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Mailbag 2 for August, 8/15/04


With your host, bastard boy floyd


Welcome to yet another bundle of joy, the Metal Sludge Mailbag. We did one of these a little more than a week ago, and we’re still getting e-mail from people who either got the news late, or were just too lazy to send in their thoughts right away after our new site launched. Well, we’re not going to ignore them like a bunch of fat chicks at a Poison aftershow party, so here they are in a big collection for your reading enjoyment!

And before we go any further, let me mention that I did in fact get to watch the Teen Choice Awards on Fox last Wednesday night. I got a bunch of concerned e-mails from Sludgeaholics hoping that I would be able to catch that, and I did! I just wanted to point out that my infatuation with the Hilton sisters is in full swing, but I think my preference of the two is Nicky. That Paris chick is starting to look a little skanky. And what’s with that yappy little rat she’s always carrying around? Rats spread pestilence and disease, so who knows what else Paris is carrying around. Yuck.

On that note, let’s get on with the Mailbag! Here’s a happy intro written by some of the ‘higher-ups’ at Metal Sludge:

After receiving thousands of e-mails, posts, calls and more – it?s become evident to the vast majority of Heavy Metal and 80s era rock fans that Metal Sludge is indeed a force to reckon with.

Metal Sludge is much bigger than any one band, musician, contributor, incident, song, concert or feud. Metal Sludge is about music and the lifestyle as we knew it, know it, and plan to live it.

Again, thanks to all the folks who have supported Metal Sludge and what it truly stands for. And an even bigger thanks to the (very) small crowd of haters, we love you even more! Bring it?

Metal Sludge-4-Life, The Entire staff & community of Sludgeaholics & Sludgettes!

When I saw ?coming out of the closet? I figured there was a whole new meaning to ?Spit like this.? Congrats bro, whatever you need.

Rob Jones / Founder, KNAC.COM

If you don?t get it now ? you?ll never get it! Metal Sludge will drive you mad.

Kevin DuBrow / Quiet Riot

I got alot of laughs outta you fuckers over the years, you guys can be Brutal! I love it.

Billy Childs / Britny Fox

you lose some…and then you lose some

Jizzy Pearl / Not sure what he?s talking about, guess there was a Blackout in the Redroom.

Wow Dude! Well done at hiding your identity with M.S. Chat soon.

Thanks, Jason Hook / Guitarist, Pervert, & all around Sludgeaholic!

I step away from my computer for a week and THIS happens! LOL! Congrats on coming out on one of the worst kept secrets :) lol. I still got a lot of love for the Sludge and will still continue to spread the word to anyone who will listen. YOU RAWK!!!!!!!!

The Blue Meanie / Wrestler & Metal Head www.3PWrestling.com

Dude! You fuckin? RAWWWWKKKKKKKK!

Russ Parish pka Rachett / Metal Skool Guitar God

I have 3 words: HOLY FUCKING SHIT. What you’ve accomplished is amazing and no one will ever top this. I tip my hat to you. I wish you nothing but good things from this. Rock out with your cock out :)
I will always love the Sludge! The DJ formerly known as The Rack (KNAC)

Vicki Vox Assistant Program Director / Real.Rock.Radio. 106.3 The Buzz

Congrats on the "coming out" of Sludge!

Chris Akin / PITRIFF& Co-Host, THE METAL SHOW on 92.3 FM (Xtreme Radio)

Good job on the Sludge site. I always thought it was you. I love the new site! I support this move??Keep up the great work! Sludge rocks,

Jeff / Every Mothers Nightmare

See ya at the bottom. Just kidding, now let?s let ? rock n? roll set the night on fire.

Steve Summers / Pretty Boy Floyd

I’m glad you came out of the closet with Metal Sludge. Wow, what a shocker. Although I do recall getting bagged on a couple of times. ;-) Stay in touch.

EJ Curse / SilentRage

Glad you finally came out. Thanks so much for all the great features which are a big help to my radio show. If you ever get kidnapped, disappear or go missing, I’ll make sure I turn in Sebitchian’s name as a suspect to the feds so they have the right lead. ;)

Cheers, Will Matson / WRFR 93.3 & 99.3 FM (Maine)

I’ve been watching the sludge drama unfold for the past week, and thought I’d drop you a line. Visiting M.S. has been a nightly ritual for me since 2000 when Jamie Rowe turned me onto it. I would like to offer my assistance with any help you need… least I can do for the years of enjoyment via Metal Sludge!

Brett Christensen / www.Stryper.com

I’m blown away over your site and congrats!

Billy Dior / Former D?Molls drummer

Cool. Metal Sludge rocks…

Marc Simon / Wildside

sounds like something i would have done?..ya did good.

Regards, happenin’ harry / www.happeninharry.com

Congrats on pulling the wool over our eyes for so long, I haven’t been that shocked since I learned Kiss wasn’t in it for the fans and that Jani Lane had a problem with the booze!

ps-nice photo of you oiled up and in your skibbies lifting weights, if I didn’t know how much pussy you got, I’d think you were a bone smoker.

Earl Skakel / www.EarlSkakel.com / Comedian meets Metal Head meets Politician

Congratulations again on "coming out of the closet". I hope things get bigger and better for you now.

Howie Simon / www.HowieSimon.com

You never looked better? (Referring to the grade school pic)

Rich Florio / Former Sister Whiskey bassist

RIGHT ON! I have heard in the past it was you..lol?also read the ‘new’ emails to you in regards to your "coming out". Just wanted you to know, I got your back too bro. Fuck all the "back talk" from Bach and others.

Rave-On! Raven Slaughter / http://www.ravenslaughter.com

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m going to miss all the characters I’ve grown to love (i.e. Jani Bon Neil, Bastard Boy Floyd, Donna Anderson). They gave the site personality and a sense of familiarity.

Placentaface / Is in love with a photoshop .jpg
(Editors Note: Metal Sludge is like Sesame Street, and ‘bastard boy floyd’ is like Big Bird. Neither Big Bird or bbf are real, they are characters. One of the guys who wore the Big Bird (bbf) suit has been tossed. The suit still rocks, you wanna wear it? Then you can love yourself as well.)
(Floyd’s Note: Comparing me to a fucking Muppet?! Don’t think any of you are sticking your hand up my ass! Donna might dig that shit, but not me!!)

Congratulations on coming out of the closet. Over the years reading Sludge I knew I had to at least know someone writing the stories. I am happy to know such a cool and honest person created my daily music news. Ever since I’ve known you (1989) you have been a stand up guy.

Your friend, Jay Gillie / CRASH RADIO

Congrats?it took a lot of heart & a lot of balls to get the site as far as it’s come since its inception, and I’m damn proud to have been able to enjoy it and be a part of it. Here’s to so much more!!

-JJBrooks / June ’04 SOTM / www.vividwhiteboy.com

ahhhh – ha…….so i don’t know if i can trust you or not at this point.

Libby Riley – Producer / www.MetalMasters.net

Wow?what a surprise! I guess this means Metal Sludge not only really, but now even officially really, isn’t me. Truth be told?

Keep up the great work, Gideon Culman / Super Old Skool Sludgeaholic.

Congratulations on a stellar job throughout the years. I have checked into your site daily and faithfully over the past few years since you did the famous Dave Mustaine interview and have been very pleased with the content. If you can’t play the game…. change the rules. You did exactly that… and won. Keep up the insightfulness and ingenuity.

Chris Blacklock, President/CEO – Chren Enterprises / www.chren.com

As the first person to publicly "out" metal-sludge years ago — and subsequently create that huge ass drama on the gossip board (those of you gossip board veterans can remember it well). I can finally now say THANKS to Stevie for great years for a great site.

Anyhootz. take care -= nav = / Super Nav = Super Old Skool Sludgeaholic

Way to go dude! Like you said, it?s only begun…We need the site like a sailor needs the pain, like roses love the sea, like a poet needs a sailor. Like that. Hail Sludge from Finland.

Bergerac / Obviously a Finnish name?.

WOW. I think I need a drink… or five. Anyone wanna meet up at the bar? We can sit around and talk about the good old days… The Easter Bunny… Santa Claus… the Tooth Fairy… Metal Sludge… I can only imagine how it must feel to have such a weight lifted from your shoulders.

Congrats, Tina Lu / Sludgette of the Month August 2002

Good luck with all the sludge and congrats for everything.
Nick Athanas, CPT Productions / www.cptproductions.com

Gotta love the Sludge. I think bands should be held acountable to their fans with respect to their actions. I still support the music as much as i can and seek out any new bands in the genre. I will live and die glam metal.

Peace, brett mason / Canadian Sludgeaholic

Congratulations on your coming out. I completely understand the reason you did, but I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. You see, deep down I was really hoping it was someone like Jani Lane or even Sebastian Bach. That would have ruled. Anyway, keep up the great work.

Jim / Be even better if we found Bach front row at a Poison concert.

Love the site you keep the 80’s bands going and put out a great cd?.Your the best and you’ve created a legacy. Thanks for all the SLUDGE!

Johnny / Albany, NY Sludgeaholic

My computer crashed 2 days ago, and I lost all email between 7/22-8/4.
There were 367 emails lost…but… I always say how I am trying to keep up…Well, now we are starting on 8/4. Have a Great Weekend!

Leigh Silver / MSE artist & the cutest lil? thing you ever saw!
(Leigh, you missed the big news on 8-2-04. Sue your computer company!)

I just wanted to say thank you from a fan of your site from not too long after you started it?I stumbled across it in the fall of 1998 and was absolutely delighted that there was something out there for fans like me? Metal-Sludge fans are die hard and we will support you.

Sincerely, Stacy Arth (Medusa) / No Relation to Soichi Masuda

?. you got S U P E R big balls for coming out about metal sludge>> You RAWK!

Tonzilla / No relation to Jizilla, Sixxzilla, or floydzilla

I gotta admit, when I logged onto Sludge Monday night, I was pretty shocked to find out what went down??if nobody cared about MS, we wouldn’t be here, some bitching and others offering their support.

Keep the site going.

Ej & Sandra / Sludge in love

Loved it… I think the site is great and I don;t miss a chance to read it. I wasn;t sure if I liked the layout at first but now it has grown on me. Keep rocking! you are the best site out there!

Jon / Last name NOT Bon Jovi

Hey, it took a lot of balls to step out the shadows. Sludge still rocks.

Mike (The Erotics) / www.eroticrocknroll.com

I think that coming out was the best thing that could’ve happened. The old site had started to suck, and I thought that it was just me. Now I know it wasn’t just me, it was a sucky web master. Thanks for being your true asshole selves, and not being afraid to show it.

I wanna Sludge! (SLUDGE!)

Jennifer / She wants to Sludge & we?re assholes! Cool.

It completely figures it was you the whole time……..what a let down. Hopefully someone will bash your stupid pathetic balding no dicked ass soon on a public forum board, im sure they will be man enough to tell you who they are at least. You always sucked, and so did your band.

Have a fucked day.

Pretty Kitty / Darn it, this is the 6th piece of hate mail out of 5,000+.

?what a trip! I knew you were the guy behind Metal Sludge – there were way too many similarities, and that is just your style.

Sky Brower / Music Fan

Thanks for taking care of the sludge scan. what no BOD? What’s up with the Brides Of D? What kind of numbers are they doing?

Thanks-ANSH / Wants more Sludge scans!
(You?re welcome, there will be many more updates & scans, believe it.)

Are you insane? I have been a fan of the site since the very beginning. You provided a service in many respects & managed to be entertaining while you did it. I respect anybody who could pull off something of this magnitude, be successful at it & get away with it as long as you did. Bravo.

Danielle / Insane Sludgette

whatever happened I guess had to happen but my concern is quality. Are you gonna make mends with people that were always mocked? are 20 questions going to be 20"kid gloves" questions? is sarcasm dead or are you going to give your writers the right to the 1st amendment?

Jay Stone / No relation to Stone Fury from Windy City Heat

Who on earth knew that when I bought my no frills t-shirt that it was you who was mailing it? I check the site out 2-3 times a day?
Go Packers Go

Saverio Galati / Metal Head, Cheese Head, lover of Cheese Metal.

I knew you were the mastermind behind metal sludge…. from the first time i went on the site(3 years ago)… Man, your site is great, funny as shit too…

Mikey / I-Rock local from Detroit

Metal lives through this site.. Keep up the great work. I shall the spread the word that is METAL SLUDGE…

Tormentor666 / Likes Metal Sludge & Satan!

I got turned on to this place about a year and a half ago, and it never ceases to brighten my day. Some of the bands you feature here owe you a collective left nut for all the publicity!

Thanks for the continued laughs.

PS. To Sebastian Bach, umm…..fuck off.

RONSAFAN from Kansas City / Home of the 80s Metal giants ?Banshee?

I am a fan of both Sludge and Tuff. Also, if you find it possible, I would love to review the CD.

Tommy Black / www.seasonswilted.com
(Tommy says: ?it just isn?t the same anymore. The mystery is gone, so the interest within diminishes.? But yet he still wants a CD? I guess the interest of FREE stuff has not diminished!)

the new site is fucking gay, your so fucking gay, go back to the old fucking one you stupid fuck, it was way fucking better, it was original the new one is fucking shit ive seen a million stupid ass sites like that and theyre all fucking gay, so fuck you, you stupid fuck.

Ryan Butler / Gets no pussy and lives with his Mom in the basement.

Thanks for the many laughs, and many more years to come. YOU KICK ASS YOU BASTARD!!!!!!

Vince Corabi / Likely a Motley Crue fan as well.

I just want to tell you that Metal-Sludge made a great contribution to me as a music fan. I grew up in a SMALL village in northern Norway, so when I moved to go to University (mid 1998) and discovered the internet, Metal-Sludge soon followed. I wish therefore to thank you, cause you did made a difference and still kept my passion for the music alive.

Rune Pedersen, Trondheim, Norway / Norway Loves Metal Sludge

Congratulations on your coming out. I completely understand the reason you did, but I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. You see, deep down I was really hoping it was someone like Jani Lane or even Sebastian Bach. That would have ruled.

Jim / Can?t afford a last name

Dude, that took major balls to come out like that. It’s an end of an era, but I’m sure Sludge will still be as kick ass as ever. And you know what, it was innevitable and kind of fitting. So many people who have met, connected, made friends, etc. on the boards alone have "come out" and shown who they are as people, and that’s what makes it even cooler. I give you MADD Tommy Lee-sized PROPZ for letting us all know the score. And THANK YOU.

Pimpstress / Likes Metal Sludge

?.give YOUSELF a "SUPERBALLS AWARD" for "coming out"!!! You Rock! Keep up the Excellent Work!!!

Americanjackass / Killer name yo!

Dude! Still dig the site. Keep on Sludgin’.

Ace S. Whyld / Kiss meets ???

AS THE SLUDGE FALLS! The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Hahahahahah, drew pensky / we?re guessing this was hate mail. ;(
(due to the fact that traffic was/is pushing max density)

Dam! I was shocked when I read you owned Sludge. I e-mailed you a few years back (as Stevie) and were real cool. Anyway best of luck to you, your very smart and creative.

Patrick aka Motley82

Finally, congrats on Stevie’s coming out. I always thought he was gay, now it is confirmed :). Just kidding. However, I still insist that Sebastian Bach runs this site and I will say that till my dying day!!!

As always…Peace and rock on, friends!!!!

Fletch / swap some letters and you get Feltch. Who?s gay? Just kidding!

Hey! first, to add to the thunder of praise?all of you, deserve the greatest respect and thanks for all the talent, hard work, wickedly funny humour, and care that is brought to the site, while at the same time keeping up with careers, families, and everything else! I?m happy to know the site’s going to be around for a really long time! thanks!

Richard / Can we just call you Dick? Seriously, thanks Dick.

Hey, knowing you came out and said what you did only makes me support you fuckers even more…I just read the post and it blew me away…Good for you and I hope Sludge gets even stronger….Now I wanna see your parties out here on the East Coast Goddam it.!

How about Toad’s Place in CT??….See ya n good luck

Smilin Mike / Sludger?4-Life!

I check Metal Sludge as a part of my daily online activity. It truly is a fantastic place. Keep up the awesome work. Metal Sludge is a well needed kick in the ass to the genre. I mean that in a good way. And it’s also a huge middle finger to everyone else who turned their backs on it.

Long live metal. Long live Metal Sluge.

-The Greatgonzo / Knows what time it is!

Great letter… I was always wondering who was behind this site. I know a lot of people in this business, we would throw around lots of names but never got it right… Great site!

Brett Meisner / Legendary Rock God

And there you go! That basically wraps up this week’s Mail Bag! And that also wraps up our display of congratulatory and critical e-mail related to the events of August 2nd. Next time, we’ll get back to all the typical mail from various Sludgeaholics, Sludgettes, stalkers and whack jobs who normally mail the page.

I can hardly wait.

bastard boy floyd
Your resident Sludge Puppet

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