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3-Wind With Donnie Vie, 5/13/02



Enuff Z’Nuff’s Donnie Vie

Everytime we do an interview with Donnie, we have no idea what he’s going to say or do. This interview continues in the same fashion!

We first did 20 Questions with Donnie on November 30, 1999.

Then we did his infamous Rewind on March 8, 2001.

Now he’s back for his 3-Wind!

It was conducted once again by Jim Bob Dwarf on April 27, 2002. For the full report, here’s Jim Bob Dwarf:For someone who said he’d never do an interview ever again, Donnie Vie certainly had a lot to say. I strongly feared that he’d hit me at any moment. However, he somehow he didn’t see fit to beat me up. Even though his answers ranged from lucid to downright irate, we both made it through all the questions intact.

This time, instead of me going to them, Enuff Z’Nuff came to me! Sort of: Donnie’s 3-Wind took place prior to their appearance at McCool’s (formerly the Silver Mullet) in Valparaiso, Indiana. Home of your Sludgeaholic of the Year! Donnie’s recent bride, Joni Vie, hung out during the interview along with the usual cast of pre-show characters. Plus, Ricky and Monaco almost got in a fight with a guy from the opening band! It was fun to watch.

Props are in order once again for our old pal Jeff Overstreet. He set everything up, and he doesn’t even work at this club! His spheres of influence are innumerable. Thanks as well to the staff at McCool’s for the wide degree of latitude. And of course to Donnie and Joni Vie! They rule.

So buckle your seat belt for another crazy interview with Donnie Vie!

1. What are you currently up to?

Currently up to? 5’11" Nah, currently up to, I guess, just got married, livin’ in LA, workin’ on a new solo record. Mixing the new Enuff Z’Nuff record. Should be out…..in probably about a month. All kinds of shit. Working on some new stuff out there. Moving into a new pad, getting that all fixed up. Working on trying to learn how to be a husband, which is something that I’ve never been before, and I’m not very good at it, but I’m learnin’.

2. This is your 3rd interview with Metal Sludge.

This is Metal Sludge? You piece of shit!

(Donnie pontificates for a moment.)

Well I just want to say right now. Anybody, I’m sorry. I’ll say it now, whomever’s feelings I hurt or offend, from this point forward, I don’t mean to, I’m sorry.Jim Bob: How many people do you think you’ll piss off and alienate this time?

You know what though, last time you fucking did the interview, after a show, at Sidetracks, where everybody’s all fucked up, and I got fans all around listening to questions like………and we’re going on tour. No one told us me we were going on tour with Warrant. No one told me we were going on tour with Quiet Riot. And you kept asking me all these questions about Jani Lane and this and that, and I’m like, "What! Why do you care about all these questions? What is it about Jani Lane?" and then you kept asking, and finally I go, "Fuck Jani Lane!" you know, who cares right, and there’s all these fans sitting around. If I had’ve known that, you know, fucking I got nothing against him. I think he’s great actually. But, no, you asked me at the wrong fucking time. Right now, I might even say something just to entertain people.

3. In April 2001, during Ricky Parent’s 20 Questions interview, you told us that you "weren’t doing any more interviews – ever!" Yet here it is a year later and you’re talking to us again. What persuaded you to change your mind?

I forgot. End of interview!

4. What ever became of the side-project you were working on with Ricky Parent?

End of interview! Do I stutter? (pause) You should’ve asked that question last.

5. Rate the following singer/guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a complete slouch and 10 being somebody you hail.

C.C. DeVille = How can I even rate him when I’m not even doing an interview? That’s my answer. Well OK. CC DeVille? For originality and flavor and style and taste and just thinking-wise, I give him a fucking, I give him a 10. For, uh, like technique and smoothness, he’s like me. We’re not, you know, we’re not the most, you know, technique is for technicians. But since, being with, and watching him on tour, I got most of his records, you know, I mean, I’m impressed with him. I rate him up there, but you know, the best players I think aren’t the best players, they were the tastiest.

Butch Walker = Who? Don’t know who he is.

Jim Bob: Mavelous 3.

Still don’t know who he is.

Dave Mustaine = Dave Mustaine? He’s a singer. I couldn’t tell ya, I’m not familiar enough. I imagine he’s good.

John Corabi = As a guitar player? I’ve only seen him play rhythm in Ratt and sing for Mötley Crüe, and I know he’s great at both of those. I feel sorry for him playing rhythm in Ratt. I imagine Johnny, you know, he looks great, anything he does, he’s great at, so I’d have to give him a good rating.

Tommy Shaw = Aw, he’s great. But I give him a 7, 8.

Jesse James Dupree = He’s….he’s, what, on the guitar or the saw? Or the dick? On the dick, I give him a 4, on the saw I give him a 10. On the guitar, I never heard him play.

Billie Joe Armstrong = Um, Green Day? For uh…..for downstrokes, I give him a 10. Downstroke rhythm. For solos, I don’t think he’s ever played one. And originality, well the world thinks he’s original, but I played, wrote every song he wrote 10 years, 20 years before he did.

Ted Nugent = You can’t say something bad about Ted because it’s not cool, but come on. Fred Nugent, you know? ‘Wango Tango, Wango Tango,’ for eighty million times in a row. You gotta love Ted because he’s Ted. But, you know, that’s the only reason I’ve ever loved Ted.

Johnny Reznik = I have no idea who he is.

Joni Vie: Goo Goo Dolls!

What, the lead guitar player?

Joni Vie, nearby: No, the singer!

I, I rate him a 2 on lead guitar. On singing I rate him a 4. On his losing weight, I give him a 10. His haircut, I give him about an 8 or 9, and on his new album, I give him a 3.

Johnny Monaco = No rating available!

6. What possessed you to move to LA?

What? What possessed me to move to LA? The Devil!

7. Even more so, what possessed you to recently get married??

What posessed me to get married? I don’t know. The Devil! It was just another one of Donnie Vie’s hair-brained ideas, you know. We’re trying to figure that out, lately, we’ve been trying to figure that out ourselves. But everything is great and I couldn’t ask for a better girl. Look at her, she’s great with the fans, the fans love her, she’s good, she keeps me healthier and she’s good for me and everything. I mean, what can you say bad about that?

Donnie kisses Joni Vie while Jim Bob ponders what it would be like to kiss a girl.

Jim Bob: Is this your wife?

This is her, Joni Vie.

Jim Bob: Hi. I’m Jim Bob.

Hey rumor has it that Stevie Rachelle is the guy behind Metal Sludge.

Jim Bob: I’ve heard that. I’ve heard all kinds of shit. I have no idea.

And Rikki Rockett too. I heard that too.

Jim Bob: I’m just the patsy.

You know, I now know it’s Stevie Rachelle and Rikki Rockett, just by your reaction. So make sure this goes in the interview.

Jim Bob: Alright.

Alright. ‘Cause he didn’t help me move my stuff. I went up to Stevie, and asked him if he’d help me move our furniture, ’cause I thought he still owned a furniture moving company, and, and…..’cause that’s what my wife told me, and he did. And he was all offended because he’s a record producer or something now, and I asked him to help move my furniture.

Jim Bob: Ha!

CC DeVille told me that, that it was Rikki Rockett who ran the site.

Jim Bob: We’ve all heard that shit. I don’t want to know. It’s like Santa Claus and shit. Don’t tell me he’s not real.

Right. Even though you know. You know, you jagoff. You’re Rudolph and you know it!

8. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:

New York = New York? A touring memory? How can I remember anything that happened in New York?

Philadelphia = Philly! Steak sandwhich. I don’t like onions.

Dallas = Dallas is where I took a bite out of a cactus to see if……..

(In walks Michael Angelo from Nitro!)

What’s up? Doin’ an interview. This is Michael Angelo.

Michael Angelo: Hey Jim Bob.(Shakes Jim Bob’s dirty hand.)

(Donnie says quietly:) He just got out of prison. Statutory rape.

Um, I took a bite out of a cactus because I always heard that you could eat ‘em in the desert, to drink them to get water, and there were no big thorns on it but you don’t know about the 800 million tiny thorns on it that you don’t see. So I spent the next five days pulling little tiny thorns out of my lips and gums and teeth. Imagine trying to that, you know. Not fun.

Detroit = (pause) Oh that’s where I grew up with Michael Jackson. We used to play baseball and stuff. I told him, "man, you should sing, you got some pipes," you know.

Jim Bob: I thought he was from Gary.

And I used to dance, right, and Michael would come around and go, "hey! I like that move!" and stuff. And I’d go, "well, here’s how you do it." And so that’s what happened to me. I look like the big copycat now because Michael went on and made it first. He stole my moves.

Jim Bob: What about the glove?

I still wear the glove. I got the glove idea from him. Keeps my one hand soft. If you’ve ever read ‘Of Mice and Men,’ you know.

Los Angeles = So far, all of my best memories ever are from Los Angeles.

Tampa = Tampons? Don’t like ‘em. They’re good for their times. I don’t like to find them used behind my bed. Not with my wife, I mean, but in the old days I didn’t like finding them in my bed, in the bus, on the floor, this and that, used. They make a good cup of tea though.

Milwaukee = Those fans are great. Gotta say, I love Milwaukee. Love the fans up there. A lot of fun. I partied with them all. I party with everybody up there. But I remember that one.

Denver = I got the Denver boot once on my car.

Minneapolis = Oh! That’s where, uh, Prince grew up, right. We played that place that Prince originally did there, the Revolution or whatever that place was. Fuckin’ sucked the place, here and there, we’d smoke some good pot, and we couldn’t find any pot and there was a bum walking in and out of there. And I go, "that’s either a bum or it’s the guy that’s got the best pot in town," and he had the best pot in town, but he was a bum too. We cut a piece of his dreadlock off and smoked that. So we wrote a song on stage, called it "This Is The Place That Prince Played."

Las Vegas = Las Vegas? My best memory of Las Vegas – my wife remembers this – wasn’t a very good one I guess. I had a lot……good times in Las Vegas. I had a good time, but nobody that was with me had a good time.

Joni Vie: None at all!

We seen a wild donkey on the way home. Ricky Parent seen a pack of wild donkeys running around on the way home from Las Vegas.

Jim Bob settles for a kiss from Donnie
9. What time did you get up today, and can you describe the first 3 hours of your day for us?

Joni, here’s a question! What time did I get up today and can I describe the first 3 hours of my day? Should I answer that question? Should I do it?

Joni Vie: Better be nice!

I’m gonna pass on that question. I got up early. I had to take a plane from LA to Chicago. My wife didn’t feel very well, and I was a bad boy for a couple of days. I forgot about it this morning and she didn’t. I got up and was going, ‘Hey! Hi! Good morning honey!’ and she remembered that I was a bad boy the day before and so, I had a little answering to do for her, you know. Wasn’t the man upstairs. The first 3 hours of my day though were pretty boring. Rush, rush, rush. Let’s see, I got up, I spent an hour looking for a padded bra, no, a strapless bra! That was one hour of my day, was looking for a strapless bra, like a chicken with my head cut off. I uh, did about an hour of damage control, then about a half hour of controlling the damage control damage. I had to do damage control for the damage control I did.

(Some crew guy walks in: Where’s all the fucking ice bags for the liquor? Where’s the ice?)

Can’t you see I’m doing an interview?

(Crew guy:) Are you serious?

No, this is my buddy here. My buddy’s always sitting right here and talking to me with a tape recorder and a piece of paper!

(Crew guy:) What’s he interviewing you about?

My life. He asked me about why I’m so demented and crazy.

(Crew guy:) Sorry, brother.

I don’t blame ya. I wouldn’t have seen it either. And I wouldn’t have given a fuck if I did see it.

10. Has Donnie Vie ever:

Had a 9 to 5 job = Yes! Oh yes. I used to own a construction company.

Jim Bob: Alright.

I was a maintenance man at a country club. Matter of fact, when I was 15 years old, I went to school till 12 o’clock. I had my own apartment. Went to school till 12 o’clock noon, then in the work program, went to work at this other place till 8 o’clock at night. Rode my bicycle home from work and stopped at this other place 3 nights a week, worked from 9 till 12 o’clock midnight, washing pots to pay for my apartment and stuff. Yeah, I worked my ass off. Up until one day, I just couldn’t make the hours any more, you know. Did Donnie Vie ever have a 9 to 5 job? Suck my fucking ass! What do you call this? This is a 24-hour-a-day job from hell. Being Donnie Vie. Sucks a big dick, alright.

Gone down on a chick on the rag = What kind of a question is that! Gone down on a chick on the rag. What is gone down? What is a rag? Gone down. Gone down where?

Jim Bob: Down there.

Gone down on a chick with the rag.

(Michelle Z’Nuff happens to hear this question): What are you doing, Jim Bob?

How do you go up on a chick with the rag?

Gotten a chick pregnant = Yes. I have a child. Obviously.

Had sexual thoughts about Vikki Foxx = Yeah. Fuck Vikki Foxx!

Had phone sex with an underage girl = I oughtta slap the shit outta you right now.

Jim Bob: Don’t hit me! It’s hard for me to ask this shit.Well it should be. What are you, Stuttering John? The only difference is I’m not somebody famous.

Jim Bob: Sure you are.

Nobody gives a shit about this interview or this magazine.

Jim Bob: Here in Valparaiso they do. You’re in Valpo now!

Unfortunately people do give a shit about this magazine, and happen to give a shit about me when I do these interviews – bad interviews! – with this magazine.

Jim Bob: Nah, it’s good!

Nobody cares about anything good I did. Like the eleven fucking albums I made, you know. They don’t give a fuck about those.

Jim Bob: Well there’s only eleven for about a month. What’s the new album called?

‘Welcome to Blue Island.’

Jim Bob: Really? Seriously. That’s cool.

I thought so.

(Crew guy with a mullet comes up and goes on a rant about Enuff Z’Nuff being under-appreciated.)

Jim Bob: OK.

(Donnie’s gluing rhinestones to a pair of cop-sunglasses at this point during the interview.)

I make jewelry by the way. I just want everyone to know that. I make killer jewelry. None of this plastic stuff. I make some cool jewelry though.

Wondered why Monaco was still in the band = Yeah, I always wonder. I always wonder why he’s there at the next show. But he’s in the band until whenever. As long as he still comes.

Spent Christmas or New Year’s Eve in jail = Who’s the jagoff? Who’s the jagoff! No. Never. Not the entire Christmas.

Had something stolen by Vikki Foxx = Who hasn’t? We’re starting a club. The ‘ripped off by Vikki Foxx’ club.

Regretted a tattoo = No. Yes! Yes. And everyone knows that one too, but I don’t regret what it says.

11. You flew all the way out here to do a gig in the middle of nowhere, Indiana, and it’s the only show you’re doing. What else is on your agenda while in the Chicago area?

What’s on my agenda? Nothing. Get the fuck outta here.

12. We heard you’ve been working on a solo CD. What is going to be the difference between a Donnie Vie solo CD and an Enuff Z’Nuff CD?

Well a Donnie Vie solo CD is just basically straight-ahead pop, I mean, I have so many styles of writing. And people, don’t judge what I do in this band by that record. But I mean there’s a lot of heavy shit, a lot of wimpy shit. I mean, there’s some sappy shit that I could never do in Enuff Z’Nuff, that I want to, gotta get out of me and some ballads and stuff and some commercial hit stuff. And some poppy stuff that, I mean, Enuff Z’Nuff’s gotta have the heavier guitar in it you know. So just expect the same melodies, you know and stuff. Simpler, straight-ahead pop, but I mean, come on, if you like this, how can you not like that?

13. The Last of Donnie Vie:

Last time you were awake more than 48 hours = No I wasn’t! Where was that at? And you wonder why you guys suck!

Last Beatles song you performed = Last one? Revolution. No, not Revolution. Uh, Come Together.

Last drug you did = Last drug? My wife.

Last movie you saw in a theater = In the theater? Oh geez I don’t know. I don’t remember. Oh! I took my little niece to see Pokemon 2 or some shit like that.

(Crowd laughs)

It was the worst. I hated it. The first cartoon got done and I was relieved that it was over, I got ready to go. I thought it was the ending. But then the movie started.

Last time you saw Chip naked = Oh geez. I seen him so many times. When do you not see him naked? He’s naked right now.

Last time you were arrested = (pause)Rested? Last time I rested? I rested last night, and I rested a little bit before the show.

Last time you got an erection = Well, I woke up yesterday morning and I go, "Joni, what are you doing?" and she goes, "Playin’." and she wasn’t out in the sandbox.

Last time you popped a zit = I think about 10, 15 minutes ago.

Last concert you saw = (pause) Last concert, what was it? (pause) Oh! It was fuckin’ Ratt. No not Ratt. The other Ratt.

Jim Bob: Stephen Pearcy?

No, the same singer from Ratt now.

Jim Bob: Jizzy Pearl?

Yeah, his band.

Jim Bob: Love/Hate?

Yeah, that band. I didn’t see the concert but I was there. I love those guys those. I meant to see the concert.

Last CD you purchased = I don’t think I’ve ever bought a CD in my life. I have never bought a CD. Do you believe that?

Jim Bob: No.

I haven’t. Never bought one. I get ‘em for free all the time. I get ‘em from record companies, from stores, people give them to me. I have never once bought a CD. I’ve never, ever. It’s weird.

Jim Bob: But I bet you got a bunch though.

Oh yeah. Tons. I remember the last time I sold a CD, at a used CD store.

13. You’re in a terrible plane crash high in the Himalayas……….

You know what, I’m flying in a plane tomorrow, so you want to scratch that question?

Jim Bob: No.

You guys are ruthless.…………….in which the only survivors are yourself and Frankie Banali.

Jim Bob hopes Donnie doesn’t try that on him!

Everyone else on the plane was vaporized by the explosion. You are far from any kind of civilization and blizzard-like conditions make rescue impossible. Poor Frankie is severely injured while you are basically intact. After a week, however, it’s clear that you’re both starving. Frankie’s rapidly deteriorating condition makes it obvious that he will soon die, but if you don’t eat something immediately you will die also. You are faced with the inevitable: either kill Frankie with your bare hands and eat his flesh, thereby keeping yourself alive to be rescued; or starve to death and die in the snow like a pauper. Which do you choose?

Thank God I got Frankie Banali to eat. I got, I got food for about a month.

14. Which do you prefer and why:

Chicago or Los Angeles = Los Angeles

CTA or Metra = (pause) The CIA

Forever Wild or The Osbournes = Oh, the Osbournes!

Magical Mystery Tour or Sgt. Pepper’s = What do you prefer, toilet paper or sittin’ on the toilet? You know? What do you prefer, the toothbrush or the tooth paste?

Soil or Disturbed = (pause)Well you gotta have dirt or you wouldn’t have vegetables. Gotta eat vegetables. And Disturbed, I have no choice. I fuckin, I’m always getting disturbed. So which do I prefer? It’s like, well, you don’t really have a choice about either. You gotta have plates. You gotta have forks. You have to drink water. Which do you prefer? Water or air?

The Cat Club or Sidetracked = What do you think?Jim Bob: Sidetracked?

Sidetracked’s no longer in business, so the Cat Club, obviously. I love the Cat Club! They’re very cool to me. I’ll be sitting in there and breaking in new songs there for my old lady. I never even once advertised the shit, but people are starting to come out, you know. I’m surprised.

Q101 or The Loop = No comment. Until they play us, I hate ‘em both. If they play us, I’d have to say I prefer them both equally.

Kid Rock or Tommy Lee = Uh……fuck. I prefer them each for different things. And I hate them each for different things. I prefer, you know, Tommy’ll take a swing at you if you say something bad, so I’ll say Tommy Lee. I live in LA, so does Tommy. He’ll take a swing at ya if he’s pissed off. So I’ll take Tommy Lee.

The Travelling Wilburys or Ringo’s All Stars = Was George Harrison in Ringo’s All Stars? No? Travelling Wilburys! It’s got 2 dead guys in it, 2 of my favorites.

16. Are you currently sober or are you still indulging your past demons?

I’m currently sober.

17. Are you getting tired of doing Enuff Z’Nuff? Is it getting old?

I’m getting old. What’s getting old is having a great band, great fucking songs, great music, doing great shows, for not great reviews and not great results. That’s what’s getting old and tired. But how can you get tired of that music, and those players. You get a little tired of the personalities once in awhile, we’re all a bunch of unusual fuck head characters, you know. You put us all together, you got, it’s like putting gasoline in bleach. But no, I’m not gonna bad rap my guys. If you talk to them, and they bad rap me, then you come back and ask me that question again.

18. You recently sang 2 songs on the Needle Park CD. Did you agree to do that because you really like the band or because you get excited when you hear the name Needle Park?

Who the fuck set you up with these questions? I got a real good idea who. But first of all, the one reason I almost didn’t want to do it was ’cause of the name Needle Park. I don’t want to be associated with that. Number two, I got paid money to those, it was originally a session that I got paid to come do to sing for something the guy was passing around a thing for his production. And so I didn’t know it was for a band. I never knew it was going to be for a band, and I came over and sang for, what was it, a couple of hundred bucks a song? We showed up for a couple hours one day and the next thing you know the guy called me up and says, "OK if I give you a nickel an album is it OK for me to put these on the record?" And the next thing you know, I’m in Needle Park. So I never had any choice in that. But the guy that asked me to do it, I’m now doing things with and it’s not called Needle Park. And uh, I have to say I enjoy the songs. It’s something different, recording songs that I didn’t write. There’s not too many of those. I’ll tell you one thing……It didn’t kick ass like it does now…before I sang it. They definitely kick ass now.

19. How long do you give your marriage?

A: 6 months

B: A year

C: 2 years

D: We’re already in the process of getting divorced

You’re asking the wrong person.

Joni Vie: We’re already in the process of getting divorced! LOL

There’s your answer. I would give it till the day I’m dead. I don’t know how long my wife will give it. It might not be in my hands! I give it till the day I die.

20. Last time you looked at a calendar, did you happen to notice what year it was?

What’s a calendar?

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We give you a name and you give us your thoughts.

Marq Torien = The BulletBoy guy. My thought on him? BulletBoys.

Linkin Park = Like ‘em. Good band. Really like ‘em a lot.

Anthony Focx = He was great in that movie.

Sevendust = (pause) Uh, one dust bugs me, you know? I just have a sensistive nose.

Rikki Rockett = Gotta thank him for taking us on that tour. Met my wife on that tour, had a lot of fun. Those guys have a lot of rules for guys that break all of ‘em. Tell ya that.

Craig Bradford = That’s a wonderful fucking man. Wonderful guy. He’s my new best friend.

The Nelson twins = Well I can’t tell ‘em apart. And besides the fact that they’re suing me for the Mustang, I’m suing them for ruining ‘We’re All Alright.’ And puttin’ their name on ‘We’re All Alright.’ You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna write new words for ‘Yesterday’ and put a bridge on it. And I’m gonna put my name on it. It’ll say ‘words and music by Lennon/McCartney/Vie.’ Other than that, I got no problem with Gunnar and Matthew. I love those guys. They were great guys. They seemed to maybe have a problem with me, and my driving. If they have a problem with me, then I have a problem with them, but I got no problem with them. They’re sweethearts. They can’t help it if there’s no black in them. They’re two of the whitest guys I’ve ever met in my life. Under normal circumstances, they’re great guys. One guy’s fucking Debbie Gibson!

Joe LeSte = He was very nice to me last time I seen him.

Scott Loftus = Always loved him. Unless there’s something I should know?

George Harrison = God rest his soul.

Now that was entertaining! Thanks to Jim Bob for pulling it off and to Donnie and Joni for hanging in there. Like we said, we had no idea what Donnie would say and he didn’t disappoint!

Monaco and Ricky Parent smack around poor Jim Bob after the show.

Look for a 3-Wind with Chip coming up in the next few months!

For the latest on Enuff Z’Nuff, you can go to www.enuffznuff.com

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