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20 Questions With Butch Walker, 2/1/00



Butch Walker

The Marvelous 3’s Butch Walker

This week’s 20 Questions is with Butch Walker.  You old school metal freaks will remember Butch as the guitarist for Southgang.   Well he’s still playing guitar but he’s also singing now for The Marvelous 3, who have a deal on Electra Records and even had a little MTV success last year. We asked Butch about that, his Southgang past, and other typical bullshit we ask everybody.  Enjoy!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your shit, so speak now or forever hold your peace.

BUTCH:  we are in the studio cutting a follow up to our first record. it’s a badass work of art, so art takes time…. it’ll come out in spring.

2.  What happened with the original Southgang band?  How did it all come to an end and do you still talk to Jesse Harte?

i got tired of doing that sort of thing. bands are no different than a relationship. if you lose the magic, get the fuck out. i didnt want to keep doing something just to make other people happy, while i was left unsatisfied. don’t forget, i got into this music thing in the first place, because it made ME happy. i love jesse, as do the rest of marv 3. we still keep in touch alot. i wish him the best, and i love him.

Southgang 1991


Jayce and Jesse upfront

Slug and Butch in the back

3.  You guys had some good success with "Freak Of The Week" but when the next single was released it did nothing?  It seemed like you guys where on a roll for a while, even appearing on The Tonight Show and getting some MTV play, and then everything became quiet.  What happened?

hey… who the fuck is complaining?!?!?!?!  a year before that, i had a $100 station wagon with no money to even change a tire, and i was still doing 250 shows a year! i think that life is pretty fucking good if you ask me.  you gotta know, the music biz is a shitty place sometimes. people’s attention span is about as short as my… well you know… and back in the day, we didnt have fucking wwf and wcw or playstations and shit like that for entertainment. everybody went to concerts and listened to the radio.  hell, even mtv used to show videos. it was better for a longer career for your art, because people didnt walk into Bands-R-Us and have this massive

wall of sounds to digest. should i get the prodigy keith flint doll with the kung-fu grip? nahh… it wont be cool in about a month……

4.  What current hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

marv 3

Southgang video shoot for

Butch in 1991

5.  The following are some near miss 80s groups kinda like Southgang was. Rate these bands on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being they sucked and 10 being they were great, and why they fell short.


Roxy Blue


Babylon AD


Kik Tracee

Pretty Boy Floyd

Roxx Gang



sorry… i drank alot when i was that age.. i dont remember a thing…


6.  Why the hell did you guys have Jesse Harte as a singer for all those years, when obviously you can sing better than him and you write all the songs anyway?

thanks for the uhhh,,, compliment,,, i  didnt have any desire to do the singer thing back in the day, but as time went on, i guess i thought i should try myself.. i think it was the ham in me, needing to come out of the oven..

7.  After Southgang you guys changed your name to Floyd’s Funk Revival.  Who the hell was Floyd?

floyd… floyd county that is…. born there.

8.  Jayce’s wife Chrystina Lloree sang with Floyd’s Funk Revival for a while.  Did you ever accidentally see her naked or anything like that?

actually she is having my children… just kidding… she’s a wonderful woman and an incredible singer. she is working on her solo album right now.  never saw her naked.



9.  Which would you pick?

A.  You lose a $10,000 bet on the Superbowl;


b.   You win the bet, but Mitch gets abducted and brutally sodomized by devil worshippers.

actually slug is satan, and he says that you’re all going to hell.

Butch - July 4, 1999, Washington D.C.

Butch on stage, 7-4-99

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a bucket of pig urine and 10 being a hottie.

Natalie From Facts Of Life – 6, cute

Daisy Duke – 10, the reason i am a man

Lita Ford - 6, only in the kiss me deadly vid

Courtney Love - 1, slutwhoreoppurtunist

Britney Spears - 9, thank heaven for little girls

Jenny McCarthy – 9, funny

Pamela Anderson - 4, overdone

Donna D’Errico – 5, i had a scrapbook of nikki sixx too

Chrystina Lloree – 10, wonderwoman

Mandy Moore – didnt he sing for a heavy metal band in the 80’s?


11.  What’s up with the album cover for Hey Album?  It’s just a red bed. What’s the deal with that, is there something we are missing?

just a little remembrance of where it all started. a one night stand in a seedy hotel room, spawned the marv 3.

12.  Who has been the biggest jerk-off band you have encountered?

third eye brown…er… blind

13.  How do the other guys, Mitch and Jayce, feel about having next to no input in the songwriting?  And did you snag all the publishing advance or did you split it with the guys?

no comment (that means i took it all, right?). no really, they trust me and i have a strict vision. it sometimes works, and it sometimes doesnt, but they support me. i rely on their input more than you know.

14.  Southgang played some shows back in the day with Warrant.  Why do you think they took such a big fall after having multi-platinum albums back to back?

because it’s the same reason that in about 5 years (or less) people will quit wearing pants that 7 people could fit into, baseball caps on backwards, and shooting gang signs that they dont even relate to, because the sources at mtv and radio will tell you it’s not cool anymore, and you should like something else now.  it’s not that i dont like limp bizkit, but couldnt they be the next warrant? think about it when they are doing the special on mtv in five years…"RAP-ROCK.. WHERE DID IT ALL GO?" fred durst will be president of his own label that signs up all the raprock that got dropped when it became passe, and the interview will be verbatim what jani lane said on this past years metal special.  i mean, nobody thought that parachute pants, or long hair was gonna go out of style, and it did… now it’s cool again… we’ll see….


15.  Do you think M3 has a snowballs chance in hell of ever having a Gold record or better?

i think so, but that is not my goal in life. i would rather set up a lemonade stand and give advice on the music biz….. kidding obviously.


16.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

mr jenkins…. i will tell you after i do it.

17.  Are there any plans to re-release the first Marvelous 3 album, Math and Other Problems?

it’s out on the same indie label that i did it for, deepsouth records. hey!!!  i was indie!!!


18.  Are you happy with the way Elektra Records has handled your album so far?

i hate most aspects about labels, but i use a major the same way that they use me… to get somewhere, with their help. i am sure that i wont be on a major label for too terribly long.

19.  Word on the street is that you use Propecia.  Is that true and how is your hair doing?

wow! what a funny thing to hear! am i going bald? would you tell me if i was?? i mean, i’m not insecure at all or anything… am i?  no? am i? what a weird rumor to come up with.. i have heard some good ones this year, but far more threatening than this. come on… you can do better than that…

20.  Time for Word Association.  We ask a name and you give us your thoughts.

Jesse Harte - love, history, lots of fun

Dana Strum – up all night, sell all day

Sevendust – my boys.  much deserved success.

Enuff Z Nuff - good songs. bad timing.

Lars Ulrich – muskrat

Tommy Lee – oh he’s so cool now.

Nikki Sixx – oh he was so cool then. still love him.

Bret Michaels – hung.

Byte The Bullett – that’s one "t", buddy…  they sucked

Sebastian Bach – still going… and going… and going..

Howard Stern – who? oh the singer from macauley shenker group! he was awesome!

Marvelous 3


For more info on The Marvies you can go to www.themarvelous3.com.  And in a few weeks we will have former Southgang singer Jesse Harte, so we’ll be able to find out how Jesse feels about his bandmates new found success and shit like that.

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