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Little Caesar "Little Caesar"

Love/Hate "Blackout In The Red Room"

Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force

Mama’s Boys "Power and Passion"

McQueen Street "McQueen Street"

Mind Bomb "Mind Bomb"

Mr. Big "Mr. Big"

Ozzy Osbourne "Bark At The Moon"

Pariah "To Mock A Killingbird"

Pretty Boy Floyd "Electric Boys With Electric Toys"

Pretty Maids "Lethal Heroes"

Rhino Bucket "Get Used To It"

Kane Roberts "Saints And Sinners"

RTZ "Return To Zero"

Running Wild "Under Jolly Roger"

Salty Dog "Every Dog Has It’s Day"

Shadow King "Shadow King"

Shotgun Messiah "Second Coming"

Shy "Excess All Areas"

Skew Siskin "Skew Siskin"

Skrapp Mettle "Sensitive"

Slammin Gladys "Slammin Gladys"

Slik Toxik "Doin’ The Nasty"

Southgang "Tainted Angel"

Tattoo Rodeo "Rode Hard Put Away Wet"

Andy Taylor "Thunder"

Tigertailz "Young And Crazy"

Tora Tora "Surprise Attack"

Trixter "Trixter"

Trouble Tribe "Trouble Tribe"

TT Quick "Metal Of Honor"

Vinnie Vincent Invasion "Vinnie Vincent Invasion" – New

White Trash "White Trash"

Widowmaker "Blood & Bullets"

Wild Boyz "Unleashed"

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