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ACCEPT “Balls To The Wall” (1984)


ACCEPT "Balls To The Wall" (1984)
by Freelance Writer Mick Stingley

Cover: 2 German Leather Daddies out of 10.
I have difficulty giving any points for a black and white torso shot of a guy in (leather?) briefs holding two balls in his hand. Two points for the title.

Booklet: 2 German Leather Daddies out of 10.
Eh, not much to say.

Songs: 6 German Leather Daddies out of 10.
Great songs. The singer, Udo, sounds like Bon Scott, and the whole thing sounds like a lost AC/DC album. The title track is awesome, and makes you wonder if this band quietly inspired Goth-metal. Still sounds cool almost 20 years later. A couple of weak points include (ugh) a ballad.

Comments: It’s well-known in Germany that singer Udo Dirkscheinder is gay. This evidently bothers some people. I could care less; plenty of straight bands suck – just look around this site. So who cares if the singer’s gay? Does he rock? Yeah, no question. (Although, this knowledge does offer a curious new perspective on "London Leatherboys" and the title song, which is about "strife". Whatever.) Pick this one up, even though you might not be getting front row tix for the reunion tour…FUN FACT: Supposedly the lyrics for this album were secretly written by the band’s female manager.

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