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20 Questions with Johnny Dee, 11/16/99




Britny Fox Drummer Johnny Dee

This week’s 20 Questions is with Johnny Dee.  Britny Fox is from Philadelphia for those of you who don’t know, and back in the day were quite popular.  We don’t know where, but we’re sure they must have been popular somewhere because they did go platinum and won Metal Edge’s Best New Band Of The Year Award for 1988!   Whoo Hoo!   How much bigger can you get than that?  Eventually, it all went bust for Britny Fox and now Johnny is stuck doing 20 Questions with us.  Fame, ain’t it a bitch?  

Johnny is a Sludgeaholic and seemed to enjoy our questions.  In fact, it seems he enjoyed our questions a bit too much, as is evidence of his comment listed below.  Who can blame him?

JOHNNY:  Sorry it took so long…I was trying out your suggestions from # 18. You can take me off the "pussies who wouldn’t respond" list now!

1. What are you currently up to??  This is your only chance to plug your shit!

JOHNNY:  As if there wasn’t enough crap out there already…Britny Fox (Bite Down Hard lineup) is currently negotiating a deal that will re-release our first 3 CDs and a live CD with a few new tracks (http://wcafe.com/britny/). I’ve also been a member of Doro Pesch’s band since ’93 and that allows me to get to Europe a few times a year. I also play with LeCompt and Uncle Edna(www.uncleedna.com) and I’m available for parties and Bar Mitzvas.


2. What was the real reason for Dizzy Dean quitting Brinty Fox when it seemed like you guys were on a roll with your second release?

I still don’t know what his real reason was. I think he started to take himself too seriously. I mean we were just trying to have fun…not cure cancer! He wanted to turn the band into the Black Crowes and that would have been a foolish move for us at that point. I really think he couldn’t take all the flack for the vocal style, the silly costumes, etc., and tried to pin it all on us. Funny…but, he’s the guy who thought it all up in the first place.

3. We heard Dizzy broke the guitar players arm in a fight, is that true and explain what happened that day?

That story was greatly exaggerated. We were on tour and it became obvious that there was no way we could continue together. We had our manager fly out in an attempt to sit down and have a rational conversation with him but, that was impossible. He flipped out and shoved Michael into a door and f*cked his arm up. It was never broken.

4. What current hard rock/heavy metal should give it up and call it a day?

Now that would be like the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t it?

5. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being someone who couldn’t keep time with a watch, and 10 being a funky cat.

Peter Criss – 10  The ultimate funky cat and the reason I started playing drums.(Yes, I saw the reunion tour and I mean "Alive" era Peter Criss.)

Eric Singer

Steve West

Tommy Lee - 10  A true madman and groundbreaking Rock & Roll drummer.

Lars Ulrich

Fred Coury

Steven Sweet

Sheila E – 8   Sexy too!

Rikki Rockett

Vikki Foxx

John Bonham – 10+  Hands down THE best Rock drummer ever!

The rest are friends or acquaintances and I don’t want to receive death threats by e-mail.

6. What are the other Brinty Fox guys up to?

We’ve all been in hiding waiting for our induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

7. Have you ever had any plastic surgery like liposuction or hair transplants?

No. But, this colostomy bag sure cramps my style.

  8. You’re in a band with Tommy Paris called Uncle Enda, and there is a picture of you guys on your website wearing white face makeup.  What’s up with that?  Are you guys fucking mimes or something?

Yea, we flunked mime school and started a band instead. Actually, we were hoping no one would notice us as the guys from Britny Fox. Oh well…

9. Who is LeCompt? We heard you played locally with them on the east coast.  The singer guy use to be in Tangier, right?

Yes, LeCompt is a band that’s been around the Philly area for a while and it’s myself, Billy Childs, Jimmy Marchiano, and Mike LeCompt. Mike was the singer on Tangier’s second album and his voice is great.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a wreck and 10 being a hot piece of ass.

Doro Pesch – 8

Lita Ford – 6

Britney Spears – 4 (Low rating for stealing our name)

Pamela Anderson – 9

That chick on the Bite Down Hard album cover – 8

Bobbie Brown – 9

Donna D’Errico – 9

Courtney Love – 3

Mariah Carey – 5

Jenny McCarthy – 8

11. What’s up with VH1. We heard you’ll be appearing on a "Where Are They Now" with a bunch of other 80s groups. Give us some details?

Why not? They’ve done every other f*ckin’ band! Really though…they finally asked us to be involved after Dean tried to rub us out. It’s supposed to air November 16th and there will be some other bands from that era on it as well.  I think this will extend our 15 minutes another 30 seconds or so.  

We interrupt this 20 Questions with this last breaking report!  After we got back this 20 Questions, Britny Fox’s "Where Are They Now" appearance got pushed back to January.  This is the reason why, straight from Johnny.

This is what I know…Supposedly, when they finished our piece, it was way too long to add to the current show that will air Tuesday (something about "too much hair for one episode").  Since we were the last band to be added to it, our piece would have been edited down to about 2 minutes (which I’m sure would have pleased alot of people…lol).  Since they were "very pleased" with the entire piece, they decided to push it forward to

January when it will air as part of a whole different WATN.  (Again, this is what Michael was told by VH1 so, I will try to confirm it with a few phone calls tomorrow.)

Either that, or Dean ruined it all for us again by opening his mouth and they just threw it in the garbage…LOL!

We shall see…

There you have it.  We now continue with our regularly scheduled 20 Questions.  

12. We know you’ve toured with Doro Pesch/Warlock in Europe, so tell us about her. Is she hot? Did you ever bang her and pull on her overly fake hair extensions?

Hey! I don’t think banging the boss would be a good idea…on second thought…maybe it would get me a raise! The extensions were gone when I joined anyway.

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Courtney Love. Just for the hell of it.

14. Tell us what you remember about the following years.

1979 = Pre-MTV…life is good. Sucking up all the music like a sponge.

1983 = A lot of great memories…lots of good Rock and Metal, playing in bands, going to concerts, etc.

1987 = Being in the band Waysted, touring Europe, Canada & the U.S. with Iron Maiden. Joined Britny Fox later that year.

1991 = Tommy Paris joined Britny & we wrote, recorded, released & toured for our third album.

1995 = I got married in ’95 and it was the coolest wedding I’ve ever been to.

15. Who’s better in your eyes:

Kid Rock or Sebastian Bach

Bon Jovi or Bon Scott

Wu Tang Clan or Warrant

Mark McGrath or Mark McGuire

Kix or Cinderella

David Lee Roth or Gary Cherone

I’d have to say Bon Scott and David Lee Roth are the best out of that bunch.

16. Who did you tour with that were total dicks to deal with? (Besides your singer Dizzy Dean Davidson)

There’s always gonna be the typical "Hey, don’t even think about walking on that part of the stage"! bullshit that an opening act is gonna have to deal with. But, the bands Britny toured with were always pretty fair. However, I was on a tour once opening for Status Quo in Europe and I think they took great pleasure in finding new ways to f*ck us over every night (and the tour was three months long!). They had an oxygen tank offstage for their show (cause they’re so f*ckin’ old)… So, as a "f*ck you" to them, our guitar player stuffed his sweaty, cheesy balls in the mask one night as we were leaving the stage…So, take that…you old geezers!!!

17. For $1,000,000 (that’s one million dollars):

You must be the target in a knife-throwing act in a circus, only the man who will throw five razor-sharp knives at your head from ten paces away drinks heavily and has only practiced on stuffed dummies (but with great success). Would you do it?

Where do you guys come up with this shit? You should have your own game show…I’d love to see THAT.

18. What’s your favorite way to masturbate:

A. In the tub with a bar of soap in your ass and a mud mask on

B. On the couch watching Dawson’s Creek wearing lingerie

C. In bed with a transsexual porno on and a cucumber in your mouth

D. Warm up some hand lotion in a pot and just jack it crazy

E. Hanging by a belt from the ceiling.

19. Britny Fox’s original drummer Tony "Stix" Destra was tragically killed in a car accident, and then you came in to take his place.  How does that make you feel that if he wasn’t killed, you would never have been in the band and probably be working at a fast food place?

Actually, there was another drummer before me. Would you like fries with that, Sir?

  20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name, and you

give us your thoughts.

Jarod Dizzy Dean Davidson – Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines.

Eric Brittingham – Nice guy but, loves to slag Britny.

Tommy Lee – Propelled Rock drumming into the stratosphere.

Michael Kelly Smith - Stuck in the ’70’s. Really, Mike’s a super nice guy and a friend.

Warrant – Tried to out-do our silly outfits with the "Heaven" outfits.

Vince Neil – ?

Bret Michaels – Good guy, had a blast touring with them.

Howard Stern – Wouldn’t mind having his gig.

Dana Strum – ?

Zakk Wylde –  Madden football.

Johnny was a good sport, plus he ripped on Dizzy Dean, so our hats off to him for that. 

We suggest if you are looking for more info on Britny Fox, you take your ass over to http://wcafe.com/britny/.The site includes the history of Britny Fox, soundbites, news, and other crap to waste time at. For more info on Uncle Edna, go to www.uncleedna.com

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