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20 Questions with Jason McMaster, 11/2/99




Dangerous Toys Frontman Jason McMaster

You have to feel sorry for Jason McMaster.  No, not because he’s in Dangerous Toys, but because he had to suffer through out 20 Questions twice.  That’s two times, two times, he had to answer our shit.  See, when our previous email account died a painful death, Jason’s questions were still in our email account and weren’t saved yet, so they were lost and never to be seen again.  And not only that, but we forgot some of the questions we originally asked him, so we had to try and remember what we asked him, and then send him the questions again.  Jason was a good sport and answered them again, and the interview still went up as scheduled.  See all the drama that happens behind the scenes at Metal Sludge?  And you thought this shit was easy!  Anyways, enough bullshit, here’s 20 Questions with Jason McMaster.

1. What are you currently up to? This is the only chance to plug your shit.

JASON:  dangerous toys just did a gig with alice cooper in dallas oct. 15th. it was the first time in 5 years with the original line up.and three years since we had even played together at all!, it was great fun.

dtoys also has a new live cd called DANGEROUS TOYS-"VITAMINS & CRASH-HELMETS TOUR"-LIVE! coming soon out on DEADLINE/CLEOPATRA RECORDS..18 songs of live dtoys, no over-dubs, and all taken from soundboard tapes, and video camera footage to make a semi-bootleg,real live hellraising dtoys live cd! for more info on that, you can go to WWW.BAREMASTER.COM, and click on dangerous toys.i also have a new project called BROKEN TEETH.out now on PERRIS RECORDS.. and you can get that by going to WWW.BROKENTEETH.COM.

broken teeth is a fun cd all about acdc style cock rock the way the devil wanted it…nasty bartime rock, none’s really doin that anymore,sorta RHINOBUCKET MEETS DIRTY LOOKS! I also have a new band called GODZILLA MOTOR COMPANY, that is really old school!  old metallica meets HELMET & some TOOL thrown in! all of this stuff can be checked out by hitting the WWW.BAREMASTER.COM site. .now did i plug enough stuff? or what? i actually have more stuff going on, but, my KISS  cover band…oh? you want more.. here it is.. SSIK, my kiss cover band.. played at the KISS EXPO 1999, in dallas recently! opening for bruce kulick/eric singer and john corabi’s project called ESP. it was a blast. so if you want to check out SSIK  go to http://www.tcb2000.com/ssik.

2. We all know D.T. is from Texas along with Pariah. They were kinda like a D.T. influenced band. Did you know them well and whatever happened to them? And did you know the one who committed suicide?


Pariah were close friends of mine and dtoys. we did lots of shows together, they were definitely influenced by dtoys. originally from san antonio, they moved to austin eventually, and got a deal with geffen. it was short lived, but did quite well, with a huge fan base!, SIMS ELLISON was a close friend, he was bassist/songwriter for pariah, a battle with depression, which little to noone knew about, brought him down,and eventually he took his own life. he is missed very much, and was loved by all who met him.he was my roommate for a couple of years til he was gone. he was always into my stuff, and supported me thru my whole thing i had going with the toys, writing ideas,etc…

like i said, he is missed.


3. Pantera is also from Texas. Are you friends with them and do you have any stories about their early days when they looked glam?


i think this question was a bit more like.."does pantera want to kick your ass?" or something like that…before your stuff got erased, and i am having to do this interview for the second time….yes, 9i know the pantera boys, theyre awesome! i am a huge fan!..back in the mid 80’s, i was in a techno thrash metal band called WATCHTOWER (  go to WWW.BAREMASTER.COM  click on watchtower) and they were still called pantera back then,but they had the singer from LORD TRACY and they werent a thrash metal band, they were more glam, sorta van halen meets kiss, type thing, and they have been keeping doors open for heavy music in texas, as long as i can remember!!its just strange that i was doing heavy shit, at the time they were doing a more rock n roll thing, then when i joined  dangerous toys, they had started doing the heavy shit!, wierd.. but cool all the same.. they will always be here keeping texas on the map! WATCH IT GO!!!

4. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

anyone who feels like they dont deserve one! cuz if they dont, they aint a rock star.


5. Rate the following vocalists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being someone who should have their vocal cords removed, and 10 being someone like Mariah Carey.

Tom Keifer

Marq Torien

Vince Neil

Jani Lane

Stephen Pearcy

Geoff Tate

Sebastian Bach

Alice Cooper

Gene Simmons

well, since i hate mariah carey’s voice, this is harder than i want it to be, as far as deciding who’s on any scale. i give them all a five.. not because i am lazy, just because i have my own opinions about what makes a good singer.. geoff tate is an incredible singer.. but, that trained style of singing, aint very rock n roll… and the stuff gene and alice do, is more of a vibe thing, which is what really makes music have a different thing to it sometimes, creates a different world, those guys rule…but hen again, they may not be the best singers, but so fookin what…same goes for the rest of the clowns.. stephen pearcy.. vince niel..whatever.. they dont sing much, but they created something that worked… i think thats what its about.. not being the best singer.

6. Have you ever been arrested, and if so, why? no


7. Isn?t it time for Alice Cooper to retire?  no, hey, milk it, whatever he is doing, hell, if he can make money playin his old stuff, thats great, play golf, play rock n roll.. sounds good to me.plus, i bet he didnt even realize that he had invented something that he could do every halloween, for the rest of his life! thats pretty cool.

8. For $100,000: A funeral is taking place. You do not know anyone at the funeral or anyone involved with it. As a family member is making their heartfelt, teary speech, you must run into the midst of the crowd and yell, ?I?M GLAD THE FUCKER IS DEAD! HA HA HA, HA!!!? and then run away. Would you do it?  no,would you? geez.. thats friggin dumb.

9. You sing with a lot of throat in your voice. We heard some rumours that you’ve spit up blood on stage. Is this true and why do you always sing so scratchy?  ha.. thats good, i remember this one from the first time i did this interview…i dont remember spitting any blood on stage, but i have had bronchitis, and lung/throat infections from hell while on tour, and still did the gig, steroids helped me out a couple of times, but to this day i have never cancelled a show because if any illness, i pride myslef, and my band, in always doing the gig, rain or shine.cancelling shows sucks ass!(insert cartman voice here.)

scratchy voice? hmmm, well, i recall pleanty of clean voices on all of my releases, did you skip those songs or was your cd player on random play?..but, hey, a good bon scott, or gen simmons style throaty vocal is what i am all about, self admitted!


10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to a perfect 10. 1 being a bucket of shit, 10 being a piece of ass!

Pamela Lee

Jenna Jameson

Lita Ford

Susie Owens

Bobbi Brown

Britney Spears

Heather Locklear

Shannon Tweed

Carmen Electra

Weesie Jefferson from the Jeffersons

man, this is definitely a joke site.. hope you guys are havin fun!  weesie gets a 10. all the rest, are about a 5…all good for something!


11. We heard that one of the original D.T. guitarists is now a Jesus Freak. Is this true and what?s up with him? 
that particular guitarist, quit in 1992, he wasnt happy with himself, or the fact that we had chosen to get out of our deal with columbia about the same time, just a coincidence? maybe..but he was writing some holier than thou songs, that he thought were positive messages, anti abortion songs, it was weird, he never pushed it on us, but it was clear, he wasnt happy with raising hell with the toys anymore.he is missed actually. 

  12. What hard rock/heavy metal band should call it a day and give it up?  the rock bands that should give it up, are the ones who want to get a deal, and make music for the sole purpose of material reward. these are wanna be rock stars, and just out right con artists from the get go… rock n roll is not about that at all, it is what posseses you to play hard rock in the first place, the move, the groove, not the hair style, or the cool guitar your mom just bought you. also, when a band loses their major deal, after they were so intent on getting one, and they break up the band, or give up, they are in it for the reasons i mentioned above.. so they shouldnt have gotten the deal in the first place.

13. What do you remember about the following years?

1976 =  kiss destroyer/cheap trick dream police.. the sweet!!.. star wars…elton john bennie and the jets!!!!, alice cooper schools out!!!!  planet of the apes movies!!!!

1980 =  i had already decided what i wanted to do with myself.. i was in my second band already.. i had my first bass guitar ..(since 1978) and was into judas priest,acdc, rush, ufo, alice,the cars,the babys,and i was moving to austin a mere months from then and was looking forward to leaving corpus

christi,which had no rock scene

1984 =i had joined watchtower as lead singer, my basses gather dust for a while, did alot of killer shows, opened for SLAYER at the ritz in austin, made friends with the metallica dudes,got letters from hetfield.. what a cool cat!!, opened for punk bands like MDC(millions of dead cops) and the BIG BOYS,and the OFFENDERS. an amazing change was happening in hard rock

1988 =
wow.. 1988.. i quit watchtower to join the toys full time(i had been doing both for a while)got a major deal, did the firast toys cd in l.a., had lotsa chicks, puked at the CATHOUSE many times, made my first rock video(teasn pleasn, and then scared)and spent way too much money on those videos, stupid stuff like hair and make up, and huge catering, and extras, man, if i knew then what i know now….i would be rich.

1992 =
lost the major deal, kept on touring my balls off, made some money, spent some money, wrote about 100 songs

1996 = dtoys toured as a four piece band for the first time, me taking over on bass, had released two new cds the year before, and worked like a dog to get them heard, played about 100 shows, sold 30,000 cds on an unknown indie label that folded that year,while we were out on the road(obviously not the bands fault).. startd my new band GODZILLA MOTOR COMPANY, to add to the roster of projects.

14. You have KISS tribute called SIKK. Don’t you feel KISS is a little over rated and played out now? Oh yeah, and how much does your tribute band get paid?  yes, ssik is a blast… been doing that since 1991!!!ya, kiss is a little bit done i would say.., but back to alice and the kiss thing, hey, they keep it alive in a wierd way, it may be halloween for them all day everyday.. but so what, .. i really hope they are having fun, they arent doing it for their health, and they already have their money.. so.. i hope i am right about this rock n roll thing.it just might be too late for me too!


15. You also played in a AC/DC cover band with some members from Fastball. Are you still doing that? the acdc cover band i had going with fastball, is legendary around here anyway. called the BON BONS. all old school bon scott era material, obscure stuff too!..did a few shows, and then fastball became a huge hit, so i barely see them around town any more.good for them, great guys.  needless to say, that was a few years ago  

16. Pick one of the following.

A. Allow a medieval executioner to forcibly pull one of your eyes out of its socket, tear it from the nerves, juggle it, and throw it in the garbage;


B. Paul Stanley gets skin cancer, with a 10% chance of recovery


17. If you could be a tampon for any celebrity, who would it be?  Reach Harder.

  18. Since you live in Texas and it’s a theme so far, what’s up with Tom Mathers? Who know, the guy who thinks he has a record label. He’s based out of Austin, so are you friends with him?  ya, i know tom, he released the BROKEN TEETH cd. hey

he is doing more for my music than this shit is.


19. Please tell us which is the proper spelling for the word in this sentence.

"We’re", "Where", or "Were" going to roll a big fatty and fuck some ho?s tonight."  "we’re"

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Bret Michaels = me and him did susie owens

Gene Simmons = doesnt care about anything but kiss

Jerry Dixon = was always cool to me and the toys

Limp Bizkit =we did it all for the wookie(insert chewbacca screech here)the wookie((insert chewbacca screech here)the wookie((insert chewbacca screech here) so you can take that light saber, and stick up your han,solo,han solo

Slaughter = met once or twice, seemed to be nice guys

Kevin DuBrow = dude, its ok to be bald, what are you doing, and hey.. i dig slade too!!

Nikki Sixx = big broken teeth fan

Phil Anselmo = could be a reighning king of all death metal in some parts of norway.. a metal purists to the hilt! .. old school..

Scott Dalhover =i have toured the world with him, a funny dude!

Troy Aikman = i am not a football fan, but i know who he is.


When we asked Jason to plug his shit, he didn’t fuck around.  That has to be the most plugs anybody has given us.  That’s cool though, because he’s smart enough to at least plug his shit.  Most "metal stars" just spit out a few words and that’s it.  He also went into detail on most of his answers, so that’s always appreciated.

So anyways, here are some of the links Jason plugged.  Shit, he’s almost got more websites than Rikki Rockett.  Here they are:

www.brokenteeth.comhttp://www.tcb2000.com/ssik and finally 


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