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Rewind with Tracii Guns, 2/10/00




L.A. Guns Guitarist Tracii Guns

 Our first Metal Sludge Rewind is with L.A. Guns and current Poison guitarist Tracii Guns.  The last time we talked to Tracii was back on December 2, 1998.  He was the 2nd interview we did, however Tracii only answered 10 out of the 20 Questions.  That was pretty lame.  But this time Tracii did a way better job at answering our questions.  He didn’t avoid any questions and he actually did a very good job this time around.  So this time we have nothing to bitch about.  He must have been practicing since the last time we talked to him.  Anyways, here is a much better interview with the latest member of Poison.

1.  What are you doing since we last talked to you?

TRACII:  Well,  Ive just been asked to join POISON in recording new songs and touring this year.  LA GUNS is about to rerecord some old stuff again for Cleopatra records.  I am always doing plenty of silly tribute records which, aren’t that silly to me cause they pay better than anything else I am doing most of the time.  LAGUNS is gearing up for another club tour this March.  LAGUNS is also working on new material for a studio record for Cleopatra records.  Gilby Clarke, Chuck Garric (LAGUNS,DIO bassist), Kris Kohls (Drummer for Videodrone) and myself have a new band called Kilowatt that is actually really really good and is the only project Im doing that has actual genuine Major label interest.  Other than that I try to find time to eat and sleep a little.

2. So what is the dilly with L.A. Guns right now?  Where do they stand?

L.A. Guns is my baby and I love it.  The guys are really supportive of my involvement with POISON and they understand that I have been doing LAG since I was seventeen and a little time off would probably do me and the band some good.

3.  Have you seen Bret without his bandana yet?

Yes and he is actually a lot sexier without the bandana.

L.A. Guns 1991

Steve Riley, Mick Cripps, Phil Lewis, Tracii, and Kelly Nickles – 1991

4.  Do you feel hypocritical for slagging the original LAG lineup for so many years, only to fire Jizzy and Chuck to get the original lineup back together because ?it feels so good?, then only to join Poison?

I guess it would be viewed that way but, I think when faced with choices when there are emotions involved , somebodys feelings are gonna get hurt.  I wish it wasnt that way , and believe it or not I really like and respect almost every musician Ive ever worked with.  Not to mention I have the tendancy to get bored musically very fast.

5.  Which do you prefer, and don?t puss out!

Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera = I think Christina is a better singer .

Riki Rachtman or Carson Daly = If Riki could stop slaging and denying his past I would say Riki, cause hes a really nice guy and a good friend but, Carson seems very Pro.

C.C. DeVille or Mick Mars = AKKKKKKKK, CC, hes alot of fun to be around.

Budwieser Frogs or Jani Lane = Ive seen Jani Juggle those little fuckers.  Jani wins

South Park or The Simpsons = I always cry at the end of the Simpsons.  Simpsons win.

Limp Bizkit or Korn = Limp Biscuit has a better sense of humour, Korn is more inovative.

David Lee Roth or Ralph Saenz = Whats the difference? Oh ya Ralphs wife is fuckin Hot. Ralph wins

Pamela Anderson or Donna D?Errico = Donna is just Hot, Pam Had to work at it.  Donna wins

Wigs or extensions = Shave it all off and Staple an albino pineapple to it.

Pyro or confetti = I like when Blackie threw meat.  Nothing beats that.

L.A. Guns 1998

Johnny Crypt, Tracii, Jizzy Pearl, and Steve Riley – 1998

6.  Have you talked to Jizzy Pearl since he left L.A. Guns, and if not, why?

I tried a couple of times to get a hold of him.  He e-mailed me saying that there was no point in remaining friends.  Then he e-mailed and said that he was over it cause he wanted me to check out his webcam (wow).  Hes kinda that guy unless you are praising him, or listening to him praise himself he has no time for you.  I love Jizzo and wish him success.  He could be a star.

7.  Don?t you think most of those Cleopatra ?tribute? CDs suck?

Honestly, I dont ever listen to them. I thought the GnR was pretty horrible though.

8.  Rumors have floated around about Rikki & Bobby saying they might be interested in penises.  Of course this is purely speculation and there is no proof of any of these claims!!  But are you nervous that they might wanna

fiddle with your schlong on the road while you are sleeping in your bunk?


9.  What happened to the Portrait deal with L.A Guns?  Isn?t it true that they didn?t want to sign you instead of you guys not wanting to sign with them?

Thats not true.  They still want to sign us.  We had our meeting with them.  They love the band But, the money is crap.  I would not be able to really do other things.  Columbia would own my name and we would get 12%,I wont do that again.  And the success of the other bands on the label is not very good so, Thats the answer to that question.

10.  Answer this question, "The biggest misconception about ___________ is…?  For example, "The biggest misconception about Chris Van Dahl is that he can sing."  You get the idea.

Bret Michaels is that he is a dumb, bald blonde.  Quite contrary.

L.A. Guns is a hair band.  We dont have any hair!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollywood is that it rocks DUDE!!!!!!

David Lee Roth is he isnt a rockstar anymore.  I think he is still the best rockstar ever.

Warrant is that they suck.  That motherfucker can sing!!!!!!!!

Don Dokken is that he is very serious.  Hes not, hes got a great sense of humour.

Strippers are great in the sack.  BULLSHIT, either are lead guitar players.

Paul Gargano is that hes a kiss ass.  HE IS MY FUCKING IDOL.  He should be partners with Metal Sludge

cause he can sling the mud better than anyone.

Nikki Sixx is that he needs T-BONE.  Sixx doesnt even like me but, He doesn’t need T-BONE

Vampires are GAY

Phil Lewis is GAY

11.  What kind of hair system do you recommend for people with thinning hair?

Well personally If I was thinning I would shave it all off and go to Right Aid  and get CHIA HEAD.  Most of my thinning friends use rogaine and Propecia.  Hair is a great accessory, it should be changed often.

12.  How is Steve Riley going to send his months as you go and tour with Poison?

Throwing darts at a picture of Tracii Guns.  Takin care of bizz

13.  You?ve been with your girlfriend for about nine years.  Why haven?t you married her ass yet?

I dont think anyone would marry me.  If I could marry her ASS, that would be great. shes got the best one IVE ever seen.  SHES FUCKIN HOT.

14.  Did John Kalodner have anything to do with Jizzy getting the boot?

Nope, Jizzy didnt get the boot.  The band just got back together.

Tracii Pouts Like Bret

15.  L.A. Guns have gone through a lot of singers.  Any advice you wanna give Ratt or Van Halen about finding a new singer?

Ya, Forget it. Its not worth the TRAUMA AND DRAMA.

16.  How many fights did you and Phil Lewis get into during the last tour?

Actually we get along just fine ,no fights yet.

Tracii 1988

17.  What is your favorite C.C. DeVille story?   If it involves a lot of drugs, that?s fine.  No cops or anything are reading this.

CC fucked Gilbys girlfriend (not his wife) years and years ago and then told Gilby he didnt know it was his girlfriend.  Gilby said thats ok she fucked Tommy Lee last week.

Then Gilby fucked CCs girlfriend to get even and then told CC he didnt know it was his girlfriend.

Then CC said, its ok shes married to Herman Rarebell.  Always loved that story.

18.  Do you think you would have had more success if you were normal height?

Actually, most guitar players are around my height 5 ‘8".  I dont think thats the problem.  The problem is that I SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

19.  When L.A. Guns have had to pick out a new singer, do you just pick the names out of a hat or do you go "Eenie mennie minie moe?

Its such a traumatic thing to find a guy that has something special. I think LAGUNS pulled through intact.  I hope so anyway.

20.  Give us your opinion of Metal Sludge. It?s been a year and a half now and we’ve come along way since the early days. You were one of the very first interviews. Now you?re the first SLUDGE RE-WIND. What are other metal stars & you saying about Metal Sludge?

I personally think its fun.  A lot of guys are worried about getting divorced because of it.

A lot of people sit around trying to figure out who you guys are so they can beat your ASSES.

A lot of people actually refer to MS for facts and figures.  I think Ive always said I liked it and I think you are doing all of  us has beens a service by bringing us back to reality.

21.  Ok, time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  When we first talked to you, we weren’t doing this yet, so you lucked out the first time. But not now, so don’t avoid this.  You know how it works, so here we go…

Ralph Saenz  = Hot Wife, Great Voice.  Identity problem.

Jizzy Pearl  = Great writer, Great singer, needs a band

Dana Strum  = Yosemite Strum.  He knows everything, just ask him.

Lars Ulrich = We share the same surname.  He was very brotherly to me one night at the Rainbow one night when I was ripped and offered to drive me home.  I like him

Nikki Sixx = Johnny Thunders did it better.  But Nikki made more money at it.

Kevin DuBrow = Used to say mean things, Now hes very nice.  Great singer.  Says pussy too much on stage.

Tommy Lee = Following his heart

Juan Crouicer = Friendliest rockstar Ive ever met


Limp Bizkit  = Great Record, Great sense of today

Sy Sperling  = To detectable

22.  I added this one.


So there you have it.  Tracii wants you to buy John Christ’s new album, so go blow some of your cash on that.

To find out what else Tracii is up to, you can go to L.A. Guns site atwww.lagunsweb.com, or Tracii’s own webpage atwww.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Studio/1345.

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