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3-Wind with Jizzy Pearl, 9/9/02




Ratt singer Jizzy Pearl (center)

By now you should all be familiar with Jizzy Pearl.

Jizzy once did a column for us called Tales From The Jizz, and is currently doing the Ratt Tour Diary.

We first did 20 Questions with Jizzy on May 3, 1999, when he was the singer for L.A. Guns

We did a Rewind with him on May 18, 2000, when we was sort of doing Love/Hate again.

And now it’s time for his 3-Wind and he’s the singer for Ratt!

We recently sent Jizzy our questions and he had them back to us within hours, which goes to show that when he recently said he was bored on the road, he wasn’t kidding!

1. What are you currently up to?

Almost done with this tour, this tour diary, and you

2. Is Ratt going to put out a new CD featuring you singing anytime soon?

We were being sued for the longest time, as everyone knows. There is talk of putting out a Live DVD soon, that’s all I know.

3. You’re married to Josie, but she’s free to date whomever she wants. So what’s the point of being married if you’re both free to fuck whoever you want?

There really isn’t…that’s why we’re separated.

4. If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions, who would you question and what would you ask?

I don’t have the energy to ask anybody anything

5. Yes or no, has Jizzy Pearl ever:

Compared penis sizes with your bandmates = of course

Watched Josie with another partner = woman partner

Had a nightmare that you joined Warrant =  Warrant’s next on my list

Had gas on stage and let it rip in front of thousands = no

Let a girl rim your asshole = are you offering?

Choked a girl during sex = lately I’ve only ckoked the chicken

Received a bonus (pay) from Bob & Warren = yeah right

Thought about painting toilet seats as a hobby = I can’t paint

Watched one of your girlfriends take a shit = I don’t have any girlfriends

Had sushi with Keri Kelli =  no

                  Jizzy and his bitch

6. Here are 3 names. Tell us which person you’d kill, which person you’d fuck, and which person you’d marry: Bobbie Brown, Courtney Love, Angela Grant.

I’d like to chat with Courtney Love, I don’t think I want to marry Bobbie Brown, and Angela…who knows?

7. Exactly how many of your tourmates would you say suffer from "a minor annoyance?"

More than you think

8. Any chance of changing the words from You’re stuck by lightning, You’re In Love to You’re stuck by lightning, Metal Sludge?

Haven’t I done enough?

9. We did our first interview with you in May of 1999 while you fronted L.A. Guns. A year later in May of 2000 you did our famous Rewind and no longer fronted L.A. Guns but started the ball rolling again with Love/Hate. Now it’s September 2002 and you are the lead singer of Ratt. Please tell us that if we do a four-wind that you won’t be fronting Firehouse?

Fate is indeed strange. Having a gig is definitely better than sitting at the Rainbow lying about one.

10. Reverse Word Association. We mention a word and you tell us who (person) comes to mind?

Slut = me

Rich = Nikki Sixx

Prick = everybody

Selfish =  did you say selfish or shellfish?

Liar = a lot of people

Goof = me

Joke = all the liars

Balding = come to Rockfest on a windy day

Fat = come to Rockfest on a humid day

Thief = I can’t tell

Smells = this line of questioning

11. When we did our Rewind with you, we asked you how you did during the Ratt audition and you said:

"They didn’t dig me because I sounded TOO MUCH like Pearcy, if you can believe that. Maybe they wanted someone more like Chewbacca, maybe then I would have been "absolutely, without doubt, the Best One". I don’t know what Robert Mason sounds like…my advice to him is to remember he’s only a Relief Pitcher. Pitch a few Innings and enjoy the Ride.?

Now you’re the "relief pitcher" for Ratt. Don’t you think two and a half years is more than a few fucking innings?

I’ve lasted a bit longer than a few innings. I don’t know if that qualifies me for the jersey yet.

12. Compared to "I’ve Got More Crickets Than Friends" how is "Angst For The Memories" selling?

It’s selling OK, actually many people have gone back and bought "crickets" as a result of buying the second one.

13. In our Word Association for your 20 Questions, you said the following:

John Corabi
 = Goof

You also gave Pearcy the following rating in Rate a singer in your Rewind:

Stephen Pearcy = Stephen is COOL, I don’t care what anyone says

Considering you are now in the same band as Corabi the "goof" and you replaced Pearcy, would you still answer those questions the same way?

I got nothing against Pearcy, his suit was with Bob and Warren. It only affected me

indirectly. And that Corabi thing was a misprint, I meant to call him a "poof "

14. How often do you hear the words Metal Sludge from the fans, and the musicians you play shows with?

This tour diary has been very popular.

15. The last of Jizzy Pearl…

Last book you read =
 a biography of Sam Giancana

Last time somebody asked if you ran Metal Sludge = a few weeks ago

Last time somebody asked you if you were Stephen Pearcy = last week

Last rock star you shook hands with (your tour mates don’t count) = Haven’t

Last time you were in jail =  when I hung on the Hollywood sign

Last movie you saw = that horrible Rockstar

Last time you used a truck stop shower stall = Not for a while

Last Love/Hate song you sung = Yucca Man

Last concert ticket you bought = Haven’t

Last CD you purchased =  Pet Sounds

16. You talked about Jani’s mohawk in one of your tour diaries, and actually kind of gave him props while complementing it. Let’s cut the shit now; the tour is almost over. Are you on drugs or do you really think he looks good?

I think he has balls to go out there with a mohawk, and yes I am on drugs

17. Do you and John ever sit around and compare notes about Layla?


18. Could the Metal Edge tour be more accurately described as the "Valtrex tour 2002?"

I suppose it could

19. Why is it when you are singing you sometimes act as if an invisible boxer is punching you?

I’m besieged by invisible demons

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. Blah blah blah?

C.C. DeVille =
 needs help

Steve Stevens =  never met him- good guitar player

Ralph Saenz = he was the best part of Rockstar

Anthony Focx = Foxy

David Lee Roth = the Cryptkeeper

Axl Rose = always cool

Robbie Crane = always gay

Jason Hook = good guitar player

Tommy Lee = big dick

Jon E. Love =  good guitar player, also has big dick

Brief but to the point.

For more info, you can visitwww.JizzyPearl.comorwww.TheRattPack.com.

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