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3-Wind with Stevie Rachelle, 9/30/02



Tuff & Motley Priest Stevie Rachelle

Wednesday 13 from the Murderdolls should be happy about this because it’s 3-Wind with his idol!

We first did 20 Questions with Stevie on December 8, 1998. Then we did a Rewind with him on April 6, 2000.

It just so happens that Stevie’s cover band Motley Priest is also playing our Metal Sludge Extravaganza this Friday, October 4th, so what a perfect time for a 3-Wind.

1. What are you up to?
Rehearsing with Tuff & Motley Priest. Tuff is getting ready to go to the UK for 7 shows in October and Motely Priest is playing at the Viper Room w/ Metal Shop on September 30th. We’ll also be at Paladinos for the Metal Sludge party on October 4th. Aside from that, I’m selling my catalog, skating, working out and looking to take RLS Records to a new level for 2003! For more info. on anything related please visit Http://www.TuffCDs.com

2. Can you name all the past members of Tuff in alphabetical order and tell us what they are up to now? Also, what do they think about you still doing Tuff?
Burr, Tod – Has been playing drums with me since April of 2001. Oddly enough he played drums for Chase in Substance D right up until he started playing with Tuff. A true pro musician through & through . He’s currently playing in EIGHT bands. Yes I said 8!

Chase, Todd – Formed Tuff with Jorge in 1984-ish & quit in December 1991. He’s working, playing, and getting married. Todd and I are better friends now than when he was in the band. He has given me his blessing to do what I want with Tuff.

Corabi, John – Played ‘1’ show for me with a few days notice. John rules and is out making himself seen somewhere.

DeSaint, Jorge – Formed Tuff with Todd & moved back to Florida in early 1996. He hasn’t played with any other bands that I know of. As reported earlier in the year he did move back to LA and we even rehearsed a few times but it just wasn’t meant to be. Good luck to him and whatever he does.

Eckholm, Tony – Played with Tuff for the first 6 months after I started it up again. He originally played with me in Wisconsin when he was only 16 & eventually went on to play in a few well known Regional Mid-West bands called Brass Kitten & GIVE.

Tuff 1988

Foxx, Terry – The original-original Tuff frontman. Oddly enough he quit to pursue a career as a professional Ice skater. True story.

Gillette, Jim – Helped round out the line-up before they moved to Hollywood in 1986. Tuff only played a handful of Hollywood shows with Jim before he quit to pursue his own projects. His solo release "Proud to be Loud", the infamous Metal Power vocal lessons & eventually Nitro with Michael Angelo. He’s married to Lita, has kids and is no doubt making money somewhere. He’s very smart and extremely dedicated to whatever he does.

Hamilton, Adam – Played drums for Tuff during our final tour-leg in 1995. Currently playing bass for Tracii and L.A. Guns. One of the funnest guys I’ve ever played with and he’s musically gifted beyond most metal heads comprehension.

Lean, Michael – The true mastermind behind Tuff, the image and the onslaught of press that put us on the map. He came into the band somewhere in 1985 and took the bands name to the next level. He then left Tuff in the summer of 1993 to pursue opening a business. He’s currently married, has a son & that business he started is now entering the ‘chain’ faze. He could care less what I do but if I make a million dollars, I’m sure he’d like a little chunk back.

Lord, Jimi – Played in Tuff for a few years (93-95) and eventually moved back to Detroit. He now plays in a Canadian band called Blasternaut.

Roberts, Darrell – Was an original member of TUFF 2000 but as we all know is now a member of WASP 2002.

Saunders, Brian – Also played in Brass Kitten & GIVE with Tony. He even opened up for Tuff in Wisconsin in the late 80s when he fronted a band called Push. Brian will be playing bass for Tuff when we hit the UK in October. Brian is multi talented and has a plethora of music & equipment knowledge.

Thomas, Michael – The 3rd guitarist to play with me in less than a year. He came in with a weeks notice, learned the set and was a great addition. Michael is a top notch musician, friend and a straight up guy in my book. He’ll also be playing the UK tour with Tuff & is currently in Beautiful Creatures as well.

Wilder, Danny – Replaced Chase in the spring of 1992. He left Tuff in late 1993 to play with Alice in Thunderland (Emi Canyon/Nasty Habit from Motely Crue). Danny lives Phoenix and we keep in touch here & there.

3. What is it you exactly do for a living? Rumor has it you teach kids how to skateboard and sell Billy Bob teeth. True?
I do a variety of things. I make & sell music, perform with my bands, teach at skateboard camps and yes, I’ve even sold Billy Bob teeth. I was at the Super Bowl in San Diego in 1998 with CWA and we performed at the pep-rally (10,000 people) the day before. A friend of ours from Foamation Inc. (Inventor of the Cheesehead) was there and he had these whacky teeth. They gave us some to wear while we did interviews and the next thing you know I’m one of their West Coast distributors. I sold those things at trade events and banked upwards of $ 1,000.00 a day! Then I started teaching skate camp this summer. The owner of Skatelab Skatepark asked me if I’d help out and I’ve been an avid skater for most of my life. They asked me to skate in the debut Mandy Moore video but I declined. If I had known that she was that cute I would’ve showed up with my board, pads and pedophile groove on for sure!

4. Motley Priest includes members with the names W. Axl Halford, K.K.DeMartini, Ace Mustaine, Nikki Simmons, and Lars McBrain. What a clever idea. Where did you get that from?
I stole it. I also stole my band name from Motley Crue & Judas Priest. And the logo font from Iron Maiden. And the idea to use B.C. Rich guitars from all of the 80s bands, and the bullet belt from Don Dokken, and Nikki Simmons face paint from…you guessed it….Gene Simmons & Nikki Sixx. And the double bass drums with the logos on the heads from Tommy Lee and the wigs from….oh well….you know who wears wigs.

5. The Last of Stevie Rachelle:
Last time you hurt yourself skateboarding = Severe wrist sprain almost a year ago, still hasn’t healed completely!
Last time you wrote an original song = "Two peanuts on the floor" Christmas of 1999
Last rock star you talked to on the phone = Jason Hook?
Last concert you saw = Stephan Pearcy @ The Viper Room.
Last time you saw the inside of a tour bus = Robbie Crane invited me on while he was blow drying his hair before their Keyclub show last fall!
Last time you sold a Tuff Box Set = A few weeks ago – cha-ching!
Last CD you purchased = King Missle
Last time you fucked two chicks in the same day = If they have a split personality does that count as two?
Last time somebody accused you of running Metal Sludge = A few weeks ago, what else is new.
Last rockstar?s wife or girlfriend you fucked = She was super sweet & sexier than ever…but I ain’t saying who. ;)

6. ?American Hairband? got played on a lot of modern rock stations that typically would never play a song by an 80s band like Tuff. Did you have a lot of record labels trying to pick you guys up and did you ever hear from Kid Rock or Metallica?
I had several labels contact me along with lawyers, a few radio firms, a ton of DJs, PDs, MDs, and fans globally. The best part was hearing everyones reaction to it. Aside from the fans, it was the band members whos bands I actually mention in the song that were the coolest. Jamie St. James, Tracii Guns, & Marq Torein had really cool things to say about it. As for Metallica I never heard word one, yet? But Kid Rock had this to say: "They use to play that here in Detroit…I think it’s great. The lyrics are hilarious." A friend of ours ran into Kid & Pam out in malibu and they talked to him about the song then too. I guess he was all jacked up about it.

7. Brian Saunders was in Tuff but left for Hair Of The Dog, Darrell Roberts was in Tuff and left for W.A.S.P., and Michael Thomas replaced him only to leave for Beautiful Creatures. Why can?t you keep band members? Are you that much of a pain in the ass to deal with?
Most everybody has left Tuff to pursue other projects weather it be music, family or business. I have even put Tuff on the back burner while I did 2 solo CDs, 3 CWA CDs, and various other projects. I don’t think it’s as though I’m a pain in the ass, but it is my project and I determine 100% of what happens. I believe that people are given choices each and everyday. Somedays Tuff is not always the first choice for everyone.

8. Who?s currently in Tuff so other bands can find out and then take them from you?
The Tuff line-up for the UK tour is Brian Saunders (bass), Michael Thomas (guitar) & Tod "T" Burr (drums). These guys can play with whoever they want. If I have gigs booked I’ll ask, if they have other plans I’ll find someone else to step in.

10. Give us a touring memory from the following cities:
Las Vegas = Hot, bright, squirtgun, money, buffets, creepy. Pinkes rocks, Shark Club was cool too!
Milwaukee = Kind of like my second home, TA Verns, friends, Cheesehead plant. Old school spots Billys Old Mill & The Jabberwocky rocked.
Chicago = Thirsty Whale, Hotdog shack next door, The Blaze, Musclehead, Enuff Z’nuff and the last night I spent with Orphan before she was killed.
Detroit = One of the best rock citys, WRIF rules, Harpos, & I-ROCK.
Atlanta = The Masquerade, IHOP down the street 3 black guys trying to break into our van at 3:AM w/ butter knives.
Dallas = Z-Rock w/ Mad Maxx Hammer, where the fuck are you? DCL, insane looking women @ Cabaret Royale!
London = Leigh Austin Keifer are you there? The Astoria, Kelv Hellraiser, and Steevi Jaimz. Hey see you all in October.
Denver = Bangles rocked, Mile High Salloon girls, KBPI rocked, but the Broncos suck!
Phoenix = The Mason Jar with super hot weather, hot chicks & What-a-burger rules!
Memphis = Stolen truck October 1991, lost $ 80,000.00 in gear & personal items.

11. Tuff never ends up on any of the 80s hairband package tours. Considering ?American Hairband? was the most successful song a Sunset Strip hairband has had in quite a while, why don?t you guys end up on any tours?
There was talk about us opening for a Ratt/Lynch Mob tour but that tour never came to be. Then we were halfway through putting together a tour last fall with Tuff, Every Mothers Nightmare & Roxx Gang. It was going to be a rotating headliner spot for all 3 bands and was sponsored by KNAC.COM & METALEDGEONLINE. We had 15 of the 30 dates in place and it was to start the last week of October. We had planned to call it the "Headbangers & Heartbreakers" tour but after 9-11 the whole thing was scrapped. As for the other packages, it’s very hard to get on them. There were 3 tours out this summer & I think the market is starting to get saturated from too much competition.

12. Rumor has it that you and Bret Michaels basically hate each other. What?s the problem here? Bandana jealously issues or what?
I’m not even sure how or when it got started but Bret is not a big fan of mine. It mainly has to do with a certain girl who I use to date that he got invloved with. He went so far as to call me at my home and made some rather rediculous comments to me. I’ve been a fan of Poisons since day one and he even helped contribute and place a song (Wake me up) from a friend (Singer of The band Soul Kitchen) for our debut record. But somewhere over the years things went south. We’ve both dated some of the same ‘starlets’ along the way and there always seems to be a Bret & Stevie comparison. I’ve heard some really juicy stories from a few hotties but those are being saved for the book. Yes I said book. :) What was even funnier was after C.C. left Poison I ended up hanging out at his Hollywood Hills home on many occasions. My roomie was good friends with his roomie so we’d hang out and he’d tell me stories about how Bret couldn’t sing, and that he was balding and so on. Mean while he’d be laughing, snorting coke from his bullet, and talking up a fucking storm (I know, what a surprise C.C. talking up a storm). And I’m sitting there saying to myself, "I’m no Geoff Tate and I surely don’t have the killer mane of hair either." So, I’m wondering is he insulting me, Bret or both of us?

13. Is Motley Priest really going to play our party October 4th or is a member going to quit your band the day of the show and you?re just going to bitch instead of play?
I hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

14. Has Metal Shop charged Motley Priest rent for riding their nuts?
Ralph has not charged me for riding his nuts but if he insists please have him bill me at invoices@tuffcds.com

Stevie & Ralph

15. Yes or no, has Stevie Rachelle ever:
Had sexual relations with you dog = No – and that is a fairly sick assumption. I love Midawg & loved Orphan more than anyone could ever know.
Met David Lee Roth = Saw him in a bathroom once at a strip club does that count?
Pissed on a chick = In the shower, she didn’t even know.
Gone onstage in the last 10 years without wearing something on your head = Yeah in 1998 with my solo band right after I cut my hair a little shorter.
Had a chick run out of the room after seeing your cock = Not run out of the room but I have been declined vaginal entry. :(
Taken steroids = No – I guess I am genetically gifted as far as muscle tone is concerned.
Skateboarded with Tony Hawk = Oddly enough I showed up at Skate Street the day he was filming for the debut video game Tony Hawk Pro Skater back in 1996-97. I asked if he was skating and he said "Nah I just finished filming for the game." I rapped to him for a few minutes & went in as they were tearing down the cameras. However, I have skated with almost every other well known pro skater past & present. Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, Tony Alva, & Lance Mountain to name a few. Oh, and a few rockers too. Tracii Guns & Riki Rachtmen are skaters as well.
Gone down on a chick on the rag = Yes I have earned my red wings. Both knowingly and unknowingly.
Punched a band member = Slapped, pushed, grabbed, threatened, screamed at, but no full on punches have ever been thrown.
Had a hair transplant = Yes – I guess I am not gentically gifted when it comes to hair density.

16. You?ve had your biggest success by doing parody songs, either with your Cheesehead project or with the ?American Hairband? song. Do you think that?s maybe telling you something?
I don’t know, is it telling me something? I guess it depends on how you define success. If success is based on actual dollars & cents, then yes my biggest success is from CWA without a doubt. If success is based on accomplishments and the big picture as they say, then I would say that is from Tuff. Tuff had a Top 10 MTV video, 2 major label releases, toured the U.S. for nearly a decade, was featured on a VH1 "Where are they now?" and helped me appear in hundreds of magazines worldwide which put Stevie Rachelle on the map in some little rock n’ roll way. I think? As for "American Hair Band", that was really close to being even much bigger than it was. I was courted by Universal, Elektra and some major players for about a month after the song hit. I was even invited to a McGathy Radio Promotions (Creed) dinner here in LA as they were looking to take Tuff on board with their new band Drowning Pool. Dave Williams sat at a table next to me at Barneys Beanery and everyone was talking about how great their new release would be. I guess they were right. Sad to see what’s happened only a year later. RIP Dave.

17. Which of the following is best to wear to hide hairloss?
A. A Cheesehead
B. A bandana
C. A hat
D. A wig
None of the above. E. A skateboard helmet!

18. How is it Tuff released 2 studio albums but you have 3 different compilation CDs, and a box set? How the fuck is that possible?
Because I’m creative and crafty like that! "Decade of Disrespect" (1996) is mainly a "Live" CD, "Regurgitation" (2000) is mainly a "Rare Demo’s" CD, and "Fist First" (1994) was the EP that pre-ceeded the full length release "Religious Fix" (1995). The "Fist First" recording (9 song EP) was orginally paid for by Atlantic Records. They dropped us and we walked with the recording. We then signed to IRS/Grand Slamm (1993) and they bought the rights to the EP. They went under (bankruptcy) and after 180 days breeched the contract. We walked again with the recordings and I formed RLS (Records Labels Suck Records) in early 1994. We then releases "Fist First" & sold about 4,000 copies in less than a year. I was then courted by TNT, CMC, Moonstone and MMS/Mausoleum. We signed to BMG/MMS/Mausoleum and believe it or not, they paid us yet again for the rights to the original (9 song EP) recordings. In addition to the deal I got the rights to retain selling "Fist First" as an EP on RLS and they also gave me three thousand copies of the new & improved full length (12 songs total, 3 new) "Religious Fix" to sell. So years go by and it’s now late 2000. I came up with the "American Hair Band" song and I was fairly positive that it was gonna make an impact. But if it hits and there is no product I’m fucked. So I decided to parody the entire Kid Rock release "The History of Rock". His entire disc is old songs from all of his indy pieces off his own label (Top Dog). None of them sold but a few thousand copies and he had momentum from "Devil without a cause" and recorded the "American Bad Ass" song. He then threw together a release around that song. That was my same theory with "The History of Tuff". A new (supposed hit) song and then a few tracks from each of the rest of the RLS catalog. So there are now officially 6 Tuff CDs and 3 Home Videos. Package that in a nice little box with some foam peanuts & anyone with a spare Benjamin Franklin can have one. :)

19. Your website says that Tuff is headed to the U.K. to play a week worth of dates. What has the U.K ever done to you to put them through such torture?
The only torture will be if my guitar player tells me the day before that he’s not going cause his other band doesn’t want him to.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Donnie Vie = Loves me. And Chip has been the coolest cat to me since 1989! The Bears still suck though.
Pamela Anderson = First Bret, then Tommy, & now Kid Rock? Hey Pam! I have thin greasy hair & a big dick …when is my turn?
Joe LeSte = Asked me to sing on several tribute CDs and therefore helped pay my bills for a while. Joe rocks.
Rikki Rockett = Contrary to the rumours, no we don’t run Metal Sludge & he’s always been a super cool guy to me.
Jizzy Pearl = A survivor! He’s performing, on the tribute CDs, writing books, he’s doing more than most.
Jim Gillette = Original Tuff singer. Super cool guy and one bad mutha fucker. I arm wrestled him & he almost broke my arm!
Blackie Lawless = We have a few things in common. We’re both singers, we both played with Darrell & his real first name is Steve!
Vince Neil = One of my first idols. It’s a shame to see what has become of what once was.
Jani Lane = Helped me out with throat spray on tour last year. We talked for a longtime about the biz & how we’d like to choke some people!
Darrell Roberts = A shredding guitarist & a cool guy. The hatchet is burried now!
Ralph Saenz = A super nice guy, killer frontman, hardworking and sings DLR better than DLR.
Billy Morris = Helped give Tuff a gig with 3 days notice. Jani Lane & Jamie St. James came out & everyone jammed. Billy rocks!

There you have it. Stevie’s never at a loss for words!

Motley Priest plays our Metal Sludge Extravaganza this Friday around 10:30 or so. Make sure you get there early to avoid being denied due to maximum capacity.

For more info on Stevie, you can go to his website at www.TuffCds.com.

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