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Rewind With The Blue Meanie/Blue Boy, 11/16/00



ECW Wrestler The Blue Meanie/Blue Boy

Many Sludgeaholics are familiar with The Blue Meanie due to his frequent contributions to the page. He briefly feuded with Guardian singer Jamie Rowe and Cinderella’s Fred Coury. Plus he’s a hardcore Sludgeaholic who wears his Metal Sludge shirt everywhere! He’s worn it in magazines, backstage at concerts, and at autograph signings. Rumor has it he’s even worn it while having sex with his girlfriend Jasmin St. Claire, but we can’t confirm that at this time.
We first did 20 Questions with The Blue Meanie back on December 7th, 1999. But he’s no longer the Blue Meanie. He now goes by the name Blue Boy and he wrestles in ECW. So we sent out Blue Boy’s Rewind last week and here it is for your viewing pleasure.

1. What are you up to now?
Trying to keep busy. Working with ECW (ecwwrestling.com)and doing personal appearances.Still losing weight and I am in the best condition of my life so far and I don’t plan on stopping now. Plus me and Jasin are talking to Mark Borchardt from "American Movie (www.americanmovie.com) about appearing in his next film which might start filming in Feburary.

2. Why do you think the WWF released you after you lost the weight they asked you to lose?
I’m still figuring out that one. I have a few conspiracy theories. I was down in Memphis for their developmental league when my grandmom’s health took a turn for the worse. So I requested to go home and take care of her. So I guess that might have been an "Uh Uh Uh" . The second and most reasonable one, is that when they were looking down the roster of people they had and "The Blue Meanie" came up, they still had the old image of me burned in their memory as opposed to the 145lbs lighter version I am now. Either way the timing was shitty because I had JUST walked in the door from admitting my grandmom into intensive care when I got the call. I’m not mad though. I had a great time in the WWF. I made new friends and got to travel alot more.

3. Who’s the most overrated wrestler and band today?
I don’t know Goldberg as a person but I still don’t get his appeal when it comes to wrestling. As far as bands go by far I’d have to say Creed (Pearl Jam lite). Helen Keller can tell ya that one!! Scott Stapp needs to be humbled in a hurry because the clock is on 14:59 on his 15 minutes of fame. I just can’t believe they had the nerve to say they weren’t ripping off Pearl Jam and that "Eddie Veddar wishes he could write lyrics like Scott Stapp". PUHLEEEEEEEESE!!! They need a good kick in the nuts!! Also I think it’s safe to say that PaPa Roach is now officially annoying as well. I liked "Last Resort" the first 1,000 times I heard it. Luckily I didn’t have to buy their CD because it make a lovely beer coaster right about now.

4. How long did Jasmin make you wait until you got in her pants?
Actually it was after the second time she visited me in Memphis. We met at the Milwaukee Metal Fest in July of 1999 where I later found out that Jasmin wanted to hang with me but I was cockblocked by a local indy wrestler. Then I met Jasmin a second time in March 2000 for the same promoters and we hit it off. It turns out that same indy guy tried to throw a second cockblock but Jasmin went with her own judgment. I spent the night with her in her room in March but we didn’t do anything…….HONESTLY!! She asked me to visit her in Cali but I was busy working in Memphis. I asked her to visit me in down there and we wound up working together with the wrestling. On her second visit I had to do an appearance in Nashville and on the way back we rented a cabin on a lake halfway between Nashville and Memphis. It was really cool because I wasn’t really a fan of "Jasmin St. Claire". I’ve NEVER seen any of her former work. So, I had no preconcieved ideas of what to expect.

5. Rate the following wrestlers workrate. 1 being a lazy piece of shit and 10 being somebody who works their ass off.
The Rock = 7
Raven = 8 one of the greatest minds in the business right now.
Justin Credible = 7. he shut alot of mouths who doubted could shake the "Aldo" mold.
RVD = 7 incredible athlete. I get winded just watching his work
Kevin Nash = 5 charisma
Chris Benoit = 8 a wrestling machine.
Steven Richards = 6
Nova = 7 one of my best friends not only in wrestling but in life too
Kurt Angle = 7 i love his mic work
Tommy Dreamer = 7 has takes some of the scariest falls I have ever seen.

6. What is your current relationship with Steven Richards?
We had our fallout but worked things out when he came to the WWF. I just saw him for the first time in a year, last month. We said hello but that was about it. I liked working with Stevie but I couldn’t handle being around him outside the ring but we definitly had great chemistry.

7. Give us a memory about the following cities:
Toronto = saw myself naked and painted blue from head to toe on the jumbo-tron in front of 60,000 people as Bluedust lol
New York = shitty traffic. wrestled in MSG!!!!!
Chicago = shittier traffic
LA = spent alot of my summer of 2000 with Jasmin there.
Pittsburgh = did alot of indie work there. that’s where Raven asked me to join him and Stevie in ECW.
Orlando = drove through once
London = had a stop over there between New York and Dussledorf, Germany on a WWF tour
St. Louis = wrestled there once
Philadelphia = born there. I love Philly but I’m in the mood to get out of the city part. I need quiet and a good parking spot.
Boston = haven’t had a chance to see it when I’ve worked there but TOOO much constuction that hasn’t finished in the 5 years since I first went there.

8. What was the lamest concert you ever saw?
It had to be the band that opened for KI$$ on the reunion tour on their Philly stop. I don’t even know who they were I just wanted them to STOP!! KI$$ was great though. Now I just wish KI$$ would stop. I thought the Apocalypse was upon us when I saw the KI$$ Pepsi commercial.

9. What do you think about Vince McMahon buying WCW? Is that good or bad for the business?
It’s a bad move for all involved. Why would anyone want to buy a company that lost 90 million dollars in one year?!?! I think WCW should shut down for at least 5 months an resurface with an new name and with new people in charge. Too much damage had been done. I don’t want it to close for good because the more places to work the better. But there would be no fair way to negotiate you deal when one company owns both leagues. Luckily though I just read today that Linda McMahon has said their defiantly buying it. So that’s good for the wrestlers.

10. Rate the following albums on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being an album that sucks and 10 being the bomb.
Van Halen "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" = 7 VH had alot of good songs of this one. My favorite track is Poundcake
Motley Crue "New Tattoo" = haven’t heard it. there is no motley crue with out tommy lee.
Limp Bizkit "Significant Other" = 5. i like the first 4 songs
Poison "Flesh & Blood" = 6 1/2. havent heard it in a while though.
Hair Of The Dog "Rise" = haven’t heard it yet but I’d like too
Metallica "Reload" = couldn’t bring myself to buy it. it wasnt even cause of their new look. the only good song was King Nothing
Black Label Society "Stronger Than Death" = 7 the name says it all
Fozzy = I just bought it so I can’t give a fair rating. but a definite thumbs up with the original tunes. Their version of Iron Maidens "Powerslave" is really good too.
Kid Rock "History Of Rock" = haven’t heard it. American Baddass got toooo played out on the radio to make me wanna buy it
Bon Jovi "Crush" = haven’t bought it but I really like "It’s my life". It’s great for doing cardio too

11. Jasmin said in her 20 Questions with us that you are great when it comes to anal sex. What exactly makes you so great at anal sex? Did you learn your technique from Pat Patterson? Please tell us.
I’ve never gone down the (dirt) road before and don’t intend too! I’m strictly and happily hetero. I honestly don’t know what makes me good at it. But I can say that since Jas’ 20 questions that she has grown quite a fascination/love with my tongue ring. I wonder what I could get for it on E-Bay?? lol

12. A while back some jabroni stole your gimmick on the indy circuit. Tell us a little bit about that. Do you find a lot of people stealing your ideas? Some J-Brone thought it would be cute to go around on the independent circuit and do "The Blue Meanie" character since I lost 145lbs and was now The Blue Boy in ECW. That ended swiftly when the website he advertised on got a letter from my lawyer. I have found people doing alot of the stuff I’ve done like with the parodies, big guys dancing and believe or not I came up with the original Val Venis porn star gimmick for an ECW wrestler but it mysteriously slipped into the WWF’s hands.

13. What do you remember about the following years:
1980 = turned 7, got the "Hot Wheels" toy city for my birthday and got bit by the wrestling bug which never went away.
1984 = awesome summer in Atlantic City. Shitty fall season spending alot of time in the hospital for my asthma.
1988 = went to first Van Halen concert
1992 = chopped my mullet off. sent out letters to wrestling camps
1995 = completed my first year in wrestling. drove alot of miles for alot of indie work with little to no pay. Ran into Raven and Stevie a few times and then was asked to join Raven’s Flock.
1997 = working ECW, bWo bWo bWo
1999 = went to WWF. had a fun time working with Goldust, went to Germany and England.

14. Did you ever pleasure yourself to a Jasmin St. Claire video or layout before you met her?
Never saw her prior work. I did see her on the Howard Stern show a couple times but that was about it.

15. What are your random thoughts on some of the following subjects?
Rikishi as the driver who hit Austin: good swerve
Sebastian Bach on Broadway: it should be second nature since he has experience singing songs other people wrote for him to sing
ECW losing their TV deal on TNN: TNN really screwed ECW but I’m confident ECW will get a new and better deal.
Van Halen still not announcing who their lead singer is: I wish they would. I am a huge Eddie fan and I wanna hear him play some new stuff
Chyna appearing in Playboy: didn’t see it
Motley Crue having a chick drummer: I think it’s cool. I haven’t seen her play with them but I’m sure it could be a nice change.
Chris Jericho feuding with Kane: haven’t seen the WWF TV in a few weeks
Jizzy Pearl singing for Ratt: no idea
Bret Hart retiring: it was sad the way he went out. maybe he could have a farewell match one day.
Metallica suing Napster: It seems that it’s more of Lars suing Napster more then the actual band.

16. Who makes more money, you or Jasmin?
I don’t know how much she makes and I don’t wanna know.

17. Do you have a question you’d like to ask Dr. Rockett? Any advice you need from him?
OK. You’re doing your deal. You finish up. You wanna go right back to work but Mr. Tingleman kicks in and keeps you from bumping uglies. How do I kick Mr. Tingleman to the curb?

Blue Boy and Metal Edge’s Paul Gargano

18. Which do you prefer and why:
Def Leppard or Dokken = Dokken. George Lynch was great before he went off to form "Lynch Bizkit"
Going through a table or being hit by a chair = table. I don’t like my brains scrambled like my eggs
Pam & Tommy porno or Vince & Janine porno = i’ve only seen the tommy/pam video
SD Jones or Iron Mike Sharpe = Iron Mike Sharpe Korn or Slipknot = If I had to choose I’d say have to Korn because I never heard Slipknot.
Terry Funk or Cactus Jack = Cactus I like both alot but I got to see more of Cactus’ work
Dave Mustaine or Lars Ulrich = I’d rather slice of my eyelids and dunk my head in a bucket of warm soapy water
Jake Roberts or Scott Hall = Jake Roberts
Jamie Rowe or Fred Coury = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

19. Are you bummed that Jasmin makes more money then you and did she make you sign a prenup before you married her?
The whole deal with me and Jasmin getting married was all a rumor lol. We don’t know how it started but it spread like wildfire but we are excepting cash presents though for those who think we did get married.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. You know how this works:
Jamie Rowe = never heard him sing but then again I doubt few people have lol
Kendra Jade = starfucker
Rikki Rockett = very cool. down to earth.
Fred Coury = Kevin Valentine
Eminem = i wonder if drew and snoop laugh when he leaves the room Insane Clown Posse = we got into wrestling at the same time
Jenna Jameson = war paint
Mark Madden = good guy, bad announcer
Kid Rock = mullett
Jim Ross = UWF
Lars Ulrich = lucky charms
Brian Pillman = very missed
Sebastian Bach = great front man

We’d like to thank Blue Boy for representing Metal Sludge every chance he gets!
For more info on Blue Boy, you can go to
Plus check out the photos that Jasmin St. Claire sent us of her modeling our Metal Sludge No Frills Shirt. Look for new pics of Jasmin modeling her Metal Sludge Baby Doll soon!

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