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20 Questions With Johnny Solinger, 2/15/00




New Skid Row Singer Johnny Solinger

This week’s 20 Questions is with new Skid Row singer Johnny Solinger.  Skid Row only announced Johnny as their new singer 2 weeks ago, and BAM, Metal Sludge already has 20 Questions with him!  We’re quick that way.  

Johnny emailed us on February 4th and said: "Hey guys, It’s Johnny Solinger here. WOW!!!  I hope we make friends.  Your enemies can’t stand a chance!!"  That’s right Johnny!  See, it didn’t take Solinger long to figure that out, considering the previous singer of Skid Row is running from us.  

So now Johnny has truly made the big time because he’s doing 20 Questions with Metal Sludge!!  Getting into Skid Row and opening up for Kiss is nothing compared to doing 20 Questions with us!!  He’s reached the big time now, and if the new Skid Row does well, it’ll all be due to our little interview here.  You can thank us later.

So here’s 20 Questions With Johnny Solinger.

1.  Who the hell are you?

Johnny Solinger, Dallas, Texas rocker

2.  How did the guys (Skid Row) approach you about this position?  How long has this been in the works? Please explain how it all happened.

I received a call from a drummer I worked with years ago named Andre’ Avelar.  He had heard from a girl in the SKID camp named Carlene about possible auditions.  Together they convinced the guys to take a look at me.  The miracle of the internet made that easy, no more mailing pics and tapes, just log on.  I later received an e mail

from Rachel Bolan asking me if I was interested.  I was.  I went I kicked it’s ass….Good lord.. I’m in!

My first contact was in Oct.’99, but with the Holidays, and the pending doom of Millenium ( what a joke)  We opted for an early January flight out to Jersey from Big D.

3.  What songs did you jam with Skid Row when auditioned for them?

 Piece of Me, Monkey , 18, youth, beat yourself blind

4.  Hypothetical Question #1

You are up on stage talking between songs and somebody hits you in the head with a bottle.  What do you do:

A.  Swear a bit at the guy, but let security handle it.

B.  Run off the stage and hide in the tour bus

C.  Pick the bottle up, throw it at somebody in the crowd, and jump into the crowd and start beating ass.

I have a nice tin garbage can lid, and will deflect any foreign objects

  5.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who totally sucks and 10 being a great singer.

Vince Neil = 5

Stephen Pearcy = 6

Jani Lane = 5

Sebastian Bach = 9

Bret Michaels = 5

Jason McMaster = 7

Phil Anselmo = 8

Rob Halford = 10

Geoff Tate = 8

Dave Mustaine =3

6.   Who is Skid Row?s current record label and management?

McGhee, Atlantic

7.  How many albums has Solinger sold?

just under 10,000 since 92

8.  Of all the national bands that Solinger opened up for, which one gave you guys the hardest time and treated you like jackasses?

TESLA (MGT>>CREW)  band was nice.

9.  Have you changed your home phone number yet so the rest of Solinger can?t get in touch with you?  Are you going to be nice and maybe let some of them carry your bags or be a roadie for you?

anything they want bruthah

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Pamela Anderson = 9

Donna D?Errico = 9

Susie Owens = 10

Britney Spears = 17?

Rayna Foss =Coal Chamber chick unfamiliar with this woman, but I like all shapes, sizes,

Bobbie Brown = 8

Courtney Love = 5

Neve Campbell = 9

Rose McGowan =7

Jenny McCarthy = 7

11.  Are there plans to record a new Skid Row release anytime soon?

i hope12.  Did you ever go to see Skid Row in concert back in the day? Was Sebastian in anyway an influence and have you ever met him?

yes, yes, yes
13.  Do you have a girlfriend/wife and how many groupies do you think you?ll be banging per week?

I’m going to just say…..we’ll have to see how it goes


14.  Living in Texas you must have been exposed to Pantera, Dangerous Toys and even Joey C. Jones (Crabtree). What relationship do you have with these bands and other local bands?

Pantera is semi-cool to us, don’t know The Toys boys, Joey is Joey

15.  Hypothetical Question #2:

You are backstage before a gig and a big rock star approaches you, lets say Jon Bon Jovi, and asks you to turn over all your publishing.  What do you do?

A.  Sign whatever Jon hands you immediately without reading it, and then cry about for the rest of your life?

B.  Punch him in the mouth.

C.  Tell him to talk with your manager and lawyer first.


16.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth?

C.C. Deville, and that guy who plugged Rocket’s fiance’  so uncool

17.  Regardless of his attitude, Sebitchian is one of the top frontman in the game.  How will you overcome that immense job of being the new guy and trying to fill his microphone swinging shoes?

I gotta be me, but I am a fan

18.  Are you going to try to get Snake and Rachel to change the name of the band to Solinger Row?

Only if I can have a house like Snakes

19.  Are you the Youth Gone Wild?

Sure, why not

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Snake Sabo = Gracious host, articulate, lives like a king

Rachel Bolan = Boss man,( only because all contact was through him prior to audition)

Sebastian Bach = Thank god for that guy, I hope he gets VH

Gene Simmons = Legend

Tommy Lee = legendary penis

Limp Bizkit = Basket Bizkits and gravy in the mornin’   A Texas tradition

Zakk Wylde = Nice guy, great player

Kid Rock = looks familiar

Vince Neil = saw his heartbreaking story about his  daughter on vh1… so sad.. I wish only the very best for him.  God he must be strong

Vinnie Paul = likes Crown alot!!!

Jon Bon Jovi  = Take me on the road as support, the skids loved it last time.. But only after KISS no longer requires our services. which I hope never happens, ever.

For more info on Johnny, you can visit his website at www.johnnysolinger.com or www.solinger.net.  He has CDs you can buy of his past band Solinger available at the site if you feel like dropping some cash.

You can also go to www.skidrowonline.com for all the latest Skid Row news..   They just posted dates for the Kiss/Ted Nugent/Skid Row tour, so if you wanna see if they are coming to your town, that’s the place to go.

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