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20 Questions With Joey C. Jones, 1/18/00



Joey C. Jones

Crabtree Singer Joey C. Jones

Now you might be saying, "Who the fuck is Crabtree?"  Or maybe some of you are even saying, "Who the fuck is Joey C. Jones?"  Well slapnutz, Joey use to be the singer for the band Sweet Savage way back in the day, which Dana Strum produced.  He also sang for C.C. DeVille for a while, he then formed Joey C. Jones and The Gloryhounds, and now he has a new band called Crabtree.  So Joey’s been around for a while and knows a lot of people.  Crabtree even sent us 2 CDs and they are actually pretty good.  We usually hate everything, but their CD is better than a lot of shit that’s currently out.  So we thought we’d ask Joey 20 Questions to find out what he’s been up to.

1. What are you currently up to?  This is the only chance to plug your websites, albums, tours, etc. 
Currently playing regionally in Dallas based band Crabtree. Our debut self-titled album was released in the summer of 1999, and is available online at www.cdbaby.com. You can also check out our website at www.intplsrv.net/crabtree.

2. Who are you anyway, and why should our Sludgeaholics know you?
Lead singer of Sweet Savage, Shock Tu, Joey C Jones and the Gloryhounds,  Needle Park, and now Crabtree

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Christopher Torok, Adam Hamilton, C.C. DeVille, and Joey C. Jones in Needle Park, 1992.

4.  You obviously formed Joey C. Jones & The Gloryhounds. Was this because you wanted to be the star of your own group?
Because I was the star of my own group!

5.  You sang for C.C. DeVille in Needle Park after he quit Poison.  Tell us what it was like to work with him and who was in that group with you guys?
He’s more talented than people think and he gave me a lot of money.  Then I stole his band and formed The Glory Hounds

6. Going back a bit farther what happened to Pal Joey? This was one of your bands from Hollywood right? 
Yes it was. It was just a side project from "Sweet Savage" in Hollywood.

7. OK, a bit further now. Sweet Savage was a really pop/glam/rock/metal band in the mid 80s. You guys had an E.P. that got released in some foreign countries that Dana Strum produced, what happened with that record deal?
We got world wide distribution and local airplay. The band had too many egos and broke up before anything happened beyond a regional level.

8. We’ve heard horror stories from bands/musicians who have crossed paths with Dana Strum. Was he a shit talking, back stabbing creep back in the day with you guys?  Did he ruin Sweet Savage? 
He didn’t follow through with a lot of things but cant be blamed for the breakup of Savage.

9.  You played Hollywood a lot and probably knew a lot of bands too.  What bands became successful that you thought would’ve never made it? And who didn’t make it that you were sure would hit the big time?
I was surpised when Warrant and Poison made it but was happy that they found success. Angora should have made it I thought, that was John Corabi’s band.

Crabtree, 1999

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a mess, and 10 being a hot bitch.
Jessica Hahn =
Bobbie Brown =
Pamela Lee =
Jenny Mcarthy =
7 if she’s gagged and tied up
Gerri Miller =
10 cause we can use the press
Jenna Jameson =
Anna Nicole Smith =
7 with a black eye, and a sore asshole
Tori Spelling =
Daphne from Scooby Doo =
Lita Ford =

11.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why? 
Axl Rose cause he’s an ASSHOLE

12.  If you could suck any man’s schlong to a complete orgasm in your mouth and be paid $ 100,000.00 in non taxable cash. Of course without anyone knowing and no chance of any virus or disease. Would you?
Why not

13.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being horrible, 10 being a incredible.

Mark Slaughter = 3
Phil Lewis =
Vince Neil =
Bret Michaels =
Jani Lane =
James Hetfield =
Phil Anselmo =
Kelly Hansen =
Sebastian Bach =
C.C. DeVille =

14. What happened to the guys from The Joey C. Jones band? 
Still playing with Davies the guitar player and Ken the drummer dont even care what happened to the bass player!!

15.  Memory Lane: What do you remember about these years.
1976 =
1980 =
Started to take interest in music as a possible career
1984 =
Dave’s last album with Van Halen
1988 =
Living in L.A. with Sweet Savage and trying to hang out with the beautiful Gerri Miller
1992 =
Playing with C.C.’s band
1996 =
Started playing with Davies and Ken in what would become Crabtree

16. What’s the most disgusting thing you ever did to a groupie, other than fuck her?
Left them at a hotel 2000 miles from home tied up with a black eye.

17. Two Part Question:  For $10,000: Would you set fire to an abandoned building with a convicted child molester sleeping in it? (The molester has served time, but 95% of child molesters are repeat offenders!)
I’d take the money but would torch the bastard for free.
For $10 bucks: Would you set fire to an abandoned building with O.J. Simpson sleeping in it.  

18. How much drugs did C.C. do while you played in his group?  How much drugs did you do while you were in C.C.’s band?
We both did lots and I still have a hangover.

19.  We heard that your old guitarist Chris from Sweet Savage was paralyzed in an airplane that he piloted and crashed. Is this true and have you talked to him since it happened? 
Yes and yes

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Bill Gazzarri / I miss him like a father
Bret Michaels /
Nikki Sixx /
A pioneer
C.C. DeVille /
As lucky as Brett
Jani Lane /
Well rounded all around musician
Dana Strum /
Should be selling cars by now
Adam Hamilton /
Talented and still a good friend
Axl Rose /
See smack in the mouth question above
Sebastian Bach /
should have played basketball
Howard Stern /

If you’d like more info on Crabtree such as tour dates or to listen to their shit, you can do so by going to http://www.intplsrv.net/crabtree/.

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