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Baz Goes Off on Sludgeaholic! 8/13/04



Baz is at it again!

We at Metal Sludge love Heavy Metal and even love Skid Row and, to a degree, Sebastian Bach. But what we love even more is when a ‘star’ acts out like this (e.g., like a jackass) and displays their true colors for all to see.

Here is a Sludgeaholic’s first-hand account of what went down with Mr. "I Love Heavy Metal" Bach in Philadelphia the other night. This comes to us from notorious Sludge Capture protagonist and December 2001 Sludgeaholic of the Month Jim Rice. Let’s check out his report.

Now keep in mind before reading the adventure I admit this might not have been the best way to go about it but I was sake & whiskey fueled at the time.

Went to see Baz @ The Trocadero in Philly last week. I was able to get backstage & wanted to get a capture (I don’t know why I thought I succeed when so many else have failed). After the show I saw two WYSP DJS going up to the dressing room so I figured what the hell and followed. The DJS (Couzin Ed & Jackie Bam-Bam) got to go in but the girls they came with had to hang back so I stayed outside the door with them. I ran into two of his bandmates who suggested I "turn my shirt inside out before going in" & also I believe his tour manager who greeted me "Hey Metal Sludge….wassup!" None of this however fully prepared me for what was about to happen when I got inside.

The door opened, the girls entered & I followed (not at any time did I say I was with WYSP though) keeping my arms folded as I walked across the room covering the logo. When I turned around, Baz was already jumping up off the sofa he was sitting on (guess the logo on the back tipped him off) screaming at the top of his lungs "Get the fuck out of here, Motherfucker!!!" (no Mothertruckers here kids) in his full-on rock voice.

Bitch Laden (who was BALLISTIC by this point) then ordered his security guy (who was dumbfounded at this reaction because I had yet to utter a single word) to "Kick him the fuck out…rip off his fuckin’ shirt & kick him down the steps!!!". He then threw one of his boots in my general direction…I don’t believe he meant to hit me but did this for dramatic effect because it hit the floor with a loud thud…you never know though…he isn’t a man who’s in control of his emotions.

I finally got the words "I just wanted a picture…" out before Baz yelled in my face "Fuck you & your picture…get him the fuck out!!!" The security guy (who I think STILL didn’t know what Baz was yammering on about) then escorted me out of the room saying "I guess you’ve gotta go…" but allowed me to walk down the stairs on my own accord…thanks! And of course I could still hear His Bitchness ranting & raving the whole way down.

I’ve never seen a grown man get sooo passionate over two little words (other than FREE BEER) but I guess that’s Bitch Boy for ya…don’t think he’s ever really grown up. As my bud Metal Bob put it "You made it into his inner sanctum with the METAL SLUDGE on & you’re lucky there won’t be any trips to the emergency room tonight". Yes, I guess I just got lucky but it won’t deter me from trying again.

From Playboy from PA.

We don’t have really anything else to say or add to this, because in reality, what else can you say? Baz does shit like this over and over again. Each time we think he’s reached the pinnacle of immaturity, he goes and outdoes himself again. How to sum it up? The guy is a pure fuckhead.

However, one diehard Sludgeaholic on the boards came up with a tremendous idea:

Somebody track that Danny guy down and make it happen.


Yesterday, we upped the bounty for a Sludge capture with Baz from $100 to $250, since even getting near Sebitchian while wearing a Metal Sludge shirt seems next to impossible. But then we got this e-mail in yesterday and verified it, so it’s the real deal. Check it out:

Hey bro, let’s make your bounty for the Sebastian photo $500 and I will toss in $250.00 personally… I haven’t liked that guy since 1994 when he tried forcing a friend of mine from back in the day to blow him… Let’s just be clear it’s a female friend, but you really never know with that ass clown… Nonetheless, now that I see his stress level over the situation is high enough it may actually induce an aneurysm… Bah-Ha Baz…. What a jack off! FIVE BIG ONES!

This happens to come from a very large and well-respected body builder-type person, so he’s willing to put his money where his muscle is. So there you have it: Metal Sludge has raised the bounty for capturing Baz yet again. Getting your pic taken with Baz while wearing a Metal Sludge shirt is now worth $500 big ones! We’re sure somebody can pull it off, though you might need to have several large body builder-type friends backing you up.

Good luck, and may the Sludge be with you!


We Are the Sludge Gone Wild,

Metal Sludge

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