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9/6 Ron Keel says Acoustic Outcasts Tour is a GO!


Don Dokken calls Metal Sludge low class.
Nice pink background Don, looks pretty high class.

9/6 Ron Keel says Acoustic Outcasts Tour is a GO!


This is a press release sent out by Ron Keel who still has the Right to Rock. Even if it?s without Don Dokken. It seems Don has inadvertently released some ramblings about the Acoustic Outcasts tour being cancelled. Ron basically says Don is full of shit, and that Don has jumped onto some Winger and Warrant acoustic jam instead.

Hmmm, that’s odd. Wasn’t Don always the guy claiming something like: "I’m not a 80s band/hair band guy!" Yet he takes a tour with Jani Lane (Warrant) & Kip Winger over Ron Keel & Terry Llous (XYZ).

Sounds kind of like a Sludge worthy post.

Check it out.


Hi there – fans are understandably confused about the status of the Acoustic Outcasts Tour with Don Dokken – I am issuing the following statement, feel free to run all or part of it, we appreciate your help with this -

I am extremely happy to report that our agent, Robert Hovey from Global Entertainment, is alive and well – and so is the Acoustic Outcasts Tour.

I spoke to Robert on Sunday – who is still in the New Orleans area, in an upstairs bedroom of his home (the only room in the house that’s intact) – getting back to business with his generator, phone, and lap top. Amazing. I asked him if there was anything we could do, what did he need (Charlie & I were set to drive down there and get him, or take him food and supplies if need be) – and he asked me if I had a FAX machine…he is a trooper, and we share the same philosophy: The Show Must Go On.

He has some horror stories to tell – traumatic experiences like the ones we’ve all been witnessing on TV. He has spent the past two days helping load dead bodies onto trailers – he had no idea how long it had been, he was astounded when I told him it was September 4th, and Labor Day Weekend.

It occurred to me during the conversation that he has NO idea how extensive this catastrohpic destruction is; he hasn’t seen the endless images on CNN, or seen a newspaper, or heard a radio broadcast. All he knows is what he’s seen with his own two eyes or heard through word of mouth.

And after all he and his family have been through, he was all about the business and getting ready for the Acoustic Outcasts to hit the road on September 16th.

There have been reports that this tour was cancelled – NONE of these came from our camp. Our primary concern was of course for our friend and agent, but we also felt an obligation to keep the wheels turning regarding the upcoming tour dates. We took a stand: If Robert was alive, then he would most likely need the income from this tour to help get back on his feet. If he was dead, then we would make sure his commissions and tour pay would go to aid other families in need of assistance. To a man, we all hung tough – I cannot tell you how proud I am of Charlie Wayne, Terry Ilous, Kelly Keeling, and JK Northrup for unanimously voting to never give up or surrender to the temptation to pull the plug. We banded together and did what we had to do to keep the wheels turning. We formulated backup plans, hired an interim agent who was already working closely with Robert on these dates to act as our representative and help with the business, I personally called all the venues and let them know the situation, Charlie and Terry lined up a tour bus and driver to replace the bus that was in New Orleans.

Within 24 hours of the flooding of New Orleans, our headliner Don Dokken made the following announcement at http://www.glam-metal.com/news.html :

Breaking News: Acoustic Outcasts tour canceled
Don Dokken recently spoke to glam-metal writer Deb Rao and stated that the Acoustic Outcasts tour slated to take place next month has been canceled. Apparently some of the key individuals of this tour live in the New Orleans area that was devastated by flooding. Dokken claims that he hasn;t heard from them in days. Glam-metal has also learned that Don Dokken will be joining the VH1 Metal Stripped Tour Oct 13 for a three week trek that will also feature Jani Lane and Kip Winger. In addition, Dokken will be heading out in November for a few shows. Stay tuned for further updates. (This update courtesy of Deb Rao)

Don removed the tour dates from his web site and has announced that the tour is cancelled;.

It is obvious that Don Dokken has signed on to do another all-star acoustic tour (I wonder where they got THAT idea) and was using the Katrina disaster and our agent’s predicament as an excuse to back out of the Acoustic Outcasts Tour. I will not debate the ethics of this tactic.

We – Robert Hovey, Terry Ilous, Charlie Wayne, Kelly Keeling, JK Northrup, and myself – have every intention of doing this tour. We have decided to donate a generous portion of the proceeds to benefit the Hurricane Relief efforts. We have a job to do as musicians and as Americans and we will do everything in our power to make this happen. Several other major artists have stepped up to the plate and offered to participate if need be. If Don Dokken does not get on the bus, that’s his choice. If Don backs out and the venues and promoters cancel our shows because of it, that’s their choice.

My choice is to hit the road, sing songs, and do our part to help our fellow Americans in need.

Ron Keel


It appears as though Ron Keel has made it very clear, hurricane or not – the show must go on. We at Metal Sludge wish all of those affected the very best going forward. Please see this websites TOP page post to help contribute.

Meanwhile back at the ROKKEN RANCH…Don is making plans to hang with Kip Winger & Jani Lane on a similar tour. Don also used up 50% of his summer update to talk about his favorite web site Metal Sludge.

Thanks for the plug Don, but next time be sure to use a link and show some love.


Hello everybody,

There?s so much going on in DOKKEN LAND. It?s finally time for me to let you all know what?s up. If you?re not sitting down, you probably should. Cuz, there?s lots to talk about. As you all know, Mick & Barry are on tour with Ted Nugent for this summer. Jon & I just played in Colorado with the boys at the annual Hawg Fest. And by saying Hawg, I mean motor cycles.

Jon & I decided to stay home this summer to write a new record. In fact, we?re working on three! The new DOKKEN cd will be titled ?Lightning Strikes Again?. We?re also working on putting together a ?Dokken Greatest Hits Volume Two?. For those of you who have kick ass stereos in your car or at home, you?re really gonna love the sound of the ?Greatest Hits Volume Two?. We?re also adding two new songs and a bonus DVD of live footage from our 2005 European Tour. There?s a lot of fun footage of the band being wacky on the road! Stuff like, the boys & I stuck at the train station in Rome freezing our butts off because it was 30 degrees and we were all wearing T-Shirts. There?s footage of us just hanging out on our days off in places like Venice Italy with our good friend Alex DeRosso, and cool footage of us in Greece, Crete and so on?.it?s like being on vacation with DOKKEN. As Mick put it, this latest tour in Europe was one of the most fun times we?ve ever had.

After ten years of me talking about doing another solo CD, I?ve finally done it! It?s not like ?Up from the Ashes?. It?s an acoustic record with a virtual who?s who of famous artists playing on it. And I will talk about that more in a few weeks, since there are more people that will be playing on it soon. We hope to have all three records done by December. So we can spend all of next year touring the entire planet! So that?s it.

Oh ya, I?ve read some crap on metal sludge about myself but am not taking it personally. It seems they bash everybody. I totally understand, when you have no life and no career what else is there to do than talk about all the artist that do have a life. I?m convinced now I must have slept with one of those idiot writer’s girlfriends back in the day and they are still rubbing it in LOL. If I have anything to say about anybody good or bad at least I would have the balls to use my own name attached to it. In this business there will always be people with no class attacking others to make themselves feel better. They might have some class unfortunately its all low LOL Some of my friends get upset when they read the garbage on metal sludge. But I tell them hey, Dokken fans are above people like this. In fact all fans of quality rock music are above the scum bags that write their rhetoric on that site. It?s not my fault they didn?t make it, or the fans fault either. Maybe if these so called writers would have spent more time on there careers they wouldn?t have the time to talk about the ones that still have one. When its just tongue in cheek, that?s fine but when they attack people personally it shows they are just angry that they have to work all day changing tires at pep boys. I?m more frustrated about what they say about my peers/ friends. As far as sludge is concerned, it’s like, just because you see a rodent cross your path, why bother crushing them under your boot? It just gets your boot dirty and they?ll always be more anyway so you just let them scurry back into their hole where they belong.

Take care, I hope your all having a Rokken summer.



It seems Don is hell bent on making fun of Metal Sludge. This has got to stop. How mean and cruel, as he refers to Metal Sludge as low class. PETA would be on edge to even read of such a hideous act as to crush a rodent with your boot, joking or not. We?re guessing Don Dokken must hate animals or at least little fury ones. Gee Don, that’s kind of fucked. If it wasn’t for little fury things you would look like the Ron fucking Howard of rock.

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