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The Metal Sludge Pussy List: Those Who Don’t Have The Balls!


  1. Bill Aucoin / Ex-Kiss Manager
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions

  2. Sebitchian Bach
    No reply. Bach has been asked about 8 times for an interview but we’ve been denied every time.  He’s too much a bitch to answer our questions.

  3. Joey Belladonna / Ex-Anthrax
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  4. Frank Bello / Anthrax
    Too lazy to put in the effort to send them back

  5. Brandi Brandt / Playboy Playmate, Nikki Sixx’s Ex-Wife
    No reply

  6. Gary Cherone / Ex-Van Halen, Extreme
    Puss’d out once management saw the questions.

  7. Jeff Colen / Slaughter’s Tour Manager
    Must not have gotten Dana’s permission.

  8. Juan Croucier / Ex-Ratt
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  9. Jonathan Davis / KoRn 
    No reply. Must be too busy buying panties and Adidas swag.

  10. Warren DeMartini / Ratt
    Said it really wasn’t his thing.

  11. Amir Derakh / Orgy 
    No reply. 

  12. C.C. DeVille / Poison, Samantha 7
    We don’t even want to get into this one. We had an interview conducted via audio back in late 2000, but then Paul the Tour Bitch confiscated our tape! We tried to get C.C. again one other time but he just wasn’t into it, stating that "there’s less people on the Pussy List, so at least I’ll stand out." Whatever.

  13. Blas Elias / Slaughter 
    No reply, but that’s probably because he can’t read.

  14. Jimmy Flemion / Sebastian Bach & Friends 
    No reply

  15. Brent Fitz / Union
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions!

  16. Torstein Flakne / Stage Dolls - *** NEW ***
    No reply. Maybe he would have done them if we had’ve asked him in Norwegian.

  17. Vikki Foxx / Ex-Enuff Z’Nuff, Vince Neil
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  18. Fuzz / Disturbed
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  19. Gen / Genitorturers 
    Puss’d out once she saw the questions if you can believe that.

  20. Stet Howland / Ex-WASP
    To stupid to send them back.  We sent him out his questions way back on October 25, 1999.  He kept saying he was going to send them back, he was getting to them, blah blah blah, but he never sent them back.  We got tired of waiting so he’s on this list now.  There is no reason anybody is WASP needs over 7 months to send back 20 Questions.

  21. Hugo / ex-Valentine - *** NEW ***
    No reply, even after multiple attempts. Guess he’s too busy fronting Long Island’s #1 Journey tribute band. Oh well, maybe he’ll do a CopyCathouse interview instead.

  22. Kittie 
    Puss’d out.  Their publicist saw our questions and said no way.

  23. Eric Klaastad / ex-Trouble Tribe - *** NEW ***
    No reply.

  24. Andy Johns / Producer
    No reply. Probably too drunk to respond.

  25. Richie Kotzen / Mr. Big 
    No reply.  Must be busy banging somebody’s wife or girlfriend.

  26. Blackie Lawless / W.A.S.P.
    Recently put out a press release asking for interviews, so we hit up camp Blackie and got no reply. A better name would be Lackie Ballless.

  27. Clint Lowery / Sevendust
    Too afraid to make the phone call to answer the 20 Questions

  28. Yngwie Malmsteen / Asshole
    His management wouldn’t even let him see the questions. They said, "no way" after they viewed our questions. Unfortunately we lost the questions we sent him, so we can’t share them with you. Oh well, fuck him.

  29. Marilyn Manson - *** NEW ***
    Agreed to do it but wanted the questions immediately, then puss’d out once he saw them.
  30. Dave Marshall / Vince Neil band
    No reply

  31. Tom Mathers / Perris Records
    No reply

  32. Mike Matijevic / Steelheart
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  33. Travis Meeks / Days Of The New
    No reply

  34. Bret Michaels / Poison
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  35. Gerri Miller / Ex-Metal Edge Editor
    No reply. Go figure!

  36. Jason Newsted / Ex-Metallica
    No reply

  37. Kelly Nickels / Ex-L.A. Guns 
    No reply

  38. Doro Pesch
    No reply

  39. Randy Piper / Ex-WASP
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  40. Keff Ratcliff / Ex-Pretty Boy Floyd 
    Too stupid to send back his answers.

  41. Morgan Rose / Sevendust 
    Too lazy to get the questions back to us.

  42. Skid / Love/Hate
    No reply

  43. Blues Saraceno / Ex-Poison, Guitar Guy 
    No reply.

  44. Derek Sherinian / Ex-Dream Theater 
    No reply

  45. Gene Simmons / Kiss
    No reply. Probably would have tried to charge us anyway.

  46. Eric Singer / Kiss, Alice Cooper, million other bands 
    No reply

  47. Rick Steier / Ex-Warrant 
    No reply.  That’s ok, nobody would know who the fuck he was anyways.

  48. Obi Steinman / Manager of Warrant, Slaughter, L.A. Guns
    No reply

  49. Stuttering John 
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  50. Dana Strum / Slaughter
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  51. Michael Sweet / Stryper 
    No reply.

  52. Erik Turner / Warrant
    Puss’d out when he saw the questions.

  53. Rich Ward / Fozzy, Stuck Mojo, Sick Speed
    Too lazy to get the questions back to us.

  54. Tom Werman / Producer
    No reply

  55. Lajon Witherspoon / Sevendust 
    Too lazy to get the questions back to us.

The Rewind & 3-Wind Pussy List!
These are people who did our 20 Questions, but when it came time to do a Rewind or a 3-Wind, they ran the other way.

  1. Jerry Dixon / Warrant
    No response to doing a Rewind.

  2. Don Dokken / Balding
    We asked Don to do a Rewind in early January of 2002, and then we found out he was talking shit about us! Read the post Right Here.

  3. Anthony Focx / Beautiful Creatures
    No response to doing a Rewind. Probably too much fog in his room preventing him from reading his emails.

  4. Paul Gargano / Metal Edge Editor, Manager of Beautiful Creatures
    Did 20 Questions & a Rewind, but never responded about doing a 3-Wind. He hasn’t responded to one of our emails since he started managing Beautiful Creatures (as if that’s a real job). Must have gone Hollywood!

  5. Tommy Lee
    Puss’d out once he saw the questions.

  6. Phil Lewis / L.A. Guns
    Actually did the Rewind with our Sludgette Stephanie in July of 2002, but then stole the tape afterwards and didn’t want to give it back to her. Basically a miserable human being and a typical limey bastard.

  7. Darrell Roberts / W.A.S.P.
    No response about doing a Rewind even though he shows up at Metal Sludge Extravaganzas. Probably didn’t get Blackie’s permission or was too busy working on the "huge" concept record that’s going to take a year to record.

  8. Dave "The Snake" Sabo / Skid Row
    Was supposed to do a Rewind but never sent back his questions. We even sent out a 2nd set of questions in the Fall of 2004 and still haven’t heard back. Sucks, because questions were really good too (Snake said that himself). Somebody make a call!

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