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Rewind With Bill Leverty, 6/22/00



Bill Leverty

Firehouse Guitarist Bill Leverty

We lasted talked to Bill on April 17, 1999.  So it was about time we talked to him again, ask him some stupid questions, and find out what was up with Firehouse.

Firehouse 1998

1.  What is Firehouse up to now?
We’re in the middle of recording our next studio album right now for Spitfire Records. Spitfire just signed us for our live album, Bring ‘Em Out Live",  and our next studio album. We’re very excited to be on the label.
2.  Do you guys have a real record deal and how come you guys aren?t on either Spitfire, Portrait, or CMC?
Refer to answer #1.

3.  Why hasn?t CJ done 20 Questions with us yet?  Everybody else in the band has.  Is he afraid or something?
You’ll have to ask CJ about that one.
4.  Who’s the most overrated band today?
Definitely not FireHouse!! It’s hard for me to say since I don’t keep up with the bands of today.

5.  Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who sounds like they play with broken fingers, and 10 being a virtuoso.
CC DeVille = 8
Tracii Guns = 9
Jeff Blando = 9
Mick Mars = 9
Reb Beach = 10
Ace Frehley = 9
Joey Allen = 8
Dimebag Darrel = 10
Zakk Wylde = 10
Joe Perry = 20

6.  Do you laugh at Perry & Michael for actually thinking they run a ?record label??
I laugh at Perry and Michael for many things because they are both very funny guys, but I don’t laugh at them for doing anything in the music business. I wish them all the luck in the world.

7.  How much was your biggest music related check for and what did you do with it?
I don’t remember how much it was for, but I flew my parents on a vacation to Europe first class.

8.  What do you think about Metallica suing Napster?  Are you for it or  against it?
I’m definitelt for it. I’m glad they’ve stood up for us artists who work real hard on a project for over a year only to have our paycheck taken away. This kills the music. Thanks Metallica.
9.  When you guys did your White Heat demo, Dana Strum produced it.  How did all that come about and did he rip you guys off for any money ?
I had a demo tape on me when the Vinnie Vincent Invasion came to town. I liked Dana’s production, so I approached him after the show and gave him the tape. He said he’d call if he liked it. He called the following day and said he wanted to get involved. He didn’t steal a penny. Deep down inside, Dana is a pretty nice guy. It’s just that he doesn’t get deep down inside often enough in my opinion. 

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a pig and 10 being a hottie.
Kelly Snare = 10
Donna D?Errico = 9
That chick on the cover of Firehouse?s first record = 9 (She would get a 10 but she stood us up for dinner invitation.)
LeAnn Rimes = 8
Bobbie Brown = 9
Shania Twain = 9
Drew Berrymore = 9
Claudia Schiffer = 10
Janeane Garofalo = 10 (I think she’s awesome!)
Daisy Duke = 10 (Love those cheeks!!)

11.  Did you guys do any touch ups to your live record, and if so, why?
I wish we could have, but we had to go immediately back out on the road to play gigs in the US after we had only 2 days off to recover from the jet lag. When it was mixed we weren’t even there. We did play 2 songs twice that night because we thought we could do them better.

12.  What?s the most extreme thing a chick has done to try and meet you guys?
One girl made a paper mache’ doll of herself which we hung up by a noose outside of Tesla’s dressing room. It looked so real someone called the police.

CJ Snare and Bill

13.  Of all the bands Firehouse has toured with, who were the most difficult to get along with?
Dana Strum – I think that the other guys in Slaughter were probably unaware of the many things he’s done to try to make us look bad, like unplugging my guitar rig right before we went onstage one night, or telling promoters to
make FireHouse play a shorter set so that Slaughter could play a longer set. Of course these promoters are friends of FireHouse, and told us on many occasions about Dana’s lack of ethics, which I really believe hurt has
Slaughter in the long run.

14.  Which do you prefer:
Christina Aquliera or Britney Spears = Christina
Dana Strum or Lars Ulrich = Lars
Lit or Warrant = Warrant
Pamela with implants or Pamela without implants = Pamela is beautiful either way.
Tommy Lee the rapper or Tommy Lee in Motley = Tommy any way he’s artistically happy.
Bo Duke or Luke Duke = Never got into that show.
Category 5 or Reach For The Sky = It’s a tie on that one.. but our new album is more like "Reach For The Sky".
Cinderella or Dokken = That’s another tie. Their both great.

Firehouse at Red Rocks

15.  What do you remember about the following years?
1983 = Trying to get a record deal.
1986 = Trying even harder to get a record deal.
1989 = Almost got a record deal.
1992 = Finally got a record deal, double platinum album, American Music Award, and touring all over the world.
1995 = Finally found the love of a lifetime. Got married a year later. :)
1998 = Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup!!

16.  Metal Sludge Self Indulgent Question:  How often do you visit our site?
Once or twice a month.
17.  What do you remember about the following cities:
LA = Getting robbed at gunpoint at a cash machine.
San Francisco = Playing the Mountain View Ampitheater
Chicago = Playing the World Ampitheater
Cleveland = Playing the Cleveland Sports Arena and meeting Dee Snider.
New York = Meeting Alice Cooper at the Limelight
Atlanta = Hanging out with Derek St. Holmes on our bus.
Detroit = Playing Pine Knob
Tampa = Playing the Bayfront Ampitheater
Dallas = Playing Starlake Ampitheater sold out (20,000 people) with us headlining and Southgang supporting us.
London = Playing 3 nights sold out at Wembley opening up for Status Quo and meeting Jeff Beck in the bar at the Mayfair Hotel.
Tokyo = Playing our first gig ever in Japan at Kawasaki Club Citta. You can see that show by getting our "Rock On The Road" Video.
18.  Why do you think Poison took out Slaughter instead of you guys?
We weren’t available. We had to go into the studio to record another album. I talked to Rikki a few weeks before they went out and wished them well.

19.  Does CJ know that he?s balding yet?
I think his hair looks great. His singing is better than ever too. Leave him alone already!!
20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Slaughter = I miss Tim.
Bret Michaels = Nice guy to tour with.
Tom Green = Met him in Vegas. My favorite comedian.
Fred Durst = Did it all for the nookie.
Jani Lane = Owes me $10 when I won Warrant’s football pool. Pay up Jani!!
Creed = Good band.
Riki Rachtman = I think Dave Mustaine said it best when he told Riki that he was boring. He’s also a loser.
Vince Neil = Had dinner with him once. Funny guy.
David Lee Roth = I like Dave.
John Kalodner = One of the best A&R guys in the business.

Bill’s answer to Question 13 about Dana should explain to people why we still go after Dana!  Props to Bill for not holding back on that!

For more info on Firehouse, you can go to www.firehousemusic.com.

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