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20 Questions With Jesse Harte, 2/22/00



Ex-Southgang Singer Jesse Harte

This week’s 20 Questions is with former Southgang singer Jesse Harte.  As most of you know, Jesse’s former bandmates went on to become The Marvelous 3, and we just interviewed Butch Walker a few weeks ago.   But have you been wondering what Jesse has been up to all these years?  Has it kept you up at nights wondering how he was doing?  Probably not, but in case one or two of you are, we have him!  Try to contain your excitement.

Jesse emailed us recently so we hit him up for 20 Questions.  He also sent us some recent photos of himself to include in our 20 Questions.  That’s cool because it gives us less work to do.  Anyways, here is everything you ever wanted to know about Jesse Harte.  Enjoy!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your shit.

JESSE:  By day I’m the the sales manager for a national corporation that distributes cellular phones and wireless accessories to retail stores across the country.

By night, I am involved with several different projects. Myself and my roommate Steve DeBoard from another X "flash in the pan" early nineties rock band "Slammin Gladys" (who I met on the 1992 dual "S.G." tour) are working together on a few things. We have a 16 track home studio that we use to demo our own music. We also do a little producing of some other unknown artists and are sleeping very little. Outside of music we are working on a movie treatment and later a script that I conceived an idea for.  Steve works during the day at International Creative Management in case you were wondering.

Steve DeBoard and Jesse Harte, NYE 1999

Steve DeBoard and Jesse on New Year’s Eve, 1999

2.  Other than the bottle, who influences Jesse Harte and why?

Sorry this question is not specific enough.. Do you mean prescription bottle, Pepsi bottle, beer bottle, or my sacred bottle of NoDoZ (caffeine if you don’t know).  I hate the taste of coffee and it stains your teeth but I need my

caffeine in the morning.

Other than the bottle stuff I would have to say the "MetalSLudge writers" and "Grunge music Has-beens" have been recent influences of mine because they are both "dying breeds".  This makes room for "new life" like myself and others who have taken time off from making music to now get back in the mix.

3.  Since the Southgang split up, Butch and the boys released 2 Floyd’s Funk Revival CDs, toured a lot, released 2 Marvelous 3 CDs, got a record deal and toured some more.  You’ve….uh….well….you haven’t released anything. What’s up with that?

I guess just call me an Axl Rose wanna be.

4.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

If they love what they are doing and are making money then they should all keep rocking!

5.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10, and don’t PUSS out!  1 is a jabroni and 10 is a God like singer.

Butch Walker = 9.5

Stephen Pearcy = 6

Vince Neil = 7

Bret Michaels = 6

Bruce Dickinson = 8

Taime Downe = 4

Sebastian Bach = 8

Jani Lane = 9

Tom Keifer = 6

Marq Torien = 6

I wish Robin Zander had been on your list I’d rate him off the Sludge scale at 12

6.  What’s this "six figure job" you are doing?  Does dealing large amounts of cocaine have anything to do with it?

No, I said 6 figures not 7. I don’t even like the smell of cocaine.

7.  Have you banged any Playmates, porn stars, rock stars wives or famous pigs and if so, name names?

Yes, yes, maybe. NO.

8.  How long were you a telemarketer and what scams did they involve?

Pre Southgang I worked for a telemarketing firm and when we were bored we would call friends of our girlfriends who were striving models. We would tell them we got their # from an agency. We’d record the conversation while we pretended to be calling from a sex toy company who needed female models to pose for our male models to keep them hard while the molds for dildos were made. We said it paid $100 an hour. They usually said yes.

That’s all I remember.

9.  Who do you still associate with from the Sunset Strip?

I have many friends from the Sunset Strip and the music business, to many to name.

10.  Speaking of Sunset Strip, Southgang was a band to come from that scene.  Give us your opinion of these Sunset Strip bands who like Southgang got the record deal but a little too late.

Pretty Boy Floyd = Never saw them play and only heard part of their CD. No opinion…Howard Benson.

Kik Tracee = I thought the singer was cool but only heard one song and saw the video.

Junkyard = They were cool.

Tuff = Stevie is a nice guy and so is George…Howard Benson.

Wildside = I like Brent Woods and think he is cool but never listened to the CD.

Asphalt Ballet = Never listened to the CD.

Sister Whisky = Never listened to the CD.

Slug, Jesse, and a dude named Brian who played in an early version of Southgang before they moved to LA.

Slug, Jesse, and a dude named Brian who played in an early version of Southgang before they moved to LA. 

11.  What’s the most rock n roll thing you did in Southgang?

Got a record deal.

12.  You auditioned for Warrant back when Jani briefly left the band.  Were you bummed out that you couldn’t even get in Warrant?

No, There is no such thing as Warrant without Jani.

Jesse having some drinks in a hotel room with Slug and Jeff. Kinky!

Slug, Jesse, and some dude named Jeff having a few drink in a hotel room.

13.  Rumor has it you have a drinking problem.  Is that true and do you feel you are in control of your drinking?

The only problem I have is if I don’t drink enough. Too much blood builds up in my alcohol stream and I start to remember things. I feel that I’m in control of my drink at all times and I have not spilled a drop in years.

Now.. if you want the real answer…..I’m gonna go with, No I don’t have a drinking problem and Yes I’m in control of my drinking….hmmm…. then again?  Yes, I feel pretty confident!… I’m going with "No problem and Yes I’m in control" and "that’s my final answer Regis". Can I have the million dollars back now that I’ve spent on booze?

14.  What rock star deserves a kick in the genitals and why?

Courtney Love…Except I wouldn’t kick her I’d just bang my genitals real hard against hers a few hundred times. It would improve her range!

15.  Give us a memory of:

The Country Club =
I got up and sang "Stand up and Shout" with the original DIO lineup at some benefit concert there when I was 20 years old. Ronnie James was absent that night. I was a big DIO fan so it was a thrill for me.

Gazzarris = Bill Gazzarri called us foxy guys and treated us like we were going to be the next Van Halen.

Got to sing a version of NewYork NewYork on New Years Eve with the late Bill Gazzarri under one arm and the late Sam Kinison under the other.  Bill died the night before SouthGang’s record release party at the club

"Spice" on Hollywood Blvd.  It was really sad, a bitter sweet night for us.

The Troubadour = Did not play there much.

The Roxy = Enjoyed playing there a few times.

The Whisky a-go-go = SouthGang played our first show there. It was a Nobozos jam. We got a great review from Rock City News.

Cathouse = Never played there.

Rage = My car broke down in front of that place one time when I was on the way to the Troubadour. A homo was very nice to me and let me use his cell phone.

16.  Do you think bands like Def Leppard, Poison, Ratt, Warrant and Motley Crue can become as popular today as they once were?

An honest answer is probably no. But what I do think is there is still a large fan base out there for all those bands and will be for years to come.

Jesse with Mitch

Slug, Jesse and that Brian dude at their highschool reunion.

17.  M3 is recording a new album. Have they asked you to be a guest vocalist or are they not looking to rehash some old 80s style vocals?

No, Butch and the guys can take care of the vocal chores quite well without my help.

18.  Not a lot has been heard about you and your sexual conquests.  Did you bang a lot of chicks back in the day, or did you suffer from Whisky Dick?

You have to remember I was only 21 to 23 years old when S.G. toured. I could drink as much as I wanted and did not have to worry about that problem. I didn’t even have to stop to take a break most of the time.

But I was selective…


19.  A lot of bands break up and usually the singer has some sort of solo career or future. Sebastian is solo, Taime has a new group, Phil Lewis put out a CD, Mike Tramp did a solo CD, Bruce Dickinson, David Lee Roth, and Sammy Hagar all put out CDs and so on….It seems as if though your band has completely proven the opposite. Was Butch holding your hand the whole way or what?

I did not know any of those people other than David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar had solo stuff out. Oh yea, Yes Butch held my hand and we spooned together often in the back of the bus when we would sleep on tour.

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We list a name and you give us your thoughts.

Butch Walker: Music Genius, driven, and life long friend.

Jayce Fincher: The groove doctor, a great sense of humor and also a life long friend. You left out Slug: He is the closest thing to a brother I have. We grew up next door to each other as kids and he earned his name by beating the hell out of the drums.

Jani Lane: Great song writer and one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen.

Bill Gazzarri: Sunset rock and roll will never be as cool without Bill!

Nikki Sixx: Great idea that he thought of mainlining Jack Daniels.

Taime Downe: Don’t know him but he looks like a drag queen.

Jonathan Davis: Makes cool noises where most bands use to put guitar solos.

Stephen Pearcy: Go back to Ratt and save your career.

Erik Turner: Super cool and one of the most down to earth guys ever.

C.C. DeVille: Spent a couple of nights in his old dungeon in the Hollywood Hills. He probably doesn’t remember it. What a come back story he has made. I’m blown a away by that Poison story on VH1!

Phil Lewis: Was not a fan of LA GUNS.

So there you have it.  Jesse doesn’t have a website so we don’t have any links down here.  So if you’d like to find out more about Jesse and his projects, we’ll have to wait and see.

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