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Rewind With Bobby Blotzer, 11/30/00



Ratt Drummer Bobby Blotzer
Ratt Drummer Bobby Blotzer

We lasted talked to Bobby Blotzer on November 23, 1999. At that time, Stephen Pearcy was the singer, they were on Sony, and everybody was happy. A lot has happened since then. They’ve changed singers, they have no record deal, and of course there were reports of a fight between Bobby and Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini a few months back. We asked Bobby about those things among the other 5th grade questions we generally ask. Enjoy.

John Corabi, Robbie Crane, Jizzy, Bobby, and Warren DeMartini1. What are you currently up to?
Getting ready to tour….. And wondering why I’m doing another 20 questions with you guys…….

2. You guys are headed out on tour. How long into the tour before Warren beats your ass again?

3. Do you guys plan on recording with Jizzy and putting out a new CD? And if so, what label is going to put it out?
What were going to do is, record a live record to have out by spring and then, start the studio album in the fall…..there are several labels that have we have been in contact with but, nothing has been decided as of yet.

4. What do you think about Metallica suing Napster?
I couldn’t care less about napster, or metalli$a

5. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:
Atlanta = Had to get shot up with cortisone on the 89 tour in my back…..but I love to play Atlanta…..
Cleveland = Broke my ankle during the intro tape on our 87 tour in front of 15,000 people. My ankle swelled up the size of a fucking grape fruit.
Detroit = Best City to play in the states! We’ve always done amazing in Detroit. Came onstage three nights after the Cleveland nightmare at Joe Louis arena on crutches…….
Chicago = Another town I love to gig in….Home of Ludwig drums……
Boston = Hate the voice dialect…. But the kings of American rock …..aerosmith…. come from there so, I love Boston. Big Ratt town too.
Dallas = So much trim down there……
St. Louis = Ahhhh……like the fans…..but not crazy about the area.
Memphis = Peabody hotel….. They have ducks that cruise around the hotel at will. it’s pretty trippy.
Denver = Love Denver….
San Diego = Pearcys home town….Nuke it!

Ratt 19896. What happened to that "Super Group" you were a part of with CC DeVille, Jack Russell and Jack Blades?
Well, We had written about 10 songs….signed the contract … and were waiting for everyone to finish their respective band obligation’s and then we were supposed to start in the fall of this year but, I think that Kalodner has other ideas now. So, I’m not sure what will happen at this point. But, we have some great songs ready to go. And, Thanks for the Dough Sony !

7. Has your ex-old lady taken you to the cleaners yet for half of your shit?
God bless her…. She’s been pretty cool….. The fucking Lawyer bills were completely stupid…… her and I go back to 6th grade…she’s cool…

8. When you guys were doing auditions to replace Pearcy, did you encounter any singers that had no business even showing up? Any stupid people come in and make an ass out of themselves? If so, give us the story.
Well, there a lot of really good guys that came down. But, they either sang really good and didn’t really fit image wise for what we were looking for or, vice versa. I hate that process though. I don’t like to tell someone thanks … we’ll get in touch kind of dealio.

9. Being that you are in your 40s and white, why do you speak in Ebonics and use words like mawfugger?
I do…. Hmmmm…. well, not like the segment of kribs….. with Tommy…….

10. Rate the following albums on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a horrible record and 10 being the shit!
Samantha 7 = 6
Warrant "Cherry Pie" = 7
Motley Crue "New Tattoo" = ?
Union "Blue Room" = ?
Kid Rock "Devil Without A Cause" = 6
Ratt "S/T" = 8
Vince Neil "Carved in Stone" = ?
Kiss "Psycho Circus" = ?
Limp Bizkit "Significant Other" = 5
Van Halen "3" = 10


11. John Corabi was in The Scream, Motley Crue, and Union. Jizzy was in Love/Hate and L. A Guns. Robbie Crane was in Vince Neil and a variety of other Strip bands. How do you expect people to take Ratt seriously when there are only 2 original members left and the rest of the band is filled with guys who jump from band to band?
Because, we sound fucking great with this lineup. I don’t care what these guys have done in those other bands, I only care that we, get the job of kicking ass and giving people a great sounding and, visually exciting show. Which I know were doing now? I think all three of those guys are extremely talented and, are fun to tour with. Plus, as long as Demartin’s Guitar and, The Blotzer backbone are there it’s still Ratt n Roll music.

12. Pearcy recently said about you, "Bobby’s a drummer, not a songwriter. He’s a guy who know nothing about anything and now he think he know something about everything. Bobby’s a prick. Give yourself some respect man and shut the fuck up! You’re running the integrity of our music and band into the dirt. I’m sure that Robin and Juan are thanking themselves for not being part of this mess." What is your response to that?
I just laugh at Pearcy……Anyone who knows pearcy knows what I’m talking about. The only songs that pearcy truly wrote himself were the ones on the E P . Beau Hill, Juan, Robbin… used to come up with most of the melodies on the tunes, and rewrite most of the Lyrics that he would come up with. Sorry, But thats the truth. And as far as myself being only a drummer? I’ve played guitar for 28 years … and, while I’m not breaking any records for the most material written…. I’ve had some good ones down the line.

13. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.
Josie Pearl = Ask Jizzy…
Donna D’Errico = 10
Kendra Jade = 7
Jenna Jameson = 7
Heidi Mark = ?
Sharise Neil = 7
Jenny McCarthy = 7
Cindy Crawford = 9
Shania Twain = 50
Christina Aquilera = 6

14. Is it true that the real reason Jizzy is the singer for Ratt is because he sort of sounds like Pearcy and he’s a pushover?
Well, he’s not a pushover. But more of a team player … and, yes stylistically he fits the Ratt sound quite well.

15. Which do you prefer:
Tommy Lee or Lars Ulrich = Oh God, Fucking T-bone. Please.
Samantha Maloney or Randy Castillo = Randy…. great friend, and drummer
Paul Gargano or Gerri Miller = Dig both….Good friends.
Rikki Rockett or Ted Nugent = Both friends….. but, I’ll say Rockett
Double bass or Single bass = Single, but I play double on a few tunes….I’m no Tommy Aldridge though.. thats for sure.
Robbin Crosby or Juan Croucier = Hmmmm…. thats tough. Juan and I grew up together and, Robbin is a very sweet person….. Both!
Getting in fights with Pearcy or getting in fights with DeMartini = Never had a fight with either other than arguing continually…..
Doing blow in the back lounge or smoking joints in the back lounge = Well, I don’t do either any more… But, Have spent many a night snorting and bellowing in the back of the bus….YUCK!
Don Dokken or George Lynch =
Dr. Dre or Eminem = Dre….Eminem Is a geek…

16. What do you think about Pearcy touring and calling his band Stephen Pearcy’s Rat-t-t?
I think it’s a joke….

Bobby & Robbie17. We’ve heard reports that Robbie Crane is a 2 faced snake who likes to pretend he’s more important then he really is. Would you agree with that?
No! Whoever said that obviously doe’s not know Robbie.

18. What happened to your clothes line, Rock-N-Wear? Is that already history?
I got burned by the guy that set up the site in Kansas City. He was supposed to put the site in my name and then tried to extort money by way of shutting down the E commerce part of the site as to where no one could use their credit cards to buy shit. And, I’m not into spending a bunch of cash going to Kansas to get a lawyer to deal with it. I think you guys know who this person is…… He has the rights to the Metal sludge site if I’m not mistaken?
NOTE: That is correct. The guy registered the name Metalsludge.com before we had the chance. That’s why you should always come to metal-sludge.com because that is our site. We are not associated with Metalsludge.com at all.

19. Seriously, how much longer can Ratt continue? Is Warren even into it anymore?
Yeah…..he’s into it. We still do very well out there.

20. Do you ever sit back and wonder what the fuck happened to Ratt’s career?
As far as what? Are we huge like we used to be? No! But, it’s a career and, It’s fun and pays really well still.

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Donnie Vie = Cigarettes
Jamie Rowe = Great voice
Phil Lewis = cool voice…. But, a little to rock starish….
Hair Of The Dog = Really fun band. And, Great people…
Larry Morand = Great guy…
Kevin DuBrow = NC.
Keri Kelli = I hail my boy the mauser….very talented. Someday I’d like to playing with him again in something.
Jani Lane = I dig Jani…. Love taking his dough on the golf course
Captain Morgan’s = Captain and coke…. Lake Havasu…..
Dave Marshall = N/C
Ralph Saenz = My bro. … he should have his own sitcom. Love him and his wife Lora… Been friends for along time.
Gene Simmons = Smart motherfucker….. Has always been cool to me. has more dough than B of A

One thing about Blotzer is he’s always going to say something interesting!

Ratt’s website has been redone and it can be found at www.therattpack.com. Ratt is currently out on tour and their tour dates are listed below.

30 Nov. – Thurs. Anchorage, Alaska
1 Dec. – Fri. Seattle, Washington
2 Dec. – Sat. Springfield, Oregon
4 Dec. – Mon. Portland, Oregon
6 Dec. – Weds. Guadalajara, Mexico
7 Dec. – Thurs. Mexico City, Mexico
8 Dec. – Fri. Mexico City, Mexico
15 Dec. – Fri. Santa Ana, California
16 Dec. – Sat. Yucaipa, California

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