, you have to push it and promote the album on the radio as well. Just put money into the advertisement and the sales should follow suit. So for throwing the record out and having the "lets just see what happens" trip…I guess it did okay.

15.  The biggest misconception about _______________ is? Example: The biggest misconception about MTV is
that they play videos.  You get the idea.

Tommy Lee is That he’s this out of control animal. I know a much different side which is a class act with a great sense of humor.
David Lee Roth is He is this self-centered egoed out dude with a bad attitude. Everytime I’ve ever talked to him it was all about, how are you doing? What’s your band been up to. The guy is cool!
Vince Neil is He’s just strickly this bad boy rocker dude. Vince is a good guy with a big heart.
Jack Russell is That there is any misconception. What you see is what you get.
Mark Kendall is That he is egoed out. I’ve heard a hand full of people quite a while ago say that. I first got sobor and it was a little tough for me to hang out and talk to people. and i think some folks took it the wrong way.
Rikki Rockett is That he is just all flash and can’t play drums. I happen to know that he is a very accomplished drummer who is also very exciting to watch. I think anyone who saw Poison’s last tour would agree.
Gerri Miller is That she is just a groupie with a pen and a tape recorder. She just loves music and appreciates talent and just loves the action of music and the business.
Groupies are Are all brainless bimbos. I don’t think that’s true in most cases.
Cocaine is i don’t know. I do know it will eventually take you down.

17.  Do you think this whole Great White thing is a little overkill? Everything is fish or shark related.Song titles, album titles, Jack’s a pirate, VH1 interview on a boat. Is it a bit overdone maybe?
It’s overkill, but it always worked and always been cool. I think it was one of the all time cool names for a band and as far as the shark thing, who cares. It was fun and the fans always dug it.

18.  Is Audie Dubrow a prick?  We’ve heard he’s kind of a jerk and he also likes all the groupie bitches?
Man you are the shit seekers from hell!  Where did you hear that from? It’s Desbrow, and Audie and I have had some problems but a prick! I don’t think so. Are groupies bitches? I don’t know or never got to know any anyway.

19.  Your pretty low key, why is that?  Are you shy or do you have a real small wang? What’s the deal?
I’m not low key! I’m a prick who loves groupie bitches!! As for my wang it is by no means small you can ask my bitches!

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Tony Montana = good person, great musician
Jack Russell = caring person with lots of personality
Bret Michaels = cool fuckin’ dude
Don Dokken = good talent, great melody singer and good vocal chops
Lars Ulrich = lucky guy
Sebastian Bach = cool rocker,and high energy kind of guy who loves to party down.
Cinderella = rock band from the 80’s era
Gene Simmons = business man extraordinaire
Korn = kill your parents music
Slaughter = being un-kind to animals

Well it seems like Mark didn’t want to diss anybody or talk shit.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.  At least he put some effort into it.

For more info on Mark, you can check out www.markkendall.com

Mark kickin' in in a limo

16.  You’re the newest member of a list of guys who have bailed on their band in the middle of a tour, new release, etc…Tommy Lee, C.C. DeVille and Stephen Pearcy. Why is this happening?  Why can’t you guys stick it out?
I can’t speak for the others. as for me, I didn’t bail in the middle of a tour. It was after. I was told that we were going into the studio to do another album. I had alot off issues to deal with and just could not continue. Jack was sick and the band was fried. I stuck it out as long as I could and Jack and I said from day one "lets do this thing until it’s not fun." Well not fun came!

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