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Rewind With Ginger, 8/10/00



Former Wildhearts & Current Silver Ginger 5 Singer Ginger

We last talked to Ginger on July 27, 1999.  He’s not a shy bloke and is always one to speak his mind, and this Rewind is no exception.  Ginger currently has a new solo record out and discusses that as well as a variety of topics we throw at him.  

1. What do you have going on now?
I’ve got a brand new, all singing all dancing album out now (available on import at all fine music outlets) called SilverGinger 5…"Black Leather Mojo". Did I mention that if you like rock ‘n roll with melodies, raging guitars and overall class it’s the greatest album ever to be released? Oh, I just did. I’m putting together the band to tour this piece of sonic sex warfare at the moment. 

2. What do you think about Metallica suing Napster and all that shit?
I think it’s the corporo-whore equivalent of complaining about the colour of your money. 

3. Who’s the most overrated band today?
There are a few over here in Britain that confuse the fuck out of me, but on a global scale you guys win the big-stink-a-thon hands down with any of these nu-metal, de-tuned bands currently selling millions.  Pah..and bollocks. 

4. The Wildhearts were kicked off the tour with Izzy Stradlin after one show. What was the real reason you guys got the boot?
Because we were about 50 times better than them in every conceivable way possible. After I heard that Cheap Trick were kicked off a Kiss tour in the 70’s, for kicking their musical ass, it was always a dream of mine to follow the tradition, so thanx Izzy! 

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks cock and 10 being the bomb!

Jizzy Pearl = 5 (good at screaming) 
Vince neil  = 4 (he WAS the voice for a while there in the early 80’s, lets not forget) 
James Hetfield = 6 (he was good, then great, then kind of a parody of James Hetfield…but then that’s when he started raking in the yen so what the fuck do I know?) 
Bret Michaels = 3 (at least he looks like a girlie-fave, and that still counts for something in my book) 
Tyla = 7 (he kinda does Tyla better than anyone) 
Danny McCormack = 11(for sheer Rock God Personified-ness) 
Sebastian Bach = then:7…now:? (this guy must have some serious character flaws not to be one of the greatest. Or maybe he just likes partying too much with the wrong ingredients) 
Phil Lewis = See Brett Michaels 
Joe Elliott = Ahh, the guy once bad-mouthed my vocals so I would naturally give him 1, and that’s for sheer ordacity…but I met the guy and he’s a sweetheart so he can have as many as he wants. 
Jani Lane = Is he the guy from Warrant? They all merge into the same person to me, so he can’t have any. 
Brian Johnson = The greatest (or at least richest) Geordie in rock shall have no less than 10. And that’s being mean. 
Rob Halford = 9, now that the sectret’s out how he actually get’s those high notes. 

6. Finish this sentence, ?Anal sex is??
"Anal sex is for assholes" 

7. You have to pick one of the following. Which will it be?
A: Have full blown sex with Alex Kane and receive 15,000 dollars? worth of non-redeemable arcade tokens;
B: Walk around for a week with an actual severed penis hanging from your mouth. The penis will not be your own, so you don?t have to worry about that.
The one that ISN’T having sex with Alex is always gonna win. 

8. Please name 5 greats and 5 hates?
Greats: Sushi, getting wasted, gore, guitars, good sex.    
Hates:  Sexism, racism, homophobia, animal cruelty, running out of drugs. 

9. What?s the most violent thing you?ve ever done?
Burned a canyon in my arm with 60 cigarettes. It went really gross and for a while I thought of how Rick Allen would play guitar. 

10. Finish this sentence, "The biggest misconception about ___________ is?" Example, "The biggest misconception about MTV is that they play videos." You get the idea.
The biggest misconception about Kiss is that they give a shit.
The biggest misconception about David Lee Roth is that he can’t sing.
The biggest misconception about Kerrang is that it’s not a spoof.
The biggest misconception about Pamela Anderson is there is anyone that could replace her.
The biggest misconception about Heroin is it’s addictive to anyone but losers.
The biggest misconception about Ozzy Osbourne is that he is THAT crazy.
The biggest misconception about Lars Ulrich is that he remembers what being a fan is like.
The biggest misconception about Record labels are that the internet will get rid of them.
The biggest misconception about England is that the food sucks. 
The biggest misconception about The Wildhearts are that we didn’t get anywhere because we weren’t any good. 

11. How much was your biggest music related check for and what did you do with it?
The biggest one was the first publishing check, that I naively paid all taxes on then shared the rest with the band. Duuuuuuur. 

12. Here is a list of 15 bands. Pick only 4 of these bands to go on tour with, and put them in order from headliner to opener, and include yourself somewhere in there as well. That means you should have a list of 5 bands, including yourself.
Limp Bizkit
Kid Rock
Bon Jovi
Motley Crue
Backstreet Boys 
Britney Spears
No Doubt
Def Leppard
Ozzy Osbourne
Bloodhound Gang

Motley Crue 
SilverGinger 5. 

13. Of all the bands The Wildhearts played with, who were the biggest dicks?
Steve Vai springs instantly to mind but they, apart from Devin Townsend (natch), were just really boring. I guess we got pretty lucky, no-one ever really tried to fuck with us. 

14. What do you remember about the following years?
1978 = Sex Pistols and posters 
1984 = hairspray and blow jobs. 
1988 = Speed and cowboy boots. 
1991 = Jack Daniels and New York 
1994 = Drugs, Drugs and rock and roll. 
1996 = Heroin and sadness 
1999 = Survival and happiness 

The Wildhearts 1993

15. You’re Ginger, so people obviously want to know your take on things. So we are going to throw you out some things that have happened recently and you can give everybody your thoughts.

Poison selling out venues all across the US: 
This proves my prediction that the fans were/are tired of looking at bands dressed like white rappers riding skateboards. Obviously no-one has the balls, or the songs, to do what Poison did hence the Peroxide Four taking back the throne.

Ratt, Warrant, and L.A. Guns all touring together:  
See above. Unfortunately the sight of three bands pulling in smaller crowds than one band stinks too much of humiliation for me. Guess there has to be leaders and followers, and then some other bands stuck on the end as well.

Kid Rock selling 7 million CDs: 
Just goes to show that the audience moves in mysterious ways. For every example of record companies manipulating the business with a tried and tested formula that somehow works, there is also the ‘Blair Witch..’ syndrome where something just comes out of the blue and makes those corporate chimps go .."what the fuck?!?!?" This means natural culling of clueless industry clinkers that are sacked after a natural phenomenon like Kid Rock happens. Glory. God bless KR.
Skid Row reforming with a new lead singer: 
Someone somewhere actually believes that this is going to work. AC/DC without Angus, anyone?

The Original Kiss lineup playing songs the original lineup didn’t play: 
Another blatant attempt at snatching the pocket money from youngsters that are far younger than Kiss and care not one shit about the original line-up. Do you think that anyone regrets the 80’s as much as these guys?

Metallica playing with a symphony: 
Surely not their idea….. not the band that recorded Master of Puppets? Money does strange things to a persons navigation of the sea of cool. If anyone in Metallica think the fans would have rather had this album than a bunch of new, cool, heavy as fuck ‘old style’ thrash workouts then it looks like I’m going to be a very famous man indeed. Unless I make shit loads of cash and forget everything I know

AC/DC?s new CD: 
Any new album by AC/DC could never fulfill expectations but this one nearly did. At least the promotional build up did. A stormer in all but sonics and tempo. 

16. You?ve been to Japan plenty of times, so how many of those Japanese bathhouses have you visited and how much do you usually spend in there?
I got to say I never been to one. If they’re the ones with the chicks giving ‘happy ending’ massages then I never pay for those kind of services. And if they’re the ones with a room full of naked guys then show me the bar and enjoy it yourself if that’s your kind of thing. 

17. What?s the most fucked up thing you ever saw backstage?
Two strippers dancing on a hand held pole, hanging legs apart upside down just as Brian Johnson walked in with the town mayor, to present us with ‘welcome to the city’ cowboy hats. There’s been a few, but as far as timing goes that one was right on the nose. 

18. Which do you prefer:
Clam Abuse or SuperShit 666 = Supershit 666 
The Yo-Yo?s or Backyard Babies = The YoYo’s. 
Kerrang or Metal Hammer = Metal Sludge 
Strippers or Porn Stars = Porn Stars 
Cheap Trick or Aerosmith = Cheap Trick 
Elvis Costello or Elvis Presley = Elvis Presley 
Reading Festival or Donington = Donnington…if it was a three dayer. 
FHM or Mayfair = Mayfair 
East West Records or punching yourself in the genitals with a hammer = The genitals forever. 
Iron Maiden or Judas Priest = Slayer 
Boob job or wonder bra = Boob job 
Quiet Riot or Slaughter = The hammering the genitals again. 

19. Do you think anybody really enjoyed Clam Abuse?
Yeah, I know two guys who had a blast! 

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Enuff Z?Nuff = Blew it when they denied being hugely influenced by Cheap Trick. Like Three Colours Red and the Wildhearts.
Britney Spears = A lot uglier than the superstars I masturbated to.
Fred Durst = Doesn’t mean a whole lot over here, although I hear everyone hates him. I like him then.
Korn = I really, truly, honestly do not get what’s so good about this band.
Jon Bon Jovi = An almost guy…almost a rock star, almost a film star. Head too big, legs too short.
Love/Hate = A weird band that seemed to have it all except they soundchecked forever and did vocal warm up’s backstage. Only, as they say, in America.
Angus Young = The most hungry, all out professional-nut-case in the business. Makes everyone else look a bit silly.
Gene Simmons = Proof that accountants do make convincing rock stars..albeit for a little while. Then they look stupid for a long, long time. In their minds this does not bother them as they have enough money to escape the embarrassment…but deep down they would love to be COOL and rich. These answers are a little longer than a word, right?
Kurt Cobain = Too much money, too little imagination, too few mates.
Steven Tyler = Something to think about when you are forced to clean up your act. Which hopefully never comes.

Cool!  All we ask for is a little effort and honesty, and that’s exactly what we got with this Rewind.  

So don’t be a dick, check out http://www.thewildhearts.com
for info on how to pick up Ginger’s CD and his latest news.

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