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3-Wind With Chris Jericho, 3/13/02



WWF Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is back at Metal Sludge and this time it’s as WWF World Champion!

We first did 20 Questions with Chris on August 17, 1999, a week after his WWF debut.

We then did a Rewind with him on Septmeber 21, 2000.

It’s now March 13, 2002, and thanks to our last two interviews with Jericho, he’s WWF Champion! Ok, maybe we’re not fully responsible for his success, but hey, it’s our page so we’ll claim what we want.

Anyway, this Sunday, March 17th, Chris will defend his Undisputed Championship at Wrestlemania 18 against Triple H. So we thought it would be a good time to hit him up for a 3-Wind. Enjoy!

1. What are you up to?

I’m sitting in a Red Roof Inn close to the Detroit airport, eating a protein bar and drinking some water, messing around on the net, listening to the new Black Label Society and watching Not Another Teen Movie….ahhh the life of a champion!!

2. We noticed your Y2J logo looks remarkably like our Metal Sludge Barbed Wire logo. Coincidence?

Definately not. I stole it directly from the site, even going as far as giving the shirt designers your web address so they could check it out. Great idea guys!!!!

3. What happened to your "Metal Is Jericho" column in Metal Edge? Is The Man trying to keep you down or what?

Garganowitz censored all of my columns and I couldn’t handle his Gestapo editorial tactics any longer…also I became too lazy to write them. Someday when I’m not so busy I will begin to write them again. As a matter of fact, when I recently went to Anthrax and Priest, both Scott Ian and John Bush asked me why I stopped. I’m famous daddy!!

4. Now that you’ve accomplished all your career goals, what other goals do you have left in wrestling? What’s next?

Just to continue to perform and entertain the people. I always want to make sure that when people pay to see Jericho, they leave feeling they got their moneys worth.

5. Time for Metal Sludge’s 20 Band Battle Royal. Here are the 20 bands that are in the battle royal. Give us the order of elimination and who would win.

Beautiful Creatures


Motley Crue

Quiet Riot

Drowning Pool


Limp Bizkit

Iron Maiden

Twisted Sister


Puddle Of Mudd





Killer Dwarfs



Judas Priest


Puddle of Mudd and Drowning Pool don’t even make it to the ring as they’re DQ’d for being one hit wonders. Ratt and Warrant are eliminated when all of their former members do a run-in and throw them out. Slaughter is thrown out when Dana Strum infuriates Fred Coury by pointing out that he never played drums on any of Cinderella’s records. Then Dubrow single handedly eliminates Cinderella, Twisted Sister and Poison, when his wig becomes entangled with Bret Micheals, sweeping them all away with one giant horsehair lariat. Anthrax and Megadeth walk out when Nikki Sixx cuts their Battle Royal guarantees. Nikki then goes to a no contest with Fred Durst, whilst discussing if Tommy Lee really likes rap rock, or whether he’s just jumping on the band wagon. Rush and Motorhead both explode when Geddy screams as high and clean as he can and Lemmy sings as low and gruff as he can and the ensuing harmony note kills them both. Sevendust is eliminated when Rich Ward asassinates them for stealing his riffs. Eddie and The Hellion destroy each other when the Hellion shoots his missles blowing off Eddie’s head, yet with his last breath, Eddie pulls out his Killers axe and his Somewhere in Time laser and disinigrates the Hellion. Beautiful Creatures almost win, but are eliminated when DJ Ashba jumps over the top voluntarily and Anthony Fox is DQ’d for falsely claiming to be in his rookie year of wrestling. This leaves the Killer Dwarfs as the winners, due to the fact that they never officially entered the ring in time, as they couldn’t lift their stumpy Dwarf legs onto the bottom rung of the ring steps. Russ Dwarf rules!!

6. Are you happy with the amount of CDs Fozzy sold considering the exposure you received on WWF programming?

Honestly I am. I was expecting to sell 50,000 copies and we ended up doing around 35,000. Before you try to bust me(ala Sebastian), I’ll list em. We sold over 27,000 copies on Sound Scan, another 5,000 were sold and not recorded by SS and about 3,000 were sold in Canada. Palm, the record company was expecting the record to go gold in two months, but never promoted it hardly at all. If it wasn’t for the WWF promotional efforts, we wouldn’t have sold shite!! Hopefully the new record Happenstance, will get the promotion it deserves, as it SMOKES!!!

7. How is it you have time to do a 3-Wind with us but you can’t even update your commentary on your website?

Cause I’m lazy. But this 3 Wind has inspired me to do a new commentary as soon as I’m done!

8. What’s with this old midget Larry Zbyszko saying you’re too short to be champion?

I don’t know how he can say that. I tower over his fat, balding ass. Then again he never was a champion…never mind a LIVING LEGEND like myself!! Plus he was a rotten wrestler.

9. Now that Paul Gargano is managing Beautiful Creatures, would you consider letting him manage your career?

He was already my boss…I’ve had enough of his penny pinching ways.

10. Rate the following wrestlers based on their interview skills. 1 being somebody who shouldn’t speak EVER, and 10 being The Rock.

Kevin Nash =

Scott Hall = 6

Steve Austin = 11

Jeff Hardy = 3

Triple H = 7.5

Billy Gun = 4

Edge = 7

Ric Flair =37

Rob Van Dam = 4

Taz = 7

11. Complete this sentence: Fee Figh Foe Fold. Hollywood Hogan is Mighty __________

weird looking

12. Are you afraid of getting hurt and getting canned while you rehab, like fellow metalhead Jerry Lynn?

Not really. I’ll just go into haberdashery.

13. Does Chris Jericho Prefer:

Jim Cornette or Bananas =
Cornette eating bananas…and doing nothing else with them!

Fozzy or Spinal Tap = Fozzy of course…we are huge rock stars!!

Japan or Mexico = Singapore

Anthony Focx or Jerry Dixon = Dennis Stratton

Jushin Lyger or Super Lyger =Who the hell is Super Lyger?

Dan Dryden or Rich Ward = Duke LaRue of course

Bill Apter or Dave Meltzer = Fritz Capp

Moongoose McQueen or Bruce Dickinson =Michael Kiske

Missy Hyatt or Miss Elizabeth =Kimona Wanaleiya

ECW or Smokey Mountain =Stampede Wrestling

14. Do you find yourself extremely lucky to be one of the few WWF stars who has not slept with Trish Stratus?

She’s friends with my wife so she’s definately off limits.

15. Which of the following has had more casualties?

a) the Vietnam War

b) the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan

c) a Rob Van Dam match

RVD isn’t stiff, he’s just misunderstood.

16. It’s rumored that many of the wrestlers are losing faith in the writing team. How do you feel about that?

I’ve never had a problem with the writing staff….how the hell could I…they made me the Undisputed Champion, juniour!!

17. When Dan Dryden left Fozzy, did you ever consider getting Hollywood Hogan to take his place on the bass?

Well Fozzy did originally write and perform Real American, Stand Back and Hulkster In Heaven.

18. The last of Chris Jericho:

Last time you were hit with a chair =
one month ago

Last city you wrestled in = Ft Wayne Indiana and I rocked that bitch!

Last time your ferrets bit you = He doesn’t bite and we had to put the other one to sleep for the biting thing.

Last 80s CD you listened to = Metallica-Master Of Puppets…today. Orion rules!!

Last time you talked to Paul Gargano = two weeks ago

Last time you thought Stephanie McMahon cut a decent promo = Any one I’m involved in.

Last time you did that crazy duckwalk = It’s called the praying mantis strut, I’ll have you know.

Last rib you were involved in =I drew Paul Stanley make up on a Japanese fan’s face with a permanent silver marker in Japan last week.

Last supplement you used = Creatine, Dextrose,Glutamine, and Protein mixed together.

Last time you threw up = At Christian’s bachelor party.

Jericho with Bubba Ray Dudley, Joe LeSte, and Kenny Kweens from Beautiful Creatures

19. So, are you bothering to shine the belt, or will you just let Triple H do it after Wrestlemania?

I am the very first Undisputed Champion and nobody can take that away from me.

20. What exactly does a glass ceiling look like? And have you ever hit your head on it hard enough to do any damage?

I don’t know as it’s always polished with windex. I cut my head on it though when I shattered it and became champion.

21. Word Association:

Dairy Queen =
Blizzard of Ozz

Dave Mustaine = Awesome guitar player..better than Hammet

Shooting Star Press = Broke my frickin arm

Joe LeSte = Kenny Kweens is a cool dude…so is Joe

Christian = Underrated

Scott Ian = Great rhythem guitarist

Boot Lifts = A rumour. My only lifts are the soles on my boots which are about an inch high, standard wrestling fare. I am 5 ft 11 inches. That’s three Danny Spitz’s you know! Not exactly the midget I’m accused of being.

Sevendust =Not bad

Vanilla Midgets = Benoit, Malenko rule the freakin world Nash!!!

Nikki Sixx = Once was one of my idols. Still the coolest guy in the Crue and that includes Tommy.

Backyard Wrestling =Stupid twats

Ted Nugent = Damn Yankees rule!

Bubba Ray Dudley = Great guy, good bud, big Ozzy fan.

Rich Ward = My musical partner, so underrated it hurts. Awesome songwriter and guitarist, ask Dimebag, he’ll tell ya.

Kevin Nash = Welcome to OZ

Thanks to Chris for taking time out of his Championship schedule to do our 3-Wind! Rumor has it we’ll be doing a Rewind with Moongoose McQueen this Spring.

Don’t forget, WrestleMania is this Sunday on Pay Per View at 8PM, so buy the pay per view and see our Sludgeaholic World Champion in action!

For more info on Chris, you can go to www.chrisjericho.comwww.wwf.com, or www.fozzyrock.com

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