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20 Questions with Mick Sweda, 11/9/99




BulletBoys Guitarist Mick Sweda

This week’s 20 Questions is with BulletBoys guitarist Mick Sweda.  Mick was also in King Kobra way back in the day, but you can read about that shit in our 20 Questions with David Michael-Philips.  Anyways, there isn’t a whole lot of info on the BulletBoys on the web.  We found only one site, and that site was older than Mick Mars.  So a lot of you, ok, maybe a few of you, must be wondering what happened to the BulletBoys and what they are up to, right?  Well today is you lucky day, because Mick answered all those questions!!

Actually, he didn’t, but close enough.  Mick seems to be a pretty funny guy and have a good sense of humor, so he handled our ridiculous questions rather well.  He even talked shit, so he gets props from us for that.  Enough bullshit, here’s 20 Questions with Mick Sweda.

MICK:  Hey you fantastic folks at Metal Sludge, I’m drunk on pumpkin beer, full of habanero chicken wings and my hockey team just lost in the playoffs so don’t fuck with me! Oh, and here are my answers ( I hope they beat the coward list deadline):

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is the only chance to plug your shit (websites, CDs, gigs, etc.)

MICK: I’m writing with my new and as of yet unnamed band (formally Lolligag but now with a hot chick guitar player) and getting ready to record our first record. I’m looking for dynamic bands for my label Monsters Making Music too. I can be reached at www.monstersmakingmusic.com  where one can hear and purchase some of the music I’ve been keeping to myself over the years. I’m also in writing mode with some old friends and playing the occasional gig.


2.  In the BulletBoys home video "Pigs In Mud", it showed you bathing some pussy.  So how are your cats and what are they currently up to?

My orange boy Mao is doing just fine but my beautiful girl Chelsea died in a mysterious stranglulation accident two years ago.

3.  Are there any plans to have a big BulletBoys reunion, where all the original members could get back together and tour State Fairs, or shit like that?  

Funny you should ask. I bet you can’t guess the label! Hey, can you hook us up with a real State Fair?

4.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Megadearth if they haven’t already. They’d be about 10 years late by my estimation.

5.  Rate the guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being someone who sounds like they play with broken fingers, and 10 being a virtuoso.

Ace Frehley = 8

Mick Mars = 5 for effort

Erik Turner = He plays guitar?

C.C. DeVille = I loved the name Needle Park

Slash = 5

D.J. Ashba= ?

Zakk Wylde = Finally, someone with style…8

Joe Perry = I saw him stink up the Sports Arena but nevertheless…6

Tracii Guns = minus 5

Bruce Kulick = Hahahahahahahahahaha!

6.  Who was more of a pain in the ass to deal with, Carmine Appice or Marq Torien?

No matter how hard Marq tries to be a pain in my ass, I won’t let him.

7.  Do you think Pamela Anderson has great acting talent or is she just all tits & tattoos?

I’ve only witnessed her in a rare, never before seen home video that only I am privvy to and I thought her performance was breathtaking. You try to breath with a cock in your mouth.


8.  Is Lonnie Vencent constantly stoned?  Every time we see him he looks like he has no idea where is he. What’s up with that guy?

Yes. And I personally tell him where he is so that is patently untrue. Take that back!

9.  Who’s the most over rated band today?

Assuming that they’re rated at all, Megadearth

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a mess, and 10 being a hottie. 

Gerri Miller = Hey, anybody wanna deathmatch in Half-Life?

Pamela Lee = 3

Heather Locklear = Do you think her butthole is all stretched out? If so, 10.

Bobbi Brown = Who?

Lita Ford = There was a time…

Sheryl Crow = 10

Britney Spears = What a fucked up name…

Marcie Free = 10 for personalities

Donna D’Errico = Who is this person?

Daphne From Scooby Doo = 11, I just wish I knew how to jack off back then.

  11.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

The singer in Megadearth because

a) He’s a complete fraud and should be held accountable by the few fans he’s swindled and

b) I think he talked some shit about my band once. Can you set up a fight?

12.  For $500,000 cash:  You must strangle one of your cats to death with your bare hands while you hold him/her inches away from your face, eye-to-eye.  Would you do it?

I can’t believe you would ask a question like that. You’re sick and should be castrated (or de-fallopiated) for even thinking of asking that, you sadistic barbarian fucks. Small bills please.

13.  Of all the bands you toured with in the BulletBoys, who were the biggest dicks and why?

I have to say that everyone was so gracious and kind and generous that there’s no way I could ever contrive to think of a bad thing to say. Definitely Great White by far because they seem to have that extra D (dickheads) chromosome, while lacking considerably in the H (hair) chromosome. Something about that combo, or lack thereof in the case of hair.

14.  The singer of King Kobra, Mark Free, is now a chick.  Marq Torien kind of dances around on stage like a chick on crack.  Is there any sort of pattern you see between the two of them, other than both their names being Mark?

No, but one can hope for a Jerry Springer show on the subject.

15.  Which of the following bands or artists do you prefer?

Tom Keifer or Stephen Pearcy – I like Tom in the 2nd round.

Jani Lane or Chasey Lain - I don’t want to know who Chasey Lain is.

Kid Rock or Kid N’ Play – Kidman, Nicole, nude, without her husband, gagged and eyes sutured shut.

Limp Biscuit or Lynch Mob – Hey, good idea. Rock Lynchings till they’re Limp!

Hand Jobs or Rim Jobs – That’s so nasty!!! You people sicken me…can I get both?

In N Out Burger or Fat Burger – Fatburger, as long as you stand vigil over your order and spell out every fucking aspect of it no less than 4 times.

Britny Fox or Britney Spears – Who the fuck is Britney Spears? May the Black Death rise up once again and strike down all who pay heed to the cursed name, Britney Anything.

16.  What the hell happened to Jimmy D’Anda?  Last we saw he was bald. What is he up to now and is he still bald?

Jimmy is currently involved in his solo career. And baldness is a fact of life for many people. In fact, I’m starting a support group for balding rock guys. I’d like to invite the guitar player in Metallica to come forth and show the courage it will take for scores of musicians like him to confront their deepest fear. And I’ll have all the hair I just cut off as a display of my sincerest empathy. Grows like a weed, can’t begin to control it.

17.  What do you remember about the following years?

1979 = I was on an eastern seaboard tour with a full make-up, platform heels rock band playing the coolest covers, got a nasty (bloody nose onstage) flu, ate tuna out of a can and came home broke. Great time.

1984 = Living in Hollywood, playing in 3 good for nothing bands, working at Tower records, eating Oki dogs and considering moving to DC to play in a cover band till I realized the fat, homo manager wanted me. Nyet!

1988 = Living in Hollywood, playing in another good for nothing…Oh, sorry. I got signed and made a record that subsequently went gold and toured the world.

1990 = Working my ass off on our second record,  breaking my pinkie punching some idiot in the head and having to record the next day, touring with some real fucking losers and drinking a lot. If I remember correctly. Did I say I drank a lot?

1993 = Quitting my band and playing hockey. Writing some songs now and again, but mostly playing hockey. 

1997 =Living in Hollywood, writing and recording and beating the fuck out of the bums on my street. And playing hockey.

  18.  2 Part Question, so please pay attention.  What BulletBoys song could go into a vault called "Songs That Fucking Suck?" and who’s lame idea was it to call the 3rd BulletBoys album "Za Za?"

Talk to your Daughter. Not that we wrote it or even did it badly. It just sucks. The guy who did it originally (J.B. Lenoir?) can’t be topped.

ZaZa was Jimmy’s idea and tells you a boat load about my care factor at the time.


19.  In your humble opinion, who is most likely to be a crotch goblin (gay)?

David Lee Roth

Phil Anselmo

Marq Torien

Steve "Sex" Summers

Kevin DuBrow

Steve "Sex?" Summers, whoever the fuck this genius is. Although the only person I would truly rule out is Phil. Right? He’s not, right? Is he?

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Marq Torien – Can make "smooth" a four syllable word

C.C. DeVille – Run!

Eric Brittingham – Driver ed

Lonnie Vencent - Ozark surfer

Tommy Lee – May-ho-hum

Warrant – Is "all that was wrong with rock" considered one word?

Dana Strum – Magazine in the face…SMACK!

Kid Rock – Not a good judge of that kind of thing

BulletBoys "Acid Monkey" Album – I agree with Rolling Stone

David Michael-Philips – Tried to call you, Henzerheep!

It doesn’t look like Mick is a Warrant fan, does it?  Who can blame him!  So let’s see, Warrant, Megadearth, Tracii Guns, and a few others took damage.  Cool!  He get much Sludge Luv from us.  

If you’d like to check out Mick’s website and buy some of his CDs so he has enough money to feed his cat, you can go to www.monstersmakingmusic.com.  You’ll not only be helping out Mick, but his cat, so give generously!

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