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9/6 Blackie Lawless throws temper tanrum on stage!


9/6 Blackie Lawless throws temper tantrum on stage!

And allegedly kicks security guard in Scottsdale, AZ!


Just like clockwork, Blackie is making friends all over the place. From Denver to Minneapolis and all the way back to Arizona.

What a fargin’ tool.

Dear Sludge,

I recently saw WASP a few weeks ago in Scottsdale, Arizona during the American Metal Blast tour. Being a WASP fan since 84-85, I was excited to see them after all these years (actually, I saw them open for Maiden and Kiss back in the day). Pearcy and Guns were fabulous! Then WASP comes out and Blackie throws a fuckin temper tantrum and ruins the entire evening for MANY of us in the audience. Blackie is a fuckin prick! A average one (judging from the "chart"), but nonetheless a fuckin prick!!!!!

I dropped an e-mail to his website and to two other Metal sites. WASP of course never responded, and the other two sites are Pussies cause they wouldn’t even touch it. They never posted anything from it…not even a quote or two. SO…with that in mind I am asking that that the fuckin’ Sludge post my letter to Mr. Ball-less..opps…sorry…Lawless….my bad…..

Thanks…The Sludge fuckin rules…..


P.S. My letter is as follows……(by the way…Randy Piper has a new band and a website..I now consider myself an Animal fan and support Piper…not Blackie…)


Mr. Lawless,

I have been a huge W.A.S.P. fan AND a fan of YOURS for many, many years. Since the first album to be exact. The debut LP helped me get through many difficult times my Senior year, 1985. In fact, I was very fortunate to see the Original line up open for Iron Maiden for their Powerslave tour. That is a memory I hold very true and dear to my Metal heart. I can remember defending WASP to many that were skeptical of your talents and antics. My best friend and I stood strong against those who felt that WASP were nothing and would be nothing. Twenty something years later all the way to the Neon God releases, we faithfully purchased each and every release (not in chronological order however…in fact I just purchased KFD…just prior to the show in Scottsdale). I have always considered you a bit of an Icon in the Metal world; one that doesen’t receive enough recognition for sure. I have always admired you for your integrity, and most of all, your intelligence and insight on many issues. Your opinions always represent the atypical, well-read, well spoken heavy metal icons like Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Dee Snyder and Rob Zombie…and of course Blackie Lawless is right in the middle of those mentioned.

I attended the American Metal Blast show in Scottsdale, Arizona on the 25th of August, and I must say, it was a spectacular and memorable show to say the least. Stephen Pearcy played some of Ratt’s finest tunes, LA Guns were absolutely on fire (I was very impressed by their performance) and, as predicted, WASP featuring the one and only Blackie was phenomenal; particularly Kill Your Pretty Face. The green flourescent susbstance took me by surprise as did your mic stand. Very original and effective! As I mentioned earlier, you deserve far more recognition than you receive.

HOWEVER……I will say that the tantrum you threw onstage SUCKED! In fact, It SUCKED so bad (as did your entire attitude) that it completely ruined the ENTIRE event! It was totally unneccessary to make such an ass of yourself! A person of your credebility and legendary status should NEVER…and I mean NEVER…EVER display such foolishness…E.V.E.R.! I can appreciate the fact that everybody deserves to have a bad day, or become angry or annoyed, but the fact that a man of well over six feet and well into his forties (pushing his 50’s) should do something to another person for no legitimate reason is very unacceptable. Not that you should give a damn (you have our money…right?), but immediately after showcasing such inexcusible ignorance, aproximately 20-30 WASP fans walked right out of the venue in utter disgust. In fact, remember the t-shirt that made it’s way to your microphone stand immediately after your tantrum? Well, that was the guy next to me that threw it. Before the incident, he was so excited to see you and the show. After the incident he was so PISSED OFF at you that he showed you his middle digit, screamed a load of well spoken obscenties, threw his brand new WASP shirt at your face and stormed out of the venue. Many, such as my friends, our wives and I stayed, primarily due to the fact that we went so far out of our way to attend your performance…however, we became very apathetic to anything and or everything you did from that moment onward. As I mentioned, you probably could care less about what I have to say, but your fans are diehard (isn’t that what your website stetes….Never Say Die!?) and VERY, VERY commited and loyal. We work hard for our money to purchase your tickets, CD’s and other merchandise and memorabilia to promote your "business"…that’s what it really comes down to right, "your own business"? Well, not that it matters any, but ALL OF US had every intention on purchasing one of your T-Shirts as a memory of such a magnificent performance by such a magnificent artist. However, after kicking that security guard right on the back with significant force, it’s safe to estimate that you probably lost about 250-300 American dollars due to lack of interest in buying your merchandise…and judging by the amount of people that attended the venue that evening, I AM SURE THAT 250-300 DOLLARS LOOKED PRETTY DAMN GOOD TO YOU! If you had a problem with that person, you should have handled it in a more mature matter. YOU DID NOT HAVE TO KICK HIM LIKE HE WAS A DOG!

I think what REALLY did it for me, is the very next day, I called the venue to complain about your stupidity. And in return for my words of disgust, I was informed that you "were not aware that he was a security guard because he was not wearing one of the Venue’s shirts…"…SO WHOM DID YOU ASSUME THAT HE WAS? JUST A FAN?! IS THAT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR FANS?! THE PEOPLE THAT PUT BREAD ON YOUR TABLE? THE PEOPLE THAT HELP PAY YOUR BILLS?! WELL LET ME TELL YOU MR. LAWLESS, IF THAT IS WHAT YOU THINK OF YOUR FANS, IF THAT’S WHAT THEY TRUELY MEAN TO YOU THAN I HAVE NO FURTHER INTEREST IN WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY OR DO ANY LONGER!!!!!!! NOT THAT YOU SHOULD CARE…BUT I WILL NEVER….EVER….SUPPORT YOU OR WASP FROM THIS MOMENT FOWARD!!! HOWEVER, IF I WERE YOU (once again…judging from the poor attendence), I WOULD START TO CARE A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT YOUR FANS, because they are becoming few and far between and quite scarce and extinct… yeah…… that’s it……EXTINCT really sums it up!

When I say that your fans are DIEHARD and LOYAL, I am speaking of those such as myself and my friends. We took the next day off from work, drove from Tucson (which is about 120 miles to Scottsdale) with anticipation to see you do what you do so well. Neither I, nor others can ever deny that you are truly a legend, and that you deliver a spectacular performance. But when one considers the amount of money we spent on fuel (with fuel costs being so high), food and beverages (no…not entirely on alcohol either…many of us do not drink and those of us that do such as myself had 2 beers at the most), we DO NOT WISH TO SEE THE PERFORMER DISPLAY SUCH FOOLISH BEHEIVIOR. An "off-night" is understandable, a few wrong chords or a guitar slightly out of tune or a drummer missing a beat is no problem at all, but stupidity and ignorance is highly unacceptable anyway you slice it.

So, that being said, I will close the W.A.S.P. chapter in my book forever. Thank you for some great memories in the past, some great albums and great songs. But from this moment foward, if I DO hear a WASP tune, it will be on someone elses stereo, on the Metal music channel on cable tv, or on KNAC.COM…because it MOST CERTAINLY will not be on MY stereo, cause I have made the decision to sell my entire WASP catelog tomorrow. I will sell them to a local used CD store and use the money to replenish my checking account for the gas I wasted on driving to see your concert and your stupidity.

And I can’t believe that you didn’t even apologize to that guy either….that shows how big of a man you REALLY are…. The person I spoke to at the venue the next day stated that your Tour Manager apologized for you…so make sure whomever receives this e mail, gives that person two thumbs up and a pat on the back….they deserve it, and you…..BLACKIE, you deserve nothing…

a FORMER W.A.S.P. fan

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