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20 Questions with Donnie Vie, 11/30/99



Donnie Vie

Enuff Z’Nuff Singer Donnie Vie

Back in June we interviewed Chip Z’Nuff, and now we finally got Donnie.  It took a while, about 9 months, but we finally got him.  And just like we thought, Donnie was a little more vocal, or should we say "shit talking", about various bands.  That’s cool, we’re down with that.   Donnie’s always been one to speak his mind, so read our 20 Questions and see what Donnie has to say and what bridges he burns.

1.  What is Enuff Z’Nuff currently up to?  (This is your only chance to plug your shit and all that type of stuff.)

DONNIE:  We are in the studio making a new album, and touring as usual. We are also on VH-1 on two shows, the Where are We Now one, and a Power Ballads show.

2.  A lot of people like Howard Stern and David Lettermen respect Enuff Z’Nuff and say you should be much more successful than you are.  Are you getting bitter or jaded that you haven’t had more success.

I’m really bitter and totally jaded. We know we are putting out great stuff, and yet anyone that swallows a microphone and howls gets more accolades.  With the exception of a few bands on the radio, quality has gone down the crapper. Maybe I’ll just shove a mike up my ass and let loose. That should be good for AT LEAST a platinum.

3.  Besides Enuff Z’Nuff, what current hard rock/heavy metal band should call it day and give it up?

Hey-Chip warned me about this one… What the Fuck do you mean give up?  We’re not going anywhere… just for that, we’re gonna put out another album next year, You jagoff!  As far as who REALLY should call it quits, Anything or anyone who is RATT related

Enuff Z Nuff - 1999

Enuff Z’Nuff – 1999

4.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Me probably, and for many obvious reasons. Also Stephen Pearcy (too many reasons to mention)

Donnie At The Pig Pen

5.  Out of the following listed below, which do you prefer?

Marvelous 3 Vs. Goo Goo Dolls = M3

Sugar Ray Vs. Lit = Sugar Ray

Vince Neil Vs. Stephen Pearcy = Who cares?

Courtney Love Vs. Gwen Stefani = Courtney for fucking, Gwen for talent

Howard Stern Vs. Mancow  = Mancow!  Howard doesn’t call anymore

6.  Is it true to make some extra money you frequently enter Karaoke contests, and when you’d win you blow the money on cheap drugs?

Those drugs aren’t cheap…

7.  How did it affect you when John Lennon was shot in 1980?

I think a lot more about it now than in 1980. I don’t know why.

8.  Have you ever performed on stage when you weren?t drunk out of your mind, and when you are drunk on stage, how can you play the piano so flawlessly?

Why, yes I have, kind sir. And I have never played that fucking thing flawlessly.

Donnie & Chip

9.  What’s the music scene in Chicago like?  Are there any good bands or anything cool happening?

I’m not really up on the Chicago scene… I’m from EL PASO!!!!

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a nightmare and 10 being totally hot.

Jenny McCarthy = 7

Michelle Z?Nuff = 6 -9/10ths

Lita Ford = 1

Courtney Love = 5

Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina The Teenage Witch)  = 5

Christina Aquilera =  6

The blond and brunette chicks from Veruca Salt = 3 and 5  

Neve Campbell  = 4

Britney Spears =  8

Bobbi Brown = oink, oink

Donnie back in the day

11.  Do you have any idea what the hell Vikki Foxx is doing now? 

It sure as hell ain’t sleeping…

12.  How come Enuff Z’Nuff never gets on any big tours?

We’re not the flavor of the month, plus nobody wants to take the Ass Woopin’

13.  Time for Memory Lane.  What do you remember from the following years?

1978 =    Booze

1985 =    Pot

1990 =    Coke

1993 =    Heroine

1997 =    Quitting drugs

14.  For $1,000,000, which would you do:

A.  Appear on a telethon to taunt children afflicted with muscular Dystrophy

B.  "Accidentally" on purpose run over a panhandler, turning him into

a glorified cabbage.


C.  Let Mike Tyson punch you in the balls while Tommy Lee fucks you in the ass?


15.    Which of the following has the most ridiculous wig?

A. Derek Frigo

B. Steve ?Sex? Summers

C. Mick Mars

D. Kevin DuBrow

I didn’t know these guys are BALD!

16.  Have you ever been arrested?

What do you think?!?!?!?!?

17.  Who is a bigger bitch:  Vikki Fox, Derek Frigo, or that Gino Martino dude?  Please explain why?

You have to better define bitch

Ricky Parent & Donnie

18.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being someone who

has no business singing, and 10 being a great singer.

Vince Neil  = 1

Mark Slaughter = 5

Jani Lane =  5

James Hetfield = 7

Courtney Love = 1

Alice Cooper = 8 (until he does his shriek, then it’s a 1)

Jizzy Pearl = 0,0,0,0

Marq Torien = 7

Joe LeSte = 1/2

Bret Michaels = I give Bret a lot of credit… all that $$ with that much talent

19.  How much money do you think you have spent on drugs over the last 10


10 years worth!

20.  Time for Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your


Marvelous 3 = Transformation

Marilyn Manson  = no eyebrows and feces

Kiss = Fuck

Jani Lane = no eyebrows or hair…. and feces

Vikki Foxx = just feces

Pretty Boy Floyd = feces

Slaughter  = cows and pigs and chickens and sheep

Limp Bizkik = foul language

Paul McCartney = The Beatles

Yoko Ono = Michelle Znuff

After that interview, don’t be expecting a Ratt / Enuff Z’Nuff tour anytime soon!   Nor any gigs with a few of the singers Donnie rated in our Rate-A-Singer.  But hey, at least he’s honest!  Plus he called Bobbi Brown a pig and Chip’s wife Yoko Ono, so for that, we hail him!

For more info on Enuff Z’Nuff, go to www.enuffznuff.com.  They have all the latest dates and info, plus links to a variety of other Enuff Z’Nuff sites.  Peace!

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