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Rewind with Jizzy Pearl, 5/18/00



Love/Hate singer Jizzy Pearl!  

We last did 20 Questions withKing Jizzo on May, 3, 1999. This time around, Jizzy makes an announcement about Love/Hate and plus some other shit. Enjoy!


1. What are you currently up to?

Writing my Second Book, working on Love/Hate, and Using a Whip and a Chair to keep the Lounge Lizards and Bad Agents off Josie

2.  What is this about you reforming Love/Hate?  Care to announce anything to the Sludgeaholics?

I’m getting Love/Hate together with Johnny Crypt and Chris Van Dahl, on Guitar and Bass, respectively. We will never gig but will instead concentrate on doing Photo Shoots

3.  Chris Van Dahl on bass?  Johnny Crypt on guitar?  Any plans on getting any other past L.A. Guns members like Bones to join Love/Hate?  Is this sort of like an “Ex-members Of L.A. Guns support group” and have you considered calling the band “Love Guns?”

This IS sort of an "Ex-members of L.A. Guns Support group"…but with Good Songs

4.  Have you gotten any heat for writing for Metal Sludge?  Have any other “rockers” given you grief about it or any shit like that?

I got a lot of hate mail about the KISS Thing– In general People seem to dig the Articles–I’m the Gore Vidal of Heavy Metal

5.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  You know how this works, go to it.

Phil Lewis = Ladies Man

Donnie Vie = Good Songwriter

Stephen Pearcy = Stephen is COOL, I don’t care what anyone says

Vince Neil = Former God

Bret Michaels = Great Guy, Nice Hat

Jani Lane = the Balladeer

John Corabi =Good Guy, OK Hat

Stevie Rachelle = I couldn’t tell you what he sounds like

Paul Stanley = Retire Please

David Lee Roth = Rock Star


6.  Whose idea was it to do a “Latest & Greatest” CD, especially considering you guys never even went Gold.

When you do Music for a Living you NEVER turn down a good paycheck…ask anyone who’s ever worn an Afro Wig


7.  Honestly, how many copies of your book did you sell?

A.   Somewhere between 50 and 100.                                          

B. More than the Love/Hate’s "Latest & Greatest" CD has sold.                                                                

C. Almost as many as Houston screwed guys in that mass gang bang.

D. Very few and you lost your ass printing that rag.

I’ve sold about 1200 books.  Writing that book was a Testimony to my Testes.

8.  For $7,500,000:  Josie will be kidnapped and held like the kid in Ransom (a filthy bed and only the most basic of foods) FOR ONE YEAR.  There is a guarantee of no physical harm as well as no sexual contact.  When the year is up, YOU, KING JIZZO, will rescue her and reap all the loving benefits of doing so.  No one will ever know you had anything to do with it, and you just made $7.5 million, although you risk the chance that she may suffer some degree of recurring trauma, such as waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, screaming, flashbacks, etc.  Would you do it?

….In a Heartbeat

9.  How did your audition for Ratt go?  What songs did you guys play and do you have any idea why you got denied?  How do you think Robert Mason will do?

They didn’t dig me because I sounded TOO MUCH like Pearcy, if you can believe that. Maybe they wanted someone more like Chewbacca, maybe then I would have been "absolutely, without doubt, the Best One".  I don’t know what Robert Mason sounds like…my advice to him is to remember he’s only a Relief Pitcher.  Pitch a few Innings and enjoy the Ride.

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10, blah blah blah, and feel free to add any comments.

Layla Dawn = Former Girlfriend, nice tattoo

Mandy Moore = Test Tube Diva

Pamela Anderson = Survivor

Donna D’Errico = Perfect Rock Wife

Bobbie Brown = Career Ruiner

Heather Kozar = Really Really HOT

Courtney Love = don’t like her

Tori Spelling = don’t like her

Jenna Jameson = don’t like her

Gwen Stefani = very cool

11.  Recently you tried to do a Love/Hate tour of the UK, but it all turned to shit.  What happened?

Victim of Bad Booking. Can’t travel 3000 miles on a Wing and a Prayer


12.  Why are all these tribute CDs coming out? What is your opinion of them, quality, what’s good and bad about them, etc. Isn’t this overkill?

What’s Good about them is that I sing on them and make money. Some really suck, and then some REALLY  suck…if People didn’t buy them then I guess Cleopatra wouldn’t keep making them….More Power to them


Old School Jizzy – 198?

13.  What do you remember about the following years:

1980 = I got Stoned a Lot–Local Band–Terrible

1984 = I got Stoned a Lot–Went to Hollywood–More Local Bands–Spandex–Terrible

1988 = I got Stoned a Lot–Lived in a building Downtown L.A.–Love/Hate–everyone was getting Signed but us–discovered Therapeutic Uses of Alcohol–got signed in ” 89

1992 = Second Love/Hate record–got Dropped–Spent all my Money so I couldn’t get Stoned

1996 = Ripping off Korn ( before it became fashionable) in my Solo Band–Close but no cigar on Record Deal—Learned to Survive in Music

1998 = L.A. Guns Relief Pitcher–pitched a couple Innings

14.  Did you find it funny that when C.C. left Poison, Tracii got the spot only to be replaced by CC a few weeks later?

I’m bummed for Tracii–He missed out on a lot of Glory

15.  Which do you prefer:

Elian Gonzalez or Jon Benet = both are Equally Non-Newsworthy

Gazarris Night or Pretty Ugly = Taime’s House of Cross-Dressing Men

Getting Head or Straight Fucking = One, then the Other

Strippers or Porn Stars = Cloistered Nuns with Dirty Habits

Lemmy or Jerry Dixon = Definitely Lemmy

The Rainbow or On The Rox =  Neither

Auditioning For Ratt or Being Fired By L.A. Guns = I would have Preferred getting in Ratt and THEN getting Fired…because it’s SO MUCH FUN

Long Hair or Short Hair = the Privilege of having Either

16.  Rumors are that you cut your hair recently.  Was this because:

A.  Since you are almost 40, you started to lose your hair.

B.  You plan on wearing a red ball cap and riding the Fred Durst bandwagon.

C.  You ran out of money and didn’t want to buy extensions anymore.

D.  Now that you are married, you have no say and basically do whatever Josie tells you to do.

…..Definitely D



17.  What was your biggest music related check that you received?

a couple of $20,000 ones…and a bunch of littler ones

18.  Word on the street is that you’ve been to the Playboy Mansion.  Was that because:

A.  You deliver for Pink Dot and somebody ordered cigarettes

B.  You were wearing all white and serving the guests ribs and pasta.

C.  You were at your day job, which is mowing lawns and raking leafs.

D.  It was just a lie you made up for some cheap ass press.

E.  Josie got your ass in, otherwise you would never have gotten in.

I got Blotto in the Grotto with Carrie Wescott-o….or was it just my imagination?

19.  Rate a city you toured, tell us a memory, a thought, a club, a groupie, etc…

Hollywood = Lion’s Den

New York =  Fun Place but Expensive

Dallas =  Girls are Easy

San Francisco = they hate people from L.A.

Detroit = Harpo’s…Bad Neighborhood

Chicago = Home Town….Met Josie at the House of Blues

London = Cool Place to be Famous

Tokyo =  Never Been

Atlanta = Masquerade…Bad Neighborhood

Toronto = Played the Skydome

20. Using only the excuse of “temporary insanity”, which would you do:

A.  Smash Tracii Guns’ car with a sledgehammer

B.  Have anal intercourse with Angelyne

C.  Using a realist-looking toy guy, hold up Gil Turner’s

D.  Go up and start rubbing Paul Gargano’s balls next time you see him

I would definitely nuzzle up to Gargano’s Big Hairy Balls

21.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Enuff Z Nuff =
Good First Record

Tracii Guns = Survivor

Paul Gargano = Good Guy, Nice Balls

Lars Ulrich =  Rich

Gene Simmons = Goof

Carson Daly = Sycophant

Fred Durst = Save your money

Nikki Sixx = Rock Icon

Sebastian Bach = Rock Icon

Rikki Rockett = Where’s my Ten Bucks?


So there you have it.  Now what did we learn about Jizzy in this Rewind?  Well we learned he skipped out on rating anybody on a scale of 1 to 10.  :(

We also learned that the new Love/Hate is filled with former members of L.A. Guns and former Metal Sludge 20 Question victims.  Sounds like plenty of material for us in the future!

As if you didn’t know, Jizzy has a website which can be found at www.jizzypearl.com.  He also writes for us and his shit can be found right here at Tales From The Jizz. 

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