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3-Wind with Tracii Guns, 11/11/02



L.A. Guns, Brides Of Destruction Guitarist Tracii Guns

We first did 20 Questions with Tracii on December 2, 1998! It was the 2nd 20 Questions we ever did. Then we did Tracii’s Rewind on February 10, 2000. So since Tracii has been in the news lately, we thought it was a perfect time to hit him up for a 3-Wind. Enjoy!

1. It’s been over 2 1/2 years since your Rewind and almost 4 years since the original 20 Questions. What are you up to?

It has been along time, I was starting to feel like an ugly stepchild. I have been jamming and writing songs for The Brides. Having a really good time. Its been awhile since Ive started a brand new band. Its like any relationship you have with other people. Very awkward at first but, everything is falling into place very nicely now. Nikki has been obsessed with his bassplaying since the driven thing on VH1 and since we have this new drummer Scot Coogan( this guy is such a sick drummer) that he goes home from rehearsel and practices. its awesome, i have never met a person that is so commited to being great. So I guess I am watching my new band bloom and develop… I am very happy and that is all that really matters to me at the moment .



2. "I?ve just been asked to join POISON in recording new songs and touring this year." That was your quote in your Rewind and unfortunately for you, never came to be. Will similar words be used to describe your project with Nikki, along with a similar outcome?

Well, the Poison thing was an established band. The Brides are something that Nikki and I put together. Actually i kinda willed this band to happen so, Unless my band mates all walk out on me, I feel better about this than the Poison adventure. who knows, if CC hat not returned to Poison I may still be doing that. those guys were very nice to me and I had fun with them too.



3. Phil recently said, ?I hope Tracii decides NOT to show, We are supposed to shoot a DVD at the Key club and he’s demanding all the advance money or he won’t play. I’m so sick of this blackmail and walking on eggshells around him. He won?t return my call. As far as I’m concerned Traci is no longer in our band. All the stuff about LAG needing a break in ridiculous beyond belief, damage is already done.? Your thoughts, sir.

He didnt want me to show so, I didnt. I didnt return the apology phone call because, the damage had been done and ya know what? I dont have anything to say To Phillip. He hurt my feelings and lied to our fans and proved all those things i said about him years ago so,, ya know what??? fuck him!!!!! as far as hes concerned Im not in their band, ,,, Bummer dude.



4. Who actually owns the name L.A. Guns? You started the band and for a while were the only original member left in the band. Can Phil still go out and do shows as L.A. Guns without you in the band?

Stephen Riley and I own the name but , that never stopped Phillip before, he sold a cassette tape to Blue Dolphin that was LA GUNS and we let him get away with it.he never gave us a dime. Our bad. he will take what he can get even though it aint much. God bless his Children . I love the innocent ones.

5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a hack and 10 being a virtuoso.

Chris Holmes =Goddamn,,,, what a motherfucker guitar player. very underrated.One of my biggest influences. There is only one Chris Holmes. He Rules = 10

Mick Mars = Fuck man,, Motley probably wouldnt have been a heavy band if it wasnt for Mick. Hes Loud,Rude, Ugly,aggresive and most of all,,,, Memorable. There would be no Tracii Guns without Mick Mars. He Rules=10

CC DeVille = Definately unique and perfect for Poison. Admits hes not the greatest, for that alone he gets a 10

Keff Ratcliff =Excellent pop guitarist, great roommate, great guy, I always recommend him when I get offers i cant do. 10

George Lynch = He wrote and played the solo on Tooth and Nail. First wave of Eddie followers. I never heard him play the blues though 9

Wes Borland = I am not sure how to rate Wes. With LB he did some cool stuff.Never heard him play a solo. Great texture player. Always got dressed up to play ( I like that). He has a great personality on and off stage. I have to respect him for jumping off the titanic before it sinks.I dunno, somewhere between 6 and 9.

DJ Ashba = Nikki and I actually asked him to join the Brides and he turned us down to follow through with solo career. Chicks dig him, hes got great tats. he tears shit up on the guitar. Its yet to be seen where he ends up as a guitarist. Definitly has the potential to be a 10

Gilby Clarke = Used to be my best bud. Great team player in a 2 guitar format. Not technically proficient at all. he went from a 6 to an 8 in the 2 years I played with him. he fucked up his wrist in a motocross accident. very skilled soundman and studio engineer.very oldschool approach to songwriting and guitar playing. I give him a 7 as a ripper and a 10 as an old school Ronny Wood type. The sweetest daughter you could ever imagine.

Dave "Snake" Sabo = Id give him a 10 except he owes me a Pink Kramer guitar so he only gets a 9. His band tore my face off live when we toured europe together in 91. what an amazing live band.Scotti is great too.

Slash = Plays the fuck out of that penatonic scale. Great feel.great riffs. Great image. not the easiest guy to get next too( Known him since I was 11) . I have seen him tear my face off and I have seen him play out of key all night. definitly a star. very old school.Fun too jam with.As cool as Joe perry, But I am afraid he needs AXL to be big again, lets hope I am wrong. 10


6. Phil Lewis also said in his rant a few weeks back that you auditioned for Limp Bizkit. Is that true, and if so, what exactly where you thinking and what songs did you play with them?

I did not try out for Limp Bizkit but, i think Phil may have been thinking about the peppers. That was fun. Chad and Flea are sicko musicians.

7. You said the following about Nikki Sixx in your Rewind: The biggest misconception about Nikki Sixx is "that he needs T-BONE. Sixx doesnt even like me but, He doesn’t need T-BONE." Why did Nikki not like you, and how did you come to be in a band with him?

Well Nikki is a snotty punk boy and he is gay so, I guess i just read him wrong.The Brides came to be after a conversation i had with Taime on the way to Vegas to do a Pussycat gig. I told taime about an idea i had for a band called DEVIL. Taime, Tracii, Nikki and some spooky drummer we would have to find. Taime said he would get a hold of Nikki forme and, he never did.So anyway when I get an idea I wont stop til I get an answer.I was on tour and I was drunk and i was talking to Cherie Kress our webmaster for the LA GUNS site.I told her my idea and she said she would run it by Nikki. I didnt think i would get a reply since I also thought Nikki didnt dig me but, the next day she e-mailed me,,, Nikki would love to talk to you. So we just dide-mail for a few days and i guess he liked what i was saying. we talked about all sorts of players. he was already kinda trying to put a supergroup together and i wanted to just put a great band together.So we comprimised and figured thatwe were kinda super enough so now we needed to find someone young and freaky who was into old school metal but, who was also not stuck there,,,, and obviously had to be able to really sing and not be intimidated by fronting a band with guys like Nikki and me. Well Adam Hamilton turned me onto London. I first saw pictures and thought ,,, man this is the biggest rock freek i had ever seen,,, can he sing? Yes ,,, the guy can sing anything from Mary Had a little lamb to AXL to Phil Anselmo( doesn’t mean he will sing like either of them). So we did a demo of "No You Dont" by SWEET and the guy is just natural as hell, so we decided on London.Crab was tha natural choice for the other guitarist because he can also sing and looks like a serial killer.Kris Kohls was our first choice for drummer because he looked the part , played the part and hes a funny motherfucker but, we needed a 100 percent commitment and he couldnt commit so, now we have Scot Coogan is absolutely the best drummer LA has to offer, and we lucked out because he is also funny as hell.So anyway thats how the band got together. YOU CAN BLAME IT ON CHERIE FOR MAKING IT A REALITY.



8. In your post a few weeks back, you said the following about Spitfire Records: ?A LABEL THAT TRULY BELIEVES IN US BUT CANT SELL DICK IN A WOMENS PRISON.? What made you believe that Spitfire actually could sell CDs, considering their track record. Were you expecting L.A. Guns to be the exception?

Spitfire was the only Label that would sign LA GUNS and they really loved the band.we both could have really benefited from just alittle promo.

9. Brides Of Destruction. B.O.D. Did you guys come up with that name in hopes of confusing people with P.O.D. so they might actually listen to you guys?

That has got to be the dumbest question i have ever seen on the SLUDGE.

10. The last of Tracii Guns:

Last song you wrote = IVE Got A GUN

Last time you signed a groupie?s tit = This past summer

Last time you barfed from drinking = 1992 at home

Last gig you played with LA Guns = Tuscon, on that Rockfest tour

Last time you got a royalty check = just got BMI, and Universal Royalties on Sept27th

Last time you heard Nikki talk shit about Vince Neil = he doesnt really talk shit about him.He just wants him to get it together for a Motley Tour In 2004

Last CD you purchased = AFI, The Art Of Drowning and RUSH Moving Pictures

Last time you saw Metal Shop = About a month ago I think.They fucking RAWK DUDE

Last time you talked to Axl Rose = It had to be in 89 at Gil Turners Liquor store, I said Rock and Roll and he said Rock and roll

Last time you saw a Metal Sludge shirt in the crowd = I dont Honestly remember but, i did see alot of them on the summer tour.

11. What did you think of Guns N Roses performance on the MTV Awards a few months back?

I think he got winded early, you can not judge him on that performance but, I do love what he is doing, i think it is very entertaining and i cant wait to hear the new record.

12. In your Rewind, you said that the biggest misconception about Paul Gargano is "that hes a kiss ass. HE IS MY FUCKING IDOL. He should be partners with Metal Sludge cause he can sling the mud better than anyone." Speaking of slinging mud &Metal Sludge, it’s now been over 4 years and you were the 2nd person to do our 20 Questions and the very first Rewind. How in your eyes has Metal Sludge affected the music scene?

It has definitly brought people together in some kinda sick twisted way.I think it is very entertaining. I think some people take it a bit too seriously but, then again some people take everything a bit too seriously.

13. Why does a band like L.A. Guns even need a manager? You?ve been doing this long enough, so what does a person like Obi Steinman bring to the table that you can?t do yourself?

Well, the truth is I couldnt manage an Antfarm. Obi brings MINUS 15 PERCENT to LA GUNS

14. What was you biggest music related check for and what did you buy with it?

I got 135,000 from Polygram in 1991 which after taxes was around 85,000. I took alot of people out to dinner that year.

15. Yes or no, has Tracii Guns ever:

Secretly wished that Phil Lewis was deported =
I should have listened To Nickels ,Cripps and Nickey Beat

Met Tony Hawk = Im not sure,I probably did at Marina del ray Skatepark when I was like 13,,, fuck that guy is Rad

Got drunk with David Lee Roth = No but, I have got drunk Listening to alot of Old VH records

Regretted a tattoo = those fucking zits that are supposed to be Vampire bites on my neck

Masturbated to a photo of Donna D?Errico = No but my bass player has, wait, I think my bassplayer married her

Auditioned for N?sync or Britney Spears? band = How is the Catering?

Thought about touring as L.A. Gunns while Phil tours as L.A. Guns = I honestly havent thought about LA , GUNS, GUNNS , Phillip OR Touring Lately

Had sex at the Playboy Mansion = they dont let vermon like me into the playboy mansion

Sold a CD to a used CD store = Of Course,,, 1 at a time

Paid for a hooker = No but,,, I have actually paid a hooker to go away before


16. You said the following about Jizzy Pearl in your Rewind: ?Hes kinda that guy unless you are praising him, or listening to him praise himself he has no time for you.? Would you still say that?s true?

I think Jizzy has grown up to be a very nice young man and i am proud to call him my friend

17. Why is London the singer of BOD when John Corabi can out sing him?

John is an amazing singer but, he cannot out sing London, just being honest.


18. You recently said the following sentence, ?If the Brides end up doing very well and everybody is patient then LA GUNS may actually get a fair shot at being a succesful band again…?

What?s do you think is more ridiculous, Brides Of Destruction doing very well or L.A. Guns actually getting a fair shot at being successful again?

If I thought either one of those things was ridiculous i wouldnt be in the music biz.


19. What was more frustrating, opening up the Rock Fest Tour in front of about 50 people a night or putting out an album nobody cares about?

I have to say he whole demise of LA GUNS has been very frustrating. Again, just being honest.

20. Does Nikki have you all brainwashed into thinking BOD is going to be the next big thing or are those your own delusions?

The Brides is MY next big thing and yes Nikki does believe that is his next big thing too. Delusion? Only time will tell.

21. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We give you a name, you give your thoughts.

Paul Gargano =
I would take a bullet for the man.

Fred Durst = Dunno, I like some of the songs

John Kalodner = Ducked the last time I tried to hug him

Gene Simmons = Pays my friend Eric Singer to be Peter Criss

Alice Cooper = Muscle Of Love


Don Dokken = My Friend

Gilby Clarke = Will always be my friend….Only he doesnt know it


Adam Hamilton = I cant say enough good things about this guy.Friend, Muse,Muso,good listener, True gentleman

Steve Riley = My Brother, The Guy I said yes to for 14 years and now I am sad I have to say no too.

Obi Steinman = Still has a long way to go to become part of the real music biz but, I like him as a friend


Thanks to Tracii for the 4 years of support!

For more L.A. Guns’ drama, you can visit www.LaGunsWeb.com, and for the latest on Brides Of Destruction you can go to www.BridesOfDestruction.com.

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