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Mailbag for August, 8/6/04


With your host, bastard boy floyd



Welcome to my personal hell, the Metal Sludge Mailbag. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and holy shit did we get a lot of mail the last few days! People who would otherwise never mail the page were coming out of the woodwork left and right. So much mail came in that I had to miss both the Simple Life 2 AND The Gillmore Girls this week. The onslaught better let up too, ’cause there’s no way in fuck I’m going to miss the Teen Choice Awards next Wednesday.

You can probably guess what most of the e-mails we got since Monday were about, huh? Most gave us props, but there’s always a few bitter fucks in the crowd. So we included their mail too so we can laugh at them.

As you can probably figure out, a lot of the mail came addressed to the attention of our CEO, so we decided to include some of those mails as well as those addressed to the rest of the staff. Here we go!

You have been waving the flag for the 80s higher than anyone else out there.
We stand behind you 100%. Metal Sludge Radio is here to stay.

Charlie Logan / Senior Director, New Rock Programming, XM Satellite Radio

Congratulations on your ‘coming out.’

Though I’ve known for years that you were the man behind the metal mask, I admire how long and well you maintained your anonymity to the general public. We live in a time of exposure. All masks are off. Fuck the greed mongers, liars, poseurs, evil doers and propagators of bad music and bad art. For those about to truly rock, we salute you.

Best. Lonn Friend (Former RIP Magazine Editor)

That’s good to know… anyhow, all water under the bridge as you say…..

Keep Rocking, Mitch LaFon / Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

Well, congrats on comin’ out. Halford and the rest would be proud.
Please keep the site funny.

Love, Anne Leighton / Hit Parader

Did you sign up for Music Highway yet? Your opinion is valuable.

Sheena Metal / KLSX 97.1 talk radio Los Angeles

Who else would be doing something so cool, let?s do a show.

Ralph Saenz / Metal Skool ? The Atomic Punks

Congrats on coming out of the closet. I totally back you.

Brent Muscat / Faster Pussycat

Thanks for that info.

Regards, Michael Angelo Batio / Nitro


Jim Gillette / Nitro

that rocks!!!!

Brian Perera / President Deadline/Cleopatra Records

I knew it was you! Glad to see you are carrying on! Rock on.
Now, were can I find that old web master.

Chuck Bernal / www.artists-worldwide.com

Great news, now who can we get for the 11PM slot on the MSE party?

Jimmy D. / Promoter

I kinda had a feeling something was a little fishy there with my 20?s.

Drew Hanna / Wildside

I had that feeling anyways. Now cash in brother

Riki Rachtman / Cathouse Owner & former MTV VJ

Congrats on taking sludge to the next level & for all the laughs so far, and now that the air is clear, Mitch can stop accusing me of running that goddamned site!

Russ Dwarf / Killer Dwarfs

great website. hope all is well

kane roberts / guitar monster

rock on. Take NO SHIT.

"Metal Man" Dan / http://www.hardrocksociety.com

You are officially a "ROCKSTAR" as far as I’m concerned…

Jim Torgeson / Ex. Virgin/China

yo dude, always heard it was you. Best of luck w/ you new thang.

STEVO-Steve Brown / Ex. Trixter WWW.40FTRINGO.COM

well, it’s a great site — i love it! keep up the great work~!~
ps: oh god, i hope i’m not the "certain magazine editor".

Gerry Gittelson / writer

Your CEO is a pro at what he does so there should be no worry that Sludge will continue on as THE place to go on a daily basis for your rock n roll entertainment.
Billy Morris / Billy Morris Band & former Warrant guitarist


Kendra Jade / World Famous Porn Star

I read your post. You fucking rock fatboy!! You have my support!! Anything I can do let me know. I hope all is well with you and wish you all the best!!

Robbie Crane / Ratt bass guy

Well…I knew for sometime(too many clues over the years)
We shall be in touch… Anyhoo…yap with ya later.


This new format SUCKS!! Change it back please.

-Ludeman / A disgruntled Sludgeaholic with Dial-Up

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I support your coming out. It was/is fun and I hope it continues to be that. Thanks for the laughs and I hope we can talk soon.

Best Regards – Shawn C. Lane / FastLane Records

Nice one…all the best with it from here on in.

Best Regards, Andrew. www.melodicrock.com

next you will tell us you run knac.com too. thanks for the update

todd / music fan

I kind of feel like I did when my mom told me Santa wasn’t real.

Thanks! Jeff / Chronic Bedwetter

Congrats on "coming out"! I was about 98% sure it was you. As you know, I’m a longtime Sludgeaholic and sack-swinger.

Chad Bowar / Music Managing Editor / Heavy Metal Editor / Suite 101.com

Just woke up here and read the e-mail then went straight to Sludge. Good to see ya came forward. Oh well you did a great job covering your ass for so long.

Wednesday 13 / Murderdolls / Glam Ghoul God

I’d give you a super balls award if I could. Thanks for always being cool to me and my career!

Jamie Rowe / London Calling ? Ex. Guardian

"God Bless This Mess indeed! Glad to see the Sludge is as out of control as ever … here’s to another six years!"

Dave Tedder – Hard Attack magazine / United Rock Radio

I?m not wearing any pants!!

Jim Bob Dwarf / Sludgeaholic of the Year, 2001

dude you rock we love sludge here at crc in manchester nh. love the new look on site

erik/morning jock / WCRC 104-FM

I already new this!

Julie D. Fitzwater, Media Relations

Way to go….

Dawn Greer / Real Rock Magazine

I’m SO deeply disappointed and utterly offended…. This whole time I thought Elvis was behind Metal Sludge!!!! ;)

All the best brotha’….. Bill Leverty / Firehouse

Rock on motherfucker.

Jesse Capps / Rock Confidential

Just wanted to let you know I’m here to support you and if ya need help with anything just let me know.

XOXO Lusty Lucy Lee / Sludgette

Before its too late make your peace with GOD, and make sure the ones you love do also.

Accept Him. Repent. Get baptized. And have a nice eternity.
(Note: this came in for real!)

Now that you are out of the closet, tell me something?

Staticbeth.com / Queen of penis pictures
(Note: WE WILL NOT DISTRIBUTE PENIS PICTURES VIA E-MAIL!! Unless you want to send us cash. Then we’ll be happy to talk.)

Good on you man, you were always good to me throughout this. I’ve got your back Bro.

All the best, Stuart.

Now I know who to thank for doing such a great interview.

Doug Marks / Metal Method / Former Hawk guitarist

take me off anything you mail out.

Bobby Blotzer / Ratt / Connoisseur of Fine Cheesecake

all these years……right on.

take care, jeremiah ? A Mastermind of Music

diggin on it!!! bad ass shit.

August, Killingbird

yeah, the new page rules ass!

Christian, Killingbird

If you’re ever in the New York area, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to have you up.

Steve C / Foundrymusic.com

Way to go buddy. Keep up the good work.
Jesse Tyre Karp / Musician

I’m impressed that you came up with Metal Sludge – a class site if ever I saw one.

Cheers, Glenn

Way to go!!! I love Sludge!!!!!
Good job – you certainly deserve a big pat on the back!!!!

David Snowden Promotions

Checked out the Sludge link. Very cool.
Saw the X-Iter picture. Wow!!!!!!

Jim G. / Drummer, X-iter

LoL.. Very cute.
Like the .tv site,
Tteezzaa, www.MetalExiles.Com


santiago segura / Sludgeholic from Agrentina

I love you! Do you love me?

Vince Kelly / Ex. Tommi Gunn/War Cry


Will Matson, WRFR FM (93.3 & 99.3 Maine) / Sludge-Friendly DJ

Congrats on the brave move…
Josie Pearl

You sly old dog!!!!
Adam / Earthbulb Australia

hey…Sludge Rules.
Ette / Sludgette of the Century

we all knew it was you! haha how funny.

Kristy / Pretty Boy Floyd

Thanks for everything and all of the good times I had because of sludge.

your favorite sludgette
Chantel Covino / Sludgette of the Month, January 2001 / The First Ever Sludgette of the Month!

Congrats man! Screw KISS/Poison, bring back the MSX tour!

Johnny / Digital Glam / http://music.digitalglam.com/

You Rock and always have. Excellent letter?

Steve ?Ponch? Ponchaud / Roadhead

Thank you for waving the flag full-time. I hope you benefit from all your hard work. Thank you for proving that our music never died.

John Andrews aka Johnny Brown(Cause of the tan, not no drug)

A big word of THANKS for all the years of metal sludge thus far.

See you in the ‘Bow—-Johnny

Anyway, after reading your post at Metal Sludge, I realized I’M STILL YOUR FAN!. I read that fucking site at least twice a week!. Now, as a gay fan I MUST ask you…. where the hell can I find a pic of your cock?

Yours, Bytor / Venezuela

I have been visiting Metal Sludge for several years and have always enjoyed it. I think everyone needs their balls busted now and then

Keep up the good work………..
I’m out of here like Gene’s hair…. Chuck Gee

Congrats on stepping out, success and what’s to come.

Don Lemmon / Fitness Guru

That took balls man, and I respect it. I’ve been a Sludgeaholic for years already, and will continue to be. This changes nothing on my
end – keep rocking the fuck out man.

Respectfully, Jeff / Music Fan

This is Chris Torok and I used to play in the bands Liquor Sweet, C. C. Deville’s Needle Park and Joey C. Jones and the Gloryhounds. Anyway I have been coming to this site for a long time and I just about shit my pants when I read that you were responsible as the head honcho of Metal Sludge. I look forward to Reading On

Chris Torok AKA (Christopher Torok, Christal T.Roxx)

You are the man! Congrats on metal sludge! Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping the 80’s alive.

Eric / Sludgeaholic from Wisconsin

Queensrhyche is touring this fall?

Chipster Entertainment Inc.

Keep the sludge alive.

Joe Delaney / J?ETOWN

I just finished reading your posting on the NEW Metal Sludge and want to say thanks for keeping the faith brother!!!!

Thanks Again Bro.. Ritchie Z / Sound Crew from the thirsty whale

I just want to say "GOOD JOB"! You are "KEEPING THE LEGENDS ALIVE".

John Hunter / Music Fan

I met you when I was running the Electric Ballroom in Tempe, AZ with Jim Torgeson in 1994-1997. I think what you’ve created with Metal Sludge is absolutely fantastic?..I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve read something that had me laughing so hard I was in tears.

Live Long & Prosper, David J. Castello / Music Lover

I don’t get the big fucking deal? In all honesty, I could see how some of the people in the music business could get offended by all the bullshit and whatnot, but I just don’t get why they can’t see the humor in this all. I’ve been lurking around MS for YEARS and it’s never stopped me from laughing. I don’t give a fuck who is writing it or for what intentions, just as long as the humor remains.

Good luck! Ari / Laughs with Sludge, not at Sludge

Now, that the secret’s been told, give me a call and let’s
put a new band together! You’re a rock & roll legend?

Take Care, Justin / Music and the City

About damn time!

The Stalker / Gossip Board Legend & Sludgette of the Month, June 2002

and to think I never even made it in…..
very cool……. :)

what the fuck else have you been up to…?

biff Malibu

Whoa… what can I say? I’m shocked and impressed all at once. Double Metal Horns Up To You! Thanks for the exposure over the years… that was mighty cool of you.

Lateage! Armando
PsychicMafia + METAL101

Oh well, you?re still a legend in many eyes and for those who are blind, fuck ?em ha
Gr8 job on sludge site

One nutswinger from Canada
Jay ?dirty as? Sin

Dude, what the fuck happened to sludge? Is it gone for good? I hope not man, that shit is live!! I met you in Salt Lake City one time and you were something of an asshole to me. Fucked up huh? That?s alright though I forgave you and own all your shit!


Well Ill be damned re sludge ? ur a classic, keep it up brother.

Danny / Sydney, Australia

rock on

shockkkkkkey / Faithful Sludgeaholic

Well i wasn’t expecting that! ‘Eh up mate! All i want to say is this fucking rules you have my respect n support…

A U.k. Drumming Rock Chick / And Sludge Fan

No worries?..I think the real Sludgaholics knew it was you all along……keep on Sludging…..I love your site…..I check it out daily…Good Luck .and congrats on your "unmasking"
Rhyno / Lead singer – New Hampshire’s own "The Jinxx’d"

Keep up the good work and good luck with the future of Metal Sludge.

Mike Vankirk / Roadhead

Here’s some more comments that were posted on our Gossip Board.

Sludge all night, Sludge all day! And will be till this site is gone. Thanks for the many laughs. Looking forward to many more to come. Cheers you sneaky shit!


He finally comes clean and admits he’s the one behind this brilliant web site.

More power to ya bro……this site is the Dogs bollocks


Not only does he have big balls for coming out, but they’re also gonna get really sore really fast, because the amount of people who are gonna be constantly swinging off his nuts now that they know he runs the site is gonna be ridculous. Might want to order a swingset for your sack.


I have been coming to this site for a year and a half and read every inch of this page.. I’m just happy I know the person to thank for my daily reading and friends I’ve made because of this site..good luck in the future..


The writers make the site, I am glad he started it and is taking this fall. Or whatever it is. He was always a good guy in my book, from way back in the day when he would plug my band in SF from the stage or just be cool. Power to the people.. go out there and kick ass dude…there are alot of loyal sludge heads at your back.

Iron Chef Sludge

- congrats on coming out and keep kicking ass!

Lisa Wagner – Backstage Pass

Even our old pal Sebastian Bach had something to say about all this! Here’s our own Jani Bon Neil to walk you through it.

This is from an interview that Baz just did with George Dionne from RockRage. You can read the full interview at http://rockrage.com/interview/sebastianbach.html, but the following excerpt is of particular interest:

RR: What?s the story between you and Metal Sludge?

SB: Oh, that?s Stevie Rachelle from the band Tuff, I don?t know if you?ve heard of them. That?s whose site it is, and to me it?s kind of like the disgruntled postal worker?s site. It?s for guys that never made it, and guys that are jealous of those that did, you know. They say right on it that they were an L.A. band that Gerri Miller would never put in her magazine (Metal Edge). [They say] So, fuck you Gerri Miller; fuck, this is our site. It?s just about hatred, and for every site that hates heavy metal; I can show you a hundred that love it. If Stevie Rachelle wants to sit at his computer and slag musicians with real careers, that?s his business. One day he can meet me in person. I don?t so things behind the computer if you follow my career. If I was him, I?d be watching his fucking back to tell you the truth. I?m not scared of Stevie Rachelle. I don?t know if he?s noticed that I?m not the most in control guy with my emotions (laughs). I know who he is, and one day I?ll meet him in person.

RR: I interviewed someone over there when they were promoting a CD compilation they were releasing (which you can buy right here). I asked them with Van Halen and Judas Priest back together, who would they like to see get back together next. They actually said Skid Row. Even after all the bad things I?ve see them write about you, they said they?d like to see Skid Row back together.

SB: Well, they?re going to be shit out of luck because that?s never going to happen.

At least Baz admits he?s not in control of his emotions, so he?s got that going for him.

What he also has is the wrong idea.

For one, no one ever said Metal Sludge hates heavy metal. Exactly the opposite. Do you really think we’d put all the effort into what we do because we hate this music? Please! Metal Sludge is a CELEBRATION of the whole scene and genre. Sure, we put our own spin on things and exploit some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, but so does The National Enquirer, Howard Stern, and a bunch of other media outlets covering whatever it is they cover, regardless of whether or not it’s music-related.

All bands talk shit about each other. We just give them a forum to do it in public, and to let the fans hear for themselves what goes on in the music industry. But all the people we track down to interview, and all the research we do to come up with interview questions in the first place, and the knowledge behind our CD reviews, our SludgeWire comments, and everything else we post here should be a testament that we’re not in this because we hate hard rock and heavy metal. Duh!

Another is the fact that our CEO definitely is not sitting behind a computer all day slagging on musicians. We’re the ones doing that! He’s sitting at a kitchen table all day clipping coupons, and waiting in line at the post office, and teaching kids how to get compound fractures while skateboarding and shit like that. Plus, he’s got his own kid now, and anyone who’s ever had a new baby in the house knows you hardly ever get a moment to yourself. How could he possibly have time to write interview questions and review albums and write random thoughts on pay-per-view specials and shit like that while he’s sterilizing nipples and changing diapers and heating up that nasty Enfamil crap? Get a grip!

We have no fear if those 2 guys run into each other and Baz goes off in public. It doesn’t really matter who would win in a heated verbal exchange, a shoving match, or even a knock-down-dragged-out no holds barred kind of fistfight. Why? Because it’d be great Sludge!!! Think of the press we could give ourselves! The fact that our CEO has come forth only takes the heat off the rest of the staff at Metal Sludge because we have no intention of ever revealing ourselves. So while Baz is trying to shove a cheesehead hat down someone’s throat, we’ll all be standing back in the shadows, laughing our nutsacks off, being happy as shit that we’re not the ones getting their asses handed to them in a headband.

Well, there you have it! And on that note, I’m out of here to go get TiVo in case I continue to get bombarded with mail. Those Hilton Sisters are hosting that Teen Choice thing next week, and you can all lick my taint if you think I’ll miss out on that.

bastard boy floyd
Glad to still have a job

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