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Most Of These Bands Belong In The Shitter

Welcome to Rock On The Decline.  This is the section where Metal Sludge brings to you weak ass local bands from around the country.  We’ll rate each band on a scale of 0 to 10 in several categories.  10 being the best, and 0 being a piece of shit.   If these bands take our advice, we guarantee that they’ll all be signed and playing arenas with Metallica in a few years.  But you have to listen to all our advice, or you’ll be doomed to play bars for little or no pay, much like Slaughter is doing today!  And we’re sure you don’t want that fate!!  So if you’re in a band and want your CD reviewed, then send us a few copies, along with a bio, 8 x 10, and any other shit you have to:


P.O. BOX 3024

GARY, IN. 46403-3024


If you are sending us a CD for ROCK ON THE DECLINE, you
HAVE to send us more than one fucking CD.  There are 6, sometimes 7, of us at this site, and sharing one CD with 6 people who might not necessarily be in the same state is lame.   If you send us a package to review and it has only ONE CD, we AREN’T reviewing it, and you ain’t getting your shit back either.  It takes us more time and effort to send the CD to each other or spin a CD-R that it’s just not worth it.  SEND 2 CDS at least or go fuck yourself.  Record labels require more than one CD, and so do we!!

August 9, 2001 Update

Dead Mans Hand – From Salt Lake City, UT

Offering74 – From Denver, CO

Shiver – From Tampa, FL

SuperPimp – From Buffalo, NY

Torsion – From Chester Springs, PA

The Wrecking Crew – From Alexandria, VA

April 25, 2001 Update

Blue Period - From San Francisco, CA

Medicine Mann - From Nashville, TN

Seven Deadly Sons - From Minneapolis, MN

Thee Trash Brats - From Detroit, MI

September 27, 2000 Update

Blowtorch - From Salt Lake City, UT

Derek Cintron - From Miami, FL

Billy Gash & Penny Lane - From Lyndhurst, NJ

Grey Cell Green - From Hartford, CT

Relentless - From Washington, DC

May 10, 2000 Update

Cronic Disorder – From Cherryville, N.C.

Missing Infinity – From Smyrna, Delaware
Kenny Texeira – From Hollywood, CA

March 1, 2000 Update

Count Dante And The Black Dragon Fighting Sociey – From San Francisco, CA

Cyber Jack – From Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dad’s Porno Mag – From LA

Mindlessanity – From Long Island, NY

Perfect Tommy – From Myrtle Beach, S.C.

January 17, 2000 Update

Atello – From New York, NY

Drew Barrett – From New York, NY

Killswitch – From Hawaii

Midnight Angel – From Philadelphia, PA

The Mistakes – From Hollywood, CA

The Serpenteens – From New York, NY

October 13, 1999 Update

Drill 187 – From Rocky Mount, NC.

The Guttersluts – From Hollywood, CA

August 27, 1999 Update

Hyperchild – From Fullerton, CA

X-Models – From Mufreesboro, TN

Late July 1999

Crush – From Louisville, Kentucky

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