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Are you sick of Thanksgiving leftovers yet? There’s only so many things you can do with leftover turkey. Turkey sandwiches, turkey casserole, turkey soup. Floyd even tried to make a turkey omelet this morning, but that was fucking gross. Even Taime "Sex" Slaughter’s dog wouldn’t eat it.

Well today, we’re calling this a "Thanksgiving Leftovers SludgeWire" because it’s a bunch of random news, gossip, and press releases that we’ve gotten over the past few weeks, but we haven’t done anything with them yet. They are, essentially, leftovers, so we put them all together and sent them out to the Metal Sludge staff so everyone could add their own witty comments to them.

Unfortunately, the only staff member who even replied was everyone’s favorite Ho, the one and only Donna Anderson, probably because she’s the only one amongst us who hasn’t gorged herself over the last few days. She’s figure-conscious or something like that. Everyone else is dealing with hangovers and multiple bowel movements, so that’s who’s commentary you get today. Deal with it.

So enough fucking around, let’s get Donna’s SludgeWire going. Let’s start off with a few Thanksgiving-related news tidbits.

From Blabbermouth.net:

The Associated Press is reporting that residents of a Boston facility for women recovering from addictions to drugs and alcohol got an unexpected but welcome Thanksgiving dinner visitor.

AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler helped serve lunch to the two dozen women living at Women’s Hope in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood, then sat down to talk to the women about his own struggles with drugs and alcohol.

"If I can just tell them how good it is for me now, and that it is possible … then I’ve done my job," said Tyler, a Boston area resident.

Drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed Tyler’s music career, but he has been clean and sober for nearly two decades now and is living proof that addictions can be conquered, he said.

"Letting go and letting God really does work," he said. "I’m a living example."

Tyler’s visit was an inspiration to the women at the 28-day residential substance abuse program.

"It was a surprise to all of us, and I think all of us are really excited that somebody cares so much enough to stop by the house and do this for us," said Shannon Holland, a recovering addict.

I wonder if they all tripped over themselves and knocked over tables and spilt shit trying to take a picture of him when he walked into the room. Because that would have made a cool commercial. <sarcasm mode off>

Allison Toepperwein of News 8 Austin is reporting that soldiers at a hospital in Fort Hood, Texasgot a special treat on Thanksgiving ? bags filled with homemade cookies and rocker Ted Nugent, who has a ranch nearby.

"The turkey is great. We have a nice wild bird that we shot. We have roast venison at home. But we thought we’d come here and thank the troops at Fort Hood for the sacrifice they made on behalf of the rest of us," Nugent said.

Let’s read that again shall we? "Bags filled with homemade cookies and rocker Ted Nugent." What??! Did Ted pop out of a bag of cookies like a stripper at a bachelor party or something? That would fucking freak me out. Besides, how did they fit him in a cookie bag?

Here?s a press release that was sent to us from our very own 2003 Sludgeaholic of the Year, none other than C.C. Banana! Seems like he’s hosting some kind of show tonight in New Jersey. Here’s his announcement:

C.C. will B.B. at D.D.’s!

C.C. Banana will be making a rare live appearance this coming Saturday, November 27th at the Double D’s rock club in Morristown, NJ! I’ll be hosting an evening of fine music by Ted Poley of Danger Danger, Rocco Fury’s American Angel and Adrenalize, the Def Leppard tribute band. Heck, I may even break out a song parody or two myself! I don’t get to do this kind of thing very often so I’m greatly looking forward to it! Visit Ted’s website for more information on this nifty post-Thanksgiving shindig:

Be sure to mark those calendars, everyone!

C.C. Banana

Ted Poley, a Def Leppard tribute band and a giant banana all in one night? I don’t know, that may be too much for most people to handle.

Since we?re on the topic of New Jersey Sludge, here?s another press release we got from the Garden State:

Hello All Loyal 40FT FREAKS,

Hope all is rockin’ in your world…. sorry it’s been a while, but we’ve been crazy here in Mojo vegas land.here’s da scoop:

*FRIDAY DEC 10TH- 40FT. RINGO " live @ the Pontiac Grille" in Philly – 10:30 show – Over the summer we made our Philly debut there and it was killer. great people. Hope to see a bunch of you make the road trip.

* We leave for Memphis on Sunday to do 4 songs with producer, engineer + mixer, SKIDD MILLS. He mixed SALIVAs new record as well as cd’s for SISTER HAZEL, Third Day, skillet, Three doors down. – www.747studios.com

The new cd is coming along great….very rock. some songs titles…. "STOP CALLING ME","DON’T KILL THE BUZZ", "BACK IN THE DAY" also… any day now we should have a sample of SAVE YOUR SOUL w/ vocals on the website…so check it out.

* The TRIMSPA / ANNA NICOLE / 40FT. RINGO TV spot has been airing nationwide for about 3 weeks now. You can see it during the NASCAR races on NBC, FOX ,TNT, and the Speed Channel .ABC’s " ALL MY CHILDREN" used "BOOK OF VIRTUES" in a recent episode during a Bar scene. Perfect.

* We want to welcome some new Endorsers to the 40ft. camp: KERLY STRINGS…. www.kerlymusic.com – amazing guitar + bass strings
* EV wireless systems + Mics www.electrovoice.com
* FIRST ACT GUITARS…one of a kind custom guitars that rock – www.firstact.com

Have a great Thanksgiving…gobble,gobble!!!
Steve Brown says "ROCK WILL SAVE YOU"

Wow, "All my Children" huh? Congratulations for hitting the big time guys. And what kind of band sends out a Thanksgiving press release
364 days before Thanksgiving? I don’t get it.

Here’s something that’s more than a few weeks old that we almost overlooked.

From DallasNews.com:

Vince Neil’s punch leaves fans reeling
Talk cranked up after incident involving Gilley’s sound man

By JAMIE GUMBRECHT / The Dallas Morning News

Vince Neil motioned for more guitar volume the night before Halloween, just a few songs short of a deafening Crüe-style finale at Gilley’s Dallas.

Then he made another swift motion: Witnesses said the former Mötley Crüe singer ran across the stage, leaped onto the soundboard and swung at sound man Michael Talbert.

Mr. Neil first tried to kick Mr. Talbert, but missed; then Mr. Neil struck him with a "closed fist," according to a police report.

Mr. Talbert, who was looking down, saw only the monitor.

Then Mr. Neil’s foot next to him.

Then the floor.

Mr. Talbert, a 44-year-old Fort Worth resident, was unconscious for about 45 seconds after Mr. Neil’s punch knocked him to the ground. He said a CT scan revealed he suffered a mild concussion. "He tried to kick me and missed, took a swing and connected. He clocked me pretty good on my eyeball," said Mr. Talbert, who works at Gilley’s. "He just went cuckoo nutso."

The Oct. 30 pummeling ended a wild night of music during "The Bone" KDBN-FM (93.3) Skeleton Ball ? "Vince Neil gave us a performance we’ll never forget!" the radio station’s Web site recaps. Police gave a verbal criminal- trespass warning to Mr. Neil before he left the club.

"It was one of those Mötley Crüe moments," said Jeff K, afternoon DJ and assistant program and music director for "The Bone." "People walked away thinking, ‘That’s lame that Vince did that,’ or ‘What do you expect? It’s Vince Neil.’ "

"The Punch" has been the talk of the hard-rock community, with some Web sites even theorizing that there may be a connection between the punch and several recently rescheduled shows in the United Kingdom. The heavy- metal response from Mr. Neil’s camp: "No comment."
After 20 years in the sound-production business, Mr. Talbert said he’s used to a little grumbling from artists. But he never saw The Punch coming.

"I’ll keep running shows the way I always run ‘em," he said. "But after that, I was pretty much done for the night."

Later that week Vince Neil issued a statement apologizing for the incident. It turns out Vince got a "sudden case of the munchies" and mistook Mr. Talbert for CC Banana.

From Blabbermouth.net again:

Former JANE’S ADDICTION/RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS guitarist Dave Navarro will reportedly be recording a guest appearance on the new Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE) solo album in December. Lee has also confirmed that two songs ? one heavy, one mellow ? that he originally wrote for BACKSTREET BOYS singer Nick Carter’s now-aborted solo album will end up on the CD, which is expected in early 2005. Lee has also laid down tracks with Butch Walker and SOMETHING CORPORATE’s Andrew McMahon for the album, on which he’s also hoping to work with Dave Grohl, Lenny Kravitz and Nikka Costa. "I just love to collaborate," Lee said. "It’s going to be fun."

I’m envisioning the first single.. "Girl, you’re fo shizzle my nizzle wikkedy awesome whack phat"

When is he going to collaborate with Prodigy and do a re-make of "Smack my bitch up?" Nah, that’d be too hip. Forget Nick Carter and Butch Walker. Doesn’t T-Lo see that everybody is doing country lately? Look at Bret! Tommy should be collaborating with the Dixie Chicks or something.



QUIET RIOT will be releasing their live CD "QUIET RIOT Live & Rare – Vol. 1" on January 18, 2005, through Cleopatra/Deadline Records.

The material is a compilation of live recordings from various concert performances during their 1983 "Metal Health" and 1984 "Condition Critical" world tours. There are also three rare original and previously unreleased studio demo tracks recorded in 1981 which were later re-recorded and appeared on the group’s debut record "Metal Health."

Included in this release are live versions of two rarely heard QUIET RIOT songs. "Danger Zone" which was part of the group’s live set fora short time and recorded for the Metal Health record but never completed, and "Gonna Have A Riot" originally a Randy Rhoads era QUIET RIOT track which was also part of the band’s 1983 shows.

The track listing is:




Cover artwork and more information can be found at QUIET RIOT On The Web at this location: http://www.frankiebanali.com/QR2005.html

QUIET RIOT, the band who introduced the world to their groundbreaking #1 selling album "Metal Health," are back after an eighteen month absence. Driven by vocalist Kevin DuBrow and powered by drummer Frankie Banali, both QUIET RIOT "Metal Health" founding members, the band is now fueled by longtime QUIET RIOT contributing bassist Chuck Wright and energized with Beautiful Creatures’ guitarist Alex Grossi will once again bring you their prescription for Metal Health.

Alex Grossi is starting to rank right up there with Kerri "I’ve been a fill in for every band at least once" Kelli.

Another press release sent to us:

Rhino Bucket Currently Recording 5 New Songs for New Horror Movie

Rhino Bucket are currently recording 5 new songs for an upcoming horror movie that is currently under production. Song titles include "Blood Sweat And Beers" along with an acoustic version of "I Was Told".

The movie is titled "The Outdoorsman" and continues the recent success of the band securing their music in movies and television. The band has had songs in the recent DVD releases "Rolling Kansas" and "Stateside", and also had some of their classic tunes in one of the first episodes of "The Handler" on CBS.

Plans are also in the works to release "Blood Sweat And Beers" as a single with the acustic "I Was Told" as a B-side at the same time as the movie. The band will also be lining up gigs to help support the movie and will be shooting a video for "Blood Sweat And Beers" with the movie?s director.

Visit www.rhinobucket.com for further news!

Rhide The Rhino!

Of course we’ll be expecting Jackie Enx to be wearing Sludge SWAG in the making of this video. That reminds me, we should probably hit Jackie up for a Rewind soon.

Here’s an e-mail that probably belongs in floyd’s MailBag, but it incited us to check out the press release that follows it:

Hi. I just heard on the radio (here in Chicago) that David lee Roth has been hanging out in ambulances in New York. turns out he’s training to be a paramedic! he’s cut his hair (?) and hasn’t been noticed. just thought i’d pass it on, Tito.

Wow, who would have known that Tito Jackson is a fan of Metal Sludge? How whack is that!

From NYPost.com:

By Erika Martinez

Legendary Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has stopped "runnin’ with the devil" to do God’s work – riding ambulances in gritty neighborhoods throughout the city to become a paramedic.

The famed rocker has cut his trademark blond mane and dropped his celebrity persona so he can ride unrecognized with ambulance crews in The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn several nights a week.

Several weeks ago, the charismatic crooner saved the life of a Bronx woman who had a heart attack by shocking her back to life with a defibrillator.

The Post caught up with Roth last week as the 1980s icon grabbed a slice of pepperoni pizza after sitting for hours in an ambulance waiting for a call.

Just three days earlier, he had played to an adoring rock-‘n’-roll crowd in Minnesota.

Roth, 49, initially expressed reservations about discussing his latest endeavor because he felt publicity "would diminish what I am trying to do here."

But the following day, he told The Post more about his new passion.

"I have been on over 200 individual rides now," Roth told The Post. "Not once has anyone recognized me, which is perfect for me."
"It has been an eye-opening adventure," said Roth, who asked The Post not to disclose which "very colorful neighborhoods" he works in because he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself or his colleagues.

Linda Reissman, Roth’s EMS consultant and tutor, said she didn’t know what to expect of her famous pupil at first, but "he has probably turned out to be one of the best students I have ever had."

"I am amazed," said Reissman, who is training Roth for Brooklyn-based company Emergency Care Programs Inc.
Reissman described Roth as very studious, punctual and hungry for knowledge.

"He is very serious," she said. "You would never know you were dealing with a rock-‘n’-roll guy, his commitment really is touching. He wants to help people."

The singer, who is used to being onstage in a packed arena, sees at least one similarity in his two careers.
"I am a member of a team again, and that’s what a rock band always was," Roth said.

Ok, Ted Nugent popping out of a bag of cookies is fucked up enough, but could you really imagine undergoing defibrillation, and the first thing you wake up to is THIS:

Maybe all that training could lead Dave to resucitate Van Halen’s career. Looks like they need it, judging by this next article.

From vhlinks.com:

"Hey Everyone,

Just got back to the hotel & I have one word for this band & EVH: OVER

My heart is broken, in as many pieces as EVH broke 2 guitars on stage in disgust.

I cannot even begin to explain how disgusted I am right now, except for Sound check, Sammy, Mike & Alex.

Please understand that I have followed =VH= as my favorite band w/ Dave & Sam. Tonight, Sam, Mike & Alex out-fucking-classed EVH.

The man broke his 1st guitar & subsequently told the crowd, fucked out of his mind, that this is it, it’s over-pointed to Sammy & Mike & Said, There’s the King.

Sound check was incredible & everybody there was so cool (What up Rebel-You are the Man for getting Sam’s sig. on the shirt they gave us-Thanks )


Everything seemed to be cool until UFB, in which Sammy made a comment, "Some of us were UFB." Probably in reference to EVH holding sound check up for almost 2 hours-Mike & Alex were so fucking embarrassed. Mike stayed & signed tons of stuff & was so cool to us all.

Now I wouldn’t think much of that if this hadn’t been my 37th show, 5 this year.

EVH was LIVID. I don’t know if it was that comment that set him off, or if it was B/C Valerie was there or he was incredibly drunk. All I know is that I saw my hero tonight put on a great performance, but after his solo, something snapped:

* He broke 2 guitars on stage in pure furry. One almost went into the crowd & could of really hurt someone. He then destroyed the second one, which almost hit Sammy, who was just like, What the FUCK? Mike & Alex too. You could see their faces as Eddie
made comment after comment:

This is it.

It’s over.

Never again.

Pointed @ Sam & Mike & said, there’s the king. Made another comment before he broke his beautiful guitar, which sounded blissful all night, that he was in a bad mood, throw something @ me if you don’t like what I am playing’. I loved his solo for the 5th time & was very moved when Wolfgang came on stage. They played together beautifully before Eddie absolutely lost it. I am not kidding you all-he totally lost it on stage.

Not only did he insult the crowd by making us feel very uncomfortable by his antics, he made an absolute fool of himself & this will be the turning point for EVH: He will either seek help or he will be dead.

It kills me to say that, as I have loved the man since I put Women & Children 1st in my 8-track for the 1st time.

He was so cool during sound check, but before the 1st encore, he went insane.

Sammy, Mike & Al were absolute professionals, as they came back out & did everything they could to salvage a disgusting night. This after Ed broke his 1st guitar in an absolute rage. He made no friendly gestures to Sammy, as Sammy tried several times to get him out of the state he was in. It only pissed him off more.

I am going to conclude now, as this will be my last post-I am that disgusted. Thank God for Sammy, Mike & Alex-They were so fun tonight, before Eddie had his melt-down:

* Getting furious that Sam’s wife came out & sprayed him w/ Whip-it’s-He would not continue the show while he shook his head like a fucking 2 year old & made us all wait while the crew busted their ass to clean up a few spots. More harmful was his guitar & its cord. He tripped on it 1nce-Sammy tried to help him up & Ed just looked @ him like Fuck you.

* Valerie came out & hugged/kissed Wolfie, who I felt very sorry for-He was playing’ w/ Sammy’s son all night-I had front row, EVH side-I saw everything.

ONE more thing before I go & pray for this man: He almost hit Sammy w/ the 2nd guitar he broke & Sammy looked like he was going to kill him.

REBEL will back me up on these happenings-I have not even gotten started & am too sick to say anymore.

=VH= is over w/ Sammy & Mike-NO FUCKING DOUBT.

So w/ a broken heart, but thankful of the 5* experience (everybody was so fucking cool-I had a blast w/ ya’all & am so sorry that we had to witness the absolute meltdown of the man that has brought us so much happiness over the years.)

God bless you all again-YOU all/Sound check, Mike, Sammy & Alex made it a night to remember

Unfortunately, Eddie made it a night to remember too.

Look out for the news articles tomorrow & subsequent posts. There is so much more to this story, but I’m too sick to go on.

And BTW, I stopped drinking after the 1st incident w/ Sammy-Those of you that were there know what I’m talking about. Please finish my story-I can’t type one more word, I’m so disgusted"

Looks like Steven Tyler needs to intervene, or David Lee Roth will be picking EVH’s busted ass up. Steven Tyler… Or this?

Back to more Blabbermouth.net news:

According to MelodicRock.com, EXTREME will reunite for a series of Japanese shows in January. The line-up of Gary Cherone (vocals, ex-VAN HALEN), Nuno Bettencourt (guitar), Paul Geary (drums) and new bassist Carl Restivo will head to Japan for the following dates:

Jan. 12 Tokyo Shibuya-AX 7:00pm
Jan. 13 Tokyo Shibuya-AX 7:00pm
Jan. 14 Nagoya Aichiken Kinrokaikan 7:00pm
Jan. 16 Osaka Nanba-Hatch 5:00pm
Jan. 18 Tokyo Shibuya Kokaido 7:00pm

EXTREME’s last performance took place in September when they reunited for WAAF’s Hillman 15th Anniversary Concert as part of the 2004 Taste of Boston.

Somewhere, Gary Cherone is laughing at the fact that he’s not singing for Van Halen right now!

Mike Tramp recently announced the formation of TRAMP’S WHITE LION ? a band dedicated 100% to the original sound and songs of WHITE LION.

"My solo career was always going to be a departure from both WHITE LION and FREAK OF NATURE, and I felt I did that well with my first album ‘Capricorn’," Tramp said. "But I feel that because I have been playing a mix of songs in my live set, I have also taken steps backwards in my solo career, when what I wanted to do was take many steps further away from what I was known as. With TRAMP’S WHITE LION, I now can perform that classic sound with no compromise, and at the same time take my solo career to the musical place that I want to go."

There is no truth to the rumor that Mike Tramp wants to go where the Down Boys go.

NME.com is reporting that THE DARKNESS premiered six new songs at an intimate comeback show in London Tuesday night (Nov. 23). The British cock-rockers played such new tracks as "Greed" and "English Country Garden" as part of a special warm-up appearance for their arena tour.

One of the new tracks opened with singer Justin Hawkins playing the piano, which he then lifted up on its side to reveal it as an Eighties-style guitar-keyboard. Hawkins joked that he didn’t know whether to call the instrument a "keytar" or a "guiboard."

At the second finale, which featured a spectacular pyrotechnic display, the band played BAND AID song "Do They Know It’s Christmas?" for a few bars before Hawkins declared, "Let’s play a proper Christmas song," and launched into their own festive anthem, "Christmas Time (Don?t Let The Bells End)".

In other news, THE DARKNESS have reportedly splashed out a staggering ?600,000 on a sheep farm, according to FemaleFirst.co.uk.

The band have paid the huge sum for the 17th century Norfolk farmhouse situated in a tiny village in east England.

Although the property is currently a working farm, rumors are rife the group are planning to build a recording studio there to work on material for their second album.

Despite the band’s partying reputation, residents in the village are thrilled to be having rock-stars as their new neighbours.

One local said: "We couldn’t believe it when we heard they were coming."

A sheep farm? That’s even less rock’n’roll than Russ Dwarf owning a goat farm. At least there will be something for Arkansas Cracker to do if he ever decides to visit the Darkness in England.

CBC News is reporting that a new cookbook inspired by the group BLUE ÖYSTER CULT has been released.

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT ? known to fans by the acronym BÖC ? are the heavy-metal pioneers who had a modest hit in 1976 with the song "(Don’t Fear) The Reaper".

The new cookbook is the work of Kira Dwyer, an Illinois BÖC fan who compiled recipes from fans over several months.

"I also asked for favorite memories and stories from the fans, so they are scattered with the recipes, making it a unique and special cookbook," Dwyer said in an e-mail interview with CBC News Online.

The title of the 78-page cookbook is "We’re Cookin’ For You," a name taken from the group’s second ? and only other ? Top 40 hit, "Burnin’ for You".

It includes over 170 recipes, like the one for "Divine Wind Baked Beans" ("Divine Wind" is an album track from the 1980 release "Cultösaurus Erectus").

The band’s members, like Joe Bouchard, also contributed recipes.

Chip Z’ Nuff has already mastered their "Don’t fear the reefer" brownie recipe.

By the way… bastard boy floyd is creating "Divine Wind" as I write this. Someone open a fucking window for God’s sake! Next thing you know we’re all gonna be in the back of an ambulance getting resucitated by David Lee Roth.

Ozzy Osbourne is stepping up security at his mansion after masked burglars escaped with over ?2 million (approximately $3.7 million) of jewelry, according to FemaleFirst.co.uk.

The rocker is planning to install a string of new measures including 24-hour security guards, laser "tripwires", guard dogs and watchtowers dotted around the property’s 10 acres to spot any trespassers.

A source said: "He’s shocked and angry. He can’t understand how what he thought was a good security system failed. "

The burglary took place at Ozzy and Sharon’s British home at around 4am on Monday morning (Nov. 22).

Some reports say that he scared the burglars away by stumbling around and stuttering incoherently. Ozzy could just install Zakk Wylde on his property and have him scare off any intruders too. That would cost a hell of a lot less!

I’m out like a burglar through Ozzy’s window,

Donna Anderson

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