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20 Questions Pete Loran of TRIXTER! – 13 Years Ago.



Ex-Trixter Singer Pete Loran

This week’s 20 Questions are with former Trixter singer Pete Loran.  We’ve tried to get a member of Trixter to do 20 Questions for a while now, but Steve Brown never responded to us, probably because he takes himself too seriously and is a dick.  But Pete was down and lets everybody know his feelings on Steve, Trixter, who played on their albums, and various other bullshit.  Enjoy.

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your shit, so get it all out of the way now.

well I have a new CD out titled "be of this Time"  found at www.peteloran.com Tower Records,amazon.com Cdnow.com and many other places.

2.  Are you actually trying to get a record deal, or are you just doing this solo CD for shits and giggles?

well I do have a deal but its not like the one i used to have with a bunch of idiots who know nothing about music running the show….This ones in my hands alone…..I’m actually just hoping to make some noise…..

3.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

I think all that shit should die…….when these guys go on tour they should name it the "circling the drain tour"…………….

4.  Is it true that part of the reason Trixter broke up is because you guys didn’t even own your own name and were being sued by your former managers?

No thats not true at all. we did own the name and we fired our MGMT. but we were also being sued by a merchandising CO. I also could not stand to sing those songs one more time!…..If you listen to my new record you can that I am finally able to be myself and not a robot singing about bullshit…………..

Those whacky kids!

5.  What do you remember about the following years?

1980 = MTV, highschool, girls,

1984 = highschool still, formed Trixter

1988 = getting close to a record deal and signing in 89

1991 = touring touring touring……..gold record!

1994 = making the wothless "Undercovers CD"

1997 = still wondering why we made that CD

6.  Who got worse treatment on the way back down: Winger, Firehouse, Trixter, Warrant or Slaughter?

I guess Winger….Beavis and Butt head….. you know the loser friend with the winger Tee shirt….remember the Metallica video,  throwing darts at a picture of Kip..classic………………

7.  For $100,000:

You must be the clown chased by Brahman bulls in the rodeo, only there are no other clowns to distract the enraged bulls nor anything of any kind to hide in.  When you have successfully outrun 5 bulls for 3 minutes each,

collect your Metal Sludge prize money.  Would you do it?

yes!! and I would be sure to wear the color red!! and a bullseye on my ass!!!

8.  What is the biggest amount of girls you banged after a Trixter tour and who was the slut of the band?

we banged them while on tour……thats why some of these fuckin bands never stop touring the little shit holes around the states……..SO THEY CAN GET LAID!!!  I however still get laid…………..biggest slut was a toss up between all the other guys

9.  How did you feel after the grunge scene hit and Trixter became a joke band to be slagged on by every body, including the very bands you toured with, MTV types and radio stations?

I felt relieved about the end of that music……I dont know who slagged us but I’m sure they are either on the "circling the drain tour" or flipping burgers somewhere!  Trixter was a joke band …get it


10.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who sounds like a flat tire going down a road and 10 being an incredible singer.

Mark Slaughter…..4. nice guy, cant stand the high shit though

Jani Lane……6 .good frontman, but I heard him recently and he has no range to his voice..hmm

Jack Russell  6…….nice guy

Vince Neil      3

Bret Michaels 3

Tom Keifer     can’t remember

David Lee Roth  8  back in the day Dave was king….

Stephen Pearcy 3

Paul Stanley 3…..

Sebastian Bach 1………

11.  On the last few tours, Steve started singing some songs and so did PJ.  Did they have big egos or something?  Why couldn’t they just let you sing the songs since you were the singer?
I think they all had a fucking ego problem…..everybody wanted to be the lead singer……….some sort of bigger dick ploy!!
12.  What rock star needs a punch in the mouth and why?

all of them…..

13.  What was your biggest paycheck from something music related? Royalties, record deal advance, merchandise or some other?ONE MILL…………….what a waste

14.  Why did you guys have your keyboardist Liad Cohen always play off stage?  Who’s idea was that?

It wasnt mine……it was for the guys who later wanted to be lead singers who didnt sing at the time……….sample city…..

15.  Which do you prefer:

Ace Ventura or Billy Madison = ACE rules

Poison or Warrant = warrant

Arizona or New Jersey = AZ for now

Strip clubs or porn videos = strip clubs

Flannel Shirts & Tennis Shoes or Leather Pants & Cowboy Boots = tennis shoes

Pop Tarts or Hot Pockets = hot pockets

Britney Spears or Debbie Gibson = Britney 

David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar = DLR

Tracii Lords or Jenna Jameson =  neither …. Janine !!!!


16.  Trixter was on a VH1’s "Where are they now?" special. What do you remember about the others that appeared on that same show with you?

Anthrax = not much

Stryper = my first tour

Saigon Kick = nothing

Tuff = huh?

Jackyl = annoying as hell

Bobbie Brown = great cosmetic line..ha ha

Yngwie Malmsteen = too many notes…………

The Trixter Undercover CD 

17.  Of all the bands Trixter played with, who were the most difficult to get along with?
they were actually all easy to get along with…

18.  There are rumors saying that Steve Brown didn’t play that much on Trixter’s first album.  Is that true at all?  Did you guys have a few studio musicians drop by or what?

well steve and I played………..

19.  Do you look back on the Trixter "Undercovers" CD and think, "What the  fuck were we smoking?"

I tried to use that as an excuse……….didn’t work
20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s World Famous Word Association!  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

PJ Farley = slut!!…….also very funny.

Steve Brown = lead singer ?? selfishMark Scott = old friend 

Gene Simmons = nice guy……..

Sebastian Bach = dick!

Jani Lane = drunk     

C.C. DeVille = krell king

Dana Strum = ??

Pamela Anderson = tits

Nikki Sixx = his wife

Howard Stern  = the king of all media


That’s a pretty good Word Associaton.  Jani’s drunk, Sebitchian’s a dick, and Steve Brown is selfish.  We’re down with that.  So for more info on Pete and his CD, you can go towww.peteloran.com

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