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20 Questions with Matt Zane, 10/26/99




Society 1 Frontman, Porn Director and Actor, Matt Zane

This weeks 20 Questions is with Matt Zane.  He’s been featured in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, and Details Magazine, and now he’s hit the big time by being featured as this week’s 20 Questions!!   He also released a series of porn videos called Backstage Sluts 1 & 2, which features such bands as Limp Bizkit, Sevendust, Coal Chamber, Sugar Ray, Insane Clown Posse, Lemmy, Nashville Pussy, Korn, Megadeth, and some others, and the bands all talk about different groupie experiences.  Then the porn actors and actresses fuck each other on the buses and even throw meat products at the chicks asses.  A lot of the chicks have tattoos, piercings, and crazy shit like that.  We swear one of these chicks has her butthole pierced, but we can’t confirm that at this time.  And finally, Matt also fronts a band called Society 1, which is somewhat a combination of Marilyn Manson, Ministry, and Korn.

The best part of doing this interview was that we got sent a press kit by Matt.  And get this…It included free porn!! WhoooHoooo!  We got Backstage Sluts 2 and Sexual Society 2 (both of which have been snagged by Bastard Boy Floyd and have never been seen again), a Society 1 CD, and all sorts of bios and shit.  We even got color slides of Matt banging some chicks, but we are too stupid to figure out how to scan them to put up for this interview, so you’ll just have to settle for some pictures of Matt performing.  Deal with it.  So even if you don’t like this interview, fuck off, we got a lot of free shit out of it. 

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is the only chance to plug your shit, so speak now or forever hold your peace!

MATT ZANE:  Buy the album ‘Slacker Jesus’ the debut from my band Society 1. Check out these new video magazines I have coming out called ‘Loudtimes’ and ‘Backstage Pass’ and the ‘Slacker Jesus Home Video’.  Pick up a copy of ‘Hell Awaits A Sabbath’ tribute that we’re on doing an obscure tune from the Ozzy era.  Go to our website at www.InzaneRecords.com to check out other news, tour dates and other releases we have coming up. Be on the look out in the new year for a band called December.

2.  Why should anybody listen to your band or give a shit about you?

Well, I’m tired of trying to defend the band or myself as a musician. I think in time people will accept it based on the strength of the music and the intensity of the live show. As far as giving a shit about me I have provided some great smut to jerk off to. High quality shit that have made many people happy and not so sexually frustrated. Society needs people like me. I get piles of fan mail a week.

3.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

There’s too many to mention. Just buy almost anything from Metal Blade.

4.  In the very first sex scene in Sexual Society 2, that Asian chick has a cluster of zits and whiteheads on her inner thigh close to her box.  What the fuck was up with that??  Couldn?t you get a chick without 20 or so zits by her pussy??

Yes, I could have but that wouldn’t be as realistic to the groupie experience. Not all groupies are clean and that actually happens sometimes.  Besides that has been a great conversational piece.

  5.  For $100,000:  Would you put your dick in the vagina of a month old corpse?  You only need to put it in to the hilt and then pull it out and you get paid.

No, but I have fucked girls with necropheliac fantasies.  They played dead while I pumped away.

6.  You threw Jonathan Davis? bachelor party.  Is he really a little whiny bitch like he comes off?  And if he?s not a whiny bitch, tell us something about him that will make us think otherwise.

Jonathan and I are friends but I really don’t know anything personal about the guy. I know as much as you guys do but I just happen to hang with him every once in a while and do favors such as throwing a bachelor party.

7.  Approximately how many girls have you fucked?


8.  What girl in porn is the biggest bitch and needs her ego put back in place?

Everyone who is contracted to a company.

9.  When was the last time you did something rock and roll to a hotel room?

Last week I slapped my dick that had shit on it after fucking this chick in the ass all over the tv screen of the hotel room. Does that count?

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a slob and 10 being a piece of ass.

Pamela Anderson = 9

Kendra Jade = 6

Jenna Jameson = 8

Traci Lords = 8

Janine = 7

Playmate Of The Year Heather Kozar = ?

Carmen Electra = 4

Britney Spears = 7

Jasmine St. Clair = 4

Courtney Love = 3


11.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Probably Marilyn Manson because he has been the only rock star I met that was an asshole to me. He seems like a prick but I really like his music.

12.  When was the last time you threw meat products at a chick?s ass?

About a month ago. On the road I really don’t like to waste good lunch meat. That’s most likely my dinner.

13.  2 Part Question.  What is your drug of choice and have you ever been arrested?  If so, for what?

LSD and I never have been arrested. During House of Flesh 2 the cops came for me because of the public orgy’s but I escaped. That was fun.

  14.  You must choose one of the following.

A.  You get caught by U.S Customs not declaring a valuable piece of jewelry

and face criminal charges that could result in up to 3 months in prison but

will probably only result in probation;


B.  You get away with it, but Fred Durst is behind you gets caught with a

roach in the bottom of his bag, is arrested, put in prison, and becomes a

love slave for the Ayran Brotherhood?

B.  I like Fred, he’s always been cool to me but has never done anything for me that I’d do time for him.

15.  Which of the following do you prefer?

Limp Bizkit Vs. Korn = Korn

Poison Vs. Motley Crue = Motley Crue

Orgy Vs. Kid Rock = Kid Rock

Slaughter Vs. Cinderella = Death

Sugar Ray Vs. Goo Goo Dolls = Abstinence

ICP Vs. Coal Chamber = Coal Chamber

Carson Daly Vs. Riki Rachtman = Carson Daly

16.  In one of your movies, it depicts that Society 1 likes to take one chick…each guy in the band (& sometimes crew) bangs her…they all save their jizz-filled condom and when everyone is done…they all empty their condoms all over the chick.  Our question is, when was the last time that happened?

We prefer to bang our chicks separately these days. Although there still are times when we share. Lately our new game is called "steal the panties".  It’s basically self-explanatory. It’s a fun game because the next day you look in the seat of the panties in the day light and get to see all the gunk that’s crusted in there.

17.  In a typical week, how many different chicks will you bang?

It depends. 1-5

18.  Have you ever touched a penis other than your own?  How about a nut sack?

Just with the camera lens by accident.

19.  Have you ever had any STD of any kind?  C’mon, be honest!  Any crabs or green shit dripping out of your cock?

Nothing that couldn’t be cured by a pill or a shot.

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name, and you

give us your thoughts.

Insane Clown Posse – Straight Edge Business Men

Jonathan Davis — Powerful

Limp Bizkit — On Top Of The World

Warrant — Losers

Bret Michaels – Loser

Vince Neil — Talentless

Tommy Lee — Fun To Hear About

Howard Stern — The Best

Ron Jeremy — Great Guy

Hugh Hefner — Way To Keep Fucking!  I Want To Be You When I Grow Up.

Larry Flint — Rich

Mark McGrath — Really Lucky

To find out more about Society 1, check out www.inzanerecords.com.

And if you are horny and want to get your freak on, check out www.zanevideo.com to buy Backstage Sluts 1 & 2, plus a variety of other quality movies like "Young, Dumb, and Full Of Cum" (bastard boy floyd’s personal favorite), and "2 Chicks For Every Dick".  Remember, Christmas is right around the corner, and there is no better way to say Merry Christmas than by giving that special someone a video like "Coed Cocksuckers" Volumes 1 through 13.  Order today!  But check out Sexual Society 2, because you have to see the zits near that Asian chicks puss.  It’s fucking nasty.  We’ve seen homeless crackhead bag ladies who look cleaner. 

Thanks once again to Libby over at Metal Masters for hooking us up with Matt.  So now is the time we plug www.metalmasters.net!They show a lot of videos that you’ll never see on MTV since MTV is more concerned with game shows and cartoons.  Libby is totally down with Metal Sludge and always tries to hook us up with the bands she interviews.  She bugs them and harasses them until they crack and give in.  So for that, we greatly appreciate Libby and her ruthlessness! 

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