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20 Questions With George Lynch, 2/29/00



George Lynch

George Lynch

Welcome to part 2 of our Dokken trilogy.  A few weeks back we interviewed Jeff Pilson, and 2 weeks from now it’ll be Don Dokken’s turn.  But for now, ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch is in the hot seat.  A lot of people have been waiting for this interview to see what George has to say.  Did George bag on Dokken some more??  What does George have to say about his new version of Lynch Mob?  Well stop wasting your time and reading this and check out our 20 Questions below!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is the only chance to really plug your shit, so speak now and get it over with.

George Lynch:  The current Lynch Mob CD, Smoke This is in stores. I’m working on a mostly instrumental guitar CD that will hopefully be out in June. I’m looking to reform the old Lynch Mob with the original members (minus Mick). And, I’m starting a label with which I hope to produce other acts.

2.  Let’s cut to the chase, how many wigs does Don Dokken own and have you ever seen him without his wig?

I am not aware of Don’s current hair maintenance techniques.

3.  You?re in pretty good shape for an old guy, what type of supplements do you use and have you ever used ?roids?

I use EAS and Labrada Lean Body supplements. No steroids.

4.  Since Reb Beach is the new guitarist in Dokken, what advice would you give him?

I don’t think Reb needs my advice.

Dokken back in the day

Jeff Pilson, Don Dokken, George, and Mick Brown

5.  Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a player who sounds like he has broken fingers, and 10 being a virtuoso.

CC Deville = 3

Reb Beach = 8+

Tracii Guns = 5

Slash = 6+

Mick Mars = 5

Ace Frehley = 4

John Norum = 8+

Yngwie Malmsteen = 9

Eddie Van Halen = 9

Warren DeMartini = 7+

Lynch Mob

Lynch Mob – the 1991 version

6.  Did you ever considering naming your new band Lynch Bizkit?

The thought occured to us, although we preferred "Soggy Muffin".

7.  What seems to be the main argument between you and Don?  What?s the problem?  Did roid rage ever have anything to do with it?

Alright. Yes, I admit it. My hemmoroids were acting up.

8.  The answer to this question is probably obvious, but we?ll ask the question anyways.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

There are probably quite a few of us. But what are we supposed to do? Sell shoes or Amway products for a living?

9.  Before playing in Dokken, you had a Hollywood band called Exciter, what was that all about?

It was originally a glam band complete with makeup and pyro, etc.

10.  What do you remember about the following years?

1976 =
My daughter Natasha was born on the 5th of July

1980 = Traveled to Amsterdam to record Breaking the Chains

1985 = Married my 2nd wife, Christy, and I moved to Arizona

1989 = Put together my dream band Lynch Mob

1992 = Recorded my solo album Sacred Groove

1995 = Divorced my second wife, moved to Cave Creek Az, and went back to school

11.  You have a pretty good tan, so are you concerned at all about getting skin cancer?

I don’t tan very often anymore.

12.  Some fans and been disappointed when they?ve come to see Lynch Mob recently because they were expecting the Lynch Mob of old.  They didn?t know anything about the rap stuff.  How has feedback been on your end?  Are people digging it or do you find your getting a lot of Dokken fans showing up who leave halfway through the show?

I loved playing in the new band. It was a great band. We had a unique sound and everybody in the group got along really well. There was disappointment on the part of some of the old fans. I wish people could be more open to change.

George Rocks Out!

13.  Does it bother you at all that the only way you can sell CDs is to play with the three people you hate the most?

I have to play with my ex-wife, Hitler, and Satan to sell CDs?

14.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

I don’t think you see much of that rock star attitude these days. But Courtney Love comes to mind.

15.  You?re out in a yacht having a good time when you hear somebody yelling for help.  It appears that somebody is drowning.  You take the boat over to the person only to find out it?s Don Dokken.  It looks like Don can’t swim.  What do you do?

A.   Throw him a life preserver and save his life.

B.   Piss on him and then throw a life preserver

C.   Throw him a life preserver made out of cement.

D.   Aim the boat at him and run him over.

E.   Laugh, flex your muscles, flip him the bird, and leave him to drown

A. Throw him a life preserver and save his life.

Nice Biceps

16.  Which do you prefer:

Nikki Sixx or Gene Simmons - Nikki for advice on looking and acting cool, Gene for stock tips and business advice.

Rikki Rockett or Riki Lake - I haven’t seen the Rikki Rockett show yet, so I’ll reserve judgement.

Choreography or chemotherapy - Dance or death? I hate to dance but not that badly.

Guns n Roses or Metallica - neither

Kid Rock or Limp Bizkit - Limp Bizkit

Tanning beds or laying out in the sun - Ra!

Bench Press or Dumbell Flys - Dumbell press!

Met-Rx or EAS - EAS

17.  Don recently said that the Shadowlife album was pretty much a George Lynch solo album with Dokken playing on it.  He said that the whole thing was your idea and he thought it sucked.  Is that true and what do you have to say about that?

Yeah, right.

18.  What is your typical workout schedule for the week?

Very sporadic. My work comes first, so gym time is sometimes compromised.  Usually 3 days a week minimum and keep up the intensity. I like to cycle my training because everything works, but nothing works forever.

19.  After the rap?metal fade passes, what?s the next bandwagon you?ll be jumping on?

Groove oriented, guitar oriented, hook laden epics.

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Don Dokken - old friend

Oni Logan - unique, needs to improve his self esteem, trippy, needs to stay clean.

Tracii Guns - sweet guy, very kind hearted.

Tommy Lee - porn star. Let’s start a band!

Nikki Sixx – no thoughts.

Limp Bizkit - hated the first cd, loved the new one.

Dorian Yates - Blocky and unsymmetrical. Bigger is not always better.

Sebastian Bach - over indulgent

Dana Strum - Business minded, nice white teeth.

Jeff Pilson - articulate, good hearted.

Whats up with the scarfs?

Wow, no real Dokken slags at all!  And most of you probably thought George was going to go off about them!  See, you never know what you are going to get with Metal Sludge 20 Questions.  

For more info on George, you can go to his site at www.georgelynch.com.  Plus if you are a skinny ass and want to start lifting weights, George has some workout tips and shit on his website.

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